15 Surrogates Who Kidnapped The Baby

Promising to be a surrogate mother for a couple in need is one of the most selfless things you can ever do for another human being. You’re entering into an agreement that puts your body and emotions through a hell of a lot for a child that doesn’t belong to you at the end of it all. At least, that’s how things are supposed to go down. Some of these surrogate mom's found themselves a little too attached to the baby growing inside them. (While others got attached to the idea of making money from it).

There are certainly some evil and deeply cruel surrogates on this list, but some women were – believe it or not- showing the poor kid some mercy when they kidnapped them! While keeping someone else’s baby for yourself might seem cruel and deceptive, some of these surrogate mothers were actually doing the right thing. Faced with immoral and irresponsible couples, some of these surrogates took charge of the situation and did what was best for the child.

From parents who rejected the baby because of a disability to couples who didn’t plan for twins or triplets and demanded an abortion - some horrible couples prove that they should never have applied for surrogacy in the first place. What seemed like a dream arrangement for these couples and surrogates turned into a nightmare of heartbreak and legal battles. Worst of all? An innocent child’s life was at the heart of the mess. Here are 15 stories of surrogates kidnapping the baby.


15 Surrogate Told Couple Their Babies Had Died, Then Sold Them To Others

A surrogate mom’s main motive for kidnapping the child is usually that they have a change of heart and decide to keep the baby, but this story of baby kidnapping is on a whole other level of cruel. In a despicable act of deception, a French woman conned a handful of gay couples she had promised to be a surrogate for by falsely claiming that their babies had died. Worse still, she never met with the couples face to face to break the news – she lied that their children had text message.

The surrogate (who has only been identified as ‘Aurore’) was eventually caught and arrested in 2013, but she managed to screw over plenty of couples before she got found out. Her scheme involved collecting her up front surrogacy payments before making the parents believe that their children had died. And she didn’t stop there. Once she had the couple’s convinced that their babies were stillborn, she then sold the perfectly healthy children on to other couples to make even more money. Sickening.

14 Couple Who Didn’t Want Twins Asked Surrogate To “Abort One Fetus”


Twins may be a handful, but most couples in this situation would see twins as double the blessing. Any couple or individual applying for surrogacy must realize that one baby is never a 100% guarantee and no matter how many kids they end up with, they should be grateful for the joyful bundles they weren’t able to have themselves, right? Not in every case. When Californian couple Charles and Martha were told they were having twins by their surrogate, they demanded that she abort one of the fetuses!

This couple seemed to think of a baby as some kind of store purchase that you can return if you’re not completely satisfied. No matter what your view on abortion is, making this kind of demand on the woman carrying your children is beyond wrong. The British surrogate, Helen Beasley understandably refused to go through with the abortion, at which point the US couple told Helen they want nothing more to do with her or the children. Beasley has since sued them for backing out of the deal and is working to find a loving adoptive couple in the UK.

13 Fake Surrogate Conned Couple Out Of Thousands For Non-Existent Baby

This story is perhaps worse than a surrogate merely stealing the baby from the intended parents – this surrogate faked her pregnancy entirely, killing all the hopes and dreams of the hopeful couple and taking everything from them in the process. UK surrogate Samantha Brown scammed a couple out of thousands of pounds for a baby that never existed. Brown took £8,000 from the excited couple (who had already spent thousands on decorating a nursery for their bundle of joy that would never arrive, even naming him "Tommie").

As Samantha’s supposed "due date" loomed closer, she claimed to have lost the baby after a car accident. She even sent the couple a picture of a dead child to prove it was stillborn. Unbelievable. The expectant mother Mrs. Cutter describes feeling a deep loss long after Brown was arrested and sentenced for her sick crime. “It’s like our baby has died, taking with it our trust in humanity.”

12 Surrogate Who Fled Across The States To Save Unwanted Disabled Child


When US surrogate mom Crystal Kelley discovered that the baby she was carrying was going to be born with severe disabilities, the intended parents told Kelley to have an abortion and even offered her $10,000 to go through with it. After being told that their baby girl would be born with a cleft lip and palate, a cyst on her brain and a defective heart, the couple decided it would be “more humane” to let her go. Since the couple was so adamant not to have this child brought into the world, Kelley knew they would not be prepared to look after her once she was born and decided to make a run for it.

After hearing conflicting advice from everyone around her, Kelley knew she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she aborted the child, saying: “I felt I was the only one standing up for her.” She made the brave decision to move 700 miles away to Michigan – a state that doesn’t legally recognize surrogacy agreements. There, Miss Kelley had her baby girl known only as "Baby S" and soon placed her in the care of a couple with experience of raising disabled children.

11 Homophobic Thai Women Refused To Give Up Baby To Gay Couple

This is homophobia at its most frightening. A Thai surrogate mother threatened to kidnap the child back from the rightful gay couple she had signed a surrogacy agreement with. What makes this story so bizarre is the fact that the surrogate decided she no longer agreed to the arrangement a whole 10 days after the couple had taken the child home with them! Stranger still is the fact that the surrogate mom has absolutely no biological ties to the child whatsoever – she gave birth via a frozen donor egg transfer.

The couple living in Bangkok were reportedly afraid to leave their apartment in fear that their rightful baby daughter Carmen would be stolen from them. The deluded birth mother began making threats by text and even stalked their apartment, demanding that "her" daughter was handed over, because she didn’t consider the men “an ordinary couple”. The couple has been forced into hiding because of her.

10 Mother’s History Of Drugs And Depression Justified Kidnapping


Sometimes, a surrogate might justify taking a child back from the intended parents if the couple are found out to be unfit parents. This is what surrogate mom Shelly Baker discovered a month after handing her babies to the parents in waiting. Shelly found out that the intended mother, Amy Kehoe, not only had past drug convictions but had been undergoing treatment for depression at the time of applying for surrogacy.

Baker reportedly felt “irresponsible as a mother” at the idea of letting the children be in the care of someone like Kehoe and took the babies back from the couple. Before deciding to pursue surrogacy, Amy Kehoe and her partner Scott had already suffered two miscarriages and gone through five failed attempts at IVF. We can’t be sure, but that could be a big factor in the depression Kehoe suffered. Tragically, the couple had no biological link to the children, so their legal battle was over before it had even begun.

9 Girl Had Her Stepfather’s Baby And Kept It

In a weird pact between mother and daughter, Leanne Stanford from the UK offered to be the birth mother for her mom and stepfather. Leanne’s mom, Judith Roberts, had suffered a long history of premature births and rounds of IVF. She fell pregnant at the age of 50 but sadly lost her baby after just 22 weeks. On the day of the baby’s funeral, Leanne promised her mom that she would give her and her partner a baby – but you should never trust what you say when emotions are running high.

Sure enough, Leanne got cold feet about her surrogacy pact as soon as she had her first few scans, admitting “When we were told it was a little girl, I felt the first pull of maternal love. The bond with my baby was stronger than the bond with my mom.” Ouch. Since giving birth to her stepfather’s rightful child in 2012, Leanne’s mother Judith has refused to speak to her and even took to Facebook to slam her daughter and warn men off dating her!


8 Woman Kept Baby And Ordered To Be Paid Child Support


When hopeful couple Barbara and David finally found a woman to carry their child, they never expected to face an ugly and drawn-out legal battle just to take their child home. Everything seemed to go well about the arrangement. All the papers were signed and the couple was due to welcome their bundle of joy into their lives. That is, until the surrogate mom, Jamie, separated from her husband and started becoming possessive.

Halfway through the pregnancy, Jamie stopped all contact with Barbara and David and didn’t even inform them when she gave birth to their child! The couple asked to see baby Kaylee Grace several times but were shut down, so they had no choice but to take Jamie to court. It was there that the twisted surrogate Jamie claimed that she was the rightful mother (despite signing documents that agreed to surrogacy plans) and on top of everything - she forced them to pay child support! Kaylee Grace is now 7 years old and is reportedly still shared between Jamie and the couple.

7 Surrogate Wanted To Claim Parental Rights Of Unwanted Triplets

One poor surrogate mom battled and failed to be named the mother of her triplets. Why? Because she just wanted to protect children that were clearly not wanted. When birth mother Melissa Cook found out that she was having triplets, this didn’t come as good news to the intended father. The dad from Georgia had hired Melissa to carry his child for $33,000, but when he found out she would be having three babies, he threatened to ruin her financially and demanded that she abort one fetus.

Cook was already a mother to four of her own children (including triplets) so she unsurprisingly felt a similarly strong bond and duty to her unborn triplets. Melissa was routinely pressured by the biological father’s lawyer to “schedule a reduction” and eventually began to consider keeping all three babies. Cook was originally implanted with three embryos, so the father surely should have prepared for this possibility.

6 White Mother Keeps Asian Couple’s Baby


This is a particularly odd case of baby kidnapping from a surrogate – partly because of the pathetic reasoning behind the kidnapping – but mainly because the birth mother had no genetic connection to the children whatsoever. After claiming a breakdown in their friendship, a white surrogate mother refused to give the babies to the Asian couple she had entered into a surrogacy arrangement with – babies that were created entirely from the sperm and eggs of the couple.

The surrogate – referred to only as ‘Margaret’ - decided to keep the babies for herself after the trio’s friendship withered a few months into her pregnancy. Because of this offhand decision, the couple found themselves pleading with the courts to take back their own flesh and blood. The poor couple was reportedly only given weekend visitation rights. All the while, surrogate Margaret believed she had done nothing wrong: “It doesn’t matter that they are a different race to me. I bonded with the babies and now I love them. I regard them as my children.” Wow.

5 Woman Kept Child To Protect Them From Violent Biological Parents

A surrogate mom named Miss N (to protect her identity) thought she had found the perfect couple to raise her child. The hopeful couple were wealthy and looked as if they could promise a great and happy life for Miss N’s child. But the truth is, she couldn’t have found a worse pair of people to care for her baby if she’d posted her surrogate ad in prison. Partway through her pregnancy, the surrogate became scared for her child’s life when the soon-to-be mom confessed to her husband’s violent tendencies.

The wife (Mrs. W) confided to the surrogate that her husband had once strangled her with a car seat belt. Things just got increasingly disturbing from then onwards. Over the course of the pregnancy, the surrogate came to discover that the husband was not the only violent one – having witnessed Mrs. W get into an argument with a teenage boy before slamming his head against an oven. Imagining the horrible life the child could be in for, Miss N rightfully took her decision to court to keep the baby.

4 Craigslist Surrogate Blackmailed Couple By Threatening Termination


There’s an important lesson to be learned here: you probably shouldn’t commit to buying anything more significant than a dinner table on Craigslist – least of all using it to buy a baby. Unfortunately, this couple went into this decision with their hearts open and their eyes closed – and it ended up costing every sense of the word. The Montovers from Iowa were stoked when they got a reply from a keen surrogate, but it seems she was keen to only get one thing out of them.

The couple had initially worked out their terms and agreed upon a contract of $13,000, but when the surrogate discovered twins were on the way, she asked that this was increased to $30,000. As if this weren’t unreasonable enough, the surrogate mom soon began making threats that she would abort their child if her financial demands were not met. On top of this, the nasty surrogate really began grasping at straws when she eventually claimed that the Montovers were racist and would make unfit parents. Psycho!

3 Stubborn, Foul-Mouthed Surrogate Forced By Court Order To Give Up Baby Girl

Despite agreeing to be a surrogate to a gay couple, one woman from the UK (known only as ‘S’) changed her mind after becoming pregnant and refused them access to the child. One half of the couple was a full genetic father of the child, but the surrogate still sought to keep the baby for herself – that is until a long drawn out court battle decided that it was in the child’s best interests to be raised by the couple.

Surrogate S didn’t let the baby girl go without a fight, though. Before being ordered to hand the child over, the birth mother tried to portray herself as the victim (despite honoring the decision to become a willing surrogate only months before). She also took her anger out at the gay couple directly in court, using offensive language when referring to them, as well as making the suggestion that they would make unfit parents because gay men were “promiscuous” and “sexually disloyal” to each other. The surrogate may have gotten it out of her system, but it didn’t do her any favors. The baby girl was eventually returned to her true family in 2015.

2 Woman Who Felt Like “A Breeder” Fled With Child


Depending on the people involved, surrogacy can potentially forge a lifelong bond between the birth mother and the parents, but for others, the act of promising a baby to someone can feel like nothing more than a business transaction. At least, this is how one surrogate was made to feel. Initially, the birth mother, Mary, assumed she would be implanted with another woman’s eggs, but once she knew her own would be used, she began to feel less inclined to simply "hand over" the baby.

When Mary filled out her application to become a surrogate, she was struck by how cold and impersonal the process felt. “I had to send a picture of me and my children. It was like I was a breeder and they were just interested in what I could produce.” After facing a lot of complications throughout the pregnancy and a long, traumatic birth, Mary had a change of heart and fled to Florida with her child. She was eventually tracked down by the couple and is currently fighting for custody of her biological daughter.

1 Surrogate Faked An Abortion To Keep The Baby For Herself

When disloyal surrogates have a change of heart and decide to keep the baby, some at least have a shred of decency to tell a couple of their intentions. What this despicable surrogate did, however, makes the former situation seem almost amicable. In a horrendous act of cruelty, this birth mother decided that the best way to keep her baby without the couple ever finding out was to tell them she’d had an abortion.

The surrogate justified the "abortion" to the hopeful couple by deciding that their relationship with each other had turned sour. Not only were the couple’s dreams of becoming parents destroyed in an instant, they would later find out that their baby boy was, in fact, alive and well and being raised by someone else. Not only this, but the heartbroken mother and father also discovered that the surrogate had always had another couple in mind from the start. Brutal.


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