15 Supposedly Normal Pictures We Can't Understand

Imagine a world where weird things happen without proper explanation. Well, don't try too hard! After all, you're already living in it. Earth is a strange place, inhabited by billions of species and forces. Meanwhile, there's you, trying to make sense of it all.

We all think that we're special, and we are, but there are greater things at work that we have no control over. Take paranormal activity as an example. Most of us have danced with it for a moment or two, but none (or few) of us actually know what the hell is going on! That's why, when we see pictures or proof that we're not at the top of the food-chain, we freak out!

Before cameras existed, we could blame unexplainable things on trickery. But today, that's no longer an option. Thanks to cameras and the internet, strangers are able to share their questionable photographs with people like you and me. Whether we appreciate this gesture is up for debate but regardless, it's nice to know that spooky things happen to everybody. Funny enough, despite the proof provided, most of us still blame the supernatural on trickery and, well, photoshop.

Despite what we say to justify unexplainable pictures, there's no denying that there is some peculiar stuff going on here. Don't believe it? Check out these 15 pics and see for yourself.

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15 The Black Knight

Back in 1957, one of the first human-made satellites was launched into space. Since then, over 300 satellites have followed suit. These satellites were engineered to give us Earthlings access to things like telephones, internet, cable, and weather forecasts — which we are forever grateful for. However, there is one strange satellite circulating Earth that is estimated to have been in orbit for thousands of years. Obviously, it was not launched by humans themselves, as there was no access to such technologies a century ago, let alone thousands of years ago. When NASA first noticed the strange black satellite, they didn't know what to make of it, and to be frank, they still don't know. The ancient satellite has been given the name The Black Knight, and remains both a mystery and a conspiracy to us Earthlings, but not to the entities who set it up.

14 The Babushka Lady

This picture has spiked many conspiracy theories since its initial release on November 22, 1963. On the day of President John. F Kennedy's assassination, many photographs and videos were taken. Yet it is this particular picture that has continued to puzzle authorities and investigators throughout the ages. In their quest to find out who shot the President, investigators used photographs to track individuals who had been within close vicinity to the President during his final moments. A woman, who was later dubbed the Babushka Lady, appeared in every single photo and video handed in by witnesses. The shooting caused pools of civilians to flee for safety, except for one; The Babushka Lady. This mystery woman appeared unscathed and continued to film the President's last living moments, which was suspicious. However, the authorities were never able to locate or identify this woman.

13 The Lady On Mars

In early 2015, NASA released images taken by the Mars rover, an automated motor vehicle that travels Mars' surfaces while recording its surroundings. Upon looking through these extraordinary pictures, the internet came upon this particular photograph. In its top left corner, there is what appears to be the shadow of a woman standing on top of a boulder. Due to its impossibility, this picture went viral, causing many conspiracies theories to come afloat. When asked, NASA acted unsurprised by these findings, stating that, "It's really easy to pick out rocks or other things that look like something else in pictures like this." The problem with this, however, is that The Lady on Mars does not appear to be the result of particularly shaped rocks, but the shadow or ghost of a woman.

12 The Phoenix Lights

There is something about aliens that makes us feel incredibly small, which is why seeing proof of their existence can cause governments to try and cover up these events. And this is exactly what they did in the days following March 13, 1997. On that night, sightings of strange lights in the sky were reported by people all over Phoenix. This event, which was later deemed as The Phoenix Lights, has bamboozled people all over the world, as the brightness and speed of these spacecraft were abnormal and ill-received. While millions of people all over the world consider these lights to have been the result of alien spacecraft, the government was quick to blame it on army experiments and hot air balloons. However, those who saw them with their own eyes would beg to differ. Today, The Phoenix Lights are still considered a mystery, hence why there are so many documentaries surrounding this topic.

11 The Falling-Body Family Picture

This is probably one of the creepiest pictures ever taken, which is why it is still surfacing 6 decades after its initial release. In the 1950s, the Cooper family had recently moved into a new house in Texas. To celebrate their new home, the family gathered together to enjoy a meal. Wanting a memory of the occasion, Mr. Cooper grabbed his camera and took a picture of his wife, his grandma, and his two young boys sitting around the dinner table. Back then, photographs needed to be developed when the film was complete, and so it took weeks before the Cooper family could feast their eyes on their horrifying photograph. To their horror, the Cooper family saw that a strange body was suspended over them at the dinner table. While there are many variations of this story, one truth remains the same; that body was not supposed to be there.

10 Hellish Anthropomorphic Lava Formations In Hawaii

If staring at this picture gives you the creeps, it's probably because you can't help thinking that these lava formations look like twisted corpses trying to escape the gates of hell. This here is a photograph taken near the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, and its essence has disturbed each pair of eyes to ever gaze upon it.

Anthropomorphic lava formations have long since puzzled humans, and this is because of the weird shapes they inhabit. For some reason, many anthropomorphic lava formations end up taking the shape of human bodies withered in pain. However, the reason behind this strange occurrence remains unexplainable. Could volcanoes be the mouths of hell and lava formations the souls of the damned? Or is it all just a big coincidence?

9 The Time Traveler

It is said that time-travellers are all around us, but that we fail to notice them at the moment of their arrival. Luckily, there are videos and photographs that can help us point out these time-travellers, and bring them to life with the hopes of one day understanding. This picture here was taken in British Columbia in 1941. The authenticity of this photograph has long since been validated, making it all the more puzzling. In this photograph, a young man who appears to be wearing modern-day clothing is seen amongst a crowd of people awaiting the opening of the South Fork Bridge. While the time-traveling hipster's attire can be debated, it is true that this man seems completely out of place next to the others in this photograph.

8 The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper has been the prominent figure of death for centuries, which is why its name springs fear in even the bravest of hearts. It is said that the Grim Reaper is in charge of collecting souls, or even carrying out terminal sentences. While the Grim Reaper is said to be a fictional character, there are many people who have sworn otherwise, as they say they have seen him in real life. It seems, however, that the Grim Reaper is fond of being photographed, as many scary and inexplicable pictures have surfaced with him in them. Take this picture for example, which was taken in a church during a funeral over 5 decades ago. In this picture, the Grim Reaper can clearly be seen floating near the coffin, surely collecting the souls of the dead.

7 The Giant Grass Hopper

It is a known and scientific fact that grasshoppers cannot get bigger than two or three inches long. However, all that knowledge goes out the window when glancing at this strange photograph. This picture was taken in 1937 and sold throughout Miles City, Montana, for many years, as it remained one of the most shocking catches in history. While grasshoppers do not traditionally grow to this size, could it be that one particular grasshopper managed to defy his genes and mutate into this monster-sized insect? While this picture's authenticity has been the root of many discussions, most people refuse to believe that individuals living in 1937 had the tools to play such a camera-trick.

6 UFOs In Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

It is no secret that the ancient Egyptians were operating on a completely different playing field than the rest of the world. Thus why they have been able to leave behind such enormous mysteries and puzzles for the modern world to try and piece together. The ancient Egyptians built pyramids with their bare hands, sculpted hieroglyphics into the walls, and managed to conserve their dead so intelligently, that centuries later, their mark is still present on Earth. If there is one thing we cannot explain, however, it's why ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics are rich with UFO sightings. Could it be that aliens did in fact land on Earth hundreds of years ago to give the Egyptians inside information? Or could we be reading these hieroglyphics all wrong? Truth is, we'll never know, which is why this picture will always remain a mystery.

5 Latest Crop Circles

The term "crop circle" was first dubbed in the 1980s, and has since then been used to describe the unusual and unexplainable patterns flattened into wheat crops. When first observed, it was said that humans were unable to create such perfectly shaped geometric patterns without a machine, but that they were manmade regardless. This affirmation caused millions of people to believe that crop circles are in fact created by humans, even though it would take them days to complete such a project.

Since the 1980s, hundreds of crop circles have emerged overnight, causing many to toy with the possibility of alien landings. This particular crop circle picture was taken in 2016, and like many other pictures, it remains unexplainable. Its perfectly symmetrical shapes make it hard to believe that it was made by humans. Nevertheless, this is the explanation offered to us.

4 Dead Pilot Photobomb

Freddy Jackson was a part of the Victor Goddard RAF Squadron support staff, where he served during World War I. Just days before the squadron's release, Jackson, an air mechanic, walked into a propeller and died. Despite this sad reality, Jackson's team united to take a group photograph in celebration of the disband. This photograph was taken in Cromwell, Lincolnshire, England, in 1919, and later printed to give out to each member. While this picture brought forth a happy occasion, the crew members could not help but feel saddened by the death of their comrade, Jackson. So imagine their surprise when they noticed Jackson's partially covered face hiding behind the head of a pilot in the back row. To top it all off, Jackson's memorial service had occurred just a few hours prior to when this photograph was taken.

3 Baby Balancing On Crib

Baby monitors have often captured some terrifying nighttime activity, but if there is one video that takes the cake, it's the one from where this picture derives. This still-frame image was taken when one night, a baby boy woke up from his slumber and began acting out of character. In this photograph, we see a toddler balanced on the side of his crib, with his arms outstretched in front of him. Since this balance and strength is unheard of at this young an age, it would almost seem as though some unknown force is at play. In fact, when examining the picture more closely, a dark aura can be seen standing in front of the infant, as if a tall figure where propping him up by his armpits.

2 The Mysterious Hand

At first glance, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. Upon closer observation, however, one might realize that there is an alien hand present near the head of the brown-haired boy. You can try to rationalize this picture all you want, in the end, there simply isn't a feasible explanation for this extra limb. Sure, there might be someone hiding behind these boys with their arm outstretched, but the people in this photograph swear otherwise. As a matter of fact, even the person who took this picture (an adult), says that this image is the product of mere chance — or paranormal activity perhaps. This inexplicable picture definitely deserves a place in the internet's repertoire of spooky occurrences.

1 The Double Reflection

At some point in everyone's life, there are times when our reflection is going to act out of line, causing us to believe our mind is playing tricks on us. While most people will shrug the thought away, some can dwell too long on the event, causing them to search up terrifying reflections on the internet. Thanks to cameras, there have been many spooky reflections posted online. The truth is, a large number of these pictures are products of photoshop, which is why not believing everything you see online is an essential. In this photograph, however, things get real pretty quick. It may look like this little girl is sweet and innocent in real life, but her reflection isn't exactly on the same page. Gulp.

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