15 Stupid Snapchat Photos That Got People Fired

Social media is one of the greatest inventions. It all started with web-based websites, such as Myspace and Facebook. And these days, you don't even need to fire up your computer to connect to different people from all over the world. Mobile apps, that are based on picture and video-sharing platforms, have swept the world. Just ask any random stranger on the street if they have an Instagram, Snapchat, or a YouNow account. The real task would be to find someone who didn't have a social media account at all!

With all of the pros that come along with downloading an app like Snapchat, there is a list of cons, too. Although this app is marketed as a way to share pictures that are deleted and wiped away forever, that's not always the case. Snapchat users are able to screenshot pictures, and there are apps on the mobile marketplace that actually allow you to save any Snapchat video from one of your followers. Even with this knowledge, some people still continue to post questionable content on the app. And many have learned the hard way that being too open on Snapchat isn't all fun and games after they wound up losing their jobs. Here are 15 stupid Snapchat Photos That Got People Fired.


15 She Devil

A teacher's aide in Dallas, Texas caught heat after she posted this photo taken at an elementary school. The aide was helping out in a classroom for students with learning disabilities. This 7-year-old girl was one of the students, and she was suffering from a genetic syndrome that made it difficult for her to learn and grasp concepts. The teacher's aide thought it would be a good idea to post a photo of this innocent child on Snapchat with the caption, "She devil." The screenshot was captured by one of the aide's Snapchat followers, and the post circulated on social media. When the mother of the child found out about it, she was rightfully upset. She said her daughter didn't really understand what was going on, but that didn't make it okay for the aide to violate her in that way. The mother hoped the aide wouldn't be fired from her job, but she wished that others would learn from this incident. But after exploiting the child on social media, the teacher's aide was relieved of her duties at the school.

14 Don't Snap and Drive


Before, we had to worry about people texting and driving. And these days, we also have to worry about people snapping and driving! If you follow a lot of people on the social media app, I'm sure you have a couple of your followers who don't think twice about recording Snapchat videos while they're behind the wheel. It's dangerous and irresponsible, but it didn't stop a bus driver named Leon Morrow from having some fun with the app. He recorded a series of videos while driving the bus loaded with passengers! He used different filters from the app, including this one that applied lipstick and eyeshadow on his face. Another video showed him poking fun at an intellectually disabled passenger who was exiting the bus. Once the city found out the driver was snapping and driving, he was fired on the spot. He later created a GoFundMe fundraiser and asked for £100,000 to help ease the pain of being suddenly unemployed.

13 Jumping Rope

We've all goofed off on the job from time to time, but these employees of a Jimmy John's restaurant ended up unemployed after they took things way too far. A series of Snapchat videos from the Jacksonville, Florida eatery showed the employees stretching out a bunch of bread dough to use it as a jump rope. As they jumped, the bread slapped against the dirty floor, a definite breach of the company's hygiene rules. An additional video showed another employee using bread dough as a belt. With the dough wrapped around her waist, she walked up and down the eatery like it was a fashion runway. The employees were terminated from their jobs once Jimmy John's found out about the videos. The managers of the eatery ensured all of their customers that the bread used in the Snapchat videos had been immediately thrown in the garbage.

12 Cartwheeling Sub


34-year-old Lacey Sponsler was a substitute teacher at Pawhuska High School in Oklahoma. Students of the school's choir class asked the sub to do a cartwheel for them. She was wearing a skirt, and she told the students ahead of time that she wasn't wearing any underwear. But that didn't stop her from performing a cartwheel while students videotaped her for Snapchat. She later asked the students to delete the snap, but it was already too late. She was arrested for indecent exposure and her time as substitute teacher came to an end. Following this incident, the school district found out Sponsler was actually a convicted felon who pleaded guilty to a charge of public intoxication, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance back in 2008.

11 Inappropriate Teacher

A 25-year-old teacher named Kourtnie Sanchez used her Snapchat account to send inappropriate messages to some of the students at Marshall Elementary School and Eureka Junior High School. There were three victims in total, and they were between the ages of 15 and 17. The snaps were sent over a period of five months back in 2014, including nude pictures of herself. She also sent over 500 snaps to just one of her victims. The wife and mother of four was charged with electronic solicitation, unlawful sexual relations, solicitation of unlawful sexual relations and three counts of promoting obscenity to a minor. Once her Snapchat photos and videos leaked, she was fired from her position as the girls' volleyball and basketball coach at the schools. Although she expressed her remorse, she was later sentenced to 18 months probation and 60 days in jail. Because it was her first offense, she was able to take a plea deal.

10 I Love Kids?


You would think one of the requirements for being a daycare worker would be to have a love for kids, right? Well, this woman couldn't hide her disdain for children for too long. The daycare worker in Arizona posted a photo on Snapchat with her middle finger covering the face of a child. The caption read, "Swear I love kids!" She didn't realize that her loyal followers weren't so loyal after all. Someone was shocked and appalled by her actions, so they decided to spread her photo all over social media. Once the image went viral, the daycare owner confronted the 19-year-old employee. The employee began crying and said she had made a horrible mistake, but the owner had heard enough. Not only was she prohibited from using her cell phone in the daycare, but her job was to watch the kids, not to take photos of them and humiliate them! As soon as the woman was terminated, things got even worse for her. She reportedly began receiving death threats from people who were shocked and disgusted by the Snapchat photo.

9 I'm The Law Today!

A woman named Melissa Adamson was happy to start her new job as a police officer for the Pitcairn Police Department. The recently hired part-time officer was all dressed up in her uniform and riding around in a patrol car when she decided to take a photo. The selfie that she posted to Snapchat had a caption that read, "I'm the law today, 'n-word.'" As you can imagine, the police department found out about it, and they were beyond shocked. Officer Adamson was immediately terminated following the scandal, and the mayor of the city went on the record to denounce her actions. He said the woman's post displayed a "degree of conduct and character that is far different from what I would expect from an officer in this city.” The mayor and the police chief made the decision that her actions wouldn't be tolerated at all. The woman later said it was a horrible mistake, and she didn't have a "racist bone" in her body.


8 Naughty Teacher


28-year-old Dionne Younce was a PE teacher at Allen D. Nease High School. But she soon found herself out of a job after acting inappropriately on Snapchat. Late in the school year, it was discovered she had sent racy pictures to at least three male students. Two of the students, including a member of the football team, said he had received a photo of Younce in just her bra. Another student said the PE teacher had been exchanging nude pictures with him "for awhile" on the social media site. But she didn't stop there, she started out with flirty messages, and then escalated to "sexual snapping." She was fired from her job after a lengthy investigation by the school. In September 2016, she entered a guilty plea to one count of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and was sentenced to 364 days in jail. Upon her release, she'll be ordered to complete five years of probation and she'll be required to register as a sex offender.

7 Goodbye, Nurse

Nurses are applauded and receive accolades for all of their hard work and dedication. But this particular nurse soon discovered that not everyone would have her back after she let her true colors show on Snapchat. The woman, Ryane Oliva, was an employee of Rapid City Regional Hospital in Rapid City, South Dakota. She made racists videos on Snapchat to bash Native Americans. She even sent a snap to a 15-year-old girl with the caption, "'N-word' b-." Her photos and videos were captured on the social media site and published on Facebook and other outlets. Once her racist content went viral, the hospital saw the clips and terminated her employment. Just like most of the people on our list, she expressed her remorse. She said the only thing she could do was apologize for all the stupid things she said. She also expressed how she was worried about her friends and family because they had been swamped with threats of physical violence. She then gave some advice to everyone out there in the world, "I just wish people would think more before they just post out of anger, and say things out of anger like I did.”

6 Firefighters


Firefighters have very stressful jobs and they work extremely long hours. But a group of one volunteer employee and five firefighters had a little too much time on their hands in the city of Westfield. They decided to have some fun that eventually costs them their jobs. They decided to initiate a rookie firefighter by strapping him on a backboard and dousing him with water and condiments. The firefighter was videotaped on Snapchat covered in mustard, popcorn butter, chocolate, yogurt, flour, and ice. Other firefighters in the background could be heard taunting him and saying, “Dude, you're crying. You want to quit, just say it.” Another man was also heard saying, "Hey, y'all, don't be putting this (expletive) on social media!" But obviously, they didn't listen! Once the video made its way on the Internet, the department opened up an internal investigation into the "unacceptable" actions. The firefighters involved in the hazing were then relieved of their duties.

5 When Bullying Goes Too Far

Bullying is bad as it is, but things in this Minneapolis community went on a downward spiral so fast. An African-American girl who was adopted by a white family was receiving hateful and racists messages via Snapchat. The culprits were twins that went to a neighboring school. When the girl's adoptive dad found out about the harassment, he decided to have a talk with the twins' father. When he confronted the father of the bullies, he found out that he was nothing but a big bully, too! The twins' father left a series of voicemails for the dad and his family and called them various racial and homophobic slurs. When the dad leaked the voicemails on social media, the father of the twins was fired from his job two days later for his hateful remarks. So what's the moral of the story? Be careful what you say because you never know who might be listening, and the consequences can damage your entire livelihood!

4 When's The Meeting?


An employee at a Trussville Playstation store committed a very inappropriate act that cost her her job. The girl put a white bag on her head that looked a lot like the headwear worn by white supremacists. In the caption she wrote, "Where's the KKK meeting?" It also didn't make things any better that she took the photo inside of the retail store while wearing her employee uniform. Once the photo was posted on Snapchat, it was immediately captured and spread like wildfire on the net. The employee was immediately fired as soon as the photo surfaced, and the Trussville Playstation issued a statement to let their customers know they did not stand by their former employee's action. In their statement, they said they demand all employees maintain the highest professional standards, and they don't tolerate any discrimination against race, sex, age, or ethnic origin. They then ended their statement by saying the young woman was "no longer affiliated" with the business. Good riddance!

3 Bored Meeting

How many times have you used Snapchat to express how bored you were at work or at school? Well, you'll probably think twice about bashing your place of employment after you read this story! A man was working in a high-ranking position at a bank in Scotland. His salary was more than $5 million per year, including a $750,000 yearly bonus. During a board meeting, the man logged on to his Snapchat to send some personal snaps to his daughter. In the captions, he told his daughter how "boring" the meeting was. His daughter took screenshots of her dad's messages and posted them on Instagram for Father's Day. In her tribute to her dad, she said, "Happy Father’s Day to the indisputable king of Snapchat.” Once the higher ups at Royal Bank of Scotland found out the man was goofing off during important meetings, they canned him!

2 Potty Mouth Teacher


A teacher in Georgia got a little too comfortable inside her classroom, and her horrifying actions were all caught on Snapchat. In the video, Jennifer Cooley could be seen puckering her lips and hear saying she had "n-word lips." You could also hear her students laughing in the background and egging her on to continue puckering her lips. When the school found out about the video, Cooley's time as a teacher swiftly came to an end. She had only been employed by the school for one year, and she was also a former deputy sheriff. Her students were shocked by her dismissal. One student even called her a "really good teacher" who just so happened to make a very "bad decision." But one parent said Cooley should've set a better example for her students. The school was also worried how Cooley's African-American students would feel once they saw the Snapchat video.

1 Mocking The Elderly

Deciding to put your parents into a nursing home is a very tough decision. Families have to trust nursing home employees to take care of their loved ones around the clock and provide them with the best care possible. Two employees of a nursing home didn't take their job seriously at all, and they humiliated an elderly patient through a series of Snapchat videos. In the videos, the elderly woman was partially nude and being mocked by two female employees. After the video was posted to the social media app, one of the woman's followers downloaded the video and presented it to a local news station. Once the healthcare facility found out about the video, the employees were initially suspended. But after a deeper investigation, they decided to terminate the employees. The California Department of Health and the San Diego County Sheriff's Department also opened up investigations of elder abuse.

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