15 Stupid People Who Got Into Serious Trouble For Sending Raunchy Pics

Some people are just plain stupid and will do whatever they please, regardless of the consequences.

You know how we were all told that whatever we put on the Internet stays there forever? Well, the same goes for phones and the photos you send through them. It seems that a bunch of people (or at least those on this list) didn’t hear about that important fact of life. Otherwise, they might have saved themselves a lot of humiliation, money, and in some cases, jail time.

While you’re totally allowed to send raunchy photos to whomever you want (you know, as long as it’s legal), it’s probably a good idea to keep in mind that sometimes, people are just plain a*sholes and could possibly share your intimate photo shoot with everyone they know. So, at least keep your face and any identifying features out of it, okay?

Even with that know-how, though, some people are just plain stupid and will do whatever they please, regardless of the consequences. Sometimes, they’re doing it for the likes or for the sake of “art.” Sometimes, it was mistakenly published when it was meant to be private. And sometimes, they just can’t seem to keep it in their pants. From cheerleading coaches to Playboy models to politicians, these 15 entries got in SERIOUS trouble for stupidly sending some raunchy pics.

15 The Canadian Tourists

A good rule of thumb to live your life by: Don’t do embarrassing things in sacred and/or religious places. It’s bound to make at least a few people a tad upset. Apparently, however, two tourists from Saskatchewan didn’t get that memo when they decided to strip down for photos on a sacred mountain in Malaysia!

While on a tour with other hikers from Germany and the Netherlands, the Canadian siblings broke off from their main group to take some nude photos on Mount Kinabalu on May 30 of 2015 and got caught by a guard. Oh, and the Malaysian people believed that their ignorant actions triggered a 6.0-magnitude earthquake and a landslide that killed 16 hikers! Probably not the kind of fallout (literally) you’re expecting from a few fun, naked photos! As punishment for what they did, the Canadians were initially barred from leaving the country, before being forced to spend three days in jail, fined $1600, and eventually deported back home.

14 The Playboy Model

Yep! Another stupid person who fell victim to posing nude on a sacred site, which obviously angered those in the community! This time, it’s Playboy model Jaylene Cook, who hiked up a volcano in New Zealand, stripped down to nothing but a pair of boots, gloves, and a hat, posted it to social media, and was told that she was disrespecting the Maori community for her actions.

While Cook is certainly completely naked in the photo, with the front part of her body angled away from the camera, the model and her photographer insist that the photo is “natural and pure” and not “crude or explicit” in any way. Too bad for them, the rest of the Maori people didn’t feel the same way! Considered a sign of disrespect towards the traditions of their people and what the volcano represents, Cook was subjected to plenty of outrage over her impromptu nude photo shoot. Since this event only occurred at the beginning of May 2017, we’re still awaiting development on the story.

13 The Teens

S*xting is the way of the world now, and it’s trickled down to children and those below the legal age of taking and distributing naked photos of themselves. Apparently, though, children are still pretty big idiots, like Margarite and Isaiah (no last names provided), two 14-year-olds from Washington who decided to play like grownups and send nudes.

Like most young teenage relationships, this one between the two didn’t last. And after sending a full-length naked photo to her boyfriend, Margarite and Isaiah broke up. Unfortunately, photos can last forever and Isaiah was convinced by a friend to share the naked photo of his ex, which soon spread around the school and into four neighboring school districts. While Margarite was rightly considered the victim, despite having taken the photo, the children who distributed it were initially charged with dissemination of child p*rnography. Thanks to expensive lawyers called in by their parents, the charges were reduced, and the children were not expected to register as s*x offenders.

12 The Teacher

The teacher may have had the raunchy photo, but her students still stood behind her, claiming that the photo that was taken from her constituted an invasion of privacy. Leigh Anne Arthur of South Carolina was forced to resign from her teaching position in 2016 after a 16-year-old student stole her phone from her desk, went through her photos, and snapped a saucy one to keep for his own personal collection. Then, like any dumb teenager, he decided to share the private image on social media!

While we could have arguments about privacy and if she didn’t want them spread around she shouldn’t have taken them, the matter of privacy here is paramount, as the photo in question was an image taken for Arthur’s husband for Valentine’s Day and not for use by a teenager.

Although that boy was a grade-A d-bag, Arthur’s other students stuck by her, circulating a petition that claimed her dismissal was ridiculous as she was the victim and being unfairly punished.

11 The Soccer Players

Famous people getting caught sending raunchy photos isn’t anything new, and it’s not even that out of the ordinary to get caught cheating via sending these kinds of pictures. However, famous people should probably learn when to trust the receiver of these steamy snaps and when to keep them private.

Two Australian soccer players, Dane Swan and Travis Cloke, were caught with their pants down when the women they sent their full-frontal photos to decided to cash in by selling them to a magazine! Both players were involved in long-term serious relationships at the time of the photos, but it’s not even their SOs they should be worried about. It’s their league! According to the Australian Football League’s social media policy, players are banned from “accessing, downloading, or transmitting…any s*xually explicit material.” While their team decided not to take action, since the photos were consensual, the AFL continued to investigate, thoroughly embarrassing all parties involved.

10 The Teaching Assistant

It was Hawaii’s first s*xting case that involved criminal charges, since the 26-year-old teaching assistant, Cody Onizuka, was accused of harassing a 12-year-old female student! The two began a pseudo-affair and Onizuka gave the child a cellphone and requested her to send him nude photos of herself.

It’s not the first (and unfortunately, won’t be the last) time that a teacher has taken advantage of their position in order to lure children and teenagers into illegal activity. But it’s extra disturbing that the “couple” began to swap raunchy photos back and forth, as well as graphic messages about what Onizuka wants to do to the child, how much he loved her, and that he wanted to marry her. The two were only caught when the victim’s mother found out. After being issued a restraining order to stay away from the preteen, Onizuka violated it repeatedly by continuing to contact the girl via text and even stalk her! Moving beyond sending raunchy photos, this is stupidity at its most criminal.

9 The Girlfriend

If you’re planning to send some saucy photos to your significant other, maybe check the background of your photo before doing it. In a Reddit post, a man named Liam said that he had caught his girlfriend, Jackie, in the act when she began to send him some naughty pictures while on a business trip. Through a series of text messages, Jackie began a slow striptease for her boyfriend, but she wasn’t too careful about what was appearing in the photos. At one point, a striped bag that didn’t belong to her was visible and Liam inquired about it, asking if she was alone and then asking for her room number so he could call her. Once he called the hotel to check up on his GF, he was told that the room was registered under someone else’s name–a man’s name. Actually, it was her boss’ name!

Apparently, Jackie had a history of cheating and dishonesty, and Liam immediately ended things, saying that trash bags with her things would be left outside for her to pick up upon her return. For the play-by-play of the texts, click here.

8 The Online Dater

If you’re a woman who has gone on Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, or whatever, you’ve probably been subjected to the unsolicited d*ck pic sent by a virtual stranger. You don’t want it and you never asked for it. But then, all of a sudden, there’s a stranger’s peen on your phone. Virginia man Timothy Gerber seemed to think that this was a great way of connecting with a woman he’d met on such an online dating site.

Two years after they had initially met online and two years of radio silence, Gerber reconnected with a certain lucky lady and sent her random nude photos via text. While simple nude photos sent to an unsuspecting person are not a crime or considered obscene, if Gerber’s X-rated images involved him doing something to himself or showed him at a state of arousal, then there was a case to be charged. Gerber was charged with two misdemeanors and was taken to court. Talk about something to consider next time you want to surprise someone with a random naughty photo!

7 The Students

Teachers are often the ones to get in trouble for sending raunchy photos of themselves to students. But what about when the students go out of their way to send the teacher’s photos? That was the case for two 16-year-olds, Brian Joshua Anderson and Brittney Renee Luckenbaugh of North Carolina, who tricked high school French teacher David Laughinghouse into sending naked photos of himself to a fake social media account that he thought belonged to an adult.

While sending nude images to someone you don’t know probably isn’t the smartest thing in the world to do, it’s arguably even dumber that the teens decided to spread the images around their school as a cruel joke. Despite the fact that he believed he was sending his images to an adult, Laughinghouse was suspended with pay, but the two dummies who catfished him were arrested and charged with a misdemeanor at the beginning of May 2017.

6 The Other Playboy Model

We’re not stereotyping here, but perhaps Playboy models should think a bit more before they send naked photos especially if these photos are not of themselves. Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers claimed that a photo she sent of a naked older woman changing at her gym was meant for a friend, but she ended up posting it to her Snapchat story and breaking the law in the process.

The image, which ridiculed the 71-year-old gym-goer and was deemed a humiliating violation of privacy, earned Mathers a misdemeanor count of invasion of privacy, which could cause the model to serve six months in jail and pay a $1000 fine if convicted. Considered to be an example of body-shaming and bullying, Mathers was skewered on social media, who said that while the Playmate was beautiful, she was ugly on the inside for trying to make such a tasteless joke.

A conviction hasn’t been made yet, but Mathers’ lawyer is looking to avoid jail time in return for counseling and taking an anti-bullying course. Well, when you act like a child, perhaps the attorney is seeking punishment for a child!

5 The Chicago Hacker

This is the first hacker on our list (oh yes, there’s more) and one of the few entries in here who got in serious trouble for distributing naked images of people other than himself. Edward Majerczyk was accused of organizing a phishing scam that saw him illegally access over 300 email and online accounts, including that of actress Jennifer Lawrence, who broke down in tears in 2014 and called the incident a “s*x crime” in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine. Over 30 celebrities, including Lawrence, were targeted by Majerczyk and had their private information, including nude videos and images, leaked across the Internet.

While he probably thought he was just doing the dude-bros a solid, the judicial system didn’t agree and Majerczyk was sentenced to nine months in prison and ordered to pay $5700 in counseling services to an undisclosed celebrity. Claiming that he was suffering from depression and was looking to adult websites to fill the void in his life, Majerczyk didn’t garner much sympathy from anyone.

4 The Pennsylvania Hacker

The second major d-bag (and dummy) hacker on this list is Ryan Collins, a Pennsylvania man who was behind the notorious “Fappening” in 2014, which saw Collins gain access to the online accounts of over 100 people, including actress Aubrey Plaza, singer Avril Lavigne, and Jennifer Lawrence. Pretending to be from Apple and Google, Collins would trick these celebs into giving him their passwords, and then go through their iCloud accounts to get what he was looking for—naked images. In August of 2014, the images were posted everywhere.

Aside from being considered a huge sleazebag, Collins was roundly condemned by most news outlets who considered his actions to be not only an invasion of privacy but an example of s*xual assault, in that the information he gathered and distributed was risqué images of female celebrities taken against their will and without their consent. The law came through again, fortunately. And in 2016, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

3 The Hollywood Hacker

Yep, a hacker is at it again! This guy definitely got the book thrown at him! In 2011, Christopher Chaney broke into the online accounts of numerous starlets, including Christina Aguilera and Scarlett Johansson, whose naked image was intended for then-husband Ryan Reynolds’ eyes only.

Unlike the other hackers on this list, Chaney didn’t stop with celebrities. He targeted women he knew and even sent nude images of a former co-worker to her own father! The sicko also didn’t seem to mind that the FBI seized his computer. He continued to pursue his victims even while under investigation. A complete dummy who should’ve known that he’d get caught sooner rather than later, Chaney ended up receiving his just desserts shortly after his October 2011 arrest. By November of that year, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison—four more than the prosecution originally sought! Hey, sometimes it takes a lot more time to learn how NOT to be a stupid and creepy d-bag!

2 The Former Cheerleader

The amount of teachers who engaged in s*xting and sending graphic photos to their students could fill a book, but we’ll settle for this one. Earlier this year, 27-year-old English teacher, cheerleading coach, and tennis instructor, Katherine Harper, decided that the smart thing to do at her new job at a middle school was to get involved with a 15-year-old student and send him naked photos of herself!

Charged with orchestrating the relationship with the teen, investigators founds multiple X-rated images of Harper on the 15-year-old’s phone, as well as graphic messages over two months in the summer. The Texas teacher was forced to post $15,000 bail and is now facing a second-degree felony charge. While she’s certainly not the first educator to decide to send raunchy images to a student (and she probably won’t be the last), Harper was still definitely an idiot to think that a teen would keep their mouth shut or that he would delete all traces of evidence! Ah, and learn, right? Or live, go to jail, and THEN learn!

1 The Politician

Fool me once, shame on you. Feel me twice, shame on me. Someone probably should’ve told that adage to Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner, whose own...errr...weiner got him into trouble not once, but twice!

Weiner seems to really enjoy sending nude photos of himself, the first time being in 2011 when he sent some raunchy pics via Twitter to a 21-year-old female user. Once the public caught wind of his indiscretion, Weiner vehemently denied it until he was forced to come clean about the fact that he had sent that photo, as well as many more graphic photos, emails, and messages to a variety of women. Dubbed “Weinergate,” Weiner resigned from his position in Congress in July of 2011.

Fast-forward to 2013 when Weiner entered the New York mayoral race, only to be taken down yet again by his penchant for taking risqué photos. More women came forward, saying that Weiner had sent them graphic images, including one that showed his young son lying next to a shirtless Weiner.

Finally, in 2016, he was caught sending explicit messages and requests to yet another person. This time, a 15-year-old girl.

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