15 Stupid Flat Earth Arguments In Memes

What's one of the first things we learned in school? Oh, yeah: any curve is a straight line if you zoom in far enough.

There are people out there, supposedly educated and rational thinking adults, who believe with all their hearts that the Earth we inhabit is actually flat. Now it’s hard for us to imagine that even with all the scientific evidence we have which proves that the earth is, in fact, a globe, that folks could still believe this but they do. And in fact, according to the Flat Earth Society, their membership continues to grow.

People who believe in this theory, which they maintain is the biggest conspiracy ever, contend that the earth exists on one giant flat plane, with the North pole in the center and a giant wall of ice around the circumference. This wall of ice is what stops us from going over the edge. They are also trying to convince other people that NASA and the world leaders are trying to hide this fact from us, leading to a cover-up of astronomical proportions. They make loads of compelling yet ultimately incorrect arguments and encourage people to research the matter for themselves.

But maybe the most laughable aspect of their argument is their memes. I’m no scientist, but if you're promoting a theory at least have something to back it up with because these are just stupid AF.

15 Sea Level = See Level? Who Dreams This Stuff Up?

It’s all a matter of our own perspective so don’t fall for weak arguments like this.

14 Why Aren’t The Star Constellations Changing?

The stars we see in the sky are not close by, to begin with, and yes, everything is moving. But we’ve only been observing the stars for a few thousand years and that’s no time at all in the universe. If you have a few hundred thousand years to sit around and wait, you will see the constellations change. I know it’s difficult Flat Earthers but try to keep up.

13 Try And Prove The Earth Is A Globe

My point is this: yes, you should challenge yourself and you should not believe everything people tell you. Wild conspiracy theories have turned out to be true in the past so you should try to remain objective. But when the scientific facts are right in front of your face you should use them too!

12 This Must Be Proof, Right?

This is what is known as an optical illusion people. When you photograph the sun, which is incredibly bright, it appears flat white because that is the maximum brightness the camera can handle. If there is something transparent in front of the sun, like clouds, it will let light through, which makes it appear, in that moment, that the clouds are behind the sun. It takes about two minutes to wrap your mind around this one, a bit longer if you are a Flat Earther.

11 Now Do You See?

Flat Earthers believe that the flat plane we live on is encased in a dome (sometimes referred to as the Firmament or The Vault of Heaven), a realm overseen by God. And if you are wondering (like I was) about why our planet would be the only one that looks this way don’t worry they have an answer for that too. Their argument is that we have only ever seen round planets, therefore we think that only round planets exist. They would like us to believe that we are special and not a random occurrence created by the Big Bang.

10 If The Earth Was Round The Oceans Would Look Like This

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand the force of gravity. An object with mass has gravity. Earth has mass, therefore also gravity. The oceans are attracted by gravitational force to the Moon and do move toward the moon (hence the tides) but because the earth has more mass and is closer, the oceans do not escape Earth, or “pool together”.

9 Every Photo Of Earth From Space Is Faked

The claim that there are no real photos of earth from space is just bogus. There are hundreds of photos, some of them even dating back to before we even had equipment capable of creating fake images.

And finally, Flat Earthers, even if you could prove all these photos are fake that would just suggest that the earth might not be round. It still doesn’t prove it’s flat. Show me a picture from space of a flat plane earth and then we can talk again.

8 They Really Use This Argument

Okay, so Flat Earthers want to use the fact that two people in different countries can see the sun at the same time as proof that the Earth is flat and that the sun is actually directly above us. I’m not sure if this is because they are not able to grasp how the Earth moves around the sun, but here is a simple debunk: if this was truly the case then we would be able to see the sun even at night. Think of being in a theater with a strong light source, even if the light is not shining on you, the light source is still visible right? If the world was a flat plane, then the same would be true.

7 We’ve All Been Indoctrinated!

Advocates for the flat earth theory also don’t believe in gravity by the way. Yep, you heard me, it’s all a lie. These are quotes directly from an official flat earth website: “Gravity as a theory is false. Objects simply fall," and “What is certain is sphere earth gravity is not tenable in any way shape or form”. So yeah, I don’t know what we’ve been doing all these years, but according to them, gravity is bogus. Sorry, Mr. Newton, the apple just fell, it must be magic or something.

6 A Flat World That Goes On Forever

The argument becomes even more outrageous, some flatists also claim that the Earth continues on indefinitely. I’m not sure how this fits in with the “dome” but yeah, you need to suspend all ties with logic and reason to try and wrap your mind around this. Apparently, they even have some math theory to explain this which is strange considering how they ignore most other forms of science.

5 One Does Not Simply Become A Flat Earther

When making a bold statement like “There is no proof of curvature of the Earth” as this meme does, you must have your facts straight. There is proof, mountains of evidence collected over hundreds of years that proves that the Earth is not, as these people would like you to believe, a strange flat disc suspended in some type of dome. But I’ll tell you what is suspended – their hold on reality. How else can you explain a group of people that choose to disbelieve science and invent wild conspiracy theories to try and prove their argument?

4 Flat Earthers Be Like...

3 Of Course, It’s All Just A Conspiracy

When other people try to make an argument, they hit back with memes like this and it’s actually just sad.

2 Don’t Ask Any Questions Okay?

So I visited an official flat earth website and these are the reasons they think no one wants us to know that the earth is flat:

1. The authorities realized that the earth was flat and that we couldn’t go into space so they faked the moon landing (of course) and now the governments need to keep up the round earth farce to maintain legitimacy.

2. To hide the truth of the Bible.

3. They want to use the resources of space budgets to accumulate power and wealth.

I couldn’t even make this stuff up.

1 Let’s Rather Not

But what about the proof I hear you ask? What about the ISS? What about astronauts and satellites? Those are all lies too, according to them. The ISS doesn’t really exist, it’s just a group of actors in a zero gravity environment and every single astronaut has been sworn to secrecy about the flatness of the earth. And those satellites that you see overhead (you know, the ones that help you navigate) those are just pseudolites placed there to fool us. It’s a weird conspiracy-fuelled world that these Flat Earthers live in.

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15 Stupid Flat Earth Arguments In Memes