15 Striking Visions Of Heaven By Survivors Of Near-Death Experiences

For those who have been lucky enough to see heaven and return from a near-death experience (NDE), life today is different than it once was.

If you had a mic handed to you right now, right this very instant, would you be able to improv, or even begin to articulate what a place like Heaven might look like? Wild to imagine what it feels like to be in a space like that. If inside a random daydream or lost in the dark, in the pitch black, defenseless, beyond screams, breathless and scared to death, does a subject like heaven resonate with you? It should! Sure does, if you've felt like that before.

What’s the pinnacle of the holiest of places mean if anything? Is there even a holiest of places to begin with? Sorry to glitch your matrix! It's not as easy as it sounds imagining where you hope your soul ends up forever.

Hell, in all of its fire and all of its excessive waste, wasn’t as difficult to describe due to its tendency to lean towards what's terrifying. Hell isn’t an overly hard picture to paint for those who have been there. The survivors of hell who came back made that one pretty simple with their afterlife visions. It’s fire, it's flames, it’s horror in doses that come with O.D. written all over the warning label. But, what happens when you begin to pepper in hope and love? What happens when faith pokes its head out of the sand? Well, that all depends on how much faith you got. Wondering now aren’t ya? Better be enough, huh? Hope and faith just might be the most powerful human emotions next to love. Think about it. What do any of us have without any of them? Believing in heaven lends us that end.

Heaven on the other side of life feels infinitely powerful. That's if you ask those people who have seen it for an instant. For those who have been lucky enough to see heaven and return from a near-death experience (NDE), life today is different than it once was. Your idea, their stories, and my thoughts of a heavenly afterlife are unquestionably our own. It’s what we need it to be inside our heads and our hearts providing us with peace. What gets NDE survivors up in the morning, though? Maybe it's the fact that they already learned what happens after all of this life stuff finally fizzles out.

15 A Movie Reel Of Their Life

Many near-death experience survivors of heaven and back recall the time they passed on beginning like a "movie reel of their life." In many ways, it sounds like a flashback of their time here but on nitrous oxide. Wow, that would be wild reliving all of the things we'd seen and felt our entire lives, instantly. NDE survivors tell stories of watching their movie as if it were being played on a projector, clicking away. Other near-death experience survivors tell a story that's more like watching something on television only what they saw was themselves. They also saw all of the people they loved and the things they experienced while still alive. Only they weren't anymore, and they knew that.

14 Telepathy From A Faceless Spirit

Some near-death experience survivors say that after passing away, they saw what they believe to be spirits. Holy Spirits? Survivors describe them as good spirits. They also tell stories of guidance and reassurance coming from these holy spirits. There was something very obvious missing, though, it was the spirits' faces. Take this picture, for instance. Hopefully, you can see what's hovering above the two boys? Kind of looks like some sort of ghostly presence doesn't it? Could it be an entity? Could this photograph have captured a spirit or is it altered? Either way, if a spirit doesn't have a face, I think that's what one just may look like. If not, that's one heck of a photoshop job!

13 Passing On

As with all stories, ones of afterlife travel to heaven vary widely from survivor to survivor. The nicest part about these stories is that whichever one you read about, it almost always sounds like their experience after life wasn't unpleasant. They didn't feel scared, which to me is intriguing. Many near-death experience survivors speak of an overwhelming calm that sweeps over them. When reading stories, I noticed a bit of repetition. It helps in validating their stories don't you think? That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. Take this picture; it's a story you read about often from near death experience survivors. The photo is symbolic of a soul being pulled from its body in order to go to heaven.

12 Traveling Through A Tunnel

Traveling through a tunnel could be the most common piece of knowledge most everyone has heard when discussing afterlife experiences. Most of us have heard about seeing a bright light and then our body/soul begins to move towards a force that's greater. The force, according to near-death survivors, pulls them so strongly that they had no choice but to go with. As the force pulls them into the afterlife, they remember a tunnel, some sort of path, on their way to heaven. Maybe that could be their brain shutting down and taking over allowing them to die without agitation and fear. Or, maybe it's one of the first places a person will see on their way to heaven.

11 Stairway To Heaven

Could there be a stairway to heaven? The grandest of all stairways that leads us up through the clouds on our journey towards the afterlife. One that's so beautiful, so gigantic, one that's so unimaginable it takes us directly to the front doors of heaven itself. Right up to heaven's gates? Like the old song by Bob Dylan goes, "knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door." Seems crazy to think about but damn that would be a cool piece of the afterlife to remember. At least you'd know you ended up in the right place. Climbing a large stairway and finding yourself knocking on heaven's door is a fantastic story that you can hear about from many survivors of a trip to heaven and back.

10 Flying Through The Skies

Wishing we had the ability to fly has been on the minds of humankind since it began. There's no larger fantasy than having the ability to take off and fly where ever it is we want to go. In actuality, it's one of the most powerful dreams a person can have. Dreaming you can fly is believed to be the pinnacle of our creative imaginations locked into the deepest state of sleep. Our minds fire on all cylinders, working overtime to gift us our dream of flight. Many survivors of near-death experiences tell a story of flight. A story where they were no longer on the ground walking around like normal humans but flying on their way to heaven.

9 Could Heaven's Gate Look Like This?

Beautiful picture isn't it? This is what heaven's gates could look like. If this gate is what we get to see on our way to heaven, then I doubt many of us around here are going to have much of a problem with that. This photo paints a powerful picture of what our entry into the afterlife might look like— IF we wind up in heaven, I suppose I should add. Magnificent, don't you think? Feels gigantic and it should. Survivors of near-death experiences to heaven tell us that their vision of heaven's gate was absolutely awe inspiring. It's something that they'll never forget. Some survivors describe a gate that is found in the sky while others simply find themselves there.

8 Lost Loved Ones

When I found this painting called The meeting of a family in heaven by the famous poet and painter William Blake, I knew right where I could use it. The name of the painting communicates William Blake's intended message in a way that a person looking at it, studying it, can see that it represents caring between people. It depicts a union that clearly shows love for our families. Many NDE survivors reveal seeing on their way through heaven's gates the presence of family and friends that had previously died. I certainly hope that's the case for the record. I imagine most people who believe in heaven want to believe that their loved ones will be there to meet them once they die.

7 Seeing An Old Family Pet

Gosh, how many of us have a family pet that we don't have by our sides anymore? This photo comes from one of my favorite movies, and favorite actors for that matter, it's called What Dreams May Come, and the actor is Robin Williams. This photo represents his character's idea of what heaven looks like. It's also his character's idea of who'd be there waiting for him when he gets to heaven. Near-death experience, survivors recall seeing their old family pets on their afterlife journey. Regardless if you had a pet bird, snake, or dog the void of not having that pet around will always feel very real. Maybe you can find some comfort in a survivor's story and believe they'll be in heaven waiting for you when you move on.

6 Feeling Unconditional Love

The vast majority of visions we've talked about today have been things that a person can visually see and remember how they appeared. Number 6 on our near-death experiences to heaven list is about an overwhelming feeling that floods over the heart. One otherwise known as unconditional love. In many of the stories I read from survivors, I learned of the feeling they referred to as unconditional love. Some survivors speak as if love radiated everywhere. Through some of their stories, it seemed as if the feeling was present everywhere. Almost like you couldn't get away from it if you tried. As we all know love is a powerful emotion and honestly the thought of it everywhere seems unimaginable to most of us.

5 The Presence Of Angels

Being among actual Angels would be the coolest thing ever to recall on a trip to heaven and back. Angels, other than God himself, are probably the number 1 thing people would want to see when they arrive in heaven. Multiple NDE survivors claim that when they died they were amongst angels. It puts a smile on my face to even repeat that information in all honesty. I'd say that's some pretty good company to be in after realizing you're no longer living and there are only two places you may end up. Some survivors say that they spoke to those angels in their near-death experience while others say the opposite. Even if you didn't get the chance to speak to an angel, just being around one sounds amazing.

4 Animals Roaming The Landscape

The painting you're looking at here is named The Garden Of Earthly Delights, and it's from the modern age. This is actually just a portion of the overall painting, (there's a total of three) that was painted by Hieronymus Bosch. The painting itself dates back to the 1500s, if you can even begin to fathom that? There's a plethora of information and debate on what the intended message of this painting is supposed to be. What was Hieronymus trying to say when he painted The Garden Of Earthly Delights? Could it be some sort of message? Scholars even argue its proposed meaning— and that's way over my head. I thought it fit well here at number 4 on our list because several near-death survivors who have been to heaven and back tell stories of seeing animals everywhere.

3 Spirits

Have you ever thought about what the difference might be between an angel and a spirit? I did after I got done reading the stories of NDE experiences. Maybe a spirit is more like a ghostly figure and an angel looks as human to us as anyone. Minus the magnificent white wings of course. Could it be that it's the spirits here on earth that help guide us to heaven? I don't know; I suppose anything is possible. We'll also leave the discussion of miracles for another day I think. Though, you could say it was a miracle that many near-death survivors found their way home to their families after flatlining. Maybe, it's the spirits that many remember seeing that guide us from here to there.

2 Unparalleled Beauty As Far As The Eye Can See

Unparalleled beauty as far as the eye can see is how many survivors of near-death experiences that have been to heaven describe what they saw when they died and were sent there. Your heavenly place, or mine, or Robin Williams' in What Dreams May Come, maybe our heavens are all different from one another. Could heaven in actuality be what we dream it to be? That's a pretty wild notion, but it seems to be the opinion of many NDE survivors. The thought of endless beauty from horizon to horizon, or however any of us imagine it, sounds like a better place to be than the alternative. That is if you believe in all this heaven and hell mumbo jumbo stuff to begin with, right?

1 A Destined Purpose

When I read that several near-death experience survivors felt that after returning to their lives they had a destined purpose, I thought that was moving enough to take the number 1 spot on our list today. I hope you agree because many of us have always wondered what might be the purpose, the point, of this all? Well, many near-death experience survivors in fact make large changes in their life once they return home. Most don't take everyday problems too seriously, and most don't judge people so harshly. Realistically all of us, whether you believe in heaven or hell, could learn from the experiences that an NDE survivor has had. Here's to hoping the stories of NDE survivors who have been to heaven and back rub off!


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15 Striking Visions Of Heaven By Survivors Of Near-Death Experiences