15 Strangest Things Found By Airport Security

There are certain things that are no-brainers when you're flying. Obviously you can't bring sharp objects or firearms onto a plane with you. Of course, that doesn't mean people don't try. There are th

There are certain things that are no-brainers when you're flying. Obviously you can't bring sharp objects or firearms onto a plane with you. Of course, that doesn't mean people don't try. There are thousands of guns, knives and other weapons confiscated every year in airports across the country and around the world. These people often hold-up flights for hours, arguing with airport security that they aren't going to use their weapons, but they'd like to have them in case someone else tries something.

Simple guns and knives aren't that strange, as we expect a few people to try their hand at transporting weapons every now and then. The real interesting stuff is what falls in a grey area of sorts; things that might be allowed on a plane but probably shouldn't be. Some of these bizarre items were actually allowed to fly, which makes no sense whatsoever. Other people try to pull one over on airport security, transporting things that they know (or at least should know) are not allowed by attempting to sneak them on. This list encompasses some of the most bizarre items that were actually allowed to fly alongside those that obviously weren't. You can't blame some of these people for their efforts, as sometimes you just have to have some live fish in your briefcase to feel comfortable thousands of feet above the ground.

15 Venomous Snakes

14 A Cannonball

13 Carry-On A Dog

12 Fire

One person in Atlantic City tried to smuggle home some flames, claiming they were just the clothes he was wearing while he was "on fire" at the casino. That's obviously just an alternative fact (Google Kellyanne Conway if you need context for this reference). The real story is that one unsuspecting flyer packed their belongings a little to carelessly, placing flammable liquid next to a notoriously flame-producing device: a lighter. The flammable liquid, in this case hair spray, leaked into the passenger’s bag and caught fire, causing three-foot-high flames to erupt from the culprit's suitcase. Fortunately the bag erupted on the conveyor belt and not on the plane, but this was undoubtedly quite the hold-up for anyone who was checking luggage that day.

11 Gassed-Up Chainsaw

10 Live Fish

9 Boomerangs

8 A Body

This may sound wild, crazy or downright spooky, but it's actually quite understandable if you consider the extra cost involved with shipping a corpse across the country. These people aren't murderers trying to ship a body out of state; they're just regular people trying to save a buck. I've never done it myself (knock on wood), but the fee for sending Nana back to Boston for her funeral can cost you around $6,000 when it's all said and done. People have been killed for less, and not everyone has the kind of cash to be shipping dead bodies back home at a whim. This is why multiple people have tried to game the system by slapping some sunglasses on Gramps and hoping for the best. It usually doesn't work, as there are about five obstacles I can think of off the top of my head that would make this impossible, but you have to respect the effort. Hell, some people may have even been successful. We only hear about the failures in these stories, never about the guy who saved six grand by flying his dead grandfather coach.

7 Severed Heads

6 Skull Fragments

When you go to a new place, you get a souvenir; that's just vacationing 101. I don't think this is just an American thing either. People from around the world are gathering key chains and coffee mugs from their travel destinations, if for no other reason than to prove to their boss that they actually went. Unfortunately for one couple, the souvenir from their trip to Ft. Lauderdale caused them quite the headache (pun intended) when they were trying to get back home. The clay pots the two were planning on bringing home ended up containing fragments of a human skull.

5 A Baby

4 Cockroaches

3 A Tiger Cub

2 Basically a Zoo

1 Live Pigeons

Yup, you read this right; live pigeons. An Australian man went viral in 2009 for being caught with two live pigeons stuffed in his pants. The man was returning to Australia from a trip to the Middle East when he was stopped at customs. Authorities found two eggs in a vitamin container, along with some seed in the man's luggage and decided to search him. They then found that the man had two pigeons, each placed in an envelope and strapped to his legs under a pair of tights. Smuggling wildlife is a serious crime, and in Australia the maximum penalty is 110,000 Australian dollars ($70,430) and up to ten years in prison. I don't know if the crime is worth the punishment here, but I have so many others that I kind of need answers to. First of all: Why? 2) Why the eggs? And, 3) How can you trust two birds to sit quietly and contently in your pants for an entire flight? Forget the purpose of conscious life in the universe. I need to find out this man's life story yesterday.


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15 Strangest Things Found By Airport Security