15 Strangest Things Doctors Heard People Say Before Dying

These are the 15 strangest and perhaps most shocking statements doctors and healthcare professionals heard people say in their final moments

Of all the words a person will ever speak in their lifetime, we each get the unique opportunity to have a first and last. Rightfully so, people make a big deal out of a baby’s first words. But when the end of life comes, final statements are also important. These final words spoken by individuals are unpredictable and often quite alarming. Whether it is as a result of lots of pain medicine, or a total mental breakdown right before death, there is no way to know what a person may say in their final moments. Often, patients are in a state where they cannot speak, but in many instances a rally comes where they will utter some last words.

Because doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals are usually very close to patients in their last moments, they get the chance to see patients in their final moments before death. Some of their stories involve some very odd and somewhat disturbing final statements of patients. Some are humorous and others are downright creepy, providing something of a glimpse into what may be coming next for them after this life. These are the 15 strangest and perhaps most shocking statements doctors and healthcare professionals heard people say in their final moments before dying.

15 Angry to the End

Not everyone is peaceful in their final stages of life. Sadly, some people are angry with the world and everyone around them. One 20 year old gang member who was in hospice with advanced liver cancer expressed his anger to all his family and loved ones around him. When in his last moments of life, his mother whispered into his ear to go to the light and go to Jesus, his response was ”F%#$ your Jesus!” Just after that, he turned his head, made a terrifying face and screamed out “Oh sh*t! Oh sh*t! Noooooo!” He then died immediately, leaving everyone in the room terrified and unable to speak. This is an example of perhaps the worst possible thing you can imagine for a loved one in their final moments.

14 “What’s Your Name?”

Lots of people hallucinate and say lots of things that don’t make a whole lot of sense in their last moments of life. It is sad, but happens more than many people realize. One nurse in a cardiac intensive care unit was tending to a patient, when the patient, an older gentleman looked at her and asked “what’s your name?” The nurse responded to him with her name. He then asked what she did there and she said she was a nurse. The man laid quietly for a bit and then looked at her saying “F#$% you!” Those were the man’s last words before he died a little while afterward. Surely he did not realize what he was doing at the time in those final moments and hopefully he was not truly angry in any way. But those will forever be etched as his final words in this life.

13 Little Boys Playing By The Creek

The death of children is one of the saddest things a person can encounter. When two young boys were playing on the edge of a creek, the unthinkable happened. A petroleum pipeline ruptured and spilled into the creek, making the area highly flammable. The two boys were playing with a BBQ lighter and caused the entire area to erupt into flames. They were both badly burned and in intense shock. When medical personnel arrived and began attending to them, sadly, one of the boys said “Oh, my mom is going to be so mad that I ruined my new clothes.” The fact that this was what concerned him the most is unbearably sad. The boys died of their burns in this horrible accident which was in no way their fault.

12 World War II Veteran

People in their final stages have also been known to become confused about time and reality. They begin to remember things from their past, thinking they are happening currently. Some will go to a time in their life where they feel particularly strong emotions. In the case of a World War II veteran who had apparently been a prisoner of war, he began begging for his life with Nazi soldiers. Amazingly, to help calm him, the doctor spoke German and said to the dying man in perfect German, “you are free, Herr Caticature. You are free!” After this, the man died, leaving a shocking and very lasting memory with the doctor and those present at the time. Thanks to this doctor’s quick and gentle thinking, the man was able to pass much more peacefully.

11 The Man in Black

The things people see are not always happy and peaceful. They are also not always explainable. In the case of an older lady who told a nursing assistant that “the man in black is here.” The nurse didn’t see anything in the corner where the lady was looking and asked her to describe him. She said he was dressed all in black with a top hat and red eyes. The lady died later the same night, leaving the nurses highly creeped out by this room for a long time. Who knows who the man dressed all in black with a top hat and red eyes was. Hopefully, it was nothing more than a hallucination, but either way, the poor lady must have been very frightened by this in her final moments.

10 The Location of the Body

Most people want a clear conscience before they pass away. As a result of this, many people feel the need to make final confessions that they never told anyone previously in their lives. In the case of a surgeon that witnessed a man who was in his final moments, he said the man continued saying the same phrase “the body is in the woods next to the oak tree,” over and over again before he died. Hearing something like this is very alarming for anyone, and I suppose it is possible that this was one last practical joke the man was playing on humanity. Nevertheless, the police were contacted promptly and a search of the wooded area behind the man’s home was conducted but no body or remains was ever found.

9 17 Hours

When an elderly gentleman was surrounded by his closest family, there was only one person missing. The man was a diabetic that had just had his leg amputated and experienced complications after the amputation. His youngest son was out of the country and had not been able to arrive yet. The man asked how long it would be before his youngest son arrived, to which the response was 17 hours. His words after this were his last and absolutely amazing: “17 hours huh? That’s a long time...but ok.” He did not speak again or respond after that, but waited until his youngest son arrived and had the chance to say goodbye to him. 20 minutes later, the man died. That is an amazing measure of dedication to family and will power.

8 “Bill’s Here”

A nurse who was working to care for a renal failure patient as a nursing student recalls the story of the woman’s final moments and words. The patient was beginning to shut down and the nurse was helping the lady apply lotion and talking to the lady. It is not unheard of, or even uncommon for people to become lucid and coherent in the final stages of life. In this case, the lady stopped suddenly and said “Bill’s here love, I’ve got to go.” Immediately after she said this, she stopped breathing and passed away peacefully. It turns out that Bill was the name of the lady’s husband who died before her. It was a remarkably peaceful and calm way to leave this world. The woman was not scared or fearful in any way.

7 Underage Drinking

All of things young people think about are considerably different than adults and older folks. They worry about breaking curfew and getting grounded, among other things. In the sad case of one 17 year old young lady involved in a bad car accident, the poor teenager could only think about the fear of disapproval from her parents. She had apparently been drinking and driving and was involved in this horrible crash. Her words to medical personnel were “please, please, please, don’t tell my parents I was drinking.” The fact that this was among the last things on her mind before she died is both shocking and very sad. It is also a reminder of how important it is to not drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

6 Critical Patient

Emergency room medical personnel are used to constantly communicating with one another in a fast paced and chaotic way while the patient lies there sometimes awake and sometimes unconscious. In this case, a man was being treated on a particularly busy evening with a lot of commotion in the emergency room. After a few times of asking the same questions about the man’s name, he spoke up and said “you guys really don’t listen to each other.” Shortly thereafter, the man died, but not before making his point. Something tells me that he was a brutally honest and very wise man all through his life. It is also a good reminder to nurses and doctors that the patient is right there and may very well be aware of everything you are saying or doing.

5 Good Sense of Humor

A good sense of humor is a valuable asset for anyone. When a very funny obese patient with diabetes was in the hospital, he would joke about his health problems, never caring too much to change his habits. After developing leg ulcers due to his diabetes, the man had to have his leg amputated. The doctor saw him in the intensive care unit after the operation where he, with his quick wit, said “good news doctor...I’ve lost weight!” Those were his last words as he died a few minutes later from a major heart attack. Having such a fun attitude even in the moments before death is a wonderful gift and a sign of a man at peace with the world. Unfortunately, he was not able or willing to preserve his physical health longer.

4 Star Trek Fan

It is very nice when people can maintain their personality even in their final moments of life. When an older gentleman, in the presence of his kids, grandchildren and his doctor was in his last stages, he very instinctively summoned his love of Star Trek and looking at the doctor asked “is the order given?” The doctor clearly understood the man’s reference and thankfully looked back at him confidently saying “the order is given.” A few minutes after the man passed away peacefully. To many, it may seem silly or strange, but in its own way, it is honorable and dignified. The doctor respected the man and his last words, as did his family. It was a fitting way for him to boldly go from this world to the next.

3 Room Full of People

While in hospice care, a nurse and nursing assistant were helping a patient back into bed. The patient had not been verbally responsive throughout the day. While getting in the bed, he asked them “why are all these people in my room?” The nurses looked around and saw no one else in the room. Immediately, the man stopped breathing and said nothing else. It is not clear who or what the man was talking about but his timing in noticing others in the room may suggest something else the man was seeing besides his nurses. It makes one wonder if what people see in the last moments of life are hallucinations or if it is something more spiritual.

2 Princess Diana

The death of Princess Diana in 1997 was a shock to the entire world. She was after all, an inspiration to millions and the pinnacle of grace. But when she was involved in a horrific car accident that took her life, it was not the death any of us want for ourselves or our loved ones. According to a doctor that was at the scene of the crash, sadly Princess Diana was in a great deal of pain. She was trapped in the vehicle and was not first recognized by the doctor as Princess Diana. Despite reassuring her and trying to comfort her, she continued to cry out in pain. She lost consciousness and never woke after that. Sadly, the world lost a treasure in that accident on that horrible night.

1 Sudden Death

Life can come and go at the drop of a hat. Death is not always a long and drawn out process with days, weeks or months of decline. For many, they want that time to prepare themselves, while others prefer for it to be fast and unknown. In the case of a man in the cardiac intensive care unit, he had been treated for a pulmonary artery rupture. Much like on an episode of House, one moment he was talking and joking, but the next minute he had blood pouring out of his mouth. His final words were of desperation and fear, with him saying “why is this happening to me?” No one likes the idea of a person dying with an unanswered question or fearful uncertainty. His being well one moment and dead the next makes it even more unsettling.

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