15 Strangest Things Doctors Have Ever Witnessed In The Delivery Room

Birth is an incredibly complex, mysterious, and powerful experience. There's a reason why it's called the "miracle of life." And there's a reason why NOVA's The Miracle of Life is their most-watched documentary of all time. Birth is a precious and almost magical thing. And just like how we are all unique in our own ways, each delivery is different from all the others. Every mother is different, and every baby is different. Just like every delivery is different, there are many cases of babies being born under unconventional circumstances.

Doctors, nurses and midwives see some pretty crazy behavior inside the delivery room. Sometimes, it's the mother-to-be who's the source of the craziness; sometimes, it's the baby daddy; and sometimes, it's the mother-to-be's family. In addition to that, there are anomalies you don't see very often, like women who spend weeks...even labor, and there are mothers who didn't even know they were pregnant until they started feeling labor pains.

Births in movies and on TV are almost always dramatic, and we like to think that some of the things we see in fiction would never happen in real life. But you would be surprised at some of the stuff hospital professionals witness inside the delivery room. If you want to see some of these crazy real-life stories for yourself, then check out this list of 15 strangest things doctors witnessed in the delivery room.


15 Woman Films Herself Giving Birth

Some women want to keep the birth of the child a private affair while others desire to record it so their future generations can witness the event for themselves. One mother was enthusiastic to have her child's birth recorded on film and had her husband shoot the event with a video camera.

Unfortunately for the husband, seeing the process of childbirth up close and personal was far too much for him to handle, and he got queasy and needed to sit down. His wife couldn't revive him so he could continue filming, so she had to take matters into her own hands. Annoyed at her husband, she picked up the camera and resumed the shooting of the childbirth process, all while pushing the baby out. Now that's impressive.

14 Woman Gives Birth On Pillow


Some women give birth in some of the most unusual ways possible. While one woman was in labor, she went to use the bathroom because she felt a bowel movement coming on, which is a common feeling when it's time to push. However, she wouldn't move from the toilet and the OB/GYN, worried that the baby would land in the toilet bowl, had to persuade the mother-to-be to get back on the table.

The mother-to-be lunged for the table but ended up in a squatting position between the table and the wall. Since the OB/GYN now had to worry about the baby hitting the floor, she quickly slid under the bed on her back, much like an auto mechanic changing a muffler. She eventually caught the baby on a pillow.

13 Woman Tries Setting Up Her Baby Daddy With The Doctor

Even while this woman was in labor, she tried to play matchmaker for her baby's daddy, who was at her side in the delivery room, despite the two having already broken up. While she was trying to push a tiny human out of herself, she began half-screaming that the doctor should go out with her ex/baby daddy. She said (screamed), "You should really....(screams in pain)....go out with....(Screams again) him sometime. He's really fun."

The baby daddy wasn't fazed at all by his ex's matchmaking techniques—attempting to set your baby daddy with the doctor helping to deliver your baby—and simply replied, "I wouldn't mind some drinks sometime. What are you doing this evening?" There's no word on how this most likely bewildered doctor responded.

12 Woman's Fluids End Up On The Wall

When one mother-to-be went into labor with her daughter, her water broke and all of it splashed onto the wall, nearly hitting the doctor. A couple of years later, that same woman went into labor with her son and once again, her water broke explosively, this time all over the floor in the waiting room.

The woman was understandably petrified so the nurse attempted to comfort her by saying, "Don't worry. There was one woman whose fluids ended up all over the wall." The woman then replied, "Yeah, that was me." The incident from two years earlier where the birthing woman's water broke and all of it splattered onto the wall became a legendary story among the nurses working at the hospital. It was one delivery story they were sure to never forget.

11 Delivery Nurse Re-enacts The Lion King

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We're all familiar with the iconic beginning to The Lion King, right? Where Rafiki stands at the tip of Pride Rock and raises baby Simba over his head while the rest of the animals in the Pride Lands bow down to him and the "Circle of Life song" plays? Well, one delivery nurse decided she wanted to recreate that classic scene.

During her first real assignment, and with the eyes of all the training staff on her, she picked up a newborn baby that she had just helped deliver and held him/her over her head before chanting the opening lines to the "Circle of Life." You know, the "Nants ingonyama bagithi baba/Sithi uhhmm ingonyama." That delivery nurse definitely deserves points for cleverness.

10 Woman's Family Films Childbirth Process

The hospital where this particular woman was at had a limit on how many people could be in the delivery room, but they do try and be lenient. However, one family went way too far. Six of the woman's family/friends showed up in the delivery room, in addition to the two doctors and two nurses already present. Four of the six people had cellphones out, eager to record closeups of the delivery.

Not only that. They kept bumping into one of the doctors, who was doing her best to make sure that the baby didn't "rip everything on the way out." Said doctor tried to keep her cool, but couldn't after one of the family/friends yelled out that the baby pooped on herself and reached her arm over the doctor's to zoom in on it. After seeing the visibly distressed mother, the doctor promptly kicked everyone out.

9 Baby Refuses To Let Go Of OB/GYN's Hand

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Newborn babies are either born face up or face down, but face down is the favorable position, and most of them are born this way. Only 1 in 20 babies are born face up. However, they're probably not a lot of babies who are born this particular way. One baby was born face down but with her hand up by her head.

As the doctor was checking on the new mother, the baby suddenly grabbed the OB/GYN's hand and would not let go. Apparently, babies possess impressive levels of strength which allow them to grip onto things with a monkey-strength grip. In fact, an infant's grip is so strong that he/she can support his own weight if you dangle him. Not sure how the OB/GYN got out of that one.


8 Woman In Labor Refuses To Believe She's Pregnant


There are plenty of cases of women not knowing they're pregnant until they're ready to give birth. There's a whole show about on the TLC network titled I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. Some women just don't show the obvious signs of pregnancy, especially the super-round tummy that usually comes with pregnancy.

One such lady was pregnant but had no idea, and when she went into labor, she blamed it on abdominal pain. She called the paramedic an "idiot" and adamantly said, "I am not f***ing pregnant!" When the paramedic told her he could see the baby's head crowning, the woman yelled, "That must be a f***ing tumor!" The paramedic helped deliver a healthy baby girl. The mother became sweet-tempered after the grueling childbirth process was over.

7 Woman Pees On The Floor

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When you need to pee, like really need to pee, it's going to come out wherever you are...or wherever you want it to be. A bathroom may not be nearby and you just have to relieve yourself no matter what. Take it from this woman.

A woman in triage—the process of determining the priority of patients' treatments based on the severity of their condition—apparently couldn't be bothered to walk five feet from the stretcher to the bathroom. Either that or she didn't know where the bathroom was located and didn't bother to ask anyone. What did she do? Well, she squatted right next to the stretcher and peed right on the floor. When you gotta go, you gotta go. I just feel sorry for whoever had to clean that up.

6 Woman Tells Boyfriend The Baby Isn't His


If a woman has a baby but it isn't the child of the boyfriend/fiance/husband she's with, then she has a serious problem deciding whether or not she should inform her significant other the truth or just let him believe the baby is really his. It can take months...maybe even years...before the mother tells the "father" the real truth. One woman decided not to wait around and finally get it over with.

While in the middle of giving birth, she informed her boyfriend that the baby wasn't his. The whole delivery room got silent after that unexpected revelation. The boyfriend didn't get angry about it all, at least not visibly. Immediately after his girlfriend dropped that bombshell on him, he left the room without saying a word to anyone.

5 Baby Daddy Talks To New Girlfriend On Skype

This guy certainly didn't hesitate to move on. A young girl, who the midwife believes was either 19 or 20, went to the hospital to give birth to her third baby. Her baby daddy was present in the delivery room, but it wouldn't have mattered if he was there or wasn't there because he certainly wasn't paying attention to anything going on around him.

He casually sat in a corner of the room and talked to his new girlfriend through Skype, while also watching her strip naked along with other "unmentionable actions." His ex was a complete emotional wreck while trying to push the baby out, but the baby daddy didn't seem to care one bit or pretend he did. It goes without saying that he was promptly kicked out by the doctors.

4 Couple Does "The Deed" Three Hours After Labor


This couple certainly didn't wait around to get busy; and in the hospital no less, where anyone could walk in on you. And judging by the comments on this particular post in the Reddit thread, everyone was, as expected, grossed out by this one. One hapless doctor walked in on her patient making love with her partner on the hospital bed that she had just gave birth to their baby on, a mere three hours after their child came into the world.

The reason why the Redditors were so disgusted by this is because newborn mothers are advised not to have s*x for at least six weeks because the cervix has to be given time to heal; otherwise, it could cause an infection. Hopefully, nothing serious happened to the new mother.

3 Woman Tries To Leave Hospital During Labor

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Some pregnant women can experience quick, pain-free deliveries. But for many women, labor can be a painful, grueling process that makes them wish they had never gotten into this mess to begin with. This case is clearly an example of the latter. One woman in labor was fully dilated, and sometime after she started trying to push her baby out, she changed her mind about the whole thing.

She said, "I don't wanna do this. I'm going the **** home." When a baby wants to come out, it's going to come out whether the mother wants it or not, but the mother didn't seem to care about that. She tried to get off the table while in the middle of the labor. There are no details on how this one played out, but the nurses and doctors probably had to work together to keep the woman down on the table.

2 Man Becomes Father To Two Separate Babies Born At Same Hospital


One labor and delivery nurse was in the middle of assisting a mother-to-be during the childbirth process when someone asked if the dad was just with another patient. It turned out that his ex-girlfriend, the nurse's patient, discovered that she was pregnant sometime after they had broken up. After the two broke up, he started seeing someone else, and he quickly knocked her up.

The women were due six weeks apart, but the ex-girlfriend was overdue, and the new girlfriend had her baby early, syncing the births of their babies for the same day...and at the same hospital. Everyone was happy, and interestingly enough, they all planned to work together as a family and raise the babies together. So I guess the story gets a happy ending?

1 Couple Gets Married While Woman Is In Labor

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There's nothing like getting married on Valentine's Day. And there's nothing like getting married on Valentine's Day at the hospital. But hey, you gotta do whatcha gotta do. A couple was on their way to get married when the woman unexpectedly went into labor. They were forced to go to the hospital in their fancy attire, upset that they couldn't get married before they had their child like they originally planned.

The nurse asked if the couple had their marriage license with them, which they did. So the nurse called the hospital chaplain and recruited the obstetrician as the best man. The nurse quickly brushed her hair, put on makeup, and acted as a bridesmaid for the hospital wedding. The wedding occurred within half an hour of the couple's arrival, and their child was born just 10 minutes later.


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