The 15 Strangest Addictions These People Actually Have

Many of you have seen the show My Strange Addiction that showcases the weirdest, most bizarre addictions on the planet! Many of these addictions involve eating things, but others do not. The disease that causes people to eat things that are not food is called “pica.” It is common for people with this disease to eat ice or paper, things that will not exactly harm you. But sometimes, others can’t control themselves and things get much, much worse.

Not that all strange addictions are simply “pica,” for some have nothing to do with eating. For example, there’s this guy who is addicted to blow up animals. He has over twenty now and he feels very attached to each one. Kind of like this other guy who has thousands of balloons in his house and has a personal relationship with them. Or the guy who wants to marry a mannequin. He is, for real, in love with a mannequin, believing she is actually alive. It’s true that many of these people are mentally unstable, and maybe they were driven this way by their addiction. But to some extent, all of us have an addiction. Back in the mid-2010s, there was this “strange” addiction called “Blackberry Addiction” where people were obsessed with their Blackberries. They kept them with them at all times and kept hearing “ghost rings” or thought they had e-mails all the time.

Today, this addiction is called…life. We all have it. Hopefully in ten years, none of these addictions become so common.


15 Eating Her Husband’s Ashes

This is one of the nastiest things that I’ve ever heard of. This woman, sadly, is a widow. When Casie’s husband died, she was devastated. She had him cremated and kept his ashes. Totally normal. But the day she transferred the ashes to his urn, was the day her life changed (that or the day he died). She accidentally spilled some on her finger and instead of wiping it off, she impulsively licked it. From then on, she couldn’t stop.

This is very strange, yes, but the woman had just lost her husband. She ended up taking the urn everywhere she went: to get groceries, where she bought what he wanted, to the movies, where she watched what he would have wanted to watch. She ended up going to therapy for her addiction, but it isn’t known if she ever recovered…or if she ended up eating her late husband entirely.

14 Drinking Nail Polish


This may not be as disgusting as eating human remains, but it is more dangerous. A young woman named Bertha started drinking nail polish when she was about eighteen years old. At her peak, she drank five bottles a day!

She would drink it straight or lick the brush. Your favorite polish might be blush pink 'cause it matches your favorite shirt. But hers is blue, though glitter of any color is also tasty. You may think you are addicted to nail polish, but not in the way Bertha is. Sure, no one knows where she is now, but do you know how toxic nail polish is? Mild effects include nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Severe effects include heart problems, seizures, comas, and lameness. Oh yeah, and mental retardation.

13 Eating Mattresses

Back a few years ago, we met Jennifer, a woman who ate about a square foot of mattress a day. She began eating mattresses at a young age and in her lifetime ate a total of eight mattresses. When she started clogging toilets, she went to the doctor. She thought that gas was the worst part of her addiction, but apparently, the doctor said that she would die if she didn’t stop.

Unlike most, she actually did so, vowing to never eat another mattress. Did she give it up for good? I don’t know, I sure hope so. Her mother would be exceptionally glad to hear it, as after Jennifer ate her whole mattress, she went to work on her mother’s. She did admit that she started with the good stuff…the pillow top!

12 Funerals


You’ve heard of depression, morbid people, and professional mourners. But this guy had one of the oddest funeral obsessions of all. He just…enjoyed them. Now that’s creepy.

The first person to publicly admit this addiction was Brazilian man named Luis Squarisi. He even quit his job to pursue funeral going full-time. He said it all started in 1983 when his father died. So, he started attending other funerals after that. He woke up each morning, searched through the obituaries, listened to the radio, and called hospitals. The thing is, everyone liked it. They expected him to be there, almost like a “professional mourner” who would be a shoulder for everyone, a solid rock.

Today, hundreds of people have this addiction. They feel it as a sort of camaraderie. People are at their softest at funerals, and it’s nice to see that side of people all the time.

11 Car Love

Talk about creepy. A lot of people “love” their car. But this man, Nathaniel, takes it to an entirely new level. The man is in love with his car, and takes things to an intimate level.

"It was love at first site," he says. "His body, his interior, and everything together just seemed to fit, match up. I just felt an instant connection." He bought the car as soon as he saw it and named him Chase. The two have been inseparable ever since. He was one of the only addicts who doesn’t know there’s anything wrong with his addiction. He believes that he loves Chase just as much as anyone else loves their partner, that he and Chase have a perfectly healthy relationship. Makes you feel better about your car addiction, right?

10 Drinking Blood


Finally, an addiction creepier than the car addiction and nastier than the ashes addiction. This one involves drinking blood. You see, we have seen a very odd blood addiction where a man cut himself to drink the blood, but this man had gone through many tragic events and it was seen as a coping mechanism and an alternate personality. He even claimed to have an imaginary friend that told him to do awful things.

This is crazy, yet understandable, unlike this “perfectly” sane blood-sucking woman. Her name is Michelle and she drinks multiple glasses of pig’s blood every day, more blood than water. She can’t start her day without it, and though she will deal with cow’s blood, she prefers the saltiness of pig’s blood. She enjoys cooking with it or drinking it straight! She has been drinking blood for almost twenty years now and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Now excuse me for a second, I’m not feeling so well.

9 Cat Hair

Somehow, when you just come off of the blood addiction, a cat hair addictions seems perfectly fine and not gross at all.

It all started when Lisa was trying to bond with her cat and noticed that licking her calmed her. Soon, she realized that she, too, enjoyed it. So, she ended up eating about three hairballs a day. She would get stray ones, but she prefers licking the cat. It’s fresher and it brings her closer to her cat.

She says that it tastes like the best cotton candy and that it reminds her of eating gum. Her cat does indeed seem to enjoy it and unless she gets a giant hairball stuck in her stomach, she doesn’t seem to be hurting anyone. She even claims to be clean about it. So, just leave her be.


8 Canned Air


Believe it or not, this one is actually not that rare, and is the most dangerous addiction on the list. One of the most extreme computer duster addictions was that of Allison. How did the pre-med student start the downward spiral that nearly ruined her life?

Well, it started when she had a rough childhood, which led to a college life of depression, anorexia, and jealousy of people who enjoyed drinking and doing drugs. Her addiction started when she met a guy who gave her her first huff. From then on, for years, she would buy 12 cans every day to feed her addiction. She wasn’t just an addict, she was taking an extremely dangerous drug that made her incoherent 90% of the time.

It wasn’t until the show Intervention came around that she was taken to treatment and was given a new life. She is now an interventionist and a psychologist.

7 Drinks Urine

And we’re back to “ew.” A woman named Carrie drinks 80 oz of urine every day. At least it’s her own, right? That makes it so much better.

But she doesn’t just drink it normally, she enjoys nasal drinking it as well, saying it is the best kind of pain. On top of that, she likes to bath in it, rub it on her skin, rinse out her eyes, and brush her teeth with it. Her doctor says that she may feel guilty for getting rid of anything, and wishes to recycle what she puts into her body. This is a common sign of abuse in the past and it is possible Carrie has suffered abuse of some sort. This is not exactly a deadly disease, but urine is meant to get rid of the toxins in your body that should not be put back in.

6 Baby Powder


This isn’t a rare addiction either, considering it has minerals that some people are lacking in their diet. The most recently publicized addiction was that of Lizzie Foster.

She first started eating talcum powder, often found in baby powder, when she was pregnant with her first child. She tried a little because she loved the smell, and it tasted like something her body needed. After her child was born, she started eating a pound a week, and likely has eaten over 500 lbs in her lifetime.

She claims she doesn’t think it’s bad for her but she does cough and has stomach cramps and fears it may affect her lungs. She said that if a doctor told her it was bad for her, she would just stop.

5 Looking Like Justin Bieber

Yeah, this is real. You’ve heard of the woman who wants to be a Barbie and the man who wants to be Ken, but what about the man who is addicted to looking like Justin Bieber? He wants to be him so much that he spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery.

He had tons of surgeries, bought replicas of Justin’s clothes, and much more. This seems sad, but not as sad as what happened a few years later. In 2016, he was found dead in a motel room with Valium, Xanax, alcohol, and the sleep aid Temazepam in his system. It seems the man, Toby Sheldon, was suffering more addictions than we first thought.

He never said anything was wrong with his addiction, at least, the JB one. But no one knew about his dangerous addiction that led to his death.

4 Coffee Enemas


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, you’re addicted to coffee too. Sure, it could be true, but not in the way these people are. If you are squeamish, you’re going to read it anyway, so nevermind.

A couple named Mike and Trina believe that coffee is bad to drink, so they consume it by using coffee enemas. They help each other and do it about four times a day, at most ten. Neither of them can function with less than a couple enemas a day. If you don’t know what that is, good. You don’t want to.

Doctors say there is literally nothing good, and only bad, that could come out of their addiction. Particularly, heart attacks from overusing enemas as well as a coffee.

3 Bee Stings

How do you feel about bee stings? Probably the same as 99.99% of people. You hate them. Well, don’t forget about that .01%.

Her name is Margaret, and at one time, she purposely stung herself 15 times a day. It started when she used it as a home remedy to make her arthritis pain go away. After that, it skyrocketed to something she just…enjoyed. She even bought hives and put them up in her backyard. Then 10 to 20 times a day she pricks her skin with her finger nail and holds a bee up to sting her. She says the first time, it hurt a little but it was better than the arthritis. But now, fifteen years later, it’s all pleasure and no pain.

2 Being A Baby


Again, we all love naps and snacks, but some people take things to new extremes in their journey to become a baby.

In reality, here is another one that is far more common than you’d like it to be. Most of the time, such as in Stanley Thornton Jr.’s case, it is due to abuse as a child. They use it as coping mechanism and usually involves someone to take care of them like they wished someone would have done when they were young. Stanley is unique though as he receives social security checks and disability due to his addiction. Though he claims that isn’t the reason, the reason he gets those checks is that he suffers from PTSD, ADHD, depression, bipolar 2, spinal injuries, and heart problems.

Because of people like him, women in particular have posted videos about “adult babies” on YouTube and have gotten more than their fair share of attention from all angles.

1 Eating Her House

This again, has happened on multiple occasions and it usually starts with an addiction to drywall and ends with a giant hole in the wall.

Patrice Benjamin-Ramgoolam is one that will fess up to her addiction. It started when she was a teen and tried a piece of the wall at her grandma’s house…long story, short, she liked it. At her peak, she ate six tablespoons a day. She not only liked the taste of brick, but used it as a means to escape her depression. It is very, very rare to see in the general population and is generally seen in pregnant women or those with mental disabilities.

Her husband doesn’t let her hide it from him and is supportive of whatever she needs, though he doesn’t think she should eat the walls of their friends’ and family’s houses.

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