15 Strange Stories Of Siblings Who Were Way Too Close

Sibling rivalries can tear families apart, but there's nothing like brothers and sisters who love each other and form close relationships that last their entire lives. Close siblings will borrow each other's clothes, travel together, party together, and even cover for one another when they get into trouble. The pairs on this list go above and beyond lying to mom and dad about sneaking in past curfew or using the car without permission; these nefarious folks turned into a criminal duos who took their family love to a twisted place.

Brothers and sisters should stick together, but when both parties have a couple of screws loose you're looking at something dangerous. Siblings often take the wrap when facing the music with their parents, but it's another story when they're standing in front of a judge and jury. It's not enough for these devious pairs to turn to theft, kidnapping, and senseless, violent murders of strangers; they've also gone against their own, taking the lives of their immediate family for gross gratification. Some were lured by greed and others were enticed by the infamy of criminal behaviors, but nothing tops the brothers who said that God told them to kill. Yeah, the voice of God told them to viciously beat and slit the throat of an infant.

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15  15. The Carr Brothers

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Brothers Reginald and Jonathan Carr terrorized Wichita, Kansas in 2000 when they went on a six-day crime spree. The two first robbed a 23-year-old baseball coach and then three days later killed a 55-year-old man while carjacking him. The next found a random house to break into, but they didn't know there were five people, all in their twenties, staying there. They sexually abused the group before kidnapping them. The brothers drove them to a construction site and shot them all execution style in the head. They later returned to the home where they ransacked the place and beat the dog with a golf club. One of the victims was able to escape when the bullet was deflected off of a metal barrette she was wearing in her hair. She identified the brothers as the killers and they were later sentenced to death.

14 The Child Killers

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When Curtis Jones was just 12-years-old, he and his 13-year-old sister Catherine carried out a murder that no one could believe. The two were responsible for shooting and killing their father's girlfriend, Sonya Nicole Speights. The pair had also planned on murdering their father and another male relative, but their crimes didn't get that far. The siblings claimed that they were being sexually abused by the men, but no one would take them seriously when they complained and asked for help. The Department of Children and Families documented that there was evidences of abuse, but they refused to open an investigation.

The brother and sister shot at Speights nine times, hitting her four times. They became scared after realizing they'd killed her and ran to a neighbor's house and told them it was all an accident. They then hid in the woods until police arrived. The two are now in their 30s and have been released from prison.

13 The Menendez Brothers

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It was 1989 when these two rich, handsome brothers stunned the world when they took the lives of their parents. Lyle, 21, and Erik, 18, were living with their mother and father, Kitty and Jose, in Beverly Hills. Jose was an entertainment industry executive who gave his sons all the things that their wealthy lifestyle could afford. That tragic day, the boys' parents were exhausted from a shark fishing trip they'd all been apart of that day, so they decided to relax in the den and watch a movie. Lyle and Eric were supposed to be out for the evening. While sitting on the couch, Jose was shot in the back of the head. Kitty jumped up to run but was shot in the leg. Then she was shot in the arm, chest, face, and kneecap. The brothers wanted to make it look like organized crime was responsible. They were both arrested and sentenced to life without parole.

12 The 'Notebook' Siblings

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Romantic comedies are known to give people "the feels," but this is just insane. Georgia siblings Christopher Bucker, 20, and her brother Timothy Savoy, 25, were watching "The Notebook" when things started to get hot and heavy. Police got a call from a concerned neighbor who thought that there was a prowler on their property. When officers responded, they stumbled up the brother and sister walking home. After some intense questioning, the siblings admitted that they'd had sex three times after watching the romantic movie. They got it on in a tractor trailer that was parked outside of a church and across the road from a high school. The two were arrested and charged with incest and aggravated sodomy and prowling. Could you imagine what they would have done after a screening of "Fifty Shades of Grey"?

11 The Bever Brothers

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In 2015, two brothers made headlines after they attempted to kill their entire family. Police say that Robert Bever, 18, and his 16-year-old brother Michael Bever wanted to become famous serial killers for the notoriety. The Oklahoma siblings were arrested and charged with fatally stabbing their father David, their mother April, and their siblings Daniel, 12, Christopher, seven, and Victoria, five. Their 13-year-old sister Crystal and two-year-old sister Autumn survived the attack, and Crystal testified against them during their trial. Detectives told a judge and jury that when the boys were interviewed, they laughed about murdering their parents and told them that they had plotted out more mass killings. An autopsy revealed that the family members suffered from dozens of knife wounds. David had at least 28 and April had a minimum of 48.

10 The Mulhall Sisters

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Sisters Linda and Charlotte Mulhall wanted to send a message that no one should mess with their mother, and they became murderers in order to do so. Linda, 30, and Charlotte, 23, were known to have sketchy pasts that included prostitution, drugs, and crime. One night, they, along with their mother and her boyfriend, Farah Swaleh Noor, took ecstasy pills. The pair said that Noor was physically abusing their mother, so there was only one thing to do: kill him. Charlotte stabbed him while Linda hit him with a hammer. They then dismembered his body, including cutting off his head and penis. Ten days after the murder, part of Noor's leg — still wearing a sock — was found floating down a river. Both ladies were sentenced to 15 years. When their father heard the verdict, he hanged himself.

9 The Married Siblings

"Tom" and "Lena" aren't their real names, as this couple wants to remain anonymous in order to maintain a normal life without public scrutiny. The siblings have been together for 20 years and even have a child together. They grew up in a small village in Austria and when Tom entered into puberty, he began to develop sexual feelings for his sister. It wasn't until her boyfriend cheated on her when she was 17 that their relationship took a turn. The siblings were talking over the breakup while drinking wine, and then one thing lead to another.

"There's nothing that I haven't heard before," Tom said. "People have called me a desecrator, sister-f**ker, or simply retarded. And all that's come out of the mouths of people who were at one time my friends. Even if society won't recognize us, we exist and there are more of us than you think."

8 The Boyfriend Killers

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What's being called a "minor disagreement" led to the murder of 40-year-old Bennett White. A mother was left distraught after her 19-year-old son Lavaris Harris and 17-year-old daughter Darlecia Johnson killed their mother's boyfriend after having a fight with him at their home. There was another sibling, a 16-year-old, was also taken into custody as police claimed that each of the siblings played a role in White's mother. A neighbor Esdras Rodriguez said that the typically quiet neighborhood was disturbed one evening when three gunshots rang out. Another neighbor said that he had only been away from his home for 20 minutes, and when he returned he saw White's dead body laid out in front of the door. There was a three-year-old in the home at the time, but thankfully they were unharmed. The siblings tried hiding when the police arrived but their mother wasn't having it.

7 The Baby Brother Killers 

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Two siblings turned on one of their own in a murder that shook a Texas town. Investigators say that a 15-year-old girl and her 10-year-old brother are responsible for killing their younger six-year-old brother, Jackson Carr. The parents believed that their youngest went missing during a game of hide and seek with the 10-year-old. For hours search parties went out trying to locate the boy, but the search was called off when the teenager admitted that she'd killed her brother. The siblings led police to the resting place of the six-year-old; he was found two feet beneath mud and debris. He'd been strangled or suffocated and had a stab wound in his neck. The 10-year-old told police that he held his brother down during the murder. According to friends and family, the boys had a good relationship and no one believed that anything like this could happen to this family.

6 The Allen Siblings

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When Kenneth Lee and his sister Kari said that their mother and grandparents were in the basement, they failed to mention that they were also dismembered and buried down there as well. The brother and sister pair killed their mother in her Indiana apartment back in 2004. Just a few days later they lured their grandmother, 75-year-old Betty Bradley, to the same apartment where she was ambushed and killed. They then attacked and killed their 91-year-old grandfather, Lee Bradley, with a hammer at his home. All of the bodies were found dismembered and encased in concrete in the basement of the grandparent's home. Police say that Kenneth Allen thought that he would be able to run away with his grandparent's $200,000 savings. He got life in prison without parole plus 130 years. Kari Allen was sentenced to 38 years.

5 The Magic The Gathering Killers

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Who would have thought that 'Magic: The Gathering' could be so deadly? Georgia brothers Christopher and William Cormier used the game as a way to make some quick money. According to reports, the brothers broke into the home of Pensacola Journal News reporter Sean Dugas and beat him to death. A contract hit? No. They wanted their greedy paws on Sean's $100,000 collection of 'Magic: The Gathering' cards. He had a Black Lotus card that was worth $10,000 on its own. The brothers committed the crime in Florida while living there, but when they moved to Georgia with their father, they took the body with them. They told their father that they wanted to bury the body of a dead dog on his property, and he said that was fine, not knowing they were really trying to get rid of Sean's remains. William was sentenced to life without parole while Christopher received 15 years in prison.

4 The Gonzalez Sisters

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Mexican sisters Delfina and María de Jesús González are infamous siblings who ran a substantial prostitution ring in the 1950s  and 1960s. It's believed that there were 91 murders on their property in less than a decade. Their illegal activity came to the attention of police after a woman named Josefina Gutierrez was arrested for kidnapping young girls in their small village. Under questioning she buckled and mentioned the sisters' names and led police to their property. There, investigators found the bodies of 80 women, 11 men, and too many fetuses to count.

The sisters had perfected their ruse; they would place wanted ads saying that they needed housemaids. Young girls would respond to the ads and then they were kidnapped, held captive, and given heroin or cocaine by force to get them addicted. If they became pregnant, too sick, or seen as damaged, they were killed. Customers weren't safe from this fate, either. Delfina would later die in prison, but her sister Maria disappeared after being released.

3 The Cummins Siblings

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Thomas Horan was a 67-year-old mentally challenged man who was known to be hired to complete simple tasks and jobs in his neighborhood. Siblings Kenneth and Sabrina Cummins saw Thomas and thought that he would be an easy victim, so the pair tried to rob him and didn't hold back in their cruelty. They first beat the elderly man severely before strangling him with a leather belt. As if that wasn't enough, they put a bag over his head to poison him with various cleaning solutions. Prosecutors accused the siblings of murder and torture, and this was the first time in Ireland's history that a brother and sister were convicted and serving life sentences for the same murder. This was such a senseless murder for such a petty crime.

2 The Lafferty Brothers

via sltrib.com

Dan and Ron Lafferty had become engrossed in the School of the Prophets, an extremist group of which they'd just become members. The brothers claimed that they'd been receiving messages from God, including those that told them to kill their former beauty queen sister-in-law Brenda, who was married to their brother Allen, and her 15-month-old daughter, Erica. The college-educated Brenda told the brothers she didn't believe they were prophets and would stand up to them. Dan and Ron carried out their dark deed in 1984, beating their victims unconscious before slitting their throats. They later wrote about their killings and showed no remorse for the murders.

Dan said, “I held Brenda’s hair and did it pretty much the way they did it in the scriptures. Then I walked in Erica’s room. I talked to her for a minute, I said, ‘I’m not sure why I’m supposed to do this, but I guess God wants you home.’” Both brothers are on death row.

1 The King Brothers

Pensacola, Florida, was rocked in 2001 when it was reported that 40-year-old Terry King had died after being beaten to death with an aluminum baseball bat as he slept. The story that unfolded was something nightmares are made of: a convicted child molester befriends two young boys who would later kill their father.

Ricky Chavis, 41, was a friend of the King family. Derek, 13, and Alex, 12, developed a relationship with Ricky, unaware of his seedy past. Derek was the one wielding the bat that fateful evening while Alex cheered him on. They then set fire to the home in an attempt to cover up the murder. They called Chavis who picked them up, took them to his home, washed their clothes, and hid them from authorities. The boys pleaded guilty and received eight years in prison each while Chavis was sentenced to a maximum of 30 years for helping conceal the crime.

Sources: The Week, Science Daily, Daily Mail

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