15 Strange Stories Of Dead Bodies Discovered In Public

We have all been there. You are just walking along minding your own business, when all of a sudden you turn the corner and hey, what do you know, you see a dead body. Okay, so this doesn't happen to all of us. In fact, if it did happen to you, it would be one of the worst things that could have possibly happened to you. I mean, honestly, the only thing that could have been worse is that you yourself actually were the dead body that you stumbled upon.

All of us die. This is a fact. You can try to deny it, you can act like you don't care, but the simple fact is that sooner or later it happens to all of us. What most of us hope for is a full life and a dignified death. We may not like it but we can be okay with that. What none of us hope for is to die in some bizarre way and have our body sit in a Walmart parking lot for days on end. But hey, that is the thing with life and death- we don't always get what we want. Some of us live to be 95 and die peacefully surrounded by our friends and family, while others live to be 28 and get found in an office cubicle a day after we pass away.

Who said life (or death) was fair? Not TheRichest. Here are 15 strange stories of dead bodies that were found in public. Next time we bet you'll watch that guy or gal sleeping on the train a bit more closely.

15 Teenager Found In Chimney


For a long time people wondered what happened to Joshua Maddox. His mother reported the teenager missing in 2008 and nothing had been heard from him since. Seven years later a demolition crew was working on the house that his parents owned and guess what? Joshua was found in the chimney. Dead of course; seven years without food or water can take its toll. He was identified by his dental records There was no signs of physical injury so he probably got stuck in the chimney trying to shimmy down into the house, which means he must have starved to death. Who knows what Joshua was thinking when he decided to attempt such a thing. All we know for sure was that he probably regretted his decision to play Santa Claus pretty quickly.

14 Boy Found Hanging From School Restroom Hook


Some of these are creepier than others. This is one of them. Aquan Lewis,  who was just 10-years-old, was found hanging from the hook in the boy's bathroom at a local elementary school and was later pronounced dead at a Chicago hospital. Sadly the evidence looked like it was suicide, but I am sure what it looked like was the beginning of a horror movie. Can you imagine being the kid that stumbled across that? Police soon came out with a statement that said  the rest of the children at the school were not  in danger of any foul play. What they were in danger of, however, was a lifetime of nightmares, as well as huge therapy bills.  I mean the kid was found hanging from a hook!

13 Man Found Inside Of Crocodile

Okay, so this one is not quite as bad as some others; it isn't like you just see a dead body randomly- you have to go inside a crocodile to get to it. On second thought, I take it back. That is super-gruesome. It seems that some rangers harpooned a crocodile  for some reason; I guess maybe just because crocodiles are so darn bad. When they looked in its mouth they found  a human head, and a torso and then found more inside its stomach. The man's legs were found farther down the stream. Police said that the guy was attacked and eaten the previous night by a crocodile as he slept on the river bank. So hey kids, if you happened to want to spend the night passed out by a river where crocodiles hang out, you might want to rethink that decision.

12 Naked Couple Found Dead At Base Of Tall Building; Clothes Found On Roof

A couple was found naked at the foot of a building. While this headline may sound like some sort of romantic double suicide, the truth of the matter is these two dubs were apparently banging on top of a roof when they fell off. "Hey baby, I am so turned on, let's do it right here on the edge of this super-steep roof" are probably the worst last words imaginable, but I bet it went a little something like that. The two people were found dead at the base of a building but their clothes were on the roof. Two homeless people came across the bodies. You know when homeless people are standing over you and shaking their heads about your bad life decisions that you have made a few very wrong turns somewhere along the way.

11 Woman Found Dead In Suitcase


All right, so this one is just plain gruesome. Most of these are accidents, but as far as I know there is literally no way to be dead in a suitcase because of an accident. Betty Williams,  who was 28-years-old, was found dead in a suitcase in East Harlem, New York City.  There was even a video that showed a man carrying  the suitcase, and leaving it.  A year earlier another dead body was also found in the area in a suitcase. Makes one wonder why everyone works so hard to hide a body after a murder. Why not just leave it in public in a suitcase?  Police think it was the mafia. Who else rolls like that? After an autopsy it was revealed that Williams was strangled. The suitcase was found by a person that was passing by.

10 Dead Body Found On Set Of CSI: New York


So first of all, apparently CSI: New York gets filmed in Los Angeles... While they were filming in L.A. a corpse was found in the same building where the show was filming.  That's right- the mummified remains of a man were found on the fifth floor of the shoot. The manager said the body "was discovered by a building engineer who checked on the tenant because he had not paid rent for the month." This would be a really cool story if the CSI team got on the case and tried to figure out what happened, but they didn't. So instead of being a really cool story it just becomes a pretty cool story, but because it is totally nasty, it makes our list anyway.

9 Body Found Frozen In Ice In Elevator Shaft


If I were to pick the way I wanted to die, being frozen at the bottom of an elevator shaft in Detroit would be pretty close to the bottom. But hey, as far as I know, we don't get to choose. The body of a man frozen in ice was found in the elevator shaft of a vacant warehouse.  A  reporter who got an anonymous tip found the body. I am sure that was a great tip to receive. Who knows where there's a dead body located and calls a reporter instead of the cops? They had to use a saw to get the body out. Investigators guessed that the body was frozen in the ground for months, and no one has any idea how he was trapped in the elevator shaft, or what the cause of death was. I can imagine that whatever it was, there was nothing pretty about it.

8 Woman Found Dead After Lil' Kim's Birthday Party

Lil Kim was having an awesome  birthday party at a place called Spotlight Live. I mean, the party was awesome even though 24-year-old Ingrid Rivera was found dead in a utility closet. It takes more than a murder to slow down Lil' Kim! Rivera was reported missing by her mother a day after the party. According to people that were hanging out at the party she  was thrown out by security after being found totally drunk in the men's room. The next time anyone saw her she was found in the closet. Police suspect foul play. Since there was a dead body found in a closet one does not have to be Columbo to figure out that they are probably right. No one was ever brought to justice for the crime, and Lil' Kim continues to have raging birthday parties.

7 Paula Abdul's Stalker Found Dead Outside Her Home


Check out this video. It shows Paula Goodspeed auditioning for American Idol. It is horrifically bad, and is pretty amusing, except for the fact that later Paula ended up being found dead in a car outside of Paula Abdul's home. The case was investigated as a suicide. As you can see on the video, Goodspeed auditioned for Idol and didn't make it out of the first round. So then she became a stalker.  The police said that they were familiar with Goodspeed because of her being involved in quite a few stalking incidents. So hey, even though it is often really funny watching some delusional nutter make a fool of his or herself on television, sometimes the aftereffects are not quite so amusing. This is one of those times.

6 Dead Man Found In Car That Was Ticketed 7 Times


Hey, I get it. Sometimes you just get into your job and don't really think about too many things outside of that. But when you ticket a car seven times with a dead body inside, maybe you should start to pay a little more attention to what you are doing. John Waldo was reported missing nearly two weeks before the first ticket was issued, and then the parking enforcement officers put six more tickets on his windshield after that. The man who finally reported the corpse said that he thought that the smell of the man's decaying body was just the "trash" that was in a nearby dumpster. Hey, if you are eating your breakfast while you read, don't blame me. You saw the headline before you started reading this.

5 Woman Found In Cubicle A Day After She Died

Rebecca Wells was found dead at her cubicle in an office building. This would be bad enough, but worse is that she wasn't found for 24 hours.  Her body sat there for a whole day. It seems that she was working in an area of cubicles where there were no other people around. She was last seen alive after a staff meeting, then was found by a security guard roughly 24 hours later. This is one of the many reasons that being a security guard is not the best, or easiest, gig in the world. Sure, it seems easy when you just see the guy sitting there, but what about when you sweep the building and you start finding all sorts of dead bodies in cubicles? Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a tad, but still, that's just so nasty.

4 Tourist Found Dead In Hotel Water Tank


So this one is kind of nasty. Elisa Lam was a student and a Canadian tourist when her body was found floating in a water tank that was located on top of the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Lam was seen on hotel video acting very oddly in an elevator before she went missing. She didn't just fall in though; her body lay in the tank and decomposed  for 19 days. What this means is that for 19 days the water that hotel guests used for bathing and drinking was coming from a tank with a dead body in it. Guests at the hotel said that they were getting really bad water pressure  and that the water coming from the taps had a really bad taste to it. Well, yeah, that is because you were drinking water that was tainted by a decomposing body. Derp.

3 Man Found Between Elevator Shaft And Wall


I am no detective but to me this one falls under the category of "guy tries to do something super-cool, and dies instead". In 2014, Tito Morales was discovered between the 18th and 19th floors of the building he was living in in the Bronx. He was 20-years-old, which is the age that guys tend to do really stupid things. Police don't know how he died. So for all of you other 20-year-olds out there, if you want to try and elevator surf, or wonder what might happen if you tried to climb in a certain spot, just do me a favor - just hit the "down" button and live to see another day. Unless you want your legacy to be winding up on a list of this nature, and I am pretty sure you do not want that.

2 Dead Woman In Walmart Parking Lot Not Found For Months


Lauren Moss first went missing in November 2015. No one had any idea what happened to her and it was the following February before she was found. Or rather when her body was found. Where did she go? Walmart. Her dead body was in her parked car in the parking lot of a Walmart for months before anyone noticed. It is believed that she killed herself.  She had tinted windows so no one had really tried to look into her car all that much. Either way it is a sad story. Not just that she had to die, or that her friends and family must have worried about her so much when she was missing, but that she was dead in a Walmart parking lot for so long. No one deserves that fate- that is like the definition of purgatory.

1 Woman Starves To Death In Elevator

I think that this one is possibly the worst of all of them. I would rather be eaten by a crocodile 15 times over than have something like this happen to me. A woman's body was found in an elevator in Xi’an, China. She had apparently starved to death.  She was trapped in the elevator for more than a month. Workers had shut off the elevators for a period of time because of the Chinese New Year. So, basically the workers shut off the elevator while the woman was in it, and then left for a month.  When the woman was found her hands were mangled from attempting to escape over and over again. That poor woman.  This is pretty much the definition of the worst way to die possible, and also one of the last things you would want to find on an elevator a month later.


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15 Strange Stories Of Dead Bodies Discovered In Public