15 Strange Royal Family Rules That Will Make You Cringe

One would think that considering it's the royal family, they would be able to do whatever they bloody well please. Well actually, that's the complete opposite of reality. Instead, they are bound by several rules and regulations. And those are just the ones that we, the general public, know about. From a demand to keep six ravens at Buckingham Palace to not being able to eat after Queen Elizabeth II is finished with her meal, the stigma that the royal family has this level of freedom outside of anyone else appears to be completely false.

In fact, that seems to be why the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, reportedly bumps heads with her royal in-laws more often than not. There are several reports of Middleton going head-to-head with the Queen as she allegedly tries to break traditions like spending Christmas together in Norfolk and not being able to go by the name Kate. Clearly, we see that she's not living up to that tradition considering she's never really been referred to as Katherine.

Still, the younger generations of royals seem to be much more rebellious than their counterparts. Prince Harry is dating a famous actress whose roles have put her in compromising positions, and Prince William is said to have gotten lots of flack for his breakup with Kate before they ended up tying the knot. Just like their ancestors, we want to think, and possibly reminisce, in some cases, about the shocking rules of the royal family.


15 Don't Let Six Ravens Leave The Castle

If you're wondering what's keeping the kingdom abreast all of these years, apparently the family strongly believes it’s the six ravens that have to be at the Tower of London at all times. One legend (that could arguably be an urban myth) says, "If the ravens leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall…" Well, who wants to see that happen? Word is this started back during King Charles II's reign but others say it's as recent as the 1940s. Either way, it doesn't look like the family wants to take a risk with this one. Fans might recall reading reports back in 2013 that two of the eight ravens that lived at the castle were killed, by foxes no less. Thankfully it was only two and not more. Close call, huh? But now it's safe to say they don't want to take any chances and have increased the number of ravens at the castle just in case anything happens to more than two.

14 No Monopoly Allowed


The royal clan can pretty much kiss their dreams of anything remotely like an American childhood goodbye. Because they are not allowed to play Monopoly. Monopoly! I can guess the founding fathers of Hasbro are probably thinking, "What did we ever do to you?" But it's true. The royal family has been banned from playing such a game as this. Why, you ask? Apparently it gets too ugly and of course they don't want to be associated with anything of the sort. (Read that sentence again in a British accent and you'll get the picture) Prince Andrew who is the Duke of York (the brother of Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth's third child) confirmed the news back in 2008 when he was given the gift. "We're not allowed to play Monopoly at home," he said. "It gets too vicious." I could totally see that. Back in the day it was the ultimate level of disrespect to send someone to jail without allowing them to pass "Go" or collect $200.

13 Must Graciously Accept Gifts (But You Don't Necessarily Get To Keep It)

While Prince Andrew couldn't actually play with the gift, it's possible he at least pretended to be happy about receiving it. And maybe he was until he got a picture of his mother in his mind shaking her head and wagging her royal finger. Anyway, another shocking rule the royal family has to abide by is graciously accepting gifts. Now, this one is actually a great one. But when you think about all of the random gifts the royal family is given on the regular, you can only imagine how good they've gotten at pretending it's exactly what they had hoped for. But even if it really was something they wanted, it's up to the one and only Queen Elizabeth to decide who gets to keep what. Apparently there's something like a vault that all of the gifts go into and the Queen designates who the owner of each item is. How fun!

12 No Gifts On Christmas? Say What?!


One might think that this aforementioned gift exchanging goes down on Christmas Day, arguably the biggest present moment of the year. But nope. Not for the royal family. Word is they're not allowed to give or accept gifts on Christmas Day. Still, there is hope my friends because they actually trade gifts on Christmas Eve. Close one, huh? Yes they do get to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with the rest of the world. But it's just a day sooner. All of the gifts are put out in the Red Drawing Room, then the family enjoys a very formal meal together at 8 PM every year. So what do they do on Christmas Day? Well, that day is solely for church and Queen Elizabeth delivering her annual speech. I can imagine Prince Harry and Prince George being two of those kids who bragged about getting to open their presents a day early. Those royals, gotta love 'em.

11 Royals vs. Non-Royal

Okay, so this one is just a rumor -- especially since you kind of see the royals shaking hands with others who are considered the common folk compared to them. But there is speculation that royals are not allowed to touch their non-royal counterparts. Who can forget the time NBA star LeBron James cozied up to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton? Yes, Prince William looked like he was extremely uncomfortable and Kate looked a bit awkward too. But it happened. Maybe they were wondering what would happen if the Queen found out they were rubbing elbows (literally) with someone who, while he might be a pretty big superstar over on this side of the pond, is not royal. Representatives with the palace said that while the royal couple weren't expecting James' hands-on moment, he didn't necessarily break any rules. So it looks like the rumor of not being able to touch non-royals is just a rumor.

10 Christmas In Norfolk Every Year


Here's another Christmas rule for you: the entire family has to spend the day together. The family affair filled with yuletide and Christmas cheer takes place every year at the Sandringham House located in Norfolk. I have to say this is pretty cool and adults who have grown children themselves are probably envying the notion that families get to spend every Christmas together at once. But who would have thought that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, would be the one to throw a monkey wrench into this rule. She already reportedly wanted to break this tradition, even though she didn't do it right away. But when she did, it consisted of her taking William, George, and Charlotte to spend the holidays with her family. I'm kind of scared to think about what Queen Elizabeth would say to that. But kudos to Kate for wanting her kids to know both sides of their culture. And hey, they probably got to actually open gifts on Christmas.

9 No Voting Allowed

The royal family might be able to do lots of things, but one thing they can't do is vote, or ironically enough, even run for a political office. They're considered the most powerful family in the United Kingdom, but apparently can't voice who they think should hold some of the highest offices. Interestingly, it's their high status that causes them not to be able to vote. Apparently if they vote one way, it could cause others to want to follow suit just because it’s the royal family. But then again, here in the States Beyonce gets to be vocal about who she's casting a vote for so I'm not sure how that's much different. But at the same time, this is an entire family we're talking about. Who knows what would happen if the Princes went against the Queen in casting their votes. That could turn royally ugly and pretty fast.


8 No Politics Either


You guessed it. Since they can't vote, the royal family is also not allowed to hold any type of political office. While it might make sense that some of them do, on top of the notion that some children might automatically think they do anyway, the royal family has been forbidden from campaigning for any political role. Other than it completely being an unfair match, just like the previous point of why they can't vote, it's safe to say there is a such thing as a concern for well, too much power. A royal in a political office could be a recipe for disaster for anyone who doesn't agree with them or believe in their views. So I can definitely see why they would be discouraged, or banned, from being able to take on a political role. After all, they have more than enough influence to make a difference anyway.

7 No Packaged Foods

If you want to be in the royal family, you can kiss Lean Cuisine and Pizza Rolls goodbye. But hey, you probably already knew that. Yep, the royal family is not allowed to eat packaged food. This should seriously become some sort of regulation in the United States. Meanwhile, the famous family abides by it daily. One chef who used to cook for the royal family, Darren McGrady confirmed the news. He said while at the castle he would use organic fruits and vegetables for Prince William and Prince Harry when they were just tots. He said he is convinced that the same holds true for Prince William and Kate Middleton's children, Prince George of Cambridge, and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. I have to say now that I know about Kate's rendezvous at home; the little ones probably think frozen food is the best thing since sliced bread. I can only assume.

6 Queen Elizabeth Is Done Eating? Oh, Me Too!


When they do eat, though, hopefully they can shovel it down faster than Queen Elizabeth. Because when she's done, it's a wrap for the rest of the family. Rumor has it that the royal family is not allowed to finish eating after Queen Elizabeth chews her last bite. And I have to say, the Queen doesn't look like she eats much at all. And if you're like most of us who go from hungry to hangry real quick, this isn't necessarily the best rule. Still, don't blame Queen Elizabeth. She's just following tradition. Apparently this dates back to centuries ago. I can only hope William and Kate bring snacks for the children because two growing kids are people you absolutely do not want to snatch food away from in a hurry -- especially when they have no concept of just how important their Grandma Liz is. It'll only be a matter of time before they truly find out.

5 Kate, Katherine, Kathy?

We might call her Kate, but the royal family reportedly wants to stick to calling her Katherine. It's not clear how she got to be known as Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, instead of Katherine Middleton. But it's safe to say she's not the typical princess for the royal family that’s for sure. Still, it's a rule that families have to be called by their full names. So don't expect Prince William to start going by Will, Bill, or Billy anytime soon. (Has anyone else wondered why the full name for Bill isn't Billiam?) Anyway, the same definitely applies for Queen Elizabeth and that one might be a good thing. After all, Queen Liz or Queen Lizzie just doesn't have the same effect as THE Queen Elizabeth. Maybe it's because it's all she's known as but I have to say I can definitely understand why this rule would be in place

4 No Fur For The Royals


I'm willing to bet the entire PETA organization and its supporters celebrated when news of this came to light. It could also explain why you haven't seen any protests at one of the royal family's appearances. That's right people, the royal family is not allowed to wear fur. This regulation dates back to 1137, thanks to Edward III. He made a decree that the royal family (as well as men in church) should steer clear of fur. Fast forward to 900 years later, and Camilla violated this. And we've all seen the Queen wear it from time to time, but that doesn't mean it's not against the rules. Because even though PETA has yet to bombard an event with the royals, the famous family definitely gets lots of attention when they step out in fur. Apparently animal protection organizations think the royal family sends the wrong theme when wearing fur that it is "not only okay to wear, but luxurious and fit for royalty."

3 No Two Heirs Shall Travel Together

We shouldn't expect to see Prince William and Prince George traveling in a plane together after the tot turns 12. Yeah, they're not allowed. But not just them. The royal rule is that two heirs to the throne cannot go too far away together. I mean, what if something happens? That's two of the next candidates just… gone. Then who reigns next? That's a tough question. So it totally makes sense that it would be banned. Yes, Prince George and Prince Harry have been spotted at private jet hubs all the time. But that is said to be changing when he turns 12. And while Prince Harry and Kate are known for being a bit rebellious compared to his ancestors, it's not clear if this rule will be broken or not. Only time will tell I suppose. After all, Prince Charles made the exception with Harry and William back in 2002. They were coming back from a ski vacation after the passing of The Queen Mum.

2 One Fish, Two Fish, No Shellfish At All


Shellfish is a big no-no for the royal family. And while Prince Charles was spotted taking a nice, hefty, bite, he broke the rules. I guess rules are meant to be broken for the latest generation of this family. Anyway, while it's not considered a heavy regulation that can be punished (like that of Monopoly…okay I'm kidding), it has been noted as a health guideline that they should follow. I can imagine the rebellious side of the royals want Queen Elizabeth to see them eating it just because she really can't do anything about it. She seems to be the only one in the family who steers clear of them. At least between her and Prince Charles. But it's good that someone is determined to keep the family tradition alive and kicking -- no matter how ridiculous it might seem to some. Good job, Queen, good job.

1 Ix Nay On The Roman Catholic Eligion Ray

The royal family was reportedly not allowed to practice the Roman Catholic religion. This is said to be another dated regulation that isn't necessarily followed to the T. It looks like the royal family has gotten to be a little more relaxed when it comes to some of these rules. There was even one rule that stated that the monarch couldn't be Roman Catholic, or marry someone who practiced the religion. But that changed in 2011. Before that, it had been practiced for more than 300 years after it passed in 1701. Yikes, talk about ancient. Still, the law was enacted in hopes of stopping Catholic King James II and his family from getting into the royal family in 1688. Obviously that's not a concern in current day. Now, they can marry someone who practices any religion as long as it's in line with the Church of England. David Cameron, the Prime Minister as the time said, "After all, they are already quite free to marry someone of any other faith."

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