15 Strange Facts That Sound Like BS, But Are Totally True

Ever hear a good Snapple fact and tip your head to the side and wonder, "Wow, that can't be true." There are a number of instances in which people don't realize how incredible some facts are. The worl

Ever hear a good Snapple fact and tip your head to the side and wonder, "Wow, that can't be true." There are a number of instances in which people don't realize how incredible some facts are. The world is filled with millions of mysteries that sound crazy, but are, in fact, real. There are a multitude of incredible things that the world has to offer. Sometimes, it can be difficult to filter truth vs lies these days. It seems every day there is another surreal article being posted on Facebook that is clearly fake news. And since most of us are getting our news through social media sites these days, it can be incredibly difficult to filter what is what. This was never more evident than during the most recent election cycle in the United States, where every five minutes another crazy reality was being floated through the cybersphere. The crazy part of this is that much of what people consider "real" news, wasn't necessarily real news at all. It was planted garbage in the same way Nazi Germany used propaganda to exaggerate reality. And a good marketing machine can make fake news seem like real news every time.

In addition to crazy facts spewed all over Facebook like a college freshman who has had way too much to drink, fake news articles are purposely produced. These articles are fashioned in such a way that they appear to be "real" news, but they are actually marketing ploys using a fake news story to engage readers and drive them to their actual message: selling whatever piece of garbage they are pushing. Diet pills and supplements are huge violators of this "fake news" branding in which they use celebrity news stories and fashion themselves as a TMZ-like source, hoping to fool the audience. There is a lot to sift through for the general public. So we thought we would have some fun and create a list geared towards actual facts that seem extremely far-fetched. These are 15 mind blowing facts that sound like BS!

15 The Founder Of Got Dumped by


This is one of those surreal silly facts that makes you think, "really?" And yes, this REALLY happened. So the founder of, Gary Kremen, purchased the domain name all the way back in 1994 for a smooth $2,500. Nobody was really online at that point and the Internet was more of a proverbial ghost town. He left the company after two years, receiving a $50,000 payout. That's a nice profit back in 1996, but in 2015 alone, the company took in $900 million in revenue. So this one stings Gary just a bit. What is worse is the fact that he lost his girlfriend to someone on the very site he helped build. He used this as a selling point as to the potential success of the site. We can't argue with him there, but maybe holding out a few years longer and believing in himself just a bit more could have gotten him a massive payday and a supermodel to go with his golden parachute. All the best, Gary!

14 Oxford Bests The Aztecs

When we think of the Aztecs, we think of a thriving ancient civilization that came to a tragic end as the Spanish and others began to settle and infringe upon their territory. But what's amazing is that Oxford University is actually older than the Aztec Civilization. According to scientists, the Aztecs emerged sometime around 1200 AD. At that point, they were in what is now Northern Mexico. Oxford, however was founded back in 1096, prior to the Aztecs coming together as a tribe. Oxford University is one of England's most prestigious universities and has had such famous minds as Oscar Wilde, J.R.R. Tolkien and Stephen Hawking move through its hallowed walls. Oxford is also the oldest English school in operation today, over 900 years old.

13 Waterfalls Exist Underground


This fact seems like something that "could" be true. But thinking of a waterfall that exists below the ground is kind of strange. Because the earth is made up of so much water, it begs the questions, what exists under the earth's surface? The fact of the matter is, the largest waterfall in the world actually exists underground and there are a few of them that we know of. Between Greenland and Iceland sits the Denmark Strait Waterfall. Angel Falls is the largest waterfall above ground. It stands at an astounding 11,000 feet. The Denmark Strait Falls are bigger, as in, three times bigger...and did we mention they are underground?! The Denmark Strait is one of three known underground waterfalls and you can bet there are more. To give an idea of the amount of volume moving through this massive subterranean waterfall, the Denmark Straight is the equivalent of 2,000 Niagara Falls when Niagara is at its peak! Insane!

12 You Don't Need Heat To Weld Metal


Everyone has seen metal fused together by welding devices. You have seen the fire-hot welding machines used to bring two pieces of metal together like thread is used to stitch cloth. However, if you are in a place where there is no oxygen, for example, space, you can use a process known as cold welding to fuse two pieces of metal together. Basically, oxygen forms an oxidized layer around a metal object. This keeps the molecular formation of metal in place, their atoms knowing exactly where they are at. But when you are in an oxygenless environment, the rules of physics change. When two pieces of metal touch one another, there are no boundaries and it is possible for the two objects to fuse together. That is cold welding.

11 Jaws Is Older Than A Redwood


Sharks have been around for a pretty long time. But when you think of trees, you think of forever as their kind of long! It is hard to imagine that a shark was swimming in waters on the planet before a tree ever grew but it's true. According to scientists, fossils were discovered in Siberia believed to be that of a shark from approximately 450 million years ago. Trees, on the other hand, first appeared during the Devonian Period around 416-358 million years ago. That is a fact that blows my mind, although being that most of the earth is covered by water, there is some logical merit to this. In addition to trees, sharks are also older than dinosaurs by 220 million years and beat Mount Everest out as well. Sharks peaked with about 3,000 species on earth. These days, there are a cool 500 species of them and we like to avoid the ones that bite!

10 We All Won The Lottery...Whether We Realize It Or Not!

We all know that winning the lottery has some ridiculous odds. You have such a small chance that many people don't even bother. The odds of winning the Powerball, for example, are 1 in 292 million. That seems like a long shot. But get this, you already won the lottery by being born against MUCH worse odds. The odds of you being the one sperm that made it are 1 in 400 quadrillion! Yeah, that's a long shot if we ever saw one. Let's break that down: 1 in 400,000,000,000,000,000. That's just what it takes for you to outrun the other sperm. The odds of you being born are SOOOOO much worse. Like a number that literally has 2,685,000 zeroes in it (I don't make enough to write that number all the way out).

Scientists know about the 1 in 400 quadrillion on the great sperm run. But when you add in the odds of your parents meeting: 1 in 20,000. And you kick in the odds of them spawning a child together: 1 in 2,000. And there are crazy calculations for humans existing at all and your family lineage continuing up to the point where your parents met... you get the drift. Those are pretty bad odds that make the Powerball look like a sure thing, which is why so many idiots, including myself, play that stupid game. Someone's gotta win, right? Well we all hit it once just by being here!

9 The Romans Washed Their Mouths With Pee 


And we bring a whole new meaning to the term "Golden Shower." Welcome the Romans, the great civilization who survived for unprecedented years with such power and grew mankind to such astounding levels, that they are revered for all time. Now we look more closely and find out they washed their mouths out, not with Scope, but urine. Yeah, they're definitely getting kicked off the island for this one! Stale urine, long ago, contained quite a bit of ammonia, a chemical that is found in most cleaners. They used it to clean a variety of items, and, they used fermented urine as mouthwash. If it sounds gross, it's because it definitely is. But also, there is a kind of brilliance to it, not the washing the mouth with it part, but understanding that ammonia in pee can actually be used to clean stuff way back then. The old urine helped keep their teeth clean and whiter. We're thinking there is a new definition for "wet work" that should be added in the Urban Dictionary.

8 The White House And The "Heroic" KKK


Everybody knows that the Ku Klux Klan is not a heroic group. The three letters together (KKK) often bring thoughts of racism and hate to mind. They have been a cowardly group disguising themselves in white hoods and tormenting, torturing and killing many innocent Americans throughout history. Although this group is hated, once upon a time, they were revered as heroes. And not only were they seen as heroic figures, a movie featuring them as such played inside the hallowed walls of the White House. D.W. Griffith's famous movie, The Birth of a Nation, was a highly successful critical film many moons ago. It was released back in 1915 and featured some phenomenal filmmaking for that era. It was a blockbuster at the time, the first of its kind, and was the first ever film to be shown at the White House. The film gave the KKK a massive boost in participation and a big black eye for the history of the United States.

7 Female Hurricanes Rule Over The Males


Throw another stupid fact log on the fire. But this one is true. Named hurricanes often draw a shake-of-the-head as we wait for immediate destruction and harm to our homes. The names used are pre-selected off of a list. They use both male and female names, however, female hurricanes have brought far more pain to the earth than their male counterparts. Since 1979, the male and female names have swapped evenly back and forth. While male named (and sounded) hurricanes killed an average of 11 people per strike, female-named hurricanes drop a 59-death score per strike. It is an odd fact that kind of mirrors driving (sorry ladies). This is an odd fact that has been calculated by people who have way too much time on their hands. But whenever we get an opportunity to make a crack about female drivers, we gotta take it.

6 The Bee Gees Are Life-Givers


We've all enjoyed the song, "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees at least once or twice. The song has a great beat and rhythm. And why not, it actually contains a hot 103 beats per minute. The song has been credited with life-saving potential. And we're not just discoing around here. Emergency medical courses have credited the song as a guide when teaching their students how to apply CPR correctly. The 100+ beats per minute is their goal to revive people and they often use "Stayin' Alive" as an educational guide as they apply CPR. In addition, the American Heart Association (AHA) has been quoted as advising people to administer CPR as if they were listening to the hit song. So, the Bee Gees will not only live forever in their music, they can literally help people stay alive.

5 Lightning Strikes = Free Tats


There is very little that is good about getting struck by lightning. Many people die from lightning strikes every year. Each year, nearly 50 people in the United States alone die from getting hit by lightning. And if you're wearing an iPod when you get struck by lightning, be prepared for a fatal end. It is said that having any metal on or attached to you can act as a conductor for the lightning strike which brings about a potentially fatal end. Another strange occurrence for people who actually survive a lightning strike is the marking of the lightning on a person's skin. This is referred to as "lightning flowers" or "lightning trees" when a person is left with a very interesting formation on their skin due to the lightning strike. The fern-like spiraling of the skin is due to burns carried along tiny blood vessels. It's very cool, but obviously you'd have to get struck by lightning first, so that kinda sucks. And the cool tats will only last a few days or months depending upon healing and then slowly vanish.

4 Maine Has More Black Bears Than Black People

Yeah, this one is true. Well, let's dig into this one a bit. The state of Maine in the US is extremely rural. It is the most northeast state in the US so it's also pretty damn cold a lot of the year. The population of Maine is 1.3 million. Although it isn't the smallest state in size or in population, the state has quite a few black bears. Ironically, not nearly as many African-Americans live up in Maine. The last census report on the state yielded an interesting tally. There were an estimated 36,000 black bears in the state of Maine versus 19,000 African-Americans. Nationally, African-Americans make up over 13% of the US population but in Maine, they come in at a paltry 1.4%. It's one of those crazy facts that you could definitely find under a Snapple bottle cap.

3 The Ocean Has Lots And Lots Of Gold!


The depths of the ocean are often uncharted. And when you think about it, there have been many, many ships that have sunk in various places across the globe spanning centuries of time. That is where the lost treasures of the ocean and all of that gold come into play. There is an estimated 20 million tons of unclaimed gold lying at the body of the oceans! There is a reason companies spend, in some cases, millions of dollars searching the bottom of the ocean for some of the greatest lost treasures history has to offer. Many ships during the 1400's-1800's sank while carrying massive amounts of gold. There were a number of these ships that came from the "New World" and disappeared for all time. Scientists also calculate there are minute grains of gold that lie at the bottom of the ocean which are impossible to properly extract, but get kicked into this 20 million ton number. It sounds crazy to say there are millions of tons of gold just waiting to be discovered, but it's true, to an extent.

2 Mice That Screw Themselves To Death

That's right. It's just about that time to get a little freaky. We're talking about mice-freaky. We always like to think of ourselves as "powerful" in bed. We like to believe that we can make a substantial impact with a fellow lover. But the Antechinus are marsupials who know how to get it on! They are mice-like in look and biology and these little Australian devils are known to mate for 14 hours straight (eat your heart out Sting)! During mating season, the male Antechinus gets so much tail that he often screws himself to death. They go at it for so long, for so hard, that their little bodies can't take it. They literally die because of stress injuries that shut their tiny immune systems down. 11 months after birth, these little devils go into so much heat, they screw for three weeks straight before finally giving out and dying. Hey, if you're gonna go out, might as well go out swinging...(or pumping).

1 Chicago Is Jacked Up!

That's right, Chicago is literally jacked up. So if you ever get a question about the city of Chicago, Illinois in the United States, and they ask about "The Raising of Chicago," this one is true. The entire city of Chicago had to be raised six feet to deal with a serious cholera outbreak. During the 1800s, Chicago sat in swampy land and disease was rampant. So, the Chicago Board of Sewer Commissioners tasked engineer E.S. Chesbrough with finding a solution. He decided that the inner workings of Chicago had to be raised...six feet! It took 20 years during the painstaking process of hiking up entire buildings and roads. Hundreds of men would jack up streets and then fill the space. They did this again and again in order to get the city out of crap...literally. The city remains elevated to this very day due to the work carried out many, many years ago back in the mid-1800s. There were stories of entire hotels getting lifted up without the patrons ever noticing. Crazy.


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15 Strange Facts That Sound Like BS, But Are Totally True