15 Strange Cases Of People Who Claimed "Did It" With A Ghost

It's a fact. People have claimed to have done it with ghosts, demons and aliens. WTF? Doing the deed with ghosts is called "Spectrophilia", literally the love of ghosts. Then, there's Exophilia. That'

It's a fact. People have claimed to have done it with ghosts, demons and aliens. WTF? Doing the deed with ghosts is called "Spectrophilia", literally the love of ghosts. Then, there's Exophilia. That's with aliens. How can we expand on that? Well, people who lay claim to the terms like to, well, do stuff, have s*x, do the deed... oh, you get it, with ghosts and aliens. Now demons are a different kettle of fish, as we will see. They are the r*pists of the spirit world. In 1967 there was a Roman Polanski film of Ira Levin's book Rosemary's Baby. In it, Rosemary, played by an incredibly young Mia Farrow, has a baby. So? A baby  with the devil, literally. It creeped out and scared audiences, especially "those" scenes with Mia and the Devil. On the more "romantic" side of spectral love was 1990's Ghost, in which Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze played young lovers split apart by his tragic death. Eventually, they manage a bit of a kiss and cuddle before he departs for Hollywood heaven.

In the real world? There are lots of people (mostly women) who claim that they have had ghost and alien lovers, even ongoing relationships with their ghost or alien paramour. But when demons are involved, it gets nasty fast, as demons called incubus and succubus attack men and women. And it's no surprise that some of those stories have been made into terrifying blockbuster movies. Here are 15 bizarre cases of close encounters with ghost, aliens and demons that will shock you and (maybe) turn you on.

15 Melissa And The Amorous Stranger

Travel Channel's Ghostly Lovers, told the story of women who claimed to have done it with ghosts. Melissa's episode was pretty graphic. As she described the tingling and the weight of a body on top of hers, the channel switched to footage they had shot of Melissa in bed, writhing and panting and, well, going through the motions. "I felt somebody grabbing my arms, pushing me down on the bed... and I went through all the motions of actually having a s*xual encounter with somebody." Seems all this happened when she was a bartender, living on her own in a New Jersey condo. She says she loved it. Melissa's 15 of fame or a true story? Or maybe both. As she said on TV, you never know. It could happen to you.

14 Dianne Carlisle And The "Excited" Spirits

This is a different kind of ghost s*x. It's ghosts doing it. Or, at least that is what Ohio resident Dianne Carlisle, says is happening in her house. She told the Fox Cleveland station, "It looks like ghosts having s*x. You can see the lady’s high heeled shoes!" So, paranormal investigators and local news crews rolled up to check it out. First question: Who is it? Well, some reports say that Carlisle's dead sister left a voicemail message on her phone. So, is she involved? The ghost orgy first came to light when Carlisle's four-year-old granddaughter snapped the frisky duo on her cell phone. Many are skeptical, including the Travel Channel's paranormal investigator Amy Allan. Other "experts" claim it could be caused by the "residual energy" of two people who were connected with the house. Some pretty intense residual energy, we'd say.

13 Contessa Emanuel Adams And The Demons

Now, here's something a little off the wall: Stripper possessed and assaulted by female demons (succubus) for two decades considers becoming a lesbian, but gets religion instead and starts a ministry to out the "spiritual r*pists" of this world. Meet Contessa Emanuel Adams. Her Facebook page shows her casting out demons in Trinidad and her blog talks about s*xual demons. "Anybody that has been attacked by them will tell you... they're worried [that] they could not find that pleasure with mortal people," says Adams. When she told her story to Charisma magazine, Huffington Post led with the headline, "Ex-Stripper Turned Ministry Leader, Claims Sex With Demons Causes Homosexuality". Well, we did say it was off the wall.

12 Amethyst Realm And Her 20 Ghostly Lovers

Amethyst Realm is a spiritualist adviser who lives in Bristol, England. She too talked to The Daily Mail and told them she has had 20 (yes, 20) ghost lovers. The first time? She was living with her boyfriend, who traveled a lot on business. She began feeling a presence in the house and one night as she was just about to fall asleep, she felt a pressure all over her body and the sensations of making love. Afterwards she slept better than she had in years. It turned into a three-year affair, a busy one, during which Amethyst and her ghost lover did it several times a day. When the boyfriend got suspicious, she confessed. His reaction? He ran (probably screaming) from the house and she never saw him again. What has she got to say for herself and her ghostly lovers? Well, she is a little embarrassed by the fact she has been such a busy girl. But the fact they are dead? Normal, perfectly normal.

11 Stephanie Riseley Visited By Her Dead Husband

Stephanie Riseley is a hypnotherapist and a past life regression counselor. And she's from Los Angeles. She appeared on Ghostly Lovers claiming that her husband Dan, had died in her arms and then came back on what seemed a regular basis to "make love" to her. She even went on to tell the story of a friend of hers who had experienced the same phenomena after her husband died. Okay, besides hitting our TV screens, she also wrote a book called Love From Both Sides - A True Story of Soul Survival and Sacred Sexuality about her (and Dan's?) experience. Her story? She didn't want to convince non-believers, she just wanted visited-by-dead-husband widows reassurance that ghost lovers were a perfectly normal thing. In case you are wondering, past life regression gets you in touch with your former lives. It's like dead husband coming back to pleasure you. Normal stuff.

10 Jack And Janet Smurl And The Rapacious Demons

You may remember The Amityville Horror and The Conjuring (1 & 2). Well, back in 1991, there was The Haunted, the horrific story of Jack and Janet Smurl. What do all these films have in common? Well, they are all based on real life cases of paranormal investigating super-duo Ed and Lorraine Warren. Way back in the 1970s, the Warrens intervened to help Jack and Janet fend off the spirits and demons who had invaded their home. Not content with messing up the electronics in the house, the ghosts started messing with Jack and Janet. Male demons (incubus) and female demons (succubus) r*ped and interfered with the couple waking them from sleep and terrifying them silly. Sometimes the demons were almost humanoid and sometimes they were animal-like and covered in scales. But, in the end, the Warrens won out. The movie was not all that great, but if you are interested, check it out on YouTube. The movie incubus looked pretty scary though.

9 Sian Jameson And Her Dreamy Artist

She was a writer, author and (yes) a spiritualist living in North London when a dreamy looking artist with hazel eyes named Robert came into her life. The Daily Mail loved the story. Why? Well, because the only thing about Robert was that he was a ghost. Apparently he was a great lover: "He knew instinctively what I wanted and I didn’t have to say or do anything," the 20-something breathlessly told the paper. The first night, "it" went on for an hour. But, seems Robert wasn't a keeper. A couple of nights after their first session, he returned for a rematch, telling her it would be their last night together. She cried, but she moved on, with another ghost lover. The paper reported her family knew nothing about Robert. Bet her mom and dad loved the story when they read it over their morning coffee. Not.

8 Peter Khoury And The Nordic Aliens

Now for a spot of Exophilia, rather extra-terrestrial assault. Meet Peter Khoury, founder of the UFO Experience Support Association. That will tell you where he is coming from. He claims he has had two alien abduction experiences. In one of those encounters, naked "Nordic-like" aliens s*xually assaulted him. And he has proof: A blonde hair that he says came from one of the creatures. What followed was the very first DNA analysis of a biological sample from what may or may not have been an alien abduction. Then came the report, which Khoury and his supporters say prove he is telling the truth. Others say not. Over twenty years on from the so-called abduction, Khoury is still adamant that he is telling the truth. The debate continues.

7 Doris Bither And The Asian Ghosts

From the Warrens to another "biggie" paranormal investigator, Dr. Barry Taff. And another movie "based" on a real life story. In this case, it's a woman named Doris Bither and the movie is 1982's The Entity. In the movie she had the fictional name of Carla Moran, but the story was pure Doris Bither. Living with her children in a small house in Culver City, California, Bither claimed that three Asian male ghosts were stalking her and assaulting her in a very personal way. Spook researchers, including Taff, piled into her tiny house and witnessed flashes of light and a green mist that seemed to growl. And when Doris moved, the ghosts seemed to move with her. She died in 1999.

6 Michael Pattemore And His Dead Actress Wife

Lynda Bellingham was a talented English actress who tragically died in 2014. Her husband, Michael Pattemore has fallen out with her sons (his step-sons) in a big and very public tabloid kind of way. Why? Well they say he has squandered her money and lied. He claims that since her death her ghost has visited him and they have made love. He talks of caressing her and cuddling with her and claims she was (and is) his soulmate. And, yes, of course, he is writing a book. Her sons call his claims "tacky" and say the property developer is spending lavishly on himself. The only thing is, they don't have much of a leg to stand on, as the actress left everything to Pattemore, her third husband. Some peg her net worth at around $2.5 million.

5 The Best Ever And 10 Hybrid Babies?

Well, she looks normal, but her kids look a little weird. Former marketing executive Bridget Nielson, claims to have had lots of s*x with aliens. Oh yeah, she also has 10 hybrid kids who live on giant spaceships with their dads. So, where's the proof? Nowhere. She and the aliens did it on board a spaceship. Bridget told The Mirror that earth women don't know what they are missing and that the whole experience was great. She gushed, "It was an incredible super primal, super raw, super primal sexual experience." Apparently she was totally turned on by a green reptilian creature. Isn't everybody? And when they did it, everyone else there watched. She admits it sounds nuts and understands why people ask if she's taking her meds. But she maintains it is just all totally true. So, the fact she is a "former" executive makes complete sense, we think...

4 Belinda Bentley And Her Ex

Belinda Bentley was another one of the women who told their "true" story on the Travel Channel, alongside Melissa (the one with the amorous stranger) and Stephanie Riseley (the one whose dead husband makes love to her). Belinda's story? Well it's a kind of combination of ghost s*x and past life regression, as she says she made love to a husband from 200 years ago. So, back around 1815, she was somebody else and married? That's the general idea. Her in-the-sack footage the channel shot was not as long and detailed as Melissa's, but it was still pretty interesting. And, like the other two women, she claims it was very real. Skeptics put it all down to erotic dreams or a phenomena called "sleep paralysis". Not so , says Belinda and the others.

3 Jerusha Howe And Room 9

Here's the deal: Room 9 of Longfellow's Wayside Inn outside Sudbury, Massachusetts hosts the ghost of love-sick Jerusha Howe. If you're a guy on your own in Room 9, some say she will be right there in the sack with you. But otherworldly love has its price: It's very, well, Colonial, and doesn't even have a TV. When that intrepid Ghost Hunter Zak Bagans went there one Valentine's Day, all he could come away with was a couple of taps on his leg. But, it's TV, so he made the most of it saying the experience was profound. "When I was in Jerusha’s bedroom I had an experience I’ll never forget. It was a different feeling; that environment was ecstasy. It was, I just felt very loved.” Okay, turn the cameras off and tell us what you really think.

2 Natasha Blasick

The actress went on a British TV morning talk show (with good old celebrity psychic Patti Negri) to tell the story of her very pleasurable encounter with a ghost. According to Huffington Post, she said she felt someone enter the room. “I couldn’t see anybody but I could feel the pressure, the energy, the warmth  pushing in different directions." And she really, really enjoyed it. The ghost must have been pretty satisfied too because a month later he came back for more. Wait, wasn't this all coming out after she made Paranoid Activity 2? And didn't it generate a lot of attention? Gosh knows what Paranoid Activity 3 will bring into her life. By the way, she's married, but like most people in relationships who have ghost s*x, she doesn't feel guilty because it was just very natural. Sure.

1 Stephany Cohen

Let's round this off with an alien ongoing consensual love story. Psychic Stephany Cohen claims to have had relationships with a group of extraterrestrials she calls "Team Spirit". Seems her astral body leaves her when she is sleeping and goes up to a spaceship for some fun and games. She's climaxed and reported thoroughly enjoyed what she got up to. Think that sounds nuts? Just consider Simon Parkes, an Englishman and a local government official, who claims to have had an ongoing relation, children even, with his alien mistress. Suddenly, ghost s*x seems pretty tame and almost normal. It's all relative, we think.


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