15 Stories About Psychics That Will Give You Goosebumps

Imagine you’re going to have a life changing event. Maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe you’re going to meet the love of your life on your way to work five weeks from now. Wouldn’t you want to know who this is? You wouldn’t want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity. Or, imagine if you were going to have a horrific accident. Something that could be averted. If only you had known that the car that smashed into you was turning left, you could have gone right and avoided it. Of course, knowing these things from the future is impossible. Right?

For centuries, the concept of psychics has intrigued people. Seeing into the fogginess of the unknown and clearing it like a beacon of light is an ability most people have thought about at some point in time in their lives. Psychics have this gift. They have this ability to see events that have yet to unfold. They contain the power to see who you’ll fall in love with. And who will hit those lucky numbers and win the lottery. Some of them can also see events that are unspeakable, the events that change the world.

Whatever your opinion of psychics and their abilities, it’s intriguing to read about these stories nonetheless. Collected below are 15 stories about psychics that will give you goosebumps. The stories contain everything from nameless psychics that help the average person on the street to the most famous psychics who have publicly predicted events such as World War 2 and 9/11.

If you’re a skeptic, your mind may be changed after reading these stories.

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15 Tana Hoy Predicts The Oklahoma City Bombing

Via Associated Press

Tragic events occur every day. From murders to kidnappings, crimes are happening all the time. However, some psychics don’t necessarily see these individual events. Sometimes, these people can see major events that end up being a national tragedy. One of these instances is the Oklahoma City Bombing.

According to psychic Tana Hoy, he saw that a deadly and devastating attack was going to happen in Oklahoma City. He knew it was going to be awful and that it needed to be stopped. Doing what any good citizen would do, Hoy ended up reporting this vision to the FBI. He did this four months prior to the attacks.

The day it happened, he was on a radio show and claimed the attack was going to happen. The events a mere 90 minutes later ended up proving Hoy correct.

14 Edgar Cayce Predicts The Death Of President Kennedy

Museums of Historic Hopkinsville Christian County

If you were asked about the most famous psychics and you had to name three of them, you’d be hard pressed to find a group of people that could name three. While psychic phenomenon is vastly popular and thrown around in conversations, the people who make these predictions are overshadowed by the general mystique and grandeur of their visions. One of the most popular psychics of all-time is named Edgar Cayce.

Cayce was a psychic who was popular in the early 1900s. His methods were quite intriguing, as he didn’t just talk to you and answer your questions. Instead, Cayce would go into a sleep-like state. Edgar would then begin reciting his visions. He would end up predicting numerous large events in the world. Some of these include the dates of both World Wars, the death of President Roosevelt, and even the controversial death of John F. Kennedy.

13 Love Everlasting - Predicted A Marriage Years Earlier

Via The Esposito Institute

When you go to a psychic, a variety of topics may cross your mind. Do you ask about your health? How long you’ll live? Do you go down the money route and ask if you’ll ever be rich? Or, do you poke the bear and ask about something everybody wants? That is, do you ask about love?

One such girl went through with the love question when her mom asked for a psychic to come over to her house. Since her mom was heavy into tarot cards and such, the girl wasn’t that surprised that a psychic was coming to the house. At the time, the girl was 16 and dating a boy. She asked the psychic if the guy she was with would be her true love.

The psychic said that her true love would show up during her freshman year of college. Sure enough, a break up soon followed and the girl met a charming boy her freshman year of college. They are still married to this day

12 Predicted The Death Of A Woman's Son - But Couldn't Prevent It 

Via McMinn Law Firm

Sometimes, psychics hit the nail on the head. They can foretell of riches you may gain or happy health you may have in the future. But, just like everything else in life, there’s a darker side to the life of the psychic. Psychics can’t control what they see. Some of them need to talk to people to feel their energy, while others may get random visions of events yet to come. Sadly, psychics must deliver the bad news when a client asks a certain question. They could lie, but that may be doing a disservice to the client.

A boy went with his mother to a psychic. The woman immediately felt as if the boy shouldn’t drive. She saw a horrific car accident. She urged the boy to not even obtain a license. A month later, the mother of the boy called the psychic. Her son had died. From a car accident. He was a passenger. He wasn’t even driving.

11 The Twins Who Predicted 9/11


September 11th, 2001. It was the day that changed America, and the world, forever. No longer would security be a second thought. Instead, people became intimately familiar with security cameras, frisks at the airport, and the society we live in today has stemmed from that one autumn day.

According to a pair of psychic twins, they claim they predicted this horrific attack. But, they didn’t predict this in 2001. They predicted this travesty before the dawn of the new millennium. They were on a radio show in 1999 when they gave their claims that the towers would fall and New York would be in a state of chaos. Apparently, either nobody heeded the warning or they just didn’t take them seriously. Either way, you can’t deny that this is a vision worthy of goosebumps.

10 Chaos Turns To Serenity - A Life In Shambles Would Soon Be Fruitful 

Via One Yoga

At some point in your life, you’ll run into a situation in which you think the world is against you. Everything that was once great begins to crumble around you. Your job may be gone, your home may be taken, and the people you love most may disappear. One of these situations happened to a young woman in 2006. Within a short time span, the young woman found out she was going to be unemployed and her grandmother passed away. Lost and looking for answers, she turned to a psychic for answers.

The psychic informed her that love was on the way. Her career would turn out wonderfully. And then, the psychic delivered a stunning prediction. The woman would have twins. Sure enough, she got a fantastic new job, met her partner while on that same job, and ended up giving birth to twins. Chilling.

9 Heard A Voice After Her Mother's Death

Via Playbuzz

Psychics are people, or entities, who can see the future. Traditionally, people tend to associate psychics with crystal balls and gypsies. While the crystal ball image is out of date, the power and emotions people who claim to be psychic evoke from people is evident. Whether the following woman was following her intuition or really heard her mother’s voice, it’s quite eerie either way.

The woman’s mom was suffering from lung cancer. So, the woman and her husband ended up building a house next to her mother’s to keep an eye on her. Sadly, the woman’s mother passed away not too long after they moved in. The woman was sitting on the porch, at a crossroads in her mind as to what to do with the house.

Suddenly, a ball of light appeared and the woman heard her mother’s voice. The voice said to take what the woman wants from the house. Everything will turn out alright come June 8th. Sure enough, a storm ripped through the area on June 8th and lightning struck the house. It was engulfed in flames. The woman gathered a large sum of money from the insurance on the house.

The psychic voice turned out to be telling the truth.

8 Mark Twain Predicts His Own Death

Via CMG Worldwide

When you think of psychics, the name “Mark Twain” may not be the first name that pops into your mind. After all, Twain was known for his amazing novels and his vast knowledge of people and dedication to his craft. But, Mark was also talented in being able to see the future. Twain had two major predictions that came true. And these seem difficult to guess. The first one deals with his brother’s death. He had a dream in which his brother was lying in a coffin. The coffin rested in between two folding chairs. Sure enough, his brother died a few weeks later. And the funeral? Exactly as he had envisioned it.

Twain also predicted his own death. Born in 1835, Halley's Comet was visible when he was born. Twain would grow up and eventually say that he would die the next time the comet was visible. He died in 1910, the year that Halley's Comet returned.

7 The Future Is Bright

Via American Paintball Coliseum

Attending a high school graduation party can stir up a lot of emotions. If you’re a high schooler or college attendee, you may not realize that you may not see a lot of these people ever again. It could be a potentially scary time full of jittery nervousness, but also exploding with happiness and eagerness for the future. One such girl was attending a graduation party when she struck up a conversation with what can only be described as a psychic.

The woman intuitively knew where the girl was going to attend college. She also claimed that the girl would end up working in the entertainment industry (which she did). To top it all off, she said that the guy she had a crush on would make a move. Later that night, they ended up sharing a kiss.

6 Guardian Angel Predicts Cancer Remission

Via Nancy's Point

Wanting to know about your health is one of those things that’s a double-edged sword. On one hand, knowing if you’ll be healthy for the next 3o years may lighten up the stress you feel about what you’re putting into your body. However, that same sense of knowing could also make you more stressed. What happens after those 30 years of great health? Probably some sickness and possibly death. Both stress-inducing.

But, one woman claims she got fantastic health news, from a man who claimed to be her guardian angel. This woman and her husband were having drinks at a bar. The man walked up to her and asked her if she was suffering from breast cancer on her left side. Astounded, she said she was. The man reassured her that she would be fine. The cancer would go away. When the husband asked how he knew, he claimed to be her Guardian Angel.

Since then, the cancer’s been gone. This man’s psychic powers are something to behold.

5 Jeffrey Palmer Predicts Hurricane Katrina

Via The Daily Signal

Natural disasters are horrible occurrences. They devastate whatever they touch and ruin people’s lives. Since these events have been happening since the beginning of time, people have wanted to know if they could prepare for them. After all, being prepared for a horrific storm may give you a leg up and a chance to survive the catastrophe. Some psychics can predict these disasters. A perfect example of one such psychic is Jeffrey Palmer.

Palmer is a psychic who has had his fair share of missed predictions. However, it’s not what you miss on. It’s what you predict correctly that will gain you a reputation as an accurate psychic. He predicted a couple of massive disasters. He correctly predicted Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He also had an odd vision that doesn’t have to do with natural disasters. He predicted that North Korea was testing nuclear weapons. And he was right.

4 A Slew of Visions About Her Husband

Via Jewel 107.7

It seems that some people are more prone to psychic phenomenon than others. For example, some people are talented at feeling people’s emotions. Even if the person is bottling up their emotions and projecting happiness on the outside, there are certain individuals that can pinpoint things that are going to happen. A woman has shared her stories and her psychic experiences are extraordinary.

First, the woman woke up one morning, turned to her husband, and told him that Todd and his wife were pregnant. The weird part? She didn’t know her husband did business with a man named Todd. Yet, her statement turned out to be correct.

Another chilling vision she had dealt with showed her husband getting injured. They were on a camping trip, but the woman kept seeing hospital corridors through the trees. The following Monday, her husband was taken into emergency surgery. These psychic visions were eerily accurate and it just goes to show that some people have these visions often.

3 The Welshman Who Couldn't Lose

Via Tana Hoy

If you’re a psychic, then you have a leg up on almost everybody else in the world when it comes to knowing about certain future events. Sometimes, psychics can see something as simple as a person falling in love. Or, they can see a terrorist attack happen years before the event unfolds. Or, if you’re one Welshman, you can predict who’s going to be knighted and what TV shows are going to be on the air in 10 years.

An odd story, this Welsh psychic walked into a bar in the late 90s. He made four specific predictions. He said that two television shows (Neighbors and EastEnders) would still be on the air in the year 2000. He also said that Cliff Richard would be knighted and that U2 would still be around by the dawn of the millennium. He bet 30 pounds and walked away.

2 Jeane Dixon Predicts Martin Luther King Jr.'s Death

Via Huffington Post

The 1960s were a turbulent time. Change was in the air. Wars were being fought and the political climate in the U.S. was rocky at best. With hippies going up against the status quo, tension was at an all-time high. Sadly, this time of strife also contained the deaths of many popular and influential political figures. One of these was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

King was the man who led the civil rights movement and single handedly changed the way people thought about color and race. It was all him. And his life was taken on one day in 1968. While so many people were shocked and stunned, one woman wasn’t. She knew it was going to happen.

Jeane Dixon predicted many events in her life. One of which was the untimely death of Martin Luther King Jr. If she told you about this death in 1965, would you have believed her?

1 Nostradamus Predicts The Rise Of Hitler

Via YouTube

To be the best in your field, you may have to perform a variety of tasks. To be the best basketball player, you must land all your shots. In racing, you must win a lot of races. And, in the world of psychics, you must predict a multitude of events. This description fits only one man in the known history of mankind. This man is, of course, Nostradamus.

A man who has stirred up controversy in his time, Nostradamus has been a central figure in the world of psychics for hundreds of years. The sheer number of correct predictions blows people away to this day. Among the most notable predictions of his was the rise of two of the most notorious figures in history (Napoleon and Hitler). He also predicted the day that changed everything. He predicted the horrid events of September 11th, 2001.

Marred in controversy, Nostradamus is still the most famous psychic of all-time. And his predictions will give you goosebumps for decades to come.

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