15 Stars Who Were Born With The Goods, But Ruined It

Body shaming is a big issue in this world. How people, in particular, women, feel about their looks is a regular issue for many across the board. Women often feel the pressure to look perfect 24/7 when being seen in public. There are magazine covers, shows, movies, and photos galore that applaud beautiful, slim, voluptuous women. The problem with a lot of these photos, however, is that they are always "touched" up and photoshopped. Sometimes the fat or the unsightly wrinkles are trimmed out of photographs. Editing may be an actress's or a model's dream, but it's a regular woman's nightmare as she compares herself to all of these edited photos.

Now, we know regular women at home, feeling unfairly judged, get a complex as they stare at models and beauties. But attractive women also get into the game. Models and actresses often have cameras on them constantly. Whether they are at home relaxing or out in public sunbathing, they have someone snapping a photo. The problem for them is that these photos are not wanted. The women feel as though they have to look perfect every day, all the time. With that, there is a discomfort with their own bodies, and models and actresses place far more pressure on themselves to look perfect at all times. That leads them right to the knife. Beautiful women will continuously tinker with their face, their breast size, their butts, and any fat on their body, in hopes of delaying Father Time and looking their version of perfect every step of the way. It becomes a sad obsession and one that leads some to morph from a beautiful person into plastic surgery gone bad. These are 15 Stars Who Were Born With The Goods But Ruined It.

15 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is a tough nut to crack on this subject. Everybody knows the tragic tale of the up-and-coming A-lister who completely imploded and ended up becoming a punchline. To recap, Lindsay Lohan was on the cusp of superstardom. She was both real and sexy to her fans. She was an authentic talent who was a brilliant young actress that grew into a very sexy young woman. But then came the partying and public shaming by the producer of the film Georgia Rules who called out Lohan for her indiscretions. Alcohol, drugs, and partying ruined all of Lohan’s Hollywood capital and as she came out of her haze, the effects of the drugs and plastic surgery (the lip job was the worst) were apparent. Needless to say, hers is a cautionary tale.

14 Renee Zellweger

This one was an absolute blindside for the world. Renee Zellweger was kind of a young Meg Ryan. She was a go-to in the genre of romantic comedies and wholesome, but attractive, women. From Jerry Maguire to the Bridget Jones movie series, everyone seemed to love and relate to Zellweger. And then, suddenly, she disappeared from the limelight and making films. It was a sudden and strange absence. When Zellweger emerged, she literally looked like a different person. Her face was only partially recognizable. She went through such an extreme set of surgeries that she actually changed her entire image. It was extraordinary and completely unnecessary.

13 Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag was an extremely attractive blonde. She was young and came from a well-to-do family. Heidi was one of the featured girls on the show “The Hills.” Early on in the reality television world, Montag and her crew stood out as popular rich kids who had circumstantial drama. This was “Hanging With the Kardashians” before there really were Kardashians. Montag stood out with her incredible physical appeal. But initial fame wasn't enough for Montag, and she became obsessed with fame. The limelight got under her skin, and she went through surgery after surgery, altering her body again and again. The words “unnecessary surgery” have never meant more than with Montag.

12 Tara Reid

Tara Reid is the ultimate story of strange when it comes to the trajectory of her career. How did she go from the hottie in the smash hit movie series American Pie to the crazy joke that appears in the Sharknado movie series? Tara Reid went from being a gorgeous young beauty to a plastic surgery cautionary tale. The first botched job was when the beautiful blonde-haired blue-eyed actress decided she wanted to increase her breast size. It was true that Reid wasn't well-endowed. But she wanted to go big, and the job didn't go smoothly. Many mocked her for it. Additional surgeries have led to Reid's face being altered, and a personality implosion has followed. Tara Reid was a gorgeous young actress who didn't need to do anything to look beautiful other than get out of bed. Now, her surgeries have changed her natural beauty.

11 Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith was a dynamite actress in the 1980s and 1990s. She was on fire, an actress who was known as both voluptuous and talented. She was a beauty who did a tremendous job and earned acclaim for her role in Working Girl. But the dynamic film roles that made her a standout began to evaporate as the 2000s arrived. She hit the magic 40-year-old death sentence for female actresses, and the jobs slowly wilted away. Fair or not, it's a terrible stigma Hollywood has -- tossing aside talented actresses as they reach 40. Griffith had her share of drama away from the big screen going through four marriages, two to Don Johnson alone. But it's the plastic surgery she has done that has made her look "different." Her neck sucked in, her face pulled back, and this unnatural look may also contribute to the lack of work. One thing is for certain: Griffith used to draw a crowd in her heyday, and she didn't need a doctor's help to do that.

10 Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox was smoking hot. She emerged out of the shadows to star in the sitcom Unhappily Ever After. Cox's appearance on the show lasted five seasons and helped make her a standout. She then moved on to Nikki. The show lasted 2 seasons and landed on the WB. She was the star of the show, and that helped her get noticed. She then moved on to a more adult place with the successful comedy-action television show Las Vegas. The show really featured Cox's amazing body. With tight and skimpy clothing on nearly everyone in the show, Cox stood out as a hot leading lady and did a great job. But as the years have gone on, Cox has definitely changed. She was originally linked to sloth Bob Goldthwait from 1997-2005. Then, she got with and married Jay Mohr in 2006 at the height of her popularity. These days, Cox's lips look like they've been rubbed over a jellyfish with the end result of them warping into a bad science experiment.

9 Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah was a blonde gift from the heavens in the 1980s. She appeared in the feature films Splash, Legal Eagles, Wall Street, and more recently, Kill Bill. Hannah was one of the most beautiful women in movies during the 1980s. She was natural perfection, both sleek and sexy. But as time marched on, and Hannah started to age, she turned to the knife to try and maintain her youth. But Hannah's attempts have failed. With a botched lip injection and botox to her face, the end result was not what most expected. The once gorgeous Hannah now has eyebrows that permanently make her look like a villain. With uneven lips and strange eyebrows. Hannah hasn't done herself any favors with these "touch-ups."

8 Donatella Versace

We all know the name "Versace." With a net worth of over $2.3 billion, she has enjoyed a multitude of success over her life. She currently sits as Vice President of the Versace Group and is the chief designer, taking in 20% of the massive company's earnings. Versace is no spring chicken these days. Being a leader in the fashion industry, she has felt the pressures any woman in that business feels: the need to stay and look beautiful. But the fountain of youth is not endless in this world and after having many injections and surgeries, Versace has begun to look like a caricature of a human being. Her face is beginning to show the signs of aging, not from being a woman in her early 60s, but from years upon years of plastic surgery treatments. Her lips are way too big and her face is sunken and swollen -- an odd combination to say the least. If you saw her on the street, you would think she was wearing a mask. It's quite unreal. The former blonde beauty has not aged well.

7 Hang Mioku

Probably one of the saddest stories of all of the women on the list. Hang Mioku was incredibly successful and beautiful. She was a star in Asia. The former model was obsessed with being beautiful and successful. Her success came, but it seemed that Mioku was never satisfied with her own appearance. In a strange twist, she repeatedly went to plastic surgeons despite not needing any treatments. The surgeons obliged for a while until they could no longer agree to Mioku's obsession. Her self-driven desire to change her appearance was obvious and she was blackballed by surgeons who all explained that she didn't need the surgeries. They actually refused to operate on her. Her face was swelling from her many silicone injections. She took matters into her own hands and injected silicone, and then cooking oil, into her own face. The result was disastrous. Mioki's face required 10 intense operations just to keep her alive. Her beautiful face is now permanently disfigured.

6 Priscilla Presley

Hail to the King! Priscilla Presley was the young sweetheart of Elvis at one time in her life. The beauty was young (like REAL young) when she and the King got together. She was just 14 when Elvis fell for her. It was a very strange relationship being that Elvis was 24 and a star. He was becoming one of the most popular singers in the world when he came across Priscilla. He reportedly acted like a young shy teenager, himself, when around her. The Internet and better laws weren't around at the time, and he got with her, and they had one child together. Priscilla has carried the "Presley" name all her life, and it has done her well. She was beautiful and modeled as well as dove into various acting roles, including a successful stint in the Naked Gun series. In 2008, Presley herself admitted to a bad plastic surgery experience. She was quoted as saying, "I fell victim to botched plastic surgery." Presley was believed to be injected with low-grade silicon by an unlicensed doctor who has since gone to jail over his injections with his numerous patients. Presley's face has been altered and aged awkwardly due to the experience, something she will never be able to completely change back.

5 Janet Jackson

Well, let's just say that Janet isn't the only Jackson to have undergone a few too many of these procedures. Between Janet, Michael, and La Toya, the threesome have most likely poured more into plastic surgery than a family of six will spend on their children's college educations (and that's through medical school). Janet was a beautiful young personality. She had a lot going for her. She had name recognition, a bubbly personality, and a ton of talent. But Janet wasn't happy with being the "cute" younger sister, and she went through a series of surgeries. She enhanced her breasts and then went after her face. Janet's breasts are fine, but her face is stretched. Her face has stretched further and further to the point where she's starting to look more and more like Latoya... which is sad.

4 Janice Dickinson

There is quite a bit to unwrap with Janice Dickinson. The model-turned-author has evolved into a successful businesswoman. She has forged out a career for herself beyond modeling. Dickinson made major headlines with her childhood stories of pedophilia and abuse. Her realizations were shocking and sad and got her a lot of attention. Dickinson is seen as an “attention-getter,” in general, that fact certainly a result of her difficult childhood. Many have questioned Dickinson’s motives throughout her life. Dickinson has seen her career rise and fall again and again. She has achieved success despite a variety of professional and personal bumps on the road. Four marriages have chronicled a few of her issues. But more importantly, Dickinson has strived to keep up with her physical beauty over the years by having surgery after surgery. The breast implants, face-stretching, and lip injections have permanently changed her appearance.

3 Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was always big about looks. She wanted to make sure that her appearance would hold water during her long and distinguished career. She made numerous alterations to her appearance. At the same time, Joan Rivers constantly judged others throughout her lifetime. She regularly ripped stars for their appearances, a relentless series of superficial messages that cemented the comedian's status as a legend. She started off as a comedian and actress before becoming a regular as a "Red Carpet" specialist. But a closer look at Joan Rivers and her appearance is further proof of how superficial she truly is. She has joked about her plastic surgeries, relishing in them while she was alive. Her nose is an obvious example of how extreme she got. She also had her face pulled more times than she would like to admit.

2 Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle has literally fallen off the Hollywood map. She was a once thriving actress who was at the top of her game back in the late 1990s. She appeared in a slew of successful film roles: Wayne's World, The Temp, Threesome, Men in Black II, and the television series The Practice. Boyle was a beautiful actress on screen with a gorgeous and sexy face. Her eyes were gorgeous, popping with beauty, and her freckles were a nice and original touch. Boyle has maintained most of her figure, but her face has noticeably grown in size. She has clearly gotten a combination of Botox and collagen treatments, which have caused her face and lips to grow despite her body remaining slim. The surgeries have left Boyle without her former beautiful face and incredible appearance. Her roles have also disappeared with no more television or movie roles to speak of.

1 Madonna

The "Queen of Pop" has done it all during her illustrious career. She rose up from an early 80s run as the girl from New York, coming out of nowhere to become one of the greatest female pop singers of all time. Madonna's music has been largely controversial. She constantly made political statements, either in public or through her music, and her positions often irritated those around her. After Madonna conquered the music industry, she moved into acting. She was largely unsuccessful aside from her role in Evita. Over the years, Madonna has hoped to maintain her more youthful appearance. She has gone under the knife for numerous touch-ups for her physical appearance. Rumors of a facelift have been going around since Madonna's face looks stretched to the limit. In addition, puffiness has been pointed out, leading to the idea that she perhaps has had a few injections as well. One thing is for certain: Madonna is definitely a "Material" girl these days.

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