15 Stars Who Contemplated Ending It All... But Didn't Do It

These 15 stars hit some terribly low points in their lives, and sadly, ending their lives was an option for them at a particular point.

Living out life in the spotlight may seem like it's all glamour and fabulousness, but it can’t be easy all the time. Celebs are constantly under tremendous scrutiny and are picked apart by the rumor-filled gossip rags and bogus news outlets.

Many stars live eccentric lives, exposing themselves to all sorts of situations that could weigh heavily on their emotions and mental state. The ups and downs of the biz, personal issues, and mental health can all play a role in a celebrity having dreadful thoughts of taking his or her own life.

Sadly, some famous folks we know have committed suicide, and it's sheer tragedy. We hope that their families have found peace and wish their lives had never come to such a dark place. We miss these stars and hope they're now resting in peace.

But for some other celebs, thoughts of suicide have crossed their minds. Some even attempted to take their own lives, but they were saved or their plans didn’t result in death. Thankfully, these celebs didn’t end their own lives and are still with us today or eventually passed from other reasons.

These 15 stars hit some terribly low points in their lives, and sadly, suicide was an option for them at a particular point. Read their stories, and understand that even the rich, talented, and famous can still suffer like anyone else. Let’s hope that these feelings never come up again and that these celebs are now happier and in a better place.

15 Vanilla Ice

Once at the top of the rap world, there came a time back in 1994 when washed up rapper Vanilla Ice (AKA Robert Matthew Van Winkle) reportedly wanted to end his life via suicide. And he didn’t try to commit suicide only once but two times. Thankfully, his attempts to take his own life didn’t work out, and it seems like the “Ice, Ice, Baby” singer has come out of the dreadful darkness and into a brighter and better place. Sure, his musical career isn’t as huge as it once was, but at least he's found the will to live and enjoy his life and success thus far. These days, we sometimes see Vanilla Ice appearing on reality shows and the like, but that’s a far better fate than being six feet under. “Too cold, too cold.”

14 Halle Berry

One look at the incomparable Halle Berry and you’d think she has it all. Beauty, brains, talent, and success are at the actress’s fingertips, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have her troubles as well. She once told sources that she was feeling terribly low after she divorced her ex, David Justice, and thoughts of suicide crossed her mind. As we all know, she didn’t go through with her dreadful feelings, and Berry now seems to be happy, healthy, and continues to impress her fans with her impressive roles on screen. She’s now a doting mom and looks as beautiful as ever. You never know who may be feeling hopeless, and Berry is a prime example of such. We're all relieved that she got over that painful time and emerged as the beautiful butterfly she is.

13 Michael Jackson

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, lived a whirlwind of a life that's unlike any other known to man. From his childhood until his untimely death, his life was watched by millions of people from all corners of the globe, and his every move was picked apart and examined. A talent like no other, Jackson wowed audiences for decades with his exceptional stage presence and off-the-charts charisma, but there came a time when the pop star was accused of the unthinkable – molestation of a child. It was at this time that it was reported that Jackson contemplated committing suicide. Thankfully, he didn’t go through with his plans and lived on until his death. Although the great Jackson is no longer with us, his legacy and music will live on forever.

12 Mike Tyson

We’ve seen Mike Tyson get into all sorts of troubling situations over the years, but it's alleged that the boxing champ once tried to end his life by crashing his car back in the late ‘80s. Who knows if the crash was an accident or an attempt at suicide? But news reports declared the situation a suicide attempt. Throughout his noteworthy career, Tyson has been involved in legal issues, relationship drama, bad behavior in the ring, and other questionable activity, so perhaps all of this “acting out” had to do with demons he was dealing with personally. Let’s hope that if Tyson’s action was indeed an attempt at suicide that he's recovered from the issues he was dealing with. A fighter in the ring can be a fighter in the rest of the areas of his life, too.

11 Britney Spears

Pop darling Britney Spears has had plenty of fame and fortune over the years, but we’ve all seen the sometimes-troubled star go through some tough and alarming public meltdowns. When she was on the edge of destruction, it's alleged that she tried to commit suicide two times. Luckily, her plans to end her life didn’t pan out, and she got the care and therapy she needed to get back to the Britney that's stronger than ever and obviously well-adjusted compared to her earlier years. As a celeb mom in the public eye, she has a lot on her plate, but she seemed beyond overwhelmed and was seriously struggling for a point in her life. Hopefully, she never falls back to that dark place and continues wowing the crowds in Las Vegas and beyond.

10 Paris Jackson

The only daughter of the late pop star Michael Jackson went through some terribly difficult times publicly after her famous father passed away, and at a young age, she was thrust into the glaring spotlight and examined by the press and the paparazzi relentlessly. In 2013, it was reported that she attempted suicide after she somehow discovered that there was a chance that Michael Jackson may not have been her biological father. Thankfully, her unfortunate suicide attempt didn’t kill her, and she went through rigorous rehab to help her become a well-adjusted and happy young woman. Today, Paris Jackson seems to be living a better and happier life and is working to become a model and actress. Let’s pray for the very best for Jackson. Besides, hasn’t this family been through enough?

9 Tina Turner

Singer Tina Turner is one of the most iconic musical living legends, but part of her interesting and outrageous past is certainly not music to anyone’s ears. Reports have alleged that there was a moment in the ‘60s when the high-energy and highly talented singer and performer wanted to have her final curtain call and take her own life. Perhaps, it was the overwhelming nature of fame or the horrible relationship she was stuck in with Ike, but when a person sees suicide as the only answer, you know they're at their lowest point. Luckily, Turner didn't go through with her plans for committing suicide and seems to be living a fulfilling life filled with numerous musical hits, tons of fans, and, at 77 years old, has an unexplainable youthful energy that keeps on ticking.

8 Elton John

Success, fame, talent, and money sound like they make for a life that can’t be beat, but for Elton John, there was a time back in the ‘80s when suicide seemed like an option for the musician who was under tremendous stress for having to hide the fact that he was gay from the public. As per reports, he was found by a friend mid-attempt before the suicide was able to be carried out, and John got the much-needed help he deserved. Of course, we all know John is now open about his sexuality and is a major force in the fight for equal rights for all. He’s married to the love of his life, happy, and still playing the piano and singing for audiences who'll never tire of the star.

7 Eminem

Rapper Eminem is a huge success and made his way to the top from less-than-ideal beginnings. If you’ve ever seen his movie, you know that he had a lot to overcome before hitting it big in the world of rap. It's been reported that the rapper once thought about committing suicide after his relationship ended with his girlfriend at the time. We know he never went through with it, which is a major blessing for the rapper and his family and friends. Eminem’s raw talent and passion for his music are unmatched, and he's also a dad, so it would be a horrible fate if he went through with the dreadful suicide. Let’s hope the talented rapper is over his past troubles and depression and is now content with the life he's leading today.

6 Sammy Davis Jr.

With all the bright smiles and light-hearted singing Sammy Davis Jr. put forth, it's a shock to learn that he was suffering emotionally and once even tried to commit suicide -- on the night of his wedding, no less. Reportedly, the star was struggling with issues surrounding his race and religion, and the situations he was facing nearly drove the “Rat Packer” over the edge. We know he didn’t go through with the suicide, but the fact that the star was at such a low point in his life is troubling to hear. Even a man that seems to have everything one could want can still suffer in silence. Luckily, the singer didn’t take his own life, and hopefully, he didn’t live out the rest of his life in pain.

5 Richard Pryor

It's a shock to know that comedian Richard Pryor, a man so full of humor, had a painful past as well. He once attempted to commit suicide by setting himself on fire, but thankfully, his plans didn’t take him to his final moment on Earth. He had joked to audiences that he caught fire while lighting a crack pipe but later confessed his “accident” was really a shot at taking his own life. While the comedian is no longer with us, at least the cause of his passing was not by his own hand. Pryor was a comedic genius, and it's a blessing he turned his life around after that attempt at suicide. Many comedians have been inspired by his talent, and it would've been a shame if he had cut his life short.

4 Ronda Rousey

Mixed Martial Artist fighter and actress Ronda Rousey reportedly admitted to contemplating suicide after her big loss to Holly Holm. Once on top of the world, this shocking loss in the ring sent Rousey into a downward spiral that had her feeling her lowest. She was still considered one of the best MMA women in the world, but one major loss and her world seemingly turned upside down. Of course, we're all aware that Rousey didn't go through with her plans to take her life, but it's depressing to know that this loss in the ring caused her such deep and troubling despair. Hopefully, things are looking brighter for the star and she continues to put her best foot forward for herself and her fans who are rooting for her success and happiness.

3 Donna Summer

The talented disco diva Donna Summer was all about glitz and glam in her heyday, and her fans adored the diva’s signature sound and fresh and sexy look. But with all the good that was going on in the star’s life, it was reported that she had once attempted to take her own life by trying to jump out of a hotel window. Thank goodness the disco queen was spotted by a housekeeper who came to her rescue before she was able to make the deadly leap. Hopefully, whatever was plaguing Summer was taken care of and she never attempts suicide ever again. Her music was a sign of the times and always put her fans in good spirits. Let’s hope that she was able to reach that same high, too, once she had gotten past her demons.

2 Owen Wilson

Actor Owen Wilson comes across as a lighthearted fellow and a fun-loving friend, but in his troubled past, the star battled serious depression and years of hardship. He even contemplated suicide in 2007 and was taken in for immediate rehab and other much-needed help for his battle with the blues as well as his abundant issues with addiction. Fans love the quirky actor who has had dozens of memorable roles on the big screen. It seems like Wilson overcame his many troubles from the past and is stronger than ever with a career that keeps going strong. He’s a ton of fun to watch, and we all hope he never thinks about suicide ever again. With such talent, it would be a shame to lose such a wonderful man. He makes us smile, so hopefully, fans can do the same for him.

1 Drew Barrymore

Fans have adored the cute and quirky actress Drew Barrymore since she was a little girl on the big screen. She had a very public life from the get-go, and we've heard of her troubled past, which included first trying drugs and alcohol at a much too early age. She was addicted time and time again and once tried to take her life, most likely due to the issues she faced by being in the spotlight, and her addictions added upon those adult-like pressures from a young age. Thankfully, her attempt didn’t work out, and she was in rehab for a time in order to heal herself and get the help she was crying out for. Today, Barrymore is a mom of two and continues to act in big hits we all love to watch with a tub of popcorn and a friend.


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