15 Stars Who Accidentally Ruined Someone's Life

It might not be fair to suggest that a celebrity accidentally ruined another person's life, but we're going to do it either way. So, what do we even mean? Well, don't think too hard about it. On this list are celebrities who accidentally did something that hurt another person. Some of the victims on this list are celebrities, while others are just regular people. Some of the victims rebounded and turned the negative into a positive, whereas some never did come back. In some of the events on this list, people died. There's no coming back from that. At least that's what we've heard. As with almost all information about celebrities, there's going to be some hearsay on this list. Some of these are nothing more than accusations, but we'll acknowledge that when we come to it.

This list could be a lot longer if we included things like car accidents. We've tried to omit everything like that because, while a celebrity who badly injured or even killed someone in a car accidents did technically "accidentally ruin someone's life," we want to keep this list even more subtle than that. We want to include only those events which a celebrity never intended to hurt anyone. Maybe they intended some emotional distress, but certainly not to ruin another's life. So, car accidents aside, let's look at all the celebrities who are at least partly responsible for something terrible. Here are 15 stars who accidentally ruined someone's Life.

15 Ashley Greene - Burned Down Apartment

14 Dre and Cube - Film Caused Heart Attack

13 George Lucas - Ruined Jake's Childhood

12 Andy Dick - Got A Murderer High

11 Eminem and 50 Cent - Humiliated Ja

10 Tom Hanks - Outed Gay Teacher

9 Isaiah Washington - Outed Gay Costar

8 Jenny Jones -  Her Show Led to Murder

7 Renny Harlin - Killed Wife's Career

6 Travis Barker - Invited Friend On Plane

5 Douglas Aarniokoski - Destroyed Paz's Career

4 Steve Coogan - Inspired Suicide Attempt

3 Jim Carrey - The Wrongful Death Lawsuit

2 Tommy Allsup - Won Plane Crash Coin Toss

1 Hannibal Burress - Outed Cosby Assaults

We're not about to make claims about what people deserve in life. We're simply stating the events as they happened. Whether Bill Cosby is guilty of the many, many accusations against him is another story, but it's clear that life was going a lot smoother for the Jell-O man until comedian Hannibal Burress came along. Technically, Cosby ruined lives by no accident, and did this to himself, but Burress was the one who drew the attention the case needed. It started a few years ago. In Burress' stand-up routine, he had a bit that addressed Cosby and how he was ashamed of black celebrities: “Pull your pants up black people, I was on TV in the ‘80s,” Buress said, mocking Cosby. “Yeah, but you r*pe women, Bill Cosby. So turn the crazy down a couple notches.” He then told the audience to “Google ‘Bill Cosby r*pe,’” bringing attention to the fact that there have been numerous accusations throughout the years, but everything was being swept under the rug. Well, not for long. This gained major traction and now Cosby is one of the most reviled humans walking the earth. So yeah, Burress may have ruined Cosby's life, but he might have given the victims of Cosby some peace of mind as well.

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15 Stars Who Accidentally Ruined Someone's Life