15 Spoiled Celeb Rich Kids That Went Too Far

Being rich is hard. So is having your life always thrust into the spotlight, with everyone watching your every move. But having money and being famous don’t necessarily spell out spoiled brat, even though that seems to be the way it tends to go. Is there hope for these spoiled rich kids?

Through various examples, we have seen that having seemingly endless amounts of money can sometimes be hard to handle. We are used to hearing from time to time that this celebrity is in rehab for abusing this, or because they were doing that. Regardless of what substance they were abusing, we all know that those crutches are made more available for those with access to money, especially serious money. The celebrity kids that are featured in this list may have grown out of childhood by this point, but they each ended up causing shame and humiliation for their families.

Now, not all of the parents of these rich kids have a squeaky clean record themselves. Some might even go as far to say that the parents, during their time, acted out even worse. However, some of the other parents of the children mentioned here did alright handling the influx of fame, fortune, and stardom. In those cases it seems most surprising that the child would walk on the wrong side of the law, but, as you well know, we see it all the time. Is there any hope at all for these spoiled rich kids, or have they already gone too far?

15 Cameron Douglas - Aspiring King Pin

Michael Douglas’ son, Cameron Douglas, once again made his family the talk of the town back in late 2016 when he was released from prison after having served seven long years. If you remember, back in the summer of 2009, Cameron was arrested after it was discovered that he was involved in a serious drug trafficking ring. The DEA had been working a sting on the case for three years before arresting Cameron in Manhattan. He had been caught distributing several pounds of methamphetamine out of a Manhattan hotel. In January of 2010, he pled guilty to the charges and admitted he had been dealing drugs in New York since 2006. He was sentenced to serve five years. However, Cameron, who clearly had no regard for the rules, got an additional 4.5 years added onto his initial sentence after he was repeatedly caught having drugs smuggled in to him while he was inside. Due to his neglect for prison rules, he spent 2012 to 2014 in solitary confinement. A place where even his father wasn’t allowed to visit. Although his release date wasn’t until 2018, he was released in 2016 and now lives in a halfway house. This is certainly one rich kid that has gone way too far, even by prison standards.

14 Chet Hanks - Accident Waiting To Happen

Chet Hanks is the son of actor Tom Hanks and actress Rita Wilson, but thanks to him, they’re both getting sued! The aspiring rapper has had a well-known, long-time issue of substance abuse, a problem both parents are aware of. In 2015, Chet was driving, while under the influence, a car that belonged to his parents. Being under the influence caused him to get into an accident with a man named Terry Moogan while driving in California. Terry Moogan has since decided to sue the Hanks family stating that he named the parents as defendants as well as their son because they not only own the car but they, knowing Chet had issues with substance abuse, let him take the car out by himself. This kid is costing his parents an awful lot of time and money.

13 Jaycee Chan - Causing Trouble Abroad

Legendary Jackie Chan has a troubled son, Jaycee, who spent six months in a Beijing prison. In August of 2014, Chinese law enforcement raided his home and found 100 grams of marijuana which came with a three-year prison sentence. Even though he was originally detained because he was under the influence, he was kept in criminal detention for the more serious crime of housing others doing drugs. He was then sentenced to prison where he got out six months later, in 2015. The entire ordeal was rather embarrassing and ironic since, in 2009, Jackie Chan was named an official “Narcotics Control Ambassador,” by the Chinese government. Knowing that Jaycee should have known that doing anything with drugs in China was taking things too far.

12 Eric Wright Jr. - Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Eric Wright Jr. is the firstborn son of late Eazy-E and just like his father, he is no stranger to walking on the wrong side of the law. On a Saturday evening, back in 2006, Eric Wright Jr.’s car was pulled over for a traffic violation. Both he and the two other people in the car were taken in for questioning after police found a firearm in the vehicle. One man, like Wright Jr., was charged for being in the possession of the weapon while the third was charged for violating the terms of their parole. Being a member of the N.W.A., Eazy-E was no stranger to being arrested as well. Out of all of the stories of spoiled rich kids that went too far, this is probably the most tame of the bunch. Be that as it may, we doubt many of you drive around carrying an unregistered gun, which means that this kid is still pulling some crazy stunts.

11 Weston Cage - Avoiding Arrest

Weston Cage made headlines back in 2011 after being arrested for domestic violence, for the second time. More recently, as in February 2017, Nicolas Cage’s son was arrested yet again, bringing, even more, disgrace down on his famous family. He got into a car accident while driving under the influence in the San Fernando Valley. While he and the other driver exchanged information, young Cage chose to flee the scene before law enforcement could arrive. After leading them on in a chase that lasted only a mile, Weston crashed the car right into a tree. What started off as a minor accident turned into a much bigger problem. That’s what happens when spoiled rich kids run rampant.

10 Montana Fishburne - Kim K Tape Aspirations

Poor Morpheus. The actor that plays Morpheus throughout the Matrix series, Laurence Fishburne, has had his hands full with his daughter Montana for quite some time now. After seeing the success revolving around Kim Kardashian after the release of her sex tape back in the day, Montana decided to get down on film with Vivid Entertainment, wanting the same sort of stardom. But the sex tapes exploits didn’t stop there: she later made another scandalous sex tape with the wannabe rapper Jeremy Pumper. More recently, as in March of 2017, Miss Fishburne earned herself a DUI charge after rear-ending another car while driving under the influence. When the sex tapes were released, it created strain and tension between father and daughter, a situation that Laurence has said he has been very hurt by. Understandably. Anytime a child makes a sex tape, they have taken things too far. It’s something that you can’t unsee.

9 Miley Cyrus - Pushing The Limits

We all know that Miley Cyrus is the country/pop turned hip hop/pop artist turned country again daughter of singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus. What we are also all aware of is just how crazy Miss Miley can become. She’s acted so crazy over the years she could probably take the whole title of taking it too far to herself. She’s been spanked by the Mexican flag during a performance back in 2014. She flashed more than just a crazy hairstyle during the 2015 VMAs (and if you are confused, we are talking about her flashing her nipple). She took and posted a picture of her peeing on a tree; don’t worry, she was squatting, but still. She even started a company called Billy Bob Teeth Company, and it sells ugly fake teeth. You could write an entire book on the outfits she wears and in the time it would take to list out all of Miley’s crazy antics, you could binge three seasons of anything on Netflix. Miley is the queen bee of taking pretty much everything way, way too far. But at least she hasn't had any problems with the law!

8 Marcus Jordan - A Monumental Mistake

Back in 2012, son of the NBA legend Michael Jordan, Marcus Jordan was arrested after being involved in a disturbance outside of a hotel in downtown Florida. Jordan Jr. was booked on an early Sunday morning for disorderly conduct, obstructing justice, and resisting arrest, after getting into an argument with two women. He was released Sunday night. Not even a year later, in 2013, a d*ck pic was sent out from a Twitter account that was associated with Marcus, but almost as soon as it was posted, it was deleted. Later, the account claims to again be run by Marcus himself, and he goes on to say that he had been hacked and that everyone was foolish to think otherwise. Whatever happened there, that picture is still circling the Internet and we’re sure that Michael thinks this whole situation has just gone too far.

7 Indio Downey - Like Father, Like Son

This story is truly a story of a son following in his father’s footsteps. Back in 1996, Robert Downey Jr. was convicted of felony drug possession after authorities found heroin, cocaine, and a pistol in his car. The act sent him to prison for a year. After Robert got out of prison, he was arrested soon after for violating the terms of his parole, which earned him another year and three months. In August 2014, the actor’s son was arrested after allegedly being seen taking a hit from a cocaine pipe, a crime, along with carrying the illegal drug, he later pled guilty to. He never saw the inside of a cell though, and instead opted to complete a 20-month rehab program, which he finished in 2016. Since he completed the program, the judge overseeing his case pardoned him. Funny enough, two months prior, his dad had been pardoned for his previous crimes as well. Perhaps, in this story, both parties got too carried away.

6 Redmond O’Neal - Repeat Offender

The son of actor Ryan O’Neal and late actress Farrah Fawcett was sentenced to spend three years in state prison after being found with heroin and a weapon during a routine traffic stop. This wasn’t the first time he’s been in trouble either. The first time this spoiled kid went too far was back in 2008 when he was jailed for heroin possession. For years after his initial arrest, he continued to violate his parole. The last time he was caught was the incident in 2015 that involved heroin and the gun. Redmond may have been sentenced to three years the last time he found himself on the wrong side of the law, but he only ended up serving less than one year. Some might say he’s just a young soul lost after the loss of his beloved mother, but others think this kid has been taking things too far for too long.

5 Conrad Hilton III - An Entitled Heir

Conrad Hilton III may be a big name in the news, but that’s not necessarily because he is the brother of Paris Hilton and the son of mogul Richard Hilton; it’s because he’s in a lot of trouble, again. He started taking his spoiled life too far when he threw a childish fit on a British Airways flight in 2014, during which he threatened the life of the flight attendants and called the other passengers names. Soon after that episode, Conrad violated his parole after he failed several drug tests. In 2015, he was given a restraining order from his ex-girlfriend, Hunter Salomon. Just a month after that, he tried breaking into her home. After serving a two-month sentence he still hasn’t gotten a clue and in May of 2017, he tried, yet again, to break into the home of Hunter Salomon, and was found out joyriding in her father’s car at 4:50 am. Everything about this kid screams spoiled and rich.

4 Stephanie Bon Jovi - It's My Life

Lead singer of the band Bon Jovi, Jon Bon Jovi received the last phone call he ever wanted to accept as a father. In November of 2012, police had found Stephanie on the floor of her dorm unconscious, having overdosed on heroin. Stephanie called him at 2 AM from the hospital to tell him what had happened and that she was okay. While the criminal charges surrounding the possession of the drug that almost killed her had been dropped around the time she was admitted to the hospital, her father says that the discovery of her heroin overdose and unknown drug use was the worst moment in his entire life. It’s definitely safe to say that any kid doing anything that almost kills them is almost going too far to return. And no parent wants that. In an effort to avoid any further problems, Stephanie has gone through rehab and is supported and cared for by her doting family.

3 Charlie Sheen - An Irreversible Diagnosis

Charlie Sheen is older now, so it’s easy to forget that he is, in fact, the spoiled rich kid of some hot shot American actor. Even though his father, Martin Sheen, has been arrested dozens more times than his son Charlie, Charlie isn’t shy and has been in trouble his fair share of times. He spent year after year in and out of rehab battling addiction. After decades of hardcore drug, sex, and alcohol abuse that destroyed every relationship he tried to have, he found out he had HIV. Since revealing his diagnosis back in 2015, Charlie has quit the reckless and risky life he once led and now focuses on bringing light to HIV in Hollywood. He may have shaped up in more recent years, but the damages Charlie Sheen has inflicted on himself are now irreversible. This is certainly a story where the “kid” went too far.

2 Nick Hogan - Almost Fatal Mistake

In 2007, Nick Hogan caused a horrible accident that almost cost him the life of one of his closest friends. One night in August, Nick and his friend, John, began drag racing another set of friends in a different car while the group was on their way to eat dinner at a nearby restaurant. At one point, Nick lost control of the car and it crashed. Both Nick and John were airlifted to the closest hospital. Hulk Hogan’s son was later released but John, who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt during the accident, suffered such severe injuries that he now requires 24/7 around the clock care. Nick, who was charged with underage drinking and driving while under the influence, was then sent to serve eight months in Pinellas County Jail. Nick got released just under six months due to good behavior. He says that he is still haunted to this day by the things he has done. We would say that almost killing one of your best friends just for a race is definitely taking things too far.

1 Prince Jefri Bolkiah - Richest Of Them All

Prince Jefri Bolkiah is the brother of the Sultan of Brunei, which means, this family has a lot of dough to throw around. Prince Jefri, also referred to as the Playboy of Brunei, has blown through billions (yes, billions) of dollars over the past few decades. It began from the 1980s to the mid-1990s when the Prince acted as the financial minister overseeing the wealth of Brunei. Instead of doing what he was supposed to do with over $14 billion dollars, he financed a decade of extravagant and impossibly rich things, all in the name of deceit. The situation wasn’t discovered until his brother, the Sultan, began to look for the supposedly “stashed” money. When no amount of money was found, it was clear what had happened. Then, in 2011, Prince Jefri was in hot water for his immense spending habits again and this time, he was trying to blame it on two British lawyers, who he had hired in 2004 to help manage his vast affairs. For a man that has everything, and that could get anything he could ever want, including over 250 companies and several thousand cars, it seems a little ridiculous that he spends the money and tries to blame it on someone else. While he is old enough to not be considered a kid, Prince Jefri is definitely the most spoiled rich person on this list.

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