15 Spine-Chilling Pics Captured By Redditors

Take a look at 15 chilling images captured by Redditors… don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Reddit is a highly popular American social-news and discussion platform. It's also the place to find sharp, witty, and often decadent storylines that, in most walks of life, wouldn’t be considered appropriate. Imagine if we all said exactly how we felt in public, slammed our fists down on the boardroom table, and yelled “Enough of this bull crap!” What would the world be like? Visit Reddit on a daily basis to get an idea.

Today, we’re looking at the creepier side of life with a little glance at some bizarre and slightly unnerving pictures posted by the avid community. With some of the more colorful characters in the world venturing onto Reddit to share their bizarre life stories, we find ourselves with a positive glut of spooky and weird stories to enjoy.

Viewer discretion is advised, especially for those of a nervous disposition and those more susceptible to nightmares. Such people had better turn away. On the other hand, some of the more adventurous among you may be tempted to check out more subReddits after reading this. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 15 chilling images captured by Redditors… don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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15 Samantha Koenig's Corpse Posed To Look Still Alive

lilmissbloodbath remembers the case of Samantha Koenig. In February 2012, Koenig was working late night on her own at a juice bar in Anchorage, Alaska when she was approached by local man Israel Keyes. Little did she know that Keyes would later be charged with countless other unsolved murders in the area. He raised his gun to her, and Koenig tried to run away. Keyes tackled her to the ground and kidnapped her, explaining that he wanted to do this for money.

In the days that followed, Keyes raped and killed Koenig and then took a trip out of town. He returned two weeks later and was determined to keep up with the ransom demand. He sewed Koenig’s eyes open and posed her with a newspaper to try to prove to her family that she was still alive. Keyes was later arrested but killed himself in custody.

14 Blood In Phone

slacker1985 works at a cellphone store in Illinois. He recalls that back in 2008, there was a shooting spree at a local school where children died. He was given a bunch of phones by a police detective on the case and asked to charge them up so that the authorities could see whom they belonged to. slacker1985 remembers how many of the phones were covered in blood and battered almost to destruction.

To make matters worse, as soon as each of the phones was charged up, they began to light up with worried text messages and missed calls from parents and friends who had heard about the shooting. The picture here was actually given to him by the relatives of someone who had died in a car accident. The staining behind the screen is also blood, which gives an idea of how violent the person’s death must've been.

13 Plague Pit

Redditor jewbo23 shared a picture on Reddit a while ago of his aunt who had discovered a plague pit in the garden of her house. Plague pits were essentially mass graves that were dug either in the 14th Century or, more recently, in the 17th Century, following continued outbreaks of Black Death or bubonic plague. At its height in 1665, seven months of plague wiped out a quarter of London’s population; by modern-day standards, that would equate to around 3 million people, but back then, it was about 100,000.

As a comparative estimate, a nuclear bomb dropped in the center of London would wipe out just over 5 million residents. The plague, however, wasn't just confined to London. Plague outbreaks were felt all over the UK, and this house in Suffolk showed the signs of the aftermath. The plague hit the United States at the beginning of the 20th Century but never to such a large extent.

12 Taipei Plane Crash

icwangtw shared an image of a plane crash in Taipei. Back in 2015, flight GE235 TransAsia Airways flying out of Taipei Songshan airport reported an engine flameout on one of the engines. The Captain – who had previously failed flight simulator training – pulled back power on the other engine by mistake. The error was noticed only around two minutes into the flight, and, by the time the Captain powered the working engine, it was too late to save the plane.

The ATR 72-600 can fly on one engine but not without both, and it plunged from a reasonably low altitude, headed between buildings, before veering towards a river and crashing. The cockpit crew was killed, along with 43 passengers. After plunging into the river, which was presumably an evasive tactic by the crew, some survivors drowned and their bodies were carried further down river. Some have still not been found.

11 Moscow Plane Crash

Himoy posted up a video taken from the dash cam of a car traveling along the freeway near Moscow airport. The driver was unaware that disaster was about to strike. Having landed at the airport, a Tupolev TU-204 overshot the runway and slammed into the freeway, killing the crew on board. While giving little comfort to the family members of the crew, it's of some comfort to know that the plane wasn't full of passengers.

The video, which lasts for only about a minute, shows the flash of the plane’s impact with the bridge of the freeway before launching onto the road and smashing into pieces. The plane had returned to Moscow from Pardubice in the Czech Republic. It was thought that pilot error was the main cause of this crash, although exactly why remains a mystery.

10 Haunted Apartment

This image was submitted by Redditor provelcheesegal who claims to have been haunted by a spirit girl. The apartment she lives in was built in 1889. She recalls heading into the house with her husband and son behind her, but, in fact, her son had gone on ahead. However, hearing noises coming from his room, he bolted for the front door without her noticing. What she did notice was that all the lights were on and that the water in the bathroom was running.

Calling out to her son, whom she believed was in the bathroom, she got no answer, but when he and his dad came upstairs, she realized there was no one else in the house. That night, she took this picture, which shows an anomaly at the bottom right of the frame -- to us, it looks like you can make out the right-hand part of a girl's head: her right eye, part of her face, her nose, and some dark hair. She also took another picture that was distorted in some places.

9 Stunning Collision

reParaoh added a video to Reddit of a road accident that could've come straight from the movies. A Hazmat lorry carrying gas bottles careens up the inside lane of a Russian freeway and pounds the back of another vehicle. If that wasn’t bad enough, the bottles on board then begin to ignite in an inferno, each setting the other off with an impressive explosion. As the fire intensifies, the explosions become more frequent, endangering passersby and even traffic coming the other way.

Redditors posit that the van driver escaped just before the fireball, which is fortunate because there would've been nothing left of him if he’d stayed put. As each cylinder was carrying around 60lbs of highly pressurized gas, you can see why there would've been such an ignition. Talk about the domino effect -- this was the devil’s own game.

8 Breakfast Bowl Skull

There are all sorts of designs of breakfast bowls, but we think arthousevandal’s capture is one of the best. Not only is it shaped like a skull, but so, too, is it a little higher than normal to prevent those nasty moments of spilling milk over the table at breakfast time. We think if it was full of spaghetti, it would be a whole different kettle of fish.

Still, if there’s one thing a lot of us like doing, it's imagining what it must've been like to live in the era of the Vikings, who used to drink beer and wine from the skulls of their foes and would raise them in a toast, shouting “Skol”! Another Redditor, WikiTextBot, considered that the skull should've been full of “sisig - a Filipino dish made from parts of pig’s head and liver, usually seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers.” Nice.

7 Ant-Man Stunt

Ant-Man was a 2015 American superhero film. The film stars Paul Rudd and was directed by Peyton Reed. Thanks to Redditor FisketsKarma, we watch a scene in which a large SUV is flipped over by a mechanical ramp, which we think is going to give the impression of it being kicked or thrown by a character in the film.

The crew cleared an entire street for this stunt, and the cars along the pavement were Pintos. What results is a terrific stunt but one that if you were looking out of your window and saw, you might wonder what was going on! The stunt was filmed on Nob Hill in San Francisco. Ant-Man held its world premiere in Los Angeles on June 29, 2015 and was released in North America on July 17, 2015.

6 Ghost Girl Captured

CrashAtlas posted a picture, which supposedly shows the image of a ghost girl captured at a paranormal investigation of an old school. The team of investigators was walking around Lyme Elementary school in Ohio and taking pictures as they walked. As they approached the boiler room of the school, each member of the team began to feel disorientated and unwell.

Noticing the possible signs of the proximity of a spirit, one of the investigators took pictures and captured this image. There's a little girl called “Alyssa,” who supposedly haunts the school. Perhaps, this is that girl. Laura Fulk, a ghost hunter, discovered earlier that the “Alyssa” ghost was about seven years old, had short brown hair, and wore a white dress. Her favorite color was said to be pink.

5 Disappearance Of Mary Little

Posted by Gaia227, this next story is about Mary Little who disappeared from Atlanta GA in 1965 after having been shopping and then going out for the dinner in the evening. She worked at a bank in the day, and when she didn’t return calls the next morning, the police were called. As it turns out, her boss told police where her car would normally be parked, but it wasn’t there in the morning. A manhunt was started, but there was never any sign of her.

Her car was returned the next day with some clothes neatly piled up but with blood-spattering, and the interior of the car itself showed signs of a violent struggle. The car had previously been filled up at a petrol station twice, and the shop owners told police that the woman who had signed for the gas had looked battered and scared. Weirdly, the woman who replaced Little at the bank was later found murdered in the trunk of her car. The case remains unsolved.

4 Face In The Television

The face in the TV is a popular phenomenon. While some consider seeing ghostly apparitions – such as Jesus in toast – a sign of a vivid imagination, others are convinced they see an actual ghost. This next story was posted by Redditor GrilledGoatCheese, who remembers, as a child, witnessing some odd events in his grandparents’ house.

He was standing in the kitchen and saw, out of the corner of his eye, a young girl with long black hair and dressed in a white dress. Thinking nothing of it, he carried on with his chores. The next day, the same thing happened, and throughout the summer, he would see the girl. Talking to one of his friends, he remembers being told that they too had seen a ghost in the boy’s family home. Asking his friend to describe it, his friend described exactly the same ghost in detail.

3 Severed Legs In Butte, Montana

Flickerfire posted an interesting unsolved murder case about a pair of legs found near a reservoir in Butte, Montana. The legs were found in the summer of 2012, and, to this date, the owner of the limbs hasn't been identified. It's believed that the gruesome discovery was a part of a murder that took place, but because of the remote location, it's almost impossible to identify a suspect or even a motive. The fact remains, though, that somewhere in the countryside around Butte might well be the remainder of the corpse.

The police do know that the legs belong to a white adult male and that they had been severed at the groin area. Other than that, they're still drawing blanks. It's known, especially in cases of organized crime execution, that the victim is killed and then dismembered to avoid identification. So, too, are some of the body parts scattered around the country to put off the scent of any police involvement. That could've been the case in Butte.

2 Creepy Clown

Nobody likes clowns anymore, especially Redditor WeAreWonderfulNow. Some believe that our fear of clowns comes from the medieval times in England when clowns or jesters would prance about in bright-colored leotards and sing songs and perform magic. There was a time when magic was considered the work of the devil.

Andrew Stott, an English professor who studies clown culture, believes that “the medieval fool was continually reminding us of our mortality, our animal nature, of how unreasonable and ridiculous and petty we can be” (The Telegraph, 2016). “Clowns have always been associated with danger and fear because they push logic up to its breaking point,” Stott adds. Who can forget the chilling picture of serial killer John Wayne Gacy posing as a clown with a young boy? If that doesn’t put you off the thought of clowns, then we don’t know what will.

1 Last Moments Of Aeroflot 593

Another video, this time of the last moments of Russian Aeroflot Flight 593, posted by BedSideCabinet. The air accident simulation shows the last few moments of the flight as the Russian captain tries to wrestle the controls from his 16-year-old son. The Russian airline offers discounted rates to children of pilots and aircrew at certain times of the year, but it's never considered good form to allow your children to fly the plane.

This is what happened when Eldar -- the son of the Captain -- took control. Although the plane was in autopilot mode, the boy managed to confuse the mechanics by oversteering. This, in turn, was overcorrected by the Captain, leading to two stalls and an eventual nosedive. Although the crew managed to return the plane to level flight, the plane impacted the ground at a descent speed of 160mph, killing all 75 on board instantly.


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15 Spine-Chilling Pics Captured By Redditors