15 Spine-Chilling Pics Captured By Baby Monitors

When baby monitors were first introduced, parents everywhere rejoiced that they could finally keep tabs on their sleeping baby. It’s a great way to help teach children early to sleep on their own in their own rooms and allows for the parents to have some privacy. Listening to the kids is helpful enough, but being able to watch them is a new technology that makes even more of a difference. They’re an extra set of eyes for parents when they can’t always be around to keep tabs on their beloved babies. However, they’re also an extra set of eyes that can keep track of ghosts when no one else is around.

Before baby monitors allowed us to take a peek at kids when they were alone, we were only able to listen to the sleeping angels. Even when there was only a radio-like system available for our children, there were rumors that they picked up the sound waves of aliens or ghosts. Once the screen gave us a chance to actually view an image, we began to be able to see some more paranormal activity as well. Although the purpose of a baby monitor is a chance to see a cute sleeping baby, often, much more is caught that gives us nightmares.

Do you have a scary image taken from your baby monitor? This list will either make you want to get one or want to throw yours out! Here are 15 Of The Most Chilling Images Taken From Baby Monitors:

15 Who Is She

The last thing any parent would ever want to see on their baby monitor is an intruder at the crib of their child. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what one parent saw after peeping at the screen only to see this terrifying ghost looking straight into the camera. The person who posted the photo also claimed that their mother recently died, so perhaps, the camera caught the spirit of the grandmother looking over the child on the monitor. It still looks as though whatever is looking straight into the camera isn’t all that friendly. The way the face is blurred and the way she's holding their body really makes her look horrifying. What would you do if you saw this image when you looked at your baby monitor? Of course, there’s always the off chance that it was a faked photo in order to get attention and likes, but until proven wrong, we’re going to believe this is evidence of a ghost.

14 What's She Staring At?

It’s always been a rumor that children can see spirits and other paranormal things that adults can't usually see. Everyone who believes this has reasons for thinking that this is the case. Some think that children are more innocent, so spirits are more likely to come to them for help. Others believe that kids are just more aware of their surroundings. Perhaps, children being able to see things that aren’t there is actually just a really good concept for some horror movies. Whatever the reality is, it’s clear that the child in this photograph saw something that shouldn't really be there. What could've pulled the child out of bed in the middle of the night and caused her to stare up at the ceiling for so long? We don’t really want to know, but either way, we’re just glad this little kid is OK.

13 That's Not A Baby In The Crib

Baby monitors aren’t the most high-tech camera equipment ever created, but they need to be affordable so that everyone has access to them. And who really needs to see a baby in HD anyway? Because of the technology of the night vision camera, however, the faces of babies can become pretty distorted. The baby in the photograph above looks far from a baby, however. Because of the way the night vision camera is working and because the image is taken in the dark, this baby looks like a straight-up demon. Could it be more than just the effects of the camera, however? Is it possible that this baby is actually a demon or some other horrifying thing waiting for the right moment to murder its parents? It's staring directly into the camera as if it knows someone is watching.

12 An Intruder Staring At A Sleeping Baby

Of course, seeing a demon, ghost, or another paranormal entity on your baby monitor could be pretty terrifying. In most cases of this happening, however, you can say that it was either faked or a trick of the camera or that there's some other reasonable explanation that can help you sleep at night. One thing that you can’t talk yourself out of, however, is seeing an intruder staring down at your baby! Luckily, the baby in the photograph is OK, as are its parents. However, it’s still horrifying knowing that this dangerous man was in their home unnoticed until they checked the footage. What was he there for, and what would he have done if the baby had woken up, started crying, and one of the parents went into the room? The scariest part is that the man still has yet to be caught. Luckily, he ended up not even taking anything, probably after seeing that there was a camera watching him in the baby’s room.

11 Abuse Caught On The Baby Monitor

Having to leave a child at home with a stranger while they go to work is one of the most difficult things most parents go through. Those who don’t have the luxury to stay home with their children have to find someone they can trust enough to look after them when they’re not away. One family thought they had found the perfect nanny for them, someone whom they could trust and rely on whom their kids seemed to like as well. That was until they noticed that their children started showing signs of aggression and mentioned the nanny being a little less than friendly. They decided to use a baby monitor in order to capture what they hoped to be nothing more than the nanny going about her usual business with the children. What they caught instead was her abusing the youngest, most innocent children several times throughout the day. Luckily, she's since been arrested, and the family is recovering.

10 That's A Ghost Sleeping Next To The Baby

The photographs above are stills taken from one mom’s baby monitor that she decided to share with the world after making a horrifying discovery. She watched her baby sleep peacefully in their bed, a sight that gives many parents peace of mind. What she soon started to see, however, was a strange figure that climbed into the bed and lay directly next to the child! She states that no one else was home at the time and that she only has one child. She believes the dark figure that climbed into bed belonged to a ghost that was looking for a place to rest. Luckily, both the child and the mom were safe, and nothing happened to them; however, it was still an unsettling sight for the entire family. They’re not the only ones on the list who experienced finding an extra baby on the baby monitor, however.

9 Who Else Is In The Crib?

The picture above was posted by another concerned mother after peeping on what she believes to be the ghost of a dead child on her baby monitor. She explained that she only has one child and that she has no idea who the other kid in the bed could be! Many critics of the photograph state that they don’t believe it could be a spirit, however, and that it’s probably a glitch in the technology. Some have even stated that maybe the monitors got messed up and that it showed an image crossed with another baby monitor! That seems like a pretty ridiculous theory, but it’s still likely that this wasn’t a baby ghost lying next to the real, living baby. It does have a very human-like appearance, however, so who knows what the real reason for the terrifying sight is?

8 The Baby Monitor Saved This One's Life

Picking the right furniture for your children is definitely one of the most important parts of getting your house ready for a baby. No one ever wants to have to think about it, but there’s a good chance that if you buy the wrong furniture, it could result in the death of your child. That was almost a reality for the mom who bought her child the crib you can see in the picture above. The youngster decided to start crawling and climbing around the crib when suddenly, it found itself in a compromising position. Its head was stuck inside the railings, and she hung there, struggling to get air. Luckily, the mom checked on her child in the baby monitor and made the horrifying discovery. She saved her little girl, and hopefully, the little girl learned a serious lesson that she won’t soon forget.

7 What's Lifting This Baby? 

Kids are much more energetic than adults, and they’re certainly more flexible than even the most talented gymnasts can seem sometimes. Although it’s not an uncommon sight, the photograph above, displaying the child on its hands, is a pretty terrifying sight. Maybe there’s a chance that it’s good at doing handstands; however, most children aren’t talented enough to balance like the kid in this picture is doing. Some speculate that it was actually being lifted from the crib. It does look as though it’s clinging onto the side of the crib and being pulled out by an unseen force. No matter what the reality of the situation is, it’s an unsettling sight that no parent would ever really want to see. Even if it’s not being pulled out and just doing gymnastics in its crib, it’s still pretty dangerous to see it doing this alone! Luckily, the child is safe, but who knows what it might get itself into later?

6 Who Else Is In The Room?

No parent ever wants to see an intruder in their home. But what if that intruder was a dead person?! The photograph above was posted after a parent thought they had captured someone walking around in the bedroom of their child. They stated that no one else had been home at the time and that their child had been sleeping soundly. They have no idea who the extra set of eyes could belong to. It’s not just the eyes that’s the scary part either. It’s horrifying that there are no other parts of the body of the ghost that we can see. Critics of the photograph have also stated that it could just be two reflections off of something shiny in the room. It seems strange that they’d be in that position and at that eye level, however. It’s also terrifying that there’s nothing else shiny in the picture that could explain what the eye-looking orbs could be.

5 Good Thing They Had The Baby Monitor Installed

Some parents are hesitant about using baby monitors or nanny cams to spy on those watching their children while they’re at work or doing something else that requires the help of a childcare worker. Some believe it’s invasive to watch a person while they work, while others think that it’s necessary to make sure nothing is happening to the child. The parents of the little girl in the photograph above didn’t think it was necessary to use a camera for the year they had the nanny, pictured above. After their daughter started treating her toys strangely and showing signs of aggression, however, they decided to use her baby monitor to spy on the nanny just to ensure that nothing bad was happening to their daughter while they weren’t able to watch her. Much to their surprise, they found out that the nanny was force-feeding their daughter and slapping her around when she refused to eat. She also locked their daughter in the kitchen for hours at a time while she sat and watched TV.

4 Ghost, Or Just An Orb Of Light?

Aside from using baby monitors to spy on the nanny, some just use them for the old-fashioned purpose of checking to make sure their child is still breathing while it sleeps alone in the other room. One mom got more than she bargained for when she noticed a strange orb floating above her sleeping baby! Most who see this photograph would be quick to say it’s just a flash of the camera or a reflection of something. The thing about baby monitors is that they don’t use a flash and instead use a night vision filter so that no light is required at all, allowing the babies to sleep in darkness. If there's no light at all in the room and it’s pitch black so as to not disturb the baby, what could possibly be making the strange light-shape above the sleeping infant?

3 How Is This Baby Doing That?

The first thought when seeing such a rare photo like the one above is that it’s photoshopped. How on earth is it possible that this little boy was able to stand perfectly straight in his crib like that? We can assure you, this is definitely one authentic still taken from a video from one concerned mother’s baby monitor. After reviewing the footage, trying to figure out what was making her son cry, she realized that he was feeling a little wild at night and decided to start crawling around his crib, climbing the railings and even standing on the edge like in the picture! Luckily, he eventually falls backward back into the crib, a shock that makes him cry, triggering the mom to come into his room. Things could've been much more frightening had he fallen straight on the ground from the crib! That’d be a scary sight for the mom to come into.

2 Possessed Child? 

It’s always a little strange to see just how active some kids are at night. They take naps all day and have a much higher level of energy than adults. Although we know some kids like to be active through all hours of the night, it’s still pretty strange to see a picture like this. The way the child is positioned and the way he's looking directly into the camera makes him look as though he’s possessed! The way he’s twisting his body and his dark eyes also cause him to not look normal. This would be a pretty terrifying sight for any mom who decides to check up on her little baby! It would certainly be a startling sight even to discover the baby is just playing around. There’s always a small chance, however, that something a little more sinister could be involved in a child’s demonic behavior captured late at night.

1 A Freaky Little Girl With A Scary Long Tongue

The photograph above looks like it’s ripped straight from a horror movie -- a horror movie that involves a white-eyed, long-tongued little girl, that is! The young girl in the picture above looks as though she’s some sort of monster with a foot-long tongue. It also looks like she’s going to come diving straight towards the camera as well! One mom was pretty terrified to discover this sight after checking in on her little girl one night. The way she’s staring at the camera also adds an extra-frightening element. Of course, this is the only instance of her looking like this, and there might be a logical explanation for why her tongue/face looks like that, but for now, we’re going to believe that she’s momentarily possessed. What do you think was the most horrifying baby monitor picture on the list? Do these pictures make you want to throw all your cameras away, or are you going to put a monitor in every room?

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