15 Spine-Chilling Photos Of Serial Killers And Their "Trophies"

Are you ready for the scariest people in society to become even scarier? Sure, you've read about some of the crimes, but get ready to see it. We're covering 15 of the most despicable people that ever lived and you better believe that part of what makes them so terrible are the reminders they kept of their victims. Except you know, for 2 of our gentlemen who decided they'd rather feed their victims to unsuspecting strangers.

Several of our killers below took photos of their victims moments before their death and as morbid as it is, we've included them below. Sure, we also have things like the freezer Dahmer left body parts in, Bundy's bundle of assault tools and Gacy's cement basement of death, but there is something extra unsettling about seeing someone right before they die.

But that's the harsh reality, and that's what we're here to bring to you below. Not only while you learn about 15 of the worst killers of all time and what they did to earn that title, but you'll get to see some photos that you definitely aren't going to erase from your memory bank anytime soon.

15 Jeffrey Dahmer

John Wayne Gacy may have loved keeping his victims under his house, but Jeffrey Dahmer thought the freezer was a much more appropriate place. Or you know, a barrel like something LITERALLY out of Breaking Bad.

But getting back to the freezer thing, this was something Dahmer would do on occasion including with Edward Smith who he drugged and murdered. Dahmer's hope (incorrectly) was that by putting his skull in the freezer that it would remove the moisture. In fact, when Dahmer later went to put it in the oven, it exploded.

Dahmer also dismembered Matt Turner and cut out his internal organs which he stored in the freezer, a process he also did with Oliver Lacy who had her heart also put in the freezer.

When investigators looked inside that barrel, three dismembered torsos were found dissolving in acid. Police also found two severed penises, severed hands and a bag of human flesh and organs that had literally gotten stuck to the freezer.

Dahmer also had 74 photos of his various victims.

14 Dennis Rader

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Dennis Rader was known as the BTK Killer, an acronym that broke down to Bind, Torture, Kill.

Rader had some experience as a boy scout and troop leader and would often use his ability with knots to make his victims immobile. In one of the more haunting photos, we see Rader trying out one of his own harnesses in what appeared to be a self-portrait.

When Rader was arrested in 2005 he was charged with the murder of 10 people and was sentenced to 175 years imprisonment. The photo on the left goes to show just how normal of a man Rader was, at least to his daughter Kerri Rawson. Clearly, he was anything but "normal". Rader himself would put on outfits intended for his victims as he tested them out in freshly dug graves.

Rader wrote about his crimes in the book Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer, but his daughter was quick to point out that the book may embellish details.

“Dad is clearly enjoying himself here. Being interviewed. Playing up his stories, feeding his ego and his narcissism," said Kari.

She later went on to say, "He’s a psychopath. You can’t take anything he says as truth.”

There definitely are not many people out there that would argue with the fact that he was a monster!

13 John Gacy

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If you knew that you were going to murder a bunch of people, where do you think you'd bury the bodies? For John Wayne Gacy the answer was right under his feet, literally.

Gacy murdered upwards of 33 teenage boys from 1972-1978 and 26 of those victims were buried in a modified crawl space under his home. Gacy would often lure his victims to come and meet him at his house, and would then attempt to handcuff, assault and murder them.

Gacy also admitted to often pouring quicklime over the bodies to help them decompose quicker. When his crawl space became too full, he started throwing victims into the Des Plaines Rivers.

Gacy's big hope was to eventually completely cover the crawl space with concrete. While police say they found 26, Gacy admitted he has lost track as to how many people he buried down there.

12 Si Quey

Sometimes when someone famous dies, society will do something special to make sure that people remember them. Normally, it's because the person made a positive difference, but for Si Quey, it may just because Thailand wanted to be 100% sure he was dead!

Quey is arguably the most prolific serial killer Thailand has encountered and while a victim total can never be clarified, it was known that he would eat the hearts of his victims because he thought it made him stronger and that's pretty messed up.

When he was captured, he was quickly executed and then filled with paraffin wax to create a Mummy-like look.

The body is located at the Songkran Niyomsane Museum of Forensic Medicine.

11 Night Stalk Killer

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Part of what makes serial killers so terrifying is their general lack of remorse that they tend to exhibit when talking about their crimes. That may be no more apparent than in the case of Richard Ramirez, perhaps better known as the Night Stalker.

Ramirez was known for his love of Satan, including drawing a pentagram on his hand and yelling "Hail Satan" during his first ever court appearance (which you can see above.)

During the violation of Sophie Dickman, one of his many potential victims, he also forced her to swear on Satan, leading people to believe this is something he often made his victims do.

Sakina Abowath was also tied up and sexually assaulted by Ramirez, on top of having her husband murdered in front of her, and was also forced to swear on Satan that she would not scream during any of the assaults; including when her 3-year-old-entered the room.

Ramirez would also occasionally leave a pentagram on the walls of victims' homes.

10 Ed Gein


We need to preface something here, Ed Gein was not a serial killer. He killed two, perhaps three people, but that doesn't make him any less disturbing. Gein would often exhume corpses from local graveyards and then turn their flesh and bones into household items.

Meaning when police walked into the home of Ed Gein you can imagine it was something that would have seemed straight out of a nightmare.

Like you know, a lamp covered in human skin or a belt made of nipples. There's a collection of truly disturbing photos you can find online including gloves he made from flesh, as well as a necklace of tongues.

Gein's antics inspired several horror movies, most prominently The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Psycho.

9 Gary Ridgeway

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Try not to get too pulled in by the incredible cute nature of the puppies in the above photos. In fact, when you consider that many serial killers often abuse animals, it makes the photos all the more disturbing. We can only hope that Gary Ridgeway treated his animals a lot better than he treated his victims.

Ridgeway, better known as the Green River Killer was convicted of 49 murders and it is rumored that he murdered upwards of 90.

Ridgeway would often murder prostitutes, to which he would often show photos of his son in order to try and garner a sense of sympathy from them. To make him an even more disturbing killer, he would also occasionally go back and have sex with the dead bodies.

8 Rodney Alcala

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When I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do was to watch gameshows at my grandparent's house. I can definitely admit that The Dating Game was one of my favorites, but I was horrified to learn that former serial killer Rodney Alcala had been on the show.

In fact, Rodney even won himself the date, but thankfully the girl elected not to go.

By the time he had appeared on the show, Alcala had already kidnapped, beat and raped an 8-year-old girl with a steel bar, but she was able to survive after a good samaritan noticed the abduction and sent the police after Alcala who was able to escape.

In 1971, Cornelia Crilley was found raped and strangled and while the murder was not solved for 40+ years, was the first known victim of Alcala.

Alcala would often take photographs of his victims prior to murdering them and was also known for toying with his victims, often choking them until they passed out, reviving them and repeating the process until they died.

While he was charged from anywhere between 8 and 130 murders, police found more than 1,000 photos of women and teenage boys in sexually explicit poses.

Over 100 photos remain online that were released by police in hopes of identifying more victims.

7 Karl Denke

We would love to tell you that Karl Denke is the only person on our list who decided to try and sell the flesh of his victims to the general public. But we aren't liars, and sadly Denke is not alone in this.

But we'll start out with Denke who murdered at least 42 victims from 1909-1921 and then sold the meat at the local market, claiming it was pork. If the meat wasn't be sold for profit, Denke was also known to eat his victims.

When police investigated the home of Denke they came across a ledger that contained detailed notes of the 42 people that he had cannibalized over the years, though it's logical to assume there were more victims.

Found inside Denke's house were,

"Three medium-sized pots filled with cream sauce, some cooked meat, partially covered with skin and human hair was found. The meat was pink and soft. All pieces seemed cut from the gluteal area [buttocks]. One pot had only half a portion. Denke must have eaten the other piece short before being arrested,"

Denke was also not afraid to turn his dead victim's skin into various items, including suspenders that was made of skin and sewn together with human hair.

6 Joanna Dennehy

Does that look like a comically big knife? Like one that really just belongs in a video game? Now just imagine it being rammed through someone and you may start to understand just how disturbing Joanna Dennehy is.

It was in 2013 when Dennehy decided to lure her then-boyfriend Lukasz Slaboszewski to a remote property indicating some sexual favors, but when he arrived she stabbed him in the heart and threw him in a wheelie bin.

To add to the sad nature of his death, Slaboszewski had previously texted his friend "Life is beautiful" on his way to meet Dennehy.

Dennehy murdered her second victim, her housemate, John Chapman under 10 days later. It wasn't long before she then decided to lure Kevin Lee, her landlord and boss, to a remote location (yet again using sexual favors as a hook) who she then murdered. Dennehy then drove to another town and stabbed two more men, both of whom appear to be random and both of whom survived.

When talking about her murders, Dennehy admitted that she wanted to kill 9 men in total and had committed to not hurt any women, and definitely not any women with children.

She has been sentenced to life without the chance of parole. It has also been found that she suffered from a range of mental disorders, including Paraphilia Sadomasochism in which she garners sexual excitement from administering pain and humiliation.

5 Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy was absolutely a charismatic and intelligent man, but that just made him all the more dangerous. Many of his victims were women and from 1974-1978, murdered upwards of 30 people.

The photo on the left shows a variety of tools that Bundy admitted to having used during some of his crimes. They were apprehended from his car in 1975, but Bundy was able to offer an explanation for the items including saying he found the handcuffs in a dumpster.

It was enough to put him on the radar of police, but not enough to hold him. He later admitted there were several Polaroids of his victims but that he destroyed them after his release. The photo on the right of him with a big smile on his face as he saunters into a preliminary hearing in 1979 also shows at the very least a man who did not seem all too remorseful.

Bundy was known for going back to corpses and re-engaging in sexual intercourse. He was executed on January 24th, 1989 through electrocution.

4 Joseph Metheny

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Could you imagine a man of that size coming at you with the intent to kill you? That was the sad reality for the several victims of serial killer Joseph Metheny. To make it all the more horrifying, Metheny would sell his victims' flesh at the burger stand he owned.

When writing his confession, Metheny said "I killed seven people, three men, and four women. Two men I chopped up with an axe under a bridge in South Baltimore. I was found not guilty for them cause they couldn't prove I did it. Under that same bridge I also killed two women and one man who was fishing, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time"

Metheny said his first two murders were because he went looking for his ex (now crack-addicted) wife who had disappeared one night with his six-year-old son. He spent 18 months in jail for the first two murders, but the case was thrown out because of lack of evidence.

After emerging, he would constantly lure "crack whores" to his trailer. He went on to say, "I cut the meat up and put it in some Tupperware bowls then put it in a freezer. I buried the remains in several shallow graves in a little woods behind the company. Over the next couple weeks on the weekends I opened up a little open-pit beef stand. I had real roast beef and pork sandwiches and why not they were very good. The human body tastes was very similar to pork. If you mix it together no one can tell the difference. Everything was going pretty good until I ran out of my special meat. So I lured another bitch up to my trailer," but for Metheny, this was his last "bitch."

She escaped when he turned around and it was not long before cops had taken him in. Metheny ended his confession by saying his only regret was he never killed the two people he was after originally.

3 Fred and Rosemary West

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You get a double dose of evil when it comes to Fred and Rosemary West, and while plenty of our photos are disturbing for the physical nature of them, the above one is just unsettling.

The two were married and from 1973 to 1987, tortured and murdered at least 9 women. Rose was also determined to have murdered her 8-year-old stepdaughter, Anne-Marie.

Prior to her death, Rose forced Anne-Marie to prostitute herself, a profession that Rose also took part in. Rose also murdered Fred's previous daughter from another marriage. Most of the women who they murdered were picked up at local bus stops and would be held for days prior to being killed.

Rose was 15 years old when she started dating Fred, who was 28 years old at the time. She gave birth to 8 children throughout her life, 3 of whom came from men she met as a street walker.

The above photo was taken in the 1980s which would have been in the middle of their killing spree that lasted from 1971-1987. They were eventually caught in 1994.

2 Harvey Glatman

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Harvey Glatman earned himself the nickname "The Lonely Hearts Killer" by the media. His method was well-calculated, he would first invite these women back to his apartment posing as a professional photographer. He would then tie them up, where he would take photos before often then sexually assaulting them. Because of this, there are several photos of the 3 known women that he killed from 1957-1958.

The woman on the left was Judy Ann Dull and the woman on the right was Shirley Ann Bridgeford.

When Glatman was arrested he defended his actions saying that all the women asked to be murdered and said they'd rather be dead than with him. To his credit, we definitely don't deny that all of his victims were praying for escape or death.

1 Ben Rhodes

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Robert Ben Rhoades was a seriously disturbed man. It is not confirmed but it is expected that he could have murdered up to 50 people during his murder "spree" that lasted from 1975-1990.

One thing that all his victims had in common? Rhodes would pick the person (or couple) up that was hitchhiking and would then promptly get them in the back of his truck which he had converted into a torture chamber.

Often he would murder the male (if there was one) and then keep the woman for various periods of time in which he would sexually assault them. The above photo features Regina Kay Walters who was his last known victim. It's made all the more disturbing that it is literally moments before she died. When investigators discovered more photos, it also became apparent that he had kept Walters for at least several months.

Sources: murderpedia.org

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