15 Spine-Chilling Facts About Slenderman That'll Give You The Creeps

More than a villain, Slenderman penetrates the imagination and creates sheer terror by raising more questions than could ever be answered.

Urban legends have a strange way of taking off. Never before has there been such a legend as with the character Slenderman! This supernatural being has been terrorizing people with tall tales for years now. With each time he is brought up in conversation, he gets a little more terrifying. Appearing most often as an unusually tall and impeccably dressed man with no facial features whatsoever, Slenderman gives a very eerie appearance. He gained popularity as an internet meme in 2009 and quickly went viral. Multiple photographs of the Slenderman character have surfaced and the legend became larger than life.

Many of the scariest characters in history, both real and imagined, have a calm or hidden appearance. Jason from Friday the 13th wore a hockey mask, Ghostface from Scream wore a Halloween costume with a ghost mask. The case of Slenderman has a well dressed and manicured man with no face. His general appearance is very calm, but incredibly creepy. Keeping this in mind, Slenderman is known to terrorize victims with multiple supernatural abilities. More than a villain, Slenderman penetrates the imagination and creates sheer terror by raising more questions than could ever be answered. Are you confused yet? Well that’s the idea behind the legend... confusion is absolutely terrifying. So learn 15 spine-chilling facts about Slenderman that will absolutely creep you out to no end.

14 No Clear Beginning

People have tracked Slenderman to the point where he became a viral sensation, but it still doesn’t give us a clear beginning to the man, the myth and the legend of Slenderman. Because the character has multiple storylines and differences in physical attributes, sharing only the common name of Slenderman, it’s difficult to determine from where the inspiration came. One theory is that he is derived from a character in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as far back as 1999. It is agreed though, that the first mention of him under the name “Slenderman” came on June 10th, 2009, in a 'Something Awful' thread along with a story. While this seems like the beginning, a completely different user posted about him just two days later with another story. This continued with multiple people continuing the development of the character with memes and pictures until it became viral.

13 His Abilities Are Endless

Slenderman can allegedly do anything and everything. As he continues to be talked about, the legend has grown and not in a good way. People are legitimately frightened of Slenderman because of the mystery surrounding the character. He has the ability to change to a different body, he can grow tentacles that are used to grab children and so much more! Terrorizing children is perhaps Slenderman’s favorite activity. He’s also able to make his victims begin coughing blood. He can teleport to wherever you are, so there’s absolutely no escape! Any horrible ability that any fictional bad guy ever had is completely possible with Slenderman. His tentacles are perhaps the most discussed of his many abilities and they are absolutely terrifying. Still think it’s a ridiculous legend? Maybe, but there’s a huge following surrounding the myth.

12 Sightings

Perhaps much like the legend of Bigfoot, people want to believe, so they do everything imaginable to find evidence. This has done quite a lot of make Slenderman larger than life. People have claimed to have Slenderman sightings and with the availability of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, it has gone crazy! Because of the stories and the explanations behind him, the myth has become even more real. Video and photographic “evidence” showing Slenderman in a very frightening way. Mixed with the fact that he targets children for his horrific deeds, these alleged sightings along with the stories of his mischief make for a true viral sensation. Slenderman has and likely will continue to be a viral sensation that parents will have to explain away to their kids on many sleepless nights for years to come.

11 He Makes No Noise

One thing that everyone agrees upon between all the stories about Slenderman is that he is quite stealthy and makes no noise. It is this silence surrounding the horrors that he is capable of that make him perhaps more scary than any other “bad guy” in the history of good and evil. Slenderman is completely different than anyone or anything else, but because of his endless superhuman abilities, he does it all in absolute stone cold silence. Imagine a killer that carries out unimaginable torture methodically and without any feeling or emotion. This is the basic idea behind the silence of Slenderman. You simply can’t hear him coming and you will not hear him going. It is beyond terrifying on many levels and is perhaps the scariest of his characteristics.

10 Unknown Motivations

The hardcore fans of the Slenderman legend would say that killing is not always on his mind. It is more about the unknown than anything else that is so mysterious. Slenderman is not from this world and the speculation is that he travels through different dimensions to specific points in time and space. Clearly, much of the lore associated with him involves the horrible act of abducting people. Because he makes no sound and does nothing to really communicate with anyone, no one knows why he does anything in particular. Photographs often show him in the background and out of the way. It begs the question “what does this guy want?!” This is completely terrifying to anyone that may question if he is real or not (again, refer to reported Bigfoot “evidence”).

9 Acts of Violence in His Name

With anything so creepy and popular at the same time, some people will simply take it to the darkest of places. In 2014, two 12 year old Wisconsin girls stabbed another girl 19 times saying that Slenderman spoke to them telepathically instructing them to kill her. Amazingly, the girl survived the attack. Other violent incidents have also been reported as a result of Slenderman. A man dressed as Slenderman killed two police officers and an additional person in Las Vegas before committing suicide. Any costumed killer can certainly inspire copycats and Slenderman is no exception. The legends of Slenderman make for a great Halloween costume, but to carry out violent and criminal acts makes it much too real. The fact that it has gotten to this point could be that no one wants to claim complete credit for the creation of the character.

8 Comes After Those Who Research Him

So this really did creep me out a bit because frankly there’s been a lot of research that’s gone into this list! Part of the lore surrounding Slenderman is that if you look into him and study on the legend too far, he will find you. For young and imaginative minds, this is sure to keep you up at night. A quick Google search on Slenderman sightings will show you quite a lot of stories people have posted about their experiences with the actual Slenderman! In a world where we are saturated with a ton of information, including lots of self-proclaimed “fake news,” it is very hard to know what is trustworthy and what is not. While it is safe to say that these stories provide no actual proof of the existence of Slenderman, it does speak to what the mind is capable of creating. You may want to hold off a bit on that Google search... just in case.

7 Stylish

Slenderman is always seen wearing a black suit. Sometimes it is described as a pinstripe suit, but it is quite stylish and he is also seen wearing a red tie most often. He’s even been described as wearing perfectly shined solid black shoes. There’s been talk that he often wears a hat, but it seems that most agree that the head is very orb-like with no facial features. Whether the face is covered by some type of cloth or gauze is debatable, but most often it seems to be described as simply having no face. You do have to admit though, that an evildoer like Slenderman seems a bit more like a James Bond villain than the bad guy from a horror film. James Bond villains are much too dapper for getting their hands dirty and Slenderman seems to prefer mysterious disappearance rather than bloody killing.

6 The Proxy Concept

The two 12 year old girls from Wisconsin that stabbed their friend 19 times claimed that Slenderman spoke to them telepathically. According to their statements, he wanted them to be his proxies. What this means is that the girls carried out the work of Slenderman in his place. The girls said that Slenderman told them if they would be his proxies, they could live in his mansion. The two girls will be tried as adults in Wisconsin and are awaiting trial. Both of these girls have significant, diagnosed mental health concerns. But even this horrific story about these two girls furthers the legend of Slenderman. It is proof that anyone with an overactive imagination can truly make things larger than life. The use of a proxy by Slenderman is both frightening and to one extent or another all too real.

5 Puts Victims Into A Hypnotic State

Not only is Slenderman well dressed and manicured, but he apparently can hypnotize his victims as well. Not exactly the same as the way illusionists and magicians hypnotize an audience, but in a much more terrifying way. According to the legend of Slenderman, once his arms stretch out, his victims fall into a somewhat hypnotized state of being. This makes it all the more terrifying, because the most natural instinct would simply be to run or fight back. Slenderman does not have any need of fighting or exerting himself physically because of this ability. Tales of Slenderman indicate that once he stretches his arms, the victim simply walks into them. Mixing this with his other supernatural powers and it makes Slenderman perhaps the most maniacal of any villain in history.

4 Enjoys Being Photographed Any Time Of Day

Most evildoers have no desire to do anything that would provide evidence of who they are. They prefer to stay as anonymous as possible and carry out their evil deeds under the cloak of darkness. For Slenderman however, he almost seems to enjoy being photographed. He’s not shy by any means and also has no problem abducting his victims in broad daylight. Because he frequently goes after children as a part of his legend and lore, many photographs show children playing or going about their days normally. But there he is, in the background having suddenly appeared and perhaps about to pounce on his next unsuspecting victim. I guess when you are so well dressed, you like showing off a bit and having a few pictures made. Either way, seeing such a character in broad daylight is needless to say, very disturbing.

3 Ancient Depictions

While not referred to as Slenderman, there is actually a case to be made that various civilizations dating back as far as 9,000 B.C. may have had their own legend of Slenderman. Depictions of an oddly long being leading a child by the hand are on cave paintings in Northeast Brazil. Beyond this, the ancient Egyptians spoke of a similar being that they called the “Thief of the Gods” could be the same thing as Slenderman. Even Germany, as well as Roman mythology discuss their own legends similar to that of Slenderman. So it’s clear that he is not really anything new, giving more credibility to the statement that we can’t quite track his beginning. While the modern being that we talk about today was created on a message board and with Photoshop, that is merely his most current evolution.

2 His Face May Be Different For Everyone That Sees Him

Fan fiction associated with Slenderman indicates that he changes his appearance for each person to which he shows himself. He is most often depicted as being faceless, but this is a point of debate among those that discuss him most frequently. Some legends suggest that his face is completely different to each person. It has been suggested that his face is covered by some type of cloth so as to hide features, but either way, it is safe to say that there is no one way to describe his overall appearance. So with different versions of him all the time, it may seem that there are many Slendermen, but it is usually agreed that because he is not of this world, he is able to teleport and change his appearance.

1 His Total Difference is What Makes Him Both Terrifying and Fascinating

People are interested in the Slenderman character because he is something much different that is hard to describe and even harder to ignore. Knowing about him is part of the mystery and intrigue. When people research the mysteries behind Slenderman, it begins to consume them. They thirst for knowledge and to learn about the experiences of others. His appearance, his unlimited abilities and the fact that he is able to come and go in an instant without any trace of his existence all lead to the fascination with the mystery. It’s obvious that Slenderman has grown to a level of reality, even if it is in the minds of those that cannot separate the real from the unreal. Not since the legends of Bigfoot has such a tall tale gotten so out of control.

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15 Spine-Chilling Facts About Slenderman That'll Give You The Creeps