15 Spine-Chilling Encounters Stars Have Had With Ghosts

There are two types of people in the world… those who hear a ghost story and can’t sleep at night, and those who hear a ghost story and roll their eyes. Yes, there are believers and non-believers. Acc

There are two types of people in the world… those who hear a ghost story and can’t sleep at night, and those who hear a ghost story and roll their eyes. Yes, there are believers and non-believers. According to polls, 75% of Americans believe that there are some events that cannot be explained. And then, we have the 25% who believe there has to be an explanation for everything. Did that light turn off by itself? Or was there a power serge? Did I see a ghost in the middle of the night? Or was it a dream? The polls claim that over half of believers are convinced they’ve experienced paranormal events themselves. What’s better than a good ghost story? A good ghost story coming from the experiences of celebrities.

According to experts, ghosts haunt us for three different reasons. (1) The spirit is of someone who has passed on, they are popping in to say hello and let us know they are ok. (2) The spirit stays in a space where they experienced highly traumatic or emotional occurrences when they were alive. (3) The spirit stays in a space because they haven’t moved onto the afterlife yet, and might not even know they’re dead. While some of the celebs have gotten to the bottom of their haunting stories, some still remain a mystery. If you’re one of the 75% of believers, these stories will chill your bones, curdle your blood and rack your nerves. Apparently ghosts and ghouls don’t just haunt abandoned old houses, but million-dollar mansions and fancy hotels too!

15 Megan Fox

If you’re a Megan Fox fan, it’s no secret she is a lover of the supernatural and all things weird. One time, while on a trip in Mexico she claims to have heard ghosts come into her hotel room. She had pre-ordered room service for 7:30am and was a little annoyed when she heard staff coming in with her breakfast a half hour early. She heard them rolling in with the table of food and pouring coffee. She let her breakfast sit and got up at 7:30 as planned. When she looked around the room, there was no sign that room service had even been there. The doorbell rang and she answered it to see staff with her breakfast right on schedule. Thinking she had maybe imagined hearing the whole thing, Fox brushed the odd experience off. Later, the nanny woke up and said “Why did room service come at 7 when we told them to come at 7:30?” That’s when Fox realized something spooky was definitely in her room, “You can't tell me I'm crazy because two people heard it,” she said. Dead breakfast in bed?

14 Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling grew up with his family in a home in Ontario where a ghastly spirit also seemed to reside. Gosling was the first of his family members to encounter the ghost but certainly not the last. As a child, Gosling said he would see the ghost of a man just sitting casually. He knew it was a ghost and told his mother about it. She couldn't see the spirit, and so she likely played it off as her son’s imagination. Poor young Gosling thought he was crazy until a few years later when his mother thought she saw the same ghost her son described in the house. Shortly following that sighting, Gosling’s cousin saw the ghost and right after that his uncle saw it too.

The scare caused Gosling’s family to move out of their home, “We were out of there in fairly short order,” he said. Surprisingly, today Gosling claims to not even believe in ghosts. Was the experience frightening enough to send him into denial?

13 Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato grew up in a Dallas, Texas home. As a three-year-old she spent time playing with her best friend named Emily. Lovato described Emily as a playful girl around the age of 11 or 12. Lovato’s mother on the other hand figured Emily was nothing more than an imaginary friend, because she didn’t actually exist. Lovato has said the house she grew up in is “ridiculously haunted”. Her mom would catch her talking to herself, and when asked who she was talking to, Lovato would respond with “my best friend, Emily.”

Mediums and the television show Ghost Hunters have both been in the home claiming to communicate with the spirit of a young girl named Emily as well. Lovato says the idea of living with a paranormal bestie never frightened her, she actually enjoyed it.

12 Lady Gaga

If there’s one thing singer Lady Gaga isn’t cool with it’s bullying. She claims to have had a sort of bully herself, a ghost bully named Ryan who wouldn’t leave her the hell alone. Ryan stalked Gaga all over the world on her Monster Ball tour. A member of her tour crew spoke to the media saying Gaga was terrified and annoyed by the spirit. Although the ghost had never done anything violent or anything to harm Gaga, his constant presence was enough to freak her out. It is reported that Gaga even hired ghost-busting teams to try and eliminate him from her concert venues.

Gaga was convinced she picked up Ryan as a bad Omen. While in Ireland on tour she gathered her friends for a séance. Although most of them were skeptical of her claims they agreed to take part. The séance was held with a medium to find out what Ryan wanted and to tell him to go away. We haven't heard much about the Gaga ghost since 2010, concluding she either got rid of him, or has since embraced him as one of her “Little Monsters”.

11 Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a seeker when it comes to all things creepy. She’s fascinated at the idea of ghosts, aliens, demons and other eerie things. The singer was in Kansas City when she and a group went to Stull Cemetery which is apparently known as one of earth’s seven gates to hell. Grande claims that the entire car ride over to the cemetery she felt sick to her stomach and felt an overwhelming feeling of negativity. She claims everyone in the car smelt sulphur— which is allegedly the sign of a demon. And that there was one random fly in the car, which is another alleged sign of a demon. This was enough for the group to chicken out. They drove past the cemetery, apologized for disturbing any spirits and took a photo. In the photo, Grande claims you can see faces of “textbook demons”.

A few weeks after her experience at the cemetery, Grande claims she was in bed drifting to sleep when she heard a loud rumble and then whispering beside her head. She opened her eyes and saw a massive black shadow beside her which moved to the edge of her bed. The experience had Grande in tears phoning a friend in utter terror. Maybe this encounter was enough to put her curiosity of the paranormal to bed.

10 Joey Lawrence

Actor, Joey Lawrence experienced some scary stuff while staying at a hotel in Milwaukee. He and his wife were woken up by the sounds and lights of their baby’s toys turning on and off by themselves. He claims the bathroom light had also been turning on and off by itself. Feeling terrorized by morning, he got his family out of the hotel room. As he was leaving, he made a snide comment directed at the ghost which is allegedly when the metal cover to an air conditioner flew off by itself.

Lawrence told the hotel manager about the experience and he was informed of a tragedy that had happened there. Apparently, decades earlier a man had murdered his pregnant bride on their wedding night by throwing her down an elevator shaft. The woman’s ghost had been haunting the hotel ever since. She took a particular liking to families with children, as she envied those who had babies when she could not.

9 Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams was left devastated when Heath Ledger, her ex-fiancé and father of her daughter died tragically. The autopsy showed he died from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. According to Williams, the haunting ghost of her former lover has come to visit on two occasions.

The first time it happened, Williams was woken in the night by the sound of furniture moving. She saw a dark figure rearranging things around her bedroom. She later realized the apparition must have been Ledger when she was visited a second time. This time, she was actually able to make out the ghost’s identity as her late ex-fiancé. She claimed that during this second visit, Ledger apologized for not being there to help raise their daughter. Although most might find these experiences terrifying, Williams said they actually helped her through her grieving process.

8 Alyson Hannigan

Years ago, when Alyson Hannigan moved into a new Los Angeles home she ended up with an uninvited tenant, “I have a ghost in my house,” she said in an interview. “He’s very friendly,” Hannigan admitted.

One night when she had a friend over, the two walked outside when the friend said “I don’t mean to alarm you, but I just saw a man follow us out of the house.” It wasn't a “man” per se, but instead an apparition. Hannigan made light of the situation, “Well, at least he’s gentlemanly.” It seems the How I Met Your Mother actress believes she lives with a friendly Casper-like spirit.

7 Miley Cyrus

London, England is known to be a little spooky. Miley Cyrus experienced this at an apartment in the city she was renting for one of her European tours. Cyrus claims she and her little sister Noah encountered a freaky ghoul who haunted the apartment’s bathroom. In one instance, Noah was taking a shower when the water turned scalding hot all on its own. Doesn’t seem too weird right? The logical explanation would be that it had something to do with the plumbing. However, according to Cyrus, the shower’s knob had actually moved by itself to the hot setting.

In another shower encounter, Cyrus claims she saw a little boy watching her shower. The kid was sitting on the bathroom sink looking at her and kicking his feet. Clearly the Cyrus family is the victim of a ghostly Peeping Tom.

6 Lisa Rinna

Back in the 90s, Lisa Rinna and her husband Harry Hamlin were looking for a new house to start a family in. As it turns out, what they thought was the perfect home turned out to have a tragic past which they would soon learn. Rinna recalls having uneasy feelings when they first moved in. She would feel “people” breeze past her, only to turn around and find no one. When the couple had their children, the babies seemed to be in tune with other beings in the house. Rinna says her daughters would laugh and babble as if they were communicating with someone when no one was around.

One night in the wee hours of the morning, Rinna was woken by the baby monitor. She heard her 5-month-old on the monitor blissfully giggling. She got up to go see what was going on and when she entered the room she froze in fear. She saw the ghostly figure of a woman standing over the crib as her daughter stared at the spirit giggling.

When Rinna told her husband about the encounter he spilled the beans about the home’s previous owners. The house once belonged to a woman who was the mother of a three-year-old girl. Tragically, she became very ill and died in the home when her child was only a toddler. Rinna believes the motherly spirit lives on in the house, watching over her girls because she wasn’t given the chance to do so in her own life.

5 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba encountered a bone-chilling ghost during her teenage years in her parents' old house. She was in bed when she says a paranormal force overwhelmed her, “I felt this pressure and I couldn't get up, I couldn't scream, I couldn't talk, I couldn't do anything.” She says whatever it was tore the covers off of her while she laid frozen on the bed. Eventually, when she was able to get up she ran into her parents' room screaming. Alba didn’t spend very many nights in that house after that experience. Her parents had the house blessed and burned sage in order to cleanse their house of evil spirits.

If that occurrence isn’t frightening enough, Alba recently unwittingly caught a ghost on camera. She took an average, everyday selfie when she was photobombed by a ghost! She noticed the ghoulish figure standing behind her when she went to review the photo. The eerie figure seems to be that of a skeletal woman with dark hair. Alba captioned the photo, “I have no idea what that is, freaky.”

4 Aaron Carter

On her death bed, Aaron Carter's grandmother made him promise her something. It wasn’t anything corny like, "Promise me you'll do great things," or "Promise me you'll take care of your siblings.” Instead, she made him promise he would light a specific candle when she passed away. Granny always liked to play pranks on the kids and scare them. She was a firm believer in the afterlife, however Aaron was not convinced. When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she gave her grandson the odd request about the candle. And so, when she passed on, Aaron honoured his promise and lit the flame. When he blew the candle out, Carter says he felt a gush of cold air through the room and before he knew it, the apparition of his late grandmother appeared. She said to Carter, “I told you so,” and then disappeared. Clearly she needed to get in one last prank on her grandson.

3 Tyler Blackburn

Actor, Tyler Blackburn said he’d always believed in the paranormal though he’d never actually experienced anything of the sort. That all changed when he moved into a Hollywood apartment with a friend. The two weren’t there for long when he began noticing strange things happening.

One night, the blinds in his bedroom began shuddering by themselves. He says a portion of them were pried open as if someone was peeking through them. Another time, he was in the kitchen when from the corner of hie eye he saw someone walk into his roommate’s bedroom. He walked toward the room to see who it was and found nobody inside. When he walked back into the kitchen every single cupboard, cabinet and drawer had been opened. The most terrifying experience happened when he laid asleep in bed with his then-girlfriend. They were both startled awake to find a freezing cold wet mark in the shape of a person between them in the bed. It was as if “someone” had been laying between them.

Blackburn told his roommate of the freaky experiences and felt blown off by her responses. She moved out after a few months and miraculously the events stopped occurring. When the two friends met up again years later, his roommate revealed she had also experienced strange occurrences in the house. As a matter of fact, she said she’d been experiencing these types of things her whole life. She felt that this particular spirit had attached itself to her and followed her to the apartment. She moved out in order to protect Blackburn.

2 Joan Rivers

When Joan Rivers was alive she claimed she was the victim of a haunting ghoul named Mrs. Spencer. Rivers bought a New York City apartment in the 80s that was once a glorious ballroom. She instantly noticed strange things about the space, it was always freezing cold, her dog refused to go inside without being forced and one time she went in to find that someone had written all over the walls. She told one of the building’s elevator men about the occurrences and he responded with “Oh, I guess Mrs. Spencer is back.”

It turns out, Mrs. Spencer used to own the building and seven years earlier she had died in the ballroom which was now Rivers’ apartment. Rivers decided to hire a voodoo priestess who conducted a ceremony and concluded that Mrs. Spencer was angry, in her ghastly mind she was still the grande dame of the building and couldn’t understand why other people were living there.

Rivers once came across an old portrait of a woman hidden in her apartment’s drywall. She knew as soon as she saw it, it must be Mrs. Spencer. She hung the portrait in the building’s main lobby. It wasn’t long before she got a call from the voodoo priestess, “I’ve had a visit from Mrs. Spencer. She’s very pleased that you have put her back in her home.” Rivers said after that she was still visited by Mrs. Spencer but as a peaceful presence.

1 Sammy Hagar

Rockstar and former lead singer of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar had quite the creepy experience with his estranged father. In an interview with Howard Stern he recalled that in the 70s he, his wife and his son were all asleep in their apartment. Hagar had a dream that someone knocked on the door. He got up to answer, and opened the door to see his father whom he had a distant relationship with. Hagar described him as looking to be in his early 20s, he was drunk and said “Great day for the Irish, son,” which is what he’d say when he was inebriated. Hagar was furious, he told his dad to “get the hell out” and to never come around his young son drunk ever again and slammed the door. He went to lay back in bed when he heard more knocking at the door. He shot up angrily to scold his drunk dad again, but when he answered the door it ended up being his manager holding a phone with his sister on the line. When Hagar went to speak to his sister, she gave him the news that their dad had died. It seems Daddy’s ghost decided to reconcile with his son when it was a little too late.


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