15 Snaps That Got People In Serious Trouble

Snapchat is one of the social networks that most people have heard of, even if not everyone uses it. These days, with Instagram stories even getting their own face filters, it’s really starting to feel like Snapchat’s days are numbered. Still, there are a lot of people who are still very active on the network and use it every day. Not everyone who uses it is smart enough to realize that even a video or image that will expire after 24 hours will really be gone for good. That must be the reason why they record themselves doing things that are only going to get them into trouble.

Some people have performed illegal activities on Snapchat. Some have sent lewd images and messages to people who are underage or should not be seeing that kind of message. Others have filmed themselves getting into angry rants or being rude about other people. Then there are those who make threats online, leaving the evidence there for the courts to pick up later.

Snaps can easily be 'screenshotted' or recorded by others – even the fast-disappearing private messages that you can send directly to your friends. Even if they aren’t caught in the moment, Snapchat actually archives all of the messages that are sent. This means that if the police want to check up on you later, they can still find the proof. That’s something that all of the entries in this list should have understood before they made their incriminating videos and images.

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15 Lewis Hamilton Drove While Snapping

Lewis Hamilton was very lucky only to come under heavy criticism for this snap rather than getting into actual legal trouble. While the police did investigate the video, they said that there wasn’t enough evidence to proceed with an arrest. It’s not clear enough from the video where he was or if he was taking the video (since you can’t fully see his arm holding the phone). Still, Hamilton might think twice before he pulls this stunt again. He filmed a video while driving along on a Harley Davidson motorbike in Auckland, New Zealand. He was there ahead of the Australian Grand Prix on a pre-season break. It has been illegal to drive whilst using a mobile device in New Zealand since 2009, so Hamilton doesn’t have any excuse for this behaviour. Especially considering that he would have been arrested on the spot if he tried to do something like this in his home country of the UK.

14 A Teacher Complained About Kids

A middle school teacher got into a whole heap of trouble when she put out a snap complaining about students going to the prom in a horse and carriage. Caitlin Cormack was a teacher and track coach at Heskett Middle School when she put out a snap about the party-goers from the nearby Bedford High School. On it, she wrote, “These damn kids and parents … not enough money for school supplies or passing grades but out here renting horses.” The school’s policy stated that teachers are prohibited from discussing individual students and should not air personal views in a public forum, so the Superintendent put her on administrative leave and started investigating immediately. Plenty of parents were horrified by the comment, find it disrespectful and hurtful. There was a lot of call for her to lose her job, though others were quick to point out that she was only sharing the truth.

13 A Killer Snapped A Photo With His Victim

A teenager from Pittsburgh made headlines when he took perhaps the most gruesome selfie of all time. The interestingly-named Maxwell Marion Martin, just 16 at the time, shot one of his classmates to death. He then posed next to the corpse of Ryan Mangan and took a selfie on Snapchat, which he sent to one of his friends. The friend, understandably shocked, took a screenshot of the image before it was automatically deleted. They were then able to take the evidence to the police, along with some incriminating text messages that Morton added later. After police turned up at his home, he confessed to the murder and is now being tried as an adult. You have to be a particular brand of stupid to take photographic evidence of yourself involved in a crime, whether you are a teenager or not. This is at least one murderer whose need to brag has taken him off the streets.

12 A Model Fat-Shamed A Naked Woman

This case was huge because it really shocked the world. No one expected that a model would come out with such rude behaviour, even if she was a former Playmate. Dani Mathers was put into hot water when she sent out a snap of a naked woman who was in the gym changing rooms with her. She added the caption, ‘If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either’ – a dig at the woman’s body shape and age. She was criticized roundly for the fat-shaming snap, which was taken without the woman’s permission and shared to all of her followers. Mathers was then charged with invasion of privacy, something which really has not done her career any good. It’s a misdemeanour, but a very public one, and one that people will not be quick to forgive. It was actually LA Fitness that reported the snap to the police, and they revoked her membership at the same time.

11 Two Idiots Got A Gator Drunk

Two men found themselves being charged after they forced a baby alligator to down beer and recorded it as a Snapchat video. Joseph Floyd Jr. and Zachary Brown, aged 20 and 21 respectively, saw charges of harassing wildlife after they abused the tiny creature. They were seen pouring beer into the gator’s mouth, holding its jaws and throat open, and even blowing smoke into its mouth. Friends of the duo saved the images and videos when they appeared on Snapchat and then added them to Facebook, from where word spread. The men claimed that they picked the gator up on a dirt road and then released it back into a nearby pond after they had finished messing around with it. The maximum penalty for their actions could be as much as $300 in fines. Here’s hoping the public shame along with the money helps to get the message through to their heads that it’s not okay to torture animals, especially not threatened species.

10 Sheldon Richardson Swore Too Much

Sheldon Richardson hasn’t had what you would call a spotless record. He was suspended for four games in 2015 after a positive marijuana test, and then an arrest in 2015 earned him another one-game suspension after he drove over the speed limit. Now playing with the New York Jets, the player got himself into hot water again when he appeared on the Snapchat account of teammate Rontez Miles. He shouts, “Snapchat takeover gang bang in this b---h. You know, pregame s—t. Where the h--s at?”, right into the camera. Richardson was facing disciplinary action from his team once again the next morning, after his coach was informed about the video. The statement from Todd Bowles was, “That’s not something we condone or something we encourage. That’s unacceptable.” Looks like Richardson needs to learn to keep his tongue in his mouth the next time the cameras start rolling.

9 Students Don Blackface

Paige Shoemaker was a pre-med student at KSU who was supposed to be entering her senior year. Instead, she decided to be funny on Snapchat – something which is really not recommended for those who aren’t professional comedians. She and a friend put black clay masks over their faces, adopted gang poses and serious expressions, and then added the cherry on top: a caption which read, 'Feels good to finally be a n****r'. So, as you can probably guess, Shoemaker was kicked out of the college almost immediately. She and her friend, Sadie Meier, put out an apology post on Facebook – though it was not enough to undo the damage done when the image went viral on both Twitter and Facebook. Another student at KSU had screenshotted and shared it. Not only was she sent packing from college, but she also faces a lot of animosity from the student body in general, who have told her never to attempt coming back.

8 A Student Threatened A School Shooting

A student from Anna in Texas made the crucial mistake of threatening a school shooting. Much like joking you have a bomb in your luggage while at the airport, it’s something you shouldn’t ever do even if you think it’s funny. The student took a photo of himself holding a pellet gun, which was designed to look identical to a real gun. On it he added the caption, ‘Don’t come to school tomorrow’. The 13-year-old was tracked down after police were shown the snap by another concerned student. He claimed he meant it as a joke, which didn’t come off as funny as he thought – he ended up being charged with a misdemeanour and put into juvenile custody. The police officers involved were quick to remind the student that school shootings aren’t something to be taken lightly, and that they will process any threat as a real one even if it’s not meant that way.

7 A Teacher Sent An "Obscene" Snap To His Student

As a teacher, the one thing that you are supposed to do is to look after the children in your care. Apparently, that message didn’t hit home for Joseph Lamar, who decided to contact one of his students on Snapchat. The 24-year-old teacher sent what has been described as an ‘obscene’ snap to a victim under the age of 18. We can all probably imagine what it was of. This photo was then seen by another student, and one or the other of them reported it. It took 18 days for him to be tracked down and arrested on charges of Distribution of Obscene Material to a Minor. That’s a third-degree felony, so Johnson can wave goodbye to his teaching career for good. He admitted to sending the photo and didn’t try to pretend it was an accident. There’s that, at least, though it doesn’t make him look like any less of a creep.

6 A Saudi Celeb Impersonated A Woman

In Saudi Arabia, there are a lot of laws about what you can and can’t do. You may already be aware of some of the controversial rulings which have been handed down to people suspected of being gay, sleeping around outside of marriage, or cross-dressing. A famous Snapchat personality has now been arrested for wearing women’s clothing in his comedy video clips. Though the authorities have not released his name, he could be Aboud Bad, who is also well-known on YouTube. He was arrested for “for producing and distributing material insulting to public order,” so say the police. Cross-dressing is against the strict laws on gender identity which are upheld by the Haia, the morality police in Saudi Arabia. There has already been another instance of a man being arrested for wearing a burqa in recent times, as well as another YouTuber being arrested, this time for chatting with an American vlogger in a public video.

5 Christopher Wallace Told Police Where He Was

Christopher Wallace is a man from Maine who was suspected of burglary, and who went on the run to successfully evade police. Successful, that is, until he told everyone where he was. He first went back home and posted on Snapchat that he had made it back, at which point one of his contacts called police to let them know. Deputies searched the house, but didn’t find him. As the Sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook: “While the deputies/officers were wrapping up their search, Wallace posted again on Snapchat. This time he posted that the police were searching for him in the house, and that he was hiding in a cabinet. Again, we received phone calls. A search of the kitchen cabinets turned up some food, some pots and pans, and also a pair of feet. The pair of feet just so happened to be attached to a person, and that person was Christopher Wallace.”

4 Jeffree Star Got Into A Flame War

Jeffree Star loves controversy, and he certainly started something when he decided to get into a bit of a flame war with another YouTube makeup celebrity. He was apparently at an event with MakeupShayla, who also posts makeup and beauty tutorials. Afterwards, he went onto Snapchat and ranted about how Shayla had apparently told a model that she had ugly lips and needed work doing to them. He didn’t mention any names in the initial snap, but it inflamed a discussion which went across Twitter and further. He ended up getting himself into even more trouble when he wrote threatening and abusive comments about Shayla. Considering his also recent troubles with Kat Von D calling him out and decimating his fan base, this wasn’t the best move to make. A lot of fans ended up taking sides over this one, and it soon became clear that Jeffree’s attitude during the whole exchange was causing him to lose out. We’d love to show you the snaps, but Jeffree’s legal team seem to be deleting them every time they crop up.

3 Amrezy and Shayla Just Incriminated Themselves

As the makeup war raged on, two other makeup artists managed to get themselves in trouble by incriminating themselves. First off it was Shayla, who jumped right onto Snapchat and called Jeffree out for making comments about her. At that point no one knew it was her, so she actually brought her own reputation down by speaking out. Then it was Amrezy’s turn. She got involved when Shayla sent a supposed subliminal tweet about her. She went onto Snapchat for a huge angry rant about the other make-up artist, even though once again she hadn’t been named. The result? People got pretty curious about why they were mad at each other, and ended up digging up secrets from Amrezy’s past. Not something that she probably wanted to go public as a result of her words. She’s probably wishing that she had let the tweet stay subliminal now that the story has gone viral.

2 A Man Broke His Restraining Order

26-year-old Declan Thomas Hawthornthwaite from Darwen in the UK had a bit of a troubled past with one Caitlin McGarr. The tension between the two of them had reached such a point that McGarr took out a restraining order on him. Once ordered by the court, this meant that he was not supposed to contact or go near her at all. For some reason, he seemed to believe that Snapchat messages didn’t count as contact. He sent her a total of 13 videos through the messaging service while drunk, all of which were recorded and shown to police. He took the idiocy to a new level by including comments about her disabled brother which were highly offensive and threatening. He had been given a suspended prison sentence, but making the contact meant that he was now in breach of those terms. He has since been locked up to serve the 10-month sentence.

1 High Friends Filmed Themselves With Weed

Six residents from Gainesville in Florida were hanging out in an apartment complex with some weed, some guns, and assorted other drug paraphernalia (in this case, probably bongs). The individuals were reportedly between the ages of 16 and 23, which is prime time for getting involved with Snapchat. They put out a video of themselves enjoying their haul, which was soon reported to the police. Officers went down to the apartment and arrested them all. A spokesperson from the police reminded people that if they see anything suspicious on social media, reporting it is the right thing to do. Law enforcement agencies are authorized to obtain data from Snapchat, such as the user identity, their login information, content from their account, contact details, and anything else that they may have stored on file for you. Remember, if it’s on Snapchat for a single moment, it’s probably out there in the world for good, because of that sneaky screenshot technique.

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