15Casey Affleck

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Ben Affleck recently came under fire for a controversial stint on MTV TLC a few years ago, but somehow, the more lascivious antics of his younger brother Casey remain under the radar. In 2010, Casey Affleck settled two lawsuits of sexual harassment

from two former co-workers. One case came from Amanda White, who alleged that Casey Affleck had harassed her with numerous sexual advances, including one instance when he convinced the guitarist for Spacehog to expose his privates to her. Casey Affleck also violently grabbed her by the arm and sent abusive text messages after she refused to spend a night in his hotel room. Another suit came from Magdalena Gorka, who while staying with Casey Affleck in his apartment, was allegedly approached by him in his underwear and reeking of alcohol and verbally attacked her for rejecting his advances. Despite this, he won an Oscar this year.

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