14John Lennon

Before he earned himself a worldwide recognize image as the flower power-loving hippie, John Lennon had actually had a dark past with his first wife, Cynthia Powell. Before her death in 2015, Powell went on record stating that Lennon had a rather aggressive side to him

when they first met. According to Powell, Lennon was a jealous type who would grow increasingly possessive of her when they were together and, at times, would beat her out of fury. Lennon would later admit his violent behavior toward Powell and women in general during interviews and in the 1967 Beatles song “Getting Better.” He would cite that recognizing his anger issues allowed him to become an advocate for peace. While there was a chance that not many fans in the 1960s were aware of Lennon’s aggressive past, they all may have simply forgiven Lennon after seeing that he was willing to change.

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