15 "SJW" Fails That Made Us Cringe

Fighting for equality and consequences for injustices occurring in the world is nothing new to the liberal agenda. What first began with “Freedom Fighters” has slowly snowballed into a social movement that the internet has come to know as “Social Justice Warriors.” There’s nothing wrong with supporting your opinion, arguing to cure ignorance, or standing up for your own moral - but what the SJW movement is doing is far from that.

SJWs may have good intentions, but whether it be their leadership’s inability to use government facts or the hysteria they cause for almost nothing, their work is condemned to failure. This movement owes a big "thank you" to its millennial generation, who are fuelling the movement’s lust for misinformation, exaggeration and victim complexes. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the 15 times “Social Justice Warriors” abetted their followers to cases of misandry, shooting themselves in the foot and overall stupidity...

15 Disagree With Conservatives? Better Get The Red Face Paint Out! 

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Milo Yiannopoulos is a British journalist most notable for his Youtube channel and affiliation with Breitbart News. A controversial writer at that, Milo conjured quite the crowd at a Rutgers University in New Jersey in Feb of 2016. Many came to support the conservative writer, as did an unwelcome crowd of well-versed SJWs, most of whom made it their mission to disrupt Yiannopoulos' speech at any cost.

So how does one go about taking down the Milo-Monincinerator? First, paint your face red to symbolize the victims of oppression that are clearly all Milo's fault. Second, disrupt the questioning of Milo Yiannopoulos and attendees (who paid to hear him speak) by chanting "Black Lives Matter " and "We Won't Take Your Hate!" Third, storm out after 2 minutes of uninterrupted disruption whilst smearing your red oppression paint all over the walls and fellow attendees. Viola! You did it, SJWs!

14 Stump Trump in Chicago

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Trump can get almost anyone's blood boiling; especially if you're the type to only read the headlines. It seems the Social Justice Warrior population of Chicago doesn't approve of Trump's policies or the fact he's running for president at all. In an effort to dismay the American vote, liberals SJWs protested a Trump rally held in Chicago, and to the Warriors' delight, the rally was cancelled!

Many of the normal protesters, those who fundamentally disagree with Trump and go about doing so in a civil manner, did not cause the chaos that shut the function down. Rather it was the left extremists who sought action by screaming down the throats of their opponents and inciting violence. Little did this do to affect the growing amount of Trump supporters, but it did show the nature of how far some are willing to go in disagreement with another. Just look at this video of a man being maced by a Anti-Trump Feminist at the Wisconsin rally two weeks later.

13 The Tumblr Warrior 

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Yes, it has to be mentioned. Tumblr is a breeding ground for SJWs and could easily be the birth place of the next generation of radical Feminism. In fact, these radical Feminists are the reason certain sexist jokes have gone through the court system in recent years; creating a hysteria called "Rape Culture," a term that was first coined by Feminists in the 1970s, during a time when little to no workplace harassment laws were in place and marital rape was still being considered as an offence under U.S law.

Since then, there has been so much talk about rape culture that the term's definition is becoming fuzzy to some. A post found on Tumblr, which received thousands of notes shows a female holding a popsicle stick with the riddle "What can you steal and not get in trouble? Second base." The picture began circulating through the Tumblr-sphere with captions pertaining to how "sexist" the company producing the popsicles were among various rape culture references. It wasn't until one Tumblr addict pointed out the joke had nothing to do with relationships at all and was a simple baseball reference. Clearly times have changed.

12 Encouraging Censorship

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When thinking of censorship, many related it to one word: dictatorship. Yet, in 2016, when out of the 40% of people who have access to the internet worldwide the majority are located in core countries, why is censorship even a topic?

At times this censorship can be a good thing; just take a look at when hacker group Anonymous shut down thousands of ISIS compliant accounts. However, it's not always the extreme terrorists taking a hit by censorship; more commonly it's those with a right sided agenda. Conservatives have slowly been censored since the upcoming of the SJW movement, just take a look at how many times Milo Yiannopolous' account was suspended before his permanent ban. Apparently those who felt having a differing opinion is a threat, chose to complain, mark as spam, report and write letters, all with the hopes of perma-banning certain individuals.

So what's the catch? It appears the only accounts being suspended are those sharing a conservative or controversial view. Many of these conservative accounts can, at times, become offensive, but their Liberal counterparts aren't much better (just look at the #wastehistime hashtag created by Twitter Feminists).

11 Holding Sl*tWalk Protests 

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Nothing says "put that rapist in jail for more than 2 years!" like strutting your stuff down the city streets while wearing your most recent lingerie set bought on sale at the local La Senza. The "SlutWalk" tradition was first started in New York and caught wave through other cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago... you name it. Even Amber Rose holds her own annual SlutWalk in Los Angeles every summer.

The point of the walk isn't to raise any funds for rape victims but rather it is aimed at the education of victim blaming and you guessed it - rape culture! Yet, instead of taking these issues to parliament or even collecting funds for victim relief, this movement sort of ends where it begins. Walking down the streets holding a sign reading, "still not asking for it" whilst barely covering your skin might incite a Tumblr movement but not much else. The actual integration of "rape culture" is misguided, especially if living in a society which allows women to protest nearly naked certainly doesn't constitute as one.

10 BLM Kicks RCMP Out of Pride Parade 

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Being a gay cop certainly hasn't received any persecution over the years, now has it? (Sarcasm intended.) Which is why the Black Lives Matters movement thought it appropriate to ask for the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to be banned from participating in 2016 Toronto Pride Parade.

As tradition, the RCMP dressed up in the stereotypical red get-up and walk among members in the annual Pride parade, but this July's Black Lives Matters (BLM) movement released a list of requests for the venue; one of which was to kick the RCMP out of the parade.

Not only did the BLM protesters not wish for the RCMP to walk in the Pride parade but they also didn't want the police monitoring the event. Something that was asking too much of Pride Parade executive, Mathieu Chantelois, who released a statement saying, “I’m not deciding what’s in the parade.”

The BLM requests were considered, but many were not met considering one of their main ones was to ban police - despite how many gay officers have risked their lives - from participating in an event meant for equality, not seclusion.

9 Using False Statistics 

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Many fell victim to the 2007 study conducted by the National Institute of Justice on campus rape, including President Obama himself, but no one pushed the statistic harder than Western Feminists and self proclaimed SJWs.

The study, conducted by a company which is a branch-off of the Justice Institute, sky rocketed into public attention and caused major hysteria. The National Institute of Justice made clear the study was only conducted on two American universities; but those facts didn't matter when you can shove a scary statistic like 1 in 5 women being raped on campus per semester, down the next generation's throat. Moreover, the study was given out to every student on campus, with a cash incentive to complete it, yet only 15% of students actually filled out and returned the study. The real statistics, yet still extremely high, fall around 1 in 52 women falling victim to campus rape/sexual assault.

It begs us to ask, did SJWs really believe a well-off American woman was more likely to be raped than a women living in the Congo, where rape is used as a weapon of war?

8 Journalist Fails To Get Lil' Wayne To Jump On BLM Bandwagon

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Check your stereotypes, SJWs! It looks like not everyone is about to jump on board with the BLM movement just because of the color of their skin. Rapper Lil' Wayne dodged Fox Sports 1 reporter Skip Bayless' questions about the racism, discrimination and the fear Lil' Wayne must have felt in his life due to of the color of his skin. Wayne, to the dismay of SJW fighters and the BLM movement, refused to admit he's faced any discrimination in his life, mainly due to the color of his skin, stating "I've never dealt with racism." The rapper, who did admit there was social injustice within the country, admitted he didn't know enough or care to know enough about the BLM movement - especially after seeing the uprising of police targets ever since the movement gained momentum.

7 Hawaiian Figurines Are Offensive?!? 

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Anyone who's worked in customer service has dealt with at least one customer from Hell. It appears Lyft drivers are no exception. For those of you unaware what Lyft is, much like Uber, it's a taxi service trying to save you money in major American cities! The drivers, usually making minimum wage, are just trying to get you to your destination in a timely and safe manner. Unfortunately for one Lyft driver (who wished to remain anonymous) he didn't get to do that the day he picked up SJW Annaliese Nielsen in downtown Los Angeles. What started as a normal pick up turned into a hell ride for the drive when Annaliese became overly offended by a Hawaiian bobble head on the driver's dash.

According to Annaliese, a Hawaiian bobble head is "akin to a black faced mammy" and she felt the driver needed to know. For roughly 20-40 minutes (only 8 minutes of video was released) Nielsen drilled into the driver about his "sexist" and "rude" antics. After so much abuse coming form Nielsen, the Lyft driver made the decision to kick her out of the car. Annaliese responded to this action by calling in to Lyft to get the driver fired. Which she succeeded with - or at least until the video footage was sent in to the Lyft company. Annaliese came under internet scrutiny when the footage of the event fell on Canadian media source, Rebel Media. Just watch the video before you come to this SJW's defence!

6 Don't Have Sex If You're Drunk... Even If You're Married! 

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An argument made by a Tumblr SJW further reintegrates the logic that any sex could verge on rape. This one individual's argument included having sex while drinking, under any circumstance, is rape. Even in the case of a married couples sharing a bottle of wine on their honeymoon. To even further this madness, the individual went on to explain that not only were both patrons raped in each scenario that involved alcohol but both patrons were also the perpetrator as well. Through this logic, we're claiming anyone who wants to have a few drinks before entering into a sexual relationship is both victim and perpetrator. It's statements like these that take the conversation of rape from a logical standpoint to a fictional one - giving the entire conversation a bad name. Good one, SJW!

5 Pee On The Fascist!

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4 Balloon Animal Attack 

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It appears American SJWs aren't going to take the cake for most pathetic. During mid summer of 2016 a rally against the imposition of new labour laws in France began signalling SJWs, leftists, or anyone who wants to hold a sign to all unite. The event gained so much attention the French police had to step in - taking normal precautions and doing their job. That is when one French SJW begins to harass the police with a balloon sword with which she hits the officer with several times. What would be an annoying act to anyone, caused the police officer to swiftly swipe the balloon sword away popping the balloon in the process. That didn't sit well with poor, sweet SJW as she begins to frantically cry as if someone had just murdered her whole family in front of her. Let's keep in mind, she's the one who was hitting the officer with the balloon in the first place... so really pumpkin, who's to blame here? Check the video out if you want a cheap laugh!

3 Fully Triggered

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You don't have to agree with Trump, and by all means an American has the full right to question his policies, argue his integrity or persuade against his vote. However, that doesn't mean those supporting Trump shouldn't receive the reciprocal. It appears one very triggered SJW wouldn't agree with this statement as she took it upon herself to fight Trump by doing everything you shouldn't.

First, the woman pegged herself as a victim after flipping off a neighbour who bares a lot of Trump propaganda on his lawn. After initiating the altercation, the Trump supporter got in his car and according to what the women describes "attacked her through a car chase," The woman, who felt threaten by the Trump supporter's driving, gained the attention of a cop nearby. As both parties were pulled over the woman begins to film the altercation with the cop. Big mistake. Not only did her story make her seem childish as she explained what happened, it was also a huge waste of the cop's time as he had to deal with this lady's demands. The furious anti-Trump SJW had her words handed right back to her as the cop explained the only reason her neighbour got in his car was due to the fact the woman had made obscene gesture to him in the past - even making threats. The woman of course blamed the cop for not doing a proper job and drove off with a warning.

2 Killing of Officers

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The Black Lives Matters (BLM) movement has completely discredited its members from their original mantra of “No Violence.” Their oath was broken when social media took hold of the story (or rather video) of one Philando Castile. The video surfaced of Philando sitting in his car with a gunshot wound while the camera pans over to a shaky police officer holding a gun. This came days after another shooting by white officers of a black man named Alton Sterling. The BLM movement and social media opinion seekers made the video viral within hours without really checking the facts. Not only was hysteria created surrounding the sensationalizing of police shootings but the story of Philando Castile wasn't fact-checked.

Instead of just plain ignorance by the cop, Castile was noted as a prime suspect in a robbery. A robbery in a state whose gun laws allow anyone to carry as long as you fill out a 3 page government document first.  Oh, and they allow concealed weapons. When the news broke of another Black man shot by police, riots swiftly followed. With information flooding in right, left and center, people took circumstances into their own hands. Unfortunately for the Dallas Police Department, this meant 13 of their officers were injured - 5 of which died.

1 Cultural Appropriation in Food

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The term cultural appropriation is defined as "the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of another culture." Doesn't sound so scary, does it? Well, according to the radical left, cultural appropriation cannot be tolerated (even in a multicultural society). So that's why Everyday Feminism took care to write out an entire guide on what is and what is not appropriate when it comes to eating another culture's food. So long story short - don't eat other cultures' foods.

On the contrary, Everyday Feminism might want to look into some real feminist topics to discuss such as FGM or Sharia law. But at least Everyday Feminism is curing first world problems one foodie at a time!

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