15 Sibling Rivalries That Ended In Murder

For most people, our siblings are our first friends. They’re lifelong companions to see us through to adulthood and beyond. The sibling bond is an enduring connection. It’s hard to describe the relationship, but the words comfort and safety come to mind. But not for these 15 sibling pairs. Their relationships ended after vicious sibling rivalries drove them to the brink of insanity. Their lifelong bond was cut short when one of the siblings did the unthinkable and ended the relationship with murder.

For most people, a sibling rivalry is a bit of playful competition. It could be that one sibling is jealous of another or that both are talented and vying for accolades. Although the fighting can be burdensome to parents, a normal sibling rivalry is little more than a bit of bickering. But for these 15 siblings, the rivalries went way, way too far. These relationships ended unthinkably -- one sibling murdered the other, which is extremely disturbing because relationships with siblings are the closest and longest lasting relationships most people will ever have. A sibling bond should remain untried and unbroken for life.

If you’re like most people who have at least one sibling, you’re going to want to hug them extra tight after reading these unsettling true stories. Remember, no amount of irritation or competition is worth the loss of a brother or a sister. If you have a sibling rivalry, it’s time to bury the hatchet, lest you find yourself in a dangerous situation like one of the siblings listed below.

15 Elizaveta And Stefania Dubrovina

If you were judging their relationship by social media, Elizaveta and Stefania Dubrovina were the picturesque vision of sisters/best friends. They were models, beautiful, and young. But Elizaveta was actually jealous of Stefania, but for what reason? Both girls were beautiful and were on their way to successful modeling careers. However, instead of championing her younger sister’s success, Elizaveta, then 19 and drunk and high after a party, brutally attacked Stefania, then 17, with a knife. She gouged out her sister’s eyes and cut off her ears. Newspapers reported that Stefania’s body was “almost ruined by cutting performed by the girl’s elder sister.” A friend of Stefania’s claimed her older sister was always “a bit crazy.” Allegedly, she’d been so jealous of her younger sister, she frequently copied her look, often going as far as to copy her hair color and lipstick. Her envy was cause for concern for their mutual friends, but no one thought Elizaveta would ever murder her sister.

14 Karla And Tammy Homolka

Canadian serial killer Karla Homolka was a terrible big sister. Karla had been dating her boyfriend, Paul Bernardo, for six months, but he preferred the looks of her younger sister, Tammy. Tammy was 15 years old, and she trusted her big sister. She had no idea the monster her sister was or that she was a jealous and murderous person. Karla would ply her younger sister with alcohol laced with a sedative called Halcion. While unconscious, Karla and her boyfriend would rape the girl; unfortunately, Tammy would overdose on the drug. The official cause of death was ruled an accident. It was believed that Tammy had choked on her vomit after a night of too much drinking. It wasn’t until Karla and Paul’s other victims were discovered that police exhumed Tammy’s body and discovered the truth. She had been sexually assaulted and murdered by her sister and her sister’s boyfriend.

13 Erika And Gianluca De Nardo

From the outside, the De Nardo family appeared rather normal. They lived in a quiet neighborhood in Northern Italy and were the quintessential nuclear family. Mom and dad were happily married, and daughter and son seemed to get along save for a few arguments here and there… No one can blame the parents for dismissing Erika and Gianluca’s arguments as anything but typical teenage angst -- except it was more sinister than that. In February 2000, police were called to a brutal scene. Mother Susy De Nardo and her 12-year-old son, Gianluca, were found with more than 97 stab wounds between them. The crime was initially blamed on Albanian immigrants, but it soon came to light that Erika, the family’s 16-year-old daughter, was responsible for the brutal murder of her brother and her mother. Erika was harboring hatred for her brother, which police discovered in her diary. In one entry, she wrote, “That damn child made me angry today, and I beat him…” She enlisted her boyfriend’s help to murder her mother and brother and stage a robbery.

12 Twins Alexandria And Anastasia Duval

Twin sisters Alexandria and Anastasia Duval were inseparable, but they probably should have given each other some space. The women, born Alison and Ann Dadow, were yoga instructors in Palm Beach, Florida, but they couldn’t keep their business afloat. They filed for bankruptcy, changed their names, and moved to Hawaii seeking a fresh start. According to Keith Weiss, a former boyfriend of Anastasia’s, the twins had a “toxic relationship” more than a decade before one of them died. He told PEOPLE Magazine, “There was so much drama… I remember this one time, the three of us were at the mall, and Ann smacked Alison in the back of the head. Hard. They raged…” Police allege that the women were raging again on May 29th, when driving an SUV just 200 feet from a cliffside in Hana, Maui. Allegedly, the twins were engaged in a vicious fight, Alexandria pulling Anastasia’s hair, when Alexandria did the unthinkable and navigated the SUV off the cliff. Her sister died in the accident, prompting police to charge Alexandria with second-degree murder.

11 William And Matthew Gorzynski

Intense arguments are a sure sign of an unhealthy relationship. Although brothers are known to argue, William and Matthew Gorzynski’s arguments frequently spiraled out of control. Court documents note that Child Protective Services had contacted the family on more than one occasion, but the family was otherwise healthy. 15-year-old William was arrested and charged with second-degree murder when he killed his brother during an argument over loud music. William was trying to watch television, but his younger brother Matthew (14-years-old) refused to turn down the music on his computer. This led to a shouting match, which turned physical. Rather than walk away, William went to the kitchen and grabbed a 7-inch knife. He stabbed his brother in the chest but immediately felt regretful. He called police and confessed to the dispatcher what he’d done. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Matthew died from a single stab wound. The juvenile court system took mercy on William, and he was sentenced to only a year in a young offender program and a year of supervised release.

10 Johnny And Tanaya Goins

According to the former girlfriend of Johnny Goins, he had experienced a great deal of trauma as a child. His sister, Tanaya, denied the child abuse allegations, which prompted a feud to start between her, her brother, and her brother’s girlfriend. In a fit of anger, Johnny attacked his girlfriend, choked her, and then left their home. She didn't die and later told police that Johnny had, in fact, attacked her as well as his sister. He went to his sister’s home armed with a revolver. He shot through her door and window fatally shooting Tanaya and injuring her 13-year-old son. The rivalry which began in childhood prompted Johnny to kill his sister and attempt to kill his nephew. Johnny was convicted of murder and sentenced to 77 years to life, and at his sentencing, he spit at the judge and screamed a number of obscenities. Clearly, this is a man who has dangerous anger issues.

9 Robert And Justin Dale Boyer

Football fandom is serious business, which is why family football rivalries are common. Trash talking can get ugly, but it shouldn’t ever result in death. For brothers Robert and Justin Dale Boyer, their sports rivalry escalated during the playoffs when their teams were pitted against each other. The men gathered at a home in Las Vegas, NV to watch the showdown. Trash talking ensued with Robert rooting for the Green Bay Packers and Justin rooting for the Dallas Cowboys. When the Cowboys lost, things turned ugly. It’s alleged that Justin physically assaulted his brother, who acted in self-defense and stabbed Justin. Bloodied and hanging to a thread of life, Justin escaped to the house of a neighbor, who notified police. Robert confessed his crimes to police and was treated for minor injuries. Justin died at the hospital. The neighbor, Robert Lewis, told a local news station, “I’m passionate. I’m an Eagles fan, and I’m passionate about my Eagles, but to get to that level over a ballgame is just crazy. Unreal, unbelievable.” Indeed, sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.

8 Garrett Nixon And Matthew Adams

Garrett Nixon was only 15 years old when he beat his older half-brother, 18-year-old Matthew Adams, to death with an aluminum baseball bat. The murder rocked the small community of McCormick County, SC. The half-brothers were known to argue, but no one realized the rivalry was out of the ordinary until it was too late. Garrett, a smart and reserved student liked by most at his high school, was a cartoonist. Before the murder, he shared a drawing of himself standing on top of his slain brother with a caption that read, “Garrett slays the mighty Matthew.” This shows that the murder may have been premeditated. A member of the community, who chose to remain anonymous, told the local news, “From what I heard, there was a lot of bullying going on by the older brother to the younger brother… I don’t want this to be a witch hunt on Garrett.” Police and the courts were not so lenient on Garrett. He was arrested, charged with murder, and tried as an adult.

7 Cleopatra, Ptolemy XIII, Ptolemy XIV, And Arsinoe IV

Sibling rivalries have existed since the beginning of time. Kings and queens have battled their siblings for power, including the iconic Cleopatra who killed not one, not two, but all three of her siblings. Before his death, King Ptolemy XII ordered that his son and daughter should co-rule Egypt. His son, Ptolemy XIII wasn’t having it. He banished Cleopatra, but she wasn’t content to leave her home. She sought out Julius Caesar’s help, which he willingly gave to her. She retook the throne, and her brother drowned in the Nile while battling her impeding forces. She saw her other brother, Ptolemy XIV, as a threat, so she poisoned him. Cleopatra saw her youngest sibling, a sister named Arsinoe IV, as a threat. First, Cleopatra banished her to Ephesus, but this didn’t satisfy Cleopatra’s paranoia; after all, she herself had been banished and returned with a vengeance. She thus sent her forces to Ephesus, where they found Arsinoe IV and slaughtered her.

6 Aquino D. Boyd And Anthony Sanders

Arguments are bound to happen in any relationship, especially between brothers and sisters. This sort of rivalry is common, but in this case, it took a very nasty turn. Police reports allege that Aquino Boyd and her brother, Anthony Sanders, had been drinking heavily. They each had three or more cups of vodka, straight up. Their tempers flared, and an argument ensued. Anthony demanded his sister leave his home, but she refused because it was too cold outside. Anthony tried to forcibly remove her by grabbing her wrist, and her response was to pick up the vodka bottle and hit him over the head. The bottle broke, and Aquino used the jagged bottle to stab her brother in the neck. According to autopsy reports, his carotid artery and jugular vein were cut. Aquino, realizing what she’d done, ran to a neighbor for help. Unfortunately, Anthony was not saved, and now, Aquino must live with the knowledge that she killed her brother. She was arrested and charged with murder.

5 Jonathan, Paddy, And Thomas O’Driscoll

According to family reports, twins Paddy and Thomas O’Driscoll were happy kids. A local curate, Fr. Tom Naughton, told media outlets, “It’s hard to think that just 24 hours earlier these lads were jumping out of their skin, full of life, full of beans, like all nine-year-old lads would be -- and then for this to happen; it’s incomprehensible.” Truly, the motive for Jonathan’s decision to stab and kill his twin brothers, and then kill himself, can only be guessed, but it’s likely he dealt with issues of jealousy. His brothers were close and carefree, while he was responsible for them and a depressed young man. 21-year-old Jonathan stabbed his brothers dozens of times before taking his own life. Worse, he committed the violence in front of his other brothers, Jimmy (5) and Martin (4). Jimmy and Martin went to a neighbor’s home and alerted him that their eldest brother had murdered the twins. Authorities were notified, and Jonathan was posthumously charged with double homicide.

4 Chicago-Area Sororicide

Because the victim and the murderer were so young, the news media never released their names. In the Chicago-area suburb of Mundelein, a deadly sibling rivalry was brewing. A 14-year-old girl felt her little sister was unappreciative. The teen told police that she cooked dinner for her little sister, and did her chores sometimes. This is the standard stuff of sibling rivalries, one sibling feeling unappreciated by another, but it rarely turns this violent. The 14-year-old stabbed her 11-year-old sister in a premeditated attack, and then called police and claimed an intruder had entered the home and committed the crime. Police were quick to suspect the older sister, and she was quick to confess her crime. She told police that her little sister had recently hit her and that she was still angry about that. Neighbors told police the girls were fairly average, often playing together and helping each other out. It’s sad that their rivalry turned deadly before their parents or someone could step in and help them sort their problems out in a healthy way.

3 Antwain Hyche-El And Larry Barnes

Children often fight over the divvying up of household chores, but adults rarely suffer such banalities. This case is a much different story. 48-year-old Antwain Hyche-El was arrested for murdering his brother after arguing over “household duties,” according to police officials. The brothers shared a home in St. Louis, and they frequently argued about household chores, although police refused to discuss exactly which specific chores they argued over. As far as rivalries go, this one is pretty silly. If the brothers weren’t happy with their living situation, one or the other should have moved. Instead, Antwain Hyche-El went into the basement and returned with a gun, which he used to shoot Larry Barnes multiple times. Police arrested Antwain and charged him with first-degree murder. Imagine that... a man may have died over a dirty floor or too many dishes in the sink. In rivalries, what seems trivial to the majority of people is taken very, very seriously by the siblings.

2 Constance And Francis “Saville” Kent

Three-year-old Francis “Saville” Kent was found brutally murdered in an outhouse on his family’s property in June of 1980. His nursemaid was initially implicated in the act, but it was soon determined that his sister, 16-year-old Constance Kent, had perpetrated the crime. Although she never revealed a motive, detectives speculated that Constance was jealous of her little brother. In fact, she was jealous of all the children her father bore in his second marriage. Allegedly, she felt they received more affection, and that led to the brutal slaying. She stabbed her little brother numerous times and slit his throat with one of her father’s razor blades. The murder shocked the entirety of England, especially because the family was wealthy and lived in one of England’s most affluent areas, the Wiltshire countryside. Although she was sentenced to life in prison, Constance was eventually released. She changed her name to Ruth Emilie Kaye and moved to Australia to live out the rest of her life.

1 Ryan Wyngarden And Gail Brink

Most sibling rivalries are bred from jealousy stemming from familial insecurities, such as perceived favoritism. It’s rare that the jealousy is of a sexual nature, but that was the case for Ryan Wyngarden, who killed his sister, Gail Brink, and her husband, Rick. Ryan and Gail had an incestuous relationship when they were children. It started when Ryan was 12 years old and Gail was only 9. Ryan told the courts they were sexual with one another three times before the episodes stopped but that it never involved anything more than experimental touching. The last episode occurred when Gail was 12 and Ryan was 15. However, he couldn’t get over his sister and became obsessed and jealous. He started plotting her murder shortly after she wed her husband. In 1987, he entered their home and shot his sister and her husband. He wasn’t arrested for 26 years, but police eventually caught up with him. He was arrested and charged with double homicide. He confessed to the killings and the incest during the 2014 trial.

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