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15 Dreadful Psychic Prophecies That Are Shockingly Accurate

15 Dreadful Psychic Prophecies That Are Shockingly Accurate


Prophecies are often thought of as that of fantasy or literature. Sure, some of the greatest fantasy novels like Harry Potter or A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones for the show fans) deal with prophecies, but in the real world there is a lot more chance. People don’t seem to think there is an order to the world. Things happen randomly, and people react randomly. There is no script or outline to life, so everything that happens to us seems like coincidence at best.

There have, however, been some substantial predictions made about world events. People like Baba Vanga and Nostradamus have predicted some of the largest events in human history, while people like Mark Twain have foretold of their own deaths before they happen. Some of the prophecies, particularly those made by Nostradamus, are relatively vague. Skeptics say that you can attach any meaning to them, rendering them true no matter what happens. Some, however, are much more specific. Baba Vanga was able to predict exact years and exact dates of events. Her prophecies give a bittersweet outlook for the future of human civilization, and is thought to be 70-80% accurate in her predictions.

In the end it comes down to your capacity to believe. If you don’t believe in any sort of clairvoyance then this list probably won’t sway you. If you go in with an open mind though, you may come away with a new sense of what’s possible.

15. Kennedy Assassination

via Houston Chronicle

via Houston Chronicle

Among the notable prophesies foretold by Nostradamus was the assassination of President John F Kennedy and his brother, Senator Robert F. Kennedy. He stated that “The great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolt, an evil deed foretold by the bearer of a petition. Another falls at night time. Conflict at Reins, London and a pestilence in Tuscany.” This was interpreted to reference the killing of John F Kennedy and the assassination of his brother, as the latter was killed during a time of conflict in London and a flood in Florence. Nostradamus was not alone in predicting the death of JFK, however. The day of his death, the Dallas Morning News published an article that looked suspiciously like a death notice. When Jackie Kennedy brought this to her husband’s attention, John F Kennedy told her not to worry; that if someone wanted to shoot him from a window then there is nothing they can do to prevent it.

14. The Great London Fire



Michel de Nostredame (AKA Nostradamus) was one of the most notable prophets in our history. He lived in the 1500s and predicted many major world events that have transpired since his death. His accuracy has garnered him a substantial following, though skeptics argue that his predictions are misinterpretations and mistranslations that are used to fit a particular narrative. One of his predictions was that “The blood of the just will be demanded of London, burnt by the fire in the year 66.” It was September 2, 1666 that the fire was started, which destroyed much of the city of London. The fire burned for three days, and consumed many of the houses and monuments in its path. When the fire was finally extinguished, an estimated 70,000 of the city’s 80,000 homes were destroyed. If residents heeded Nostradamus’ prophecy, they may have decided to move to another city in the year 65.

13. Mark Twain’s Death

via Faith, Fiction, Friends

via Faith, Fiction, Friends

Legendary American author Mark Twain was one of the most ingenious writers in American history. His books are still being read today and even taught in schools across the country. Twain is actually credited for inventing stand up comedy, as he would perform his work on stage and actually went on a world tour. He is also credited with accurately predicting his death. Twain’s biographer quoted Twain in 1909, who said that he had entered this world with Halley’s Comet in 1835 and he would exit the same way. Halley’s Comet was set to return the following year, giving Twain a decent amount of time to check off the remainder of his bucket list. Twain reportedly stated that he would be extremely disappointed if he didn’t die during the comet’s return. He believed that he and the comet were somehow tied to one another. Luckily for Twain, he died on April 21, 1910, which was one day after the comet returned.

12. Global Warming


Vangelia Gushterova, known to many as Baba Vanga, was a Yugoslavian clairvoyant who lived from 1911 to 1996. She was blinded when she was only 12, but the tragedy gave her the ability to see into the future. The statistics can be argued, but it is largely accepted that about 80% of Baba Vanga’s predictions came true. In the 1950s, Baba Vanga predicted the melting of the ice caps and the earth’s rising temperatures. She said, “Everything will melt like ice. Cold will become warm and volcanoes will awaken.” Some also attribute this quote to the 2004 tsunami, but it is pretty clear that she is detailing global warming here. She predicted a near catastrophe on a global scale due to rising temperatures, which seems like what we are near to experiencing today. When you take a look at other accurate Baba Vanga predictions, as well as her predictions for the future, it seems as though society will be changing drastically and quickly.

11. The French Revolution



The French Revolution took place nearly 200 years after Nostradamus lived, but some believe he had the foresight to see it coming. Nostradamus stated, “From the enslaved people, songs, chants and demands, the princes and lords are held captive in prisons: In the future by such headless idiots, these will be taken as divine utterances.” He goes on to describe a King’s death and the River Seine tainted by blood. The French Revolution changed the entire landscape of France, seemingly overnight. Unrest in the streets and an eventual uprising sent the monarchy packing, and ushered in a new age for the French people. The old traditions were scrapped and principles of citizenship and rights won out. While this may not be Nostradamus’ most specific prediction, it can certainly be interpreted to be accurate. Skeptics say that this is one prediction that can be misinterpreted, but some of Nostradamus’ other predictions are harder to dismiss.

10. President Trump


While there were no mystics or clairvoyants involved with the prediction of Trump’s presidency, both The Simpsons and the film, Back to the Future Part II accurately predicted the 45th president of the United States. Back to the Future Part II came out in 1989, and the character Biff was president at the time in the film. While they used an existing character from the film’s universe, writer Bob Gale confirmed that he was thinking of Trump when he created the character. The likeness was the same and some inspiration was borrowed from Trump’s casino investments.

The Simpsons episode, Bart to the Future, was a reference to the aforementioned film, but had Lisa succeeding President Trump. The writers claimed that they wanted Lisa to be in over her head when she took office, so their logical action was to make Trump president before her. Both of these predictions were made out of jest, which makes it even more astounding that he’s actually the president now. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he stomped on the odds.

9. The Fall of the Soviet Union

via La Balada de Quiro

via La Balada de Quiro

Baba Vanga continued to predict world events, including one that would land her in prison for her foretelling. She predicted that the soviet union would crumble, and reportedly also accurately predicted the date of Joseph Stalin’s death (October 16, 1952). Stalin was known for quieting anyone who opposed his power, so it was no surprise that he retaliated when a prophecy of his death and the death of his empire surfaced. Of course, at this time, Baba Vanga’s predictions had yet to fully materialize. She was punished for her prediction, but had the last laugh when it all came true. It may be vindicating to hear this, but considering Vanga’s outlook on the rest of our history alongside her success rate is a bit disheartening. While she eventually predicted that the human race will evolve enough to move to a new star system, she predicted quite a bit of suffering between now and then.

8. Lincoln’s Assassination

via Flattops History War Politics - Yuku

via Flattops History War Politics – Yuku

While President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination was not foretold by one of the prophets who came before him, Ward Hill Lamon told of a prophetic dream that the president had only days before his eventual assassination. Lamon was Lincoln’s biographer, and he detailed the dream that foretold of the president’s killing. Lamon claimed that Lincoln’s dream consisted of stillness and grief. The president heard faint sobbing and went to investigate. He followed the sound to the East Room, where he saw what seemed to be a funeral, complete with a corpse wearing funeral garb. He asked the people mourning the man, what had happened and who had died in the White House. He was told that it was the President who had died, murdered by an assassin. The sound of grief expressed from the room woke Lincoln from his dream. He was shaken, but didn’t think much more of what his dream may mean. Lincoln was killed three days later.

7. The Rise of Hitler


In his book of prophesies, Nostradamus wrote, “From the depths of the West of Europe A young child will be born of poor people, He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop; His fame will increase towards the realm of the East.” This was interpreted to be referencing the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany. Hitler was the fascist chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, about 400 years after Nostradamus’ foretelling. He threatened to conquer all of Europe during his reign, but was eventually halted and disposed of by allied forces. Many people credit Nostradamus for warning the world of his potential power, though no one was connecting the dots until after Hitler rose to power. It may have been inevitable that someone fitting this description would come along, but the scope of Hitler’s influence has lead many to consider him to be the one Nostradamus foretold of.

6. The Sinking of Kursk


Baba Vanga, as stated above, was one of the most prolific prophets in recent memory. In 1980, she predicted that, “At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it.” At the time, many assumed that she was talking about the Russian city, Kursk. They though that she meant that the city would be covered in water. Well, in 2000, the nuclear submarine bearing the namesake of the town, Kursk, sunk. The crew died as countries scrambled to try to save the remaining survivors. It was an event that the whole world mourned, as this type of death is one of the worst imaginable. While people may have been skeptical of her prediction, Baba Vanga was actually correct in her assessment. It may not have gone the way people thought, but Kursk was covered in water and the whole world wept.

5. Atomic Bombs


This is one of the more debated of Nostradamus’ predictions due to the translation of the quote. Nostradamus said that, “Near the gates and within the cities there will be two scourges the like of which was never seen, famine within plague, people put out by steel, crying to the great immortal God for relief.” Some say that he was only predicting a famine or plague, while others translate this quote to apply more broadly. Even more, some argue that this Nostradamus was unable to comprehend the bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and was merely using the vocabulary that was familiar to him. At the time, “people put out by steel” could be the only way he knew how to accurately convey his message. Either way, the atomic bombs that dropped were certainly the, “scourges the like of which was never seen.” While his vague statements make some people wonder, other oracles, such as Baba Vanga, were much more specific with their predictions.

4. Brexit



For those who don’t know, the Brexit refers to Britain voting to exit the EU earlier in 2016. While Baba Vanga didn’t predict the exact circumstances, she did predict that Europe as we know it will be gone in 2016. Sure enough, in 2016, Britain votes to leave the EU. Experts are saying that other countries may follow suit, giving further credibility to this claim. To be fair, it’s pretty clear that she was referencing Islamic extremists marching on Europe, as she predicted this would also happen. Still, this could be a misinterpretation on her part. She could still be correct about ISIS marching on Europe, but she mistakenly grouped these two events together. It’s still a bit too much of a coincidence that she predicted the exact year that Europe would change. Hopefully it was just a fluke, because the rest of this prophecy includes (presumably) ISIS taking over Europe and making it their headquarters.

3. Obama’s Presidency


Baba Vanga was spot-on with her prediction for the 44th president of the United States. She reportedly predicted that he would be African American. Of course, the 44th president of the United states was the first African American president in US history, Barack Obama. What makes this prediction a bit more dreadful was what she said would happen following his presidency. Vanga predicted that the 44th president would be the last president of the United States. It’s unclear exactly what she meant, but she was likely referencing the prospect of a one-world government. Many of her predictions dealt with alien intervention, as she predicted that we would soon be alerted of the presence of aliens. Vanga even told of aliens that were on Earth during her lifetime. This is good news for all of the Trump supporters out there, as if Vanga is correct Trump could be in the running for president of the world.

2. The Rise of ISIS



The quote that was attributed to the prediction of the rise of ISIS is more broad than many of her other predictions. Vanga predicted a “great Muslim war” in the new millennium, which could be referencing the Arab Spring and eventually the rise of ISIS. She also predicted that Muslims would attack Europe, which ISIS has done in the past year. One difference in Vanga’s prediction and reality is that Vanga predicted an attack with chemical and nuclear weapons. While it has yet to happen, this is very unsettling coming from one of the most accurate clairvoyants in history. She said that in the coming years, Europe will be completely uninhabitable. This hasn’t happened yet, and the window is closing on her time frame, so we can take a bit of comfort in that fact. Still, with Islamic extremism on the rise, it has to be considered as a possibility.

1. The 9/11 Attacks


There were multiple supposed predictions of the events on 9/11, including both Nostradamus and Baba Vanga. Nostradamus was much more vague, as usual, but he was seen to be much more accurate with this prediction. He said, “Volcanic fire from the center of the earth will cause trembling around the new city: two great rocks will make war for a long time. Then Arethusa will redden a new river… In the year 1999, in the seventh month, from the sky will come the great King of Terror.” While he wasn’t spot-on as far as the time frame, and sited volcanic fire instead, he was generally seen as being accurate in this prediction. It was a very different world when Nostradamus was alive, so the nomenclature is seen as purely semantics by some.

Baba Vanga, on the other hand, was much more specific. She said, “Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.” Many people view “a bush” to signify President Bush, lending even further credibility to her claim. America was attacked by “steel birds” on September 11, 2001. This is one of Vanga’s most popular accurate predictions, and lead many to think that she was the real deal.

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