15 Shocking Times Animals Saved People’s Lives

Highlighting the 15 most shocking moments that animals stepped in to save the life of a loved one.

Everyone who has had a pet in their lives has some understanding of the loving bond between people and their animals. Whether their chosen pet is a dog, cat, bird, dolphin, or a baby cow their owners tend to fall in love with them. This is probably because of the inherent loyalty that can exist between a pet and their owner. Perhaps it is because we feed them, or maybe humans and animals are meant to be friends.

Whatever the reason, we absolutely love these stories of animals saving humans lives. It not only brings warm fuzzy feelings into the picture, it shows us exactly what animals are capable of if we show them compassion. For anyone that is moved by these stories, there are tons of ways to volunteer with animals in need. This is a great way to give back. Either volunteer at a local shelter walking dogs or cleaning the cat area.

You can also donate money. There are tons of charities that help various animals in need. Animals are deserving of our help, especially since human habitation has killed a lot of their habitats around the globe. Check out these heartwarmingly shocking stories.

15 Davide Ceci And Filippo

Fourteen-year-old Davide Ceci was with his father on his boat and he didn’t know how to swim at the time. When he fell out of the boat and his father didn’t notice, it could have surely meant doom for Davide. Luckily, popular tourist attraction and local dolphin Filippo came to the rescue.

When Davide was floating helplessly in the water Filippo the 850-pound dolphin noticed that he was in trouble. The sea mammal pushed the young boy up out of the water and eventually to safety. The dolphin was something of a celebrity in the small town off the coast of Southern Italy. When Davide realized that he was being pushed by Filippo he says that he started to hold on to the friendly dolphin.

14 Arf And The Coral Snake

Mrs. Sparks was in the kitchen within earshot of her 2-year-old grandson and Arf the dog on the day of the attack. The woman heard her dog growling and barking so she decided to go fetch the toddler and bring him inside. When she arrived in the backyard Mrs. Sparks found a deadly coral snake in a dangerous fight with sweet, protective Arf.

Arf is a Chesapeake Retriever and he suffered many bites from the coral snake. When Mrs. Sparks arrived outside she shot the snake, but it was already too late. Arf had to go straight to the veterinarian hospital where he was treated for bites and trauma. It took the vet nine hours to find the antitoxin but eventually, he was better. Had he not been there, who knows if the 2-year-old would have been okay.

13 Janice Wolf And The Baby Watusi Cow

Janice Wolf operates Rocky Ridge Refuge in Northern Arkansas. At the Rocky Ridge Refuge Janice saves every animal that we can think of. Dogs, cats, turtles, donkeys and even Watusi cows reside on the Northern Arkansas plot of land. One day she was in the back of the pasture with the Watusi cows when the 11-month-old calf blocked her path. He used his horns to keep her from passing.

Janice was at a loss because the Watusi calf was usually quite docile. It was when the calf tossed and knocked her off balance that she saw the copperhead snake. The calf had blocked her because the poisonous snake was right where her foot would have landed on her path. Though the snake isn’t poisonous, she had just emerged from surgery and has a sensitivity to bites. The calf saved her life.

12 Jennifer Green And Raja

In April 2015 Jennifer Green put out the fire in her fireplace and disposed of the ash. She then went downstairs to the basement office to work without distractions. The fire started and took off without Green’s knowledge. It was when her dog Raja jumped on her repeatedly despite being told not to that she knew something wasn’t right. When she went upstairs she realized what it was. Her house was engulfed in flames.

It was probably only because of Raja’s intervention that Green was able to escape the home in time. Raja, a pitbull, is so protective that he actually refused to leave the house until the firemen had arrived. He was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation but suffered no serious injuries.

11 Bintu Jua & The Toddler

In the Summer of 1996, a three-year-old boy fell into the gorilla pit at the zoo. The little boy fell a whopping 20 feet. For the moments after falling the child lay lifeless on the ground. Bintu Jua, an eight-year-old gorilla with a pup of her own, picked up the unconscious boy and cradled him in her chest.

At one point Bintu Jua turns a shoulder to the other gorillas as a sign that they can’t mess with the small child. She then cradles him in her right arm, sort of rocking him back and forth.

Her own child is clutching onto the hair on her back. She then very deliberately carried the boy all the way to the gates where the workers could retrieve him.

10 Dianne Busscher And Oreo

The Busscher family lived in the Allendale township in Ottawa county in 2008. They had a black and white cat named Oreo that the girls of the house insisted on keeping because of its cute green eyes. Most of the family doesn’t even like cats, but for some reason, Oreo stuck around.

In the Winter of 2008 Oreo started making one heck of a ruckus. The whole family woke up to find the house absolutely engulfed in flames. They grabbed what they could grab as they ran out of the house. It was only after they escaped the burning home that the fire alarms went off.

The fire apparently started with an electrical fire in the garage. The flames created a lot of damage but all five children and both of their parents escaped alive because of Oreo the cat.

9 Brenda Owen And Penny

This duo was out walking during Brenda’s lunch break. The Custody Officer with North Wales police immediately noticed that a wheelchair was unattended on the banks of the stream. Brenda started asking passersby if they’d seen the person who owned that wheelchair. Eventually, their gaze landed on the water where they saw a woman floating face down.

When Owen called out and the woman didn’t respond she knew that it was time to take action. She yelled “Penny, fetch!” and Penny jumped in the water without hesitation. Penny dragged the woman to the riverbank but she wasn’t breathing.

Owen stepped up and performed mouth to mouth until the woman was breathing again. She then called for emergency assistance. We’re just thankful that the 10-year-old Labrador Retriever was in such good shape!

8 Treo The Bomb-Sniffing Dog

Treo the dog was donated to the Army. He had an affinity to snap and growl at people. He also tended to just generally misbehave. His owners donated him to a 12-week training course in hopes that he could be happier.

After his course at the Defence Animal Centre was completed he was sent to his first job in Northern Ireland. By 2008 he had a new handler, Sergeant Dave HeyHoe, and the pair took off for Afghanistan.

Treo was one of 25 dogs mean to support British troops on this assignment. On August 1, 2008, Treo found an IED concealed by Taliban insurgents. Just one month later he found another. He was so good at finding IEDs that ‘the black dog’ was referred to in intercepted communications.

He was given the Dicken medal in 2010. He passed away five years later after retiring with HeyHoe to his home.

7 Rob Howe And The Dolphin Pod

Lifeguard Rob Howe, his daughter, and her two friends decided to take a swim around 100m out from shore at Ocean Beach. The beach is located near Whangarei in New Zealand. All of a sudden seven bottlenose dolphins started encircling them.

The dolphins were acting strangely, they were jumping between the two girls almost herding them towards the others. The swimmers were in sets of two separated by about 20m when the dolphins began.

Eventually, Howe saw a 3m great white shark head straight for the two girls. The dolphins' erratic behavior confused the shark enough for the pod to huddle all four of them together. They stayed around the four swimmers for about 40 minutes which was long enough for the shark to lose interest and leave them alone.

6 Kevin And Belle

Belle is a beagle who dialled 911 when her owner had a seizure. She bit onto her owner's cell phone when Kevin’s blood sugar dropped dangerously low.

Belle had been trained to do this in case her owner had such an accident. Animals like Belle can use their sense of smell to understand when their owner’s blood sugar levels get too low. The dog reads blood sugar levels by periodically licking their owner’s nose.

If something isn’t right the dog will first whine and paw at their human. But in the case of Kevin and Belle, he suffered a seizure. She was trained to bite down on the number 9 which automatically calls 911. For this action, Belle was the very first dog to receive the VITA Wireless Samaritan Award.

5 Darrick And Kham Lha

Both Darrick and Kham Lha spend a majority of their time at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. Kham Lha is the youngest elephant at the park and Darrick was her favorite person. She loves him so much that the minute he calls her name she will come running to him no matter what he’s doing.

Khal Lha was brought to the sanctuary when she was just four years old. She spent all four of these years in terrifying “crush” training in the entertainment field.

This might be why she is so drawn to Darrick, the person that showed her so much love. When Darrick began floating down the river in this video Kham Lha drops everything. She runs to him and swims out into the middle of the stream. She supplies him with her trunk and herds him with her feet safely to shore.

4 Jambo And Levan

Young Levan Merritt fell into the gorilla cage back in 1986. He was only five years old at the time. The long fall into the gorilla enclosure knocked him unconscious and the large male gorillas began eyeing him as prey. This is when Jambo stepped in. Jambo is a silverback male gorilla.

He stood ground next to Levan and protected him from the other circling male gorillas in the pen. In the most heartwarming scenes of the live video footage Jambo strokes Levan’s back in what seems like a comforting motion. The boy woke up and began to cry.

This startled the gorillas and Jambo took the opportunity to lead the pack back to their home shelter area. EMT Brian Fox took the opportunity to jump into the enclosure and fasten himself and the boy to a rope. They were hoisted out safe and sound.

3 Reed And Angel

74-year-old Reed McIntosh lived alone in the home that formerly housed his wife and son. In February 2017 McIntosh was fast asleep in his bed early in the morning. His 7-month-old cat, Angel, started pawing his face incessantly and he woke up to find his house burning.

Unfortunately, McIntosh lost his home. McIntosh raised his son in the house and lived there with his wife until her death from cancer. McIntosh had five cats who were all congregated in his bedroom in hopes of getting him out of the burning building. Reed escaped, but none of his cats made it out alive. He is forever thankful for that kitten that gave her life for him, she was truly an angel.

2 Charlie And Jack

Jack Dukes claims that he let two men into his home thinking that they were his neighbors. The pair claimed he was a neighbor who was in trouble. They then hit the man over the head and demanded that he hand over all of his pills.

It probably would have gotten worse for Jack if his pet didn’t intervene. Charlie, a parrot, was pissed when he saw the men disrespecting his owners. He started violently attacking them. Jack even claims that the parrot had chunks of skin in his beak after it was all over.

Jack believes that Charlie saved his life that day. In his spare time, Charlie really loves to eat fried chicken and banana pudding. In Jack Dukes’ small town of Fort Smith, Arkansas Charlie was declared a hero.

1 Todd Endris, The Dolphin King

This surfer was attacked by sharks in 2007. At the time of the attack, Todd Endris was twenty-four years old and surfing in Monterey Bay. While he was paddling on his board a 15-foot shark tried to bite him the long way of the board.

The shark also couldn’t take the surfer out in one bite because the animal couldn’t fit his jaws around both the man and the surfboard. His second bite took out the side of Endris and his board. He was stomach down on his board at the time of the attack so all of his major organs were protected.

On the third attempt, the shark came for his right leg but his repositioning allowed Endris to grip his board enough to kick the shark into retreat. At this point, the surfer was exhausted and unable to fight. A pod of dolphins encircled him. They jumped over him and formed a sort of wall around the man until he could catch a wave in.

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