15 Shocking Stories From Sororities And Fraternities

Are fraternities and sororities completely out of control? Judging by the events listed below, it's hard to say otherwise. Fraternities and sororities are supposed to be fun, benevolent organizations that help students connect and feel like they're part of something. That might have been the initial aim of these organizations, but lately it seems like they do more harm than good. Frat houses have become cesspools for excessive alcohol consumption, barbaric hazing rituals, and worse. And sororities are no different. Whether you look at the male or female versions of these organizations, rampant degeneracy seems to be a plague that they just can't shake off.

By far the most serious incidents involve deaths of members. And this is surprisingly common. Within the last few years, many students have lost their lives, simply because they were drawn in by the out of control antics of these organizations. People have been hazed to death. Students have virtually drunk themselves to the point of no return. And as you will read, even babies have died as a result of these students' actions.

It doesn't look like these age-old institutions will be ending any time soon. They are too ingrained in university culture. But while they continue to exist, we can expect to see more and more debauchery, death, and things so bad you can't even imagine them.

15 Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Racist Chants


There is one fraternity that overshadows all the others when it comes to controversy. And that Fraternity is Sigma Alpha Epsilon. They're constantly in the news, and it's almost never anything good. They have a long history that is peppered with controversy. They were caught making racist chants about black men "never" being able to join SAE, and also singing about hanging them from trees. Various chapters have also been accused of flying Confederate flags outside their frat houses. In addition, they harassed a member for dating a Black girl and bringing her to their frat house. Members are almost all white. A chapter was also suspended for assaulting a Jewish fraternity. Despite all of these controversies (I've only named a few, by the way) Sigma Alpha Epsilon remains one of the biggest, if not the biggest, fraternities in the United States, with chapters in countless universities.

14 This Sorority Sister Left Her Newborn Baby To Die


Sororities are equally guilty of shocking behavior and incidents, as was the case with a member of the Muskingum University chapter of the Delta Gamma Theta Sorority. She was found guilty of murder in 2015 after she left her newborn baby in a trash can outside her sorority house. She actually gave birth to the baby in the bathroom of the sorority house, and placed in a garbage bag immediately after, stashing the infant outside to die. She then texted the boy who she believed to be the baby's father, saying "No more baby. Taken care of." The court found that she showed very little remorse for her actions, and she was sentenced to life in prison. While she was pregnant, she smoked marijuana, drank alcohol, and even participated in contact sports, falling on her belly multiple times.

13 Kappa Delta Rho And Their Secret Facebook Group


Another fraternity that became shrouded in controversy recently was Kappa Delta Rho. Word got out that members were part of a secret Facebook group that featured pictures of nude and unconscious women, hazing rituals, and drug use. Because of this, the fraternity was suspended by Pennsylvania State University in 2015. This prompted a huge reaction from the public, who protested against the fraternity's participation in rape culture. The secret Facebook group was revealed by a former member after he alerted the police of its existence. The pictures showed nude women who were passed out, as well as members participating in what appears to be drug dealing. The University issued a stern statement, saying "The university will hold accountable any groups and individuals found responsible."

12 When Alpha Xi Delta Trashed A Slavery Museum


We all know that sororities are often associated with crazy parties, but Alpha Xi Delta took it way too far when they trashed a museum dedicated to black slavery and the underground railroad. The sorority, which is based at Miami University, faced a two year suspension in 2010 after what was described as "drunken debauchery" at a Spring Formal held at the museum. Exhibits were vandalized, the place was completely trashed, and one male student urinated on recreation of a 19th century slave pen. And of course, many of the students vomited everywhere inside the museum. University President David Hodge confessed that this was a shameful incident "because it was a place of such cultural and historical significance to our community," and that "These recent incidents of negative behavior are deeply troubling and embarrassing."

11 When Pi Delta Psi Hazed A Guy To Death


One of the most controversial things about fraternities are the hazing rituals, and one of the worst cases of hazing resulted in a student's death. 19-year-old Chun Deng died in 2013 after a hazing ritual at Baruch College in Manhattan. In total, 37 members of the Pi Delta Psi fraternity were charged with participating in the murder of Chun Deng, and five were charged with third-degree murder. His cause of death was from "multiple, massive traumas," implying he was beaten in some way. What's certain is that at some point Chun Deng lost consciousness, and instead of calling 9-1-1, the fraternity members responsible elected instead to call the fraternity president, a decision that lost valuable minutes that could have meant the difference between life and death. They then tried to cover up the fraternity's involvement by "hiding all fraternity items." Because of this, they were also charged with criminal conspiracy.

10 Sigma Gamma Rho Paddles Girls Too Hard


On a slightly lighter note, the Sigma Gamma Rho sorority was suspended after members severely beat its pledges with paddles. The incident, which happened at Rutgers University in 2010, left one girl's buttocks so sore with welts and blot clots that she had to be hospitalized. The young pledge that reported the incident claims that she was paddled for seven consecutive nights, and was struck over 200 times in total. Six female students were arrested on hazing charges, and it was quickly discovered that they had beaten numerous other pledges as well. They were charged with aggravated hazing, a sentence that can mean up to 18 months in prison. It was also revealed that in some cases, the pledges were denied food as well as being paddled. They were told that the paddling would "humble them."

9 Pi Kappa Alpha Banned For "Alcohol Enemas" 


In  case you haven't heard, a very strange trend is sweeping across universities, and it's known as "butt-chugging." What this entails is using enemas filled with alcohol, but as one fraternity member found out, this can be incredibly dangerous. Pi Kappa Alpha was suspended by the University Of Tennessee after one member was hospitalized with 5 times the legal intoxication level after receiving an alcohol enema. When police searched the frat house, they found evidence of the behavior, including tubes and bags that had been used to hold wine and other alcoholic drinks. People everywhere were shocked when this story circulated in 2012, including the vice chancellor of student life, Tim Rogers, who said "Shock would not be an (overstatement). I myself had never heard of what has been alleged."

Knoxville Police issued the following statement: "Upon extensive questioning, it is believed that members of the fraternity were using rubber tubing inserted into their rectums as a conduit for alcohol as the abundance of capillaries and blood vessels present greatly heightens the level and speed of the alcohol entering the bloodstream as it bypasses the filtering by the liver."

8 A Sorority Girl Died From A Pancake Eating Contest


In one of the most bizarre cases of a sorority death ever recorded, the vice president of the Kappa Delta sorority choked to death while participating in a pancake-eating contest. The incident happened on March 31 of this year, 2017, at Sacred Hearts University. The pancake-eating contest was part of a "Greek Life" event at the school. The girl's name was Caitlin Nelson, whose father died in the 9/11 terror attacks while working as a police officer. After choking, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. She was kept alive for 3 days, but succumbed to her ailments on April 2nd. An autopsy was performed, and the official cause of death was found to be "asphyxia due to obstruction of airway by bolus of food." The sorority and the university were not held responsible, as it was just a freak accident.

7 Trinity Delta Psi Gets Beaten Up By High School Kids


If you're getting a little angry at the stupidity of fraternities after reading this, here's something to cheer you up: This month, in May of 2017, the Delta Psi fraternity was holding a spring formal at Trinity University. A group 20 unruly high school kids showed up and demanded entry. When they were told to go away, the group became violent and beat up the fraternity, even though they were much younger. Three students were given concussions and one student's face was fractured. Fraternity president Justin Fortier admitted "There was a strong core there that was looking to start trouble... They were younger than me, but they could punch well." Another student who was assaulted that night summed up exactly why these fraternity students were attacked: "Some people are going to like it and some people are going to see us as white, rich kids who just judge."

6 This Delta Zeta Girl Faked Cancer To Get Money


Sororities are known for their involvement in the community, especially raising money for charity, but one girl showed that even this activity can turn into something ugly. 20-year-old Kelly Schmahl, a member of the Delta Zeta sorority at Northern Kentucky University, decided to fake cancer in order to scam people out of money. She tricked the general public and her sorority sisters into thinking that she had stage 3 stomach cancer, even shaving her head and using a wheelchair  to make her story more believable. The sorority raised money for her and described her as a "total warrior." Police are still trying to track down the funds that were donated to Kelly, and the sorority still has a fundraiser planned for Kelly. But now they're going to use the money to help Chicks and Chucks, a real organization that helps kids with cancer. In April of 2017, Kelly was charged with grand theft and it is estimated that she stole about $7,500.

5 Alpha Chi Rho Did This To A Guy's Face


Another hazing incident that garnered media attention was the case of Andrew Seely, who had a violent allergic reaction to peanut butter when it was smeared on his face. But the fraternity member who did it, Dale Merza, allegedly had no idea that the student was allergic to peanut butter. Although he has been charged with hazing, his attorney is confident that he will not be proven guilty, since smearing peanut butter on someone's face is a relatively innocent prank. Unless, of course, he knew that Andrew Seely was allergic, and did it intentionally. That's what Andrew Seely believes, as he claims that he informed the fraternity that he was allergic to peanuts prior to the hazing. Andrew's mother says that her son could have been killed, and that their family is shocked to hear something like this could have happened at what was supposed be a safe environment.

4 Alpha Omicron Pi Made Pledges Eat Mud 


We all know that girls can be just as cruel as guys, if not more so, and that's exactly what 7 sisters  from the University of Albany chapter of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority proved once their hazing rituals were exposed. These seven students forced 4 pledges to eat mud and dirt, while having  rotten milk, eggs, food,  and what smelled like urine poured all over them. The sorority  sisters were charged with first and second degree hazing. One of the pledges said her  face began to swell up and that she had difficulty breathing after the foul mixture was poured all over her body. The organization was not an official sorority at the school, and was not registered. Students were shocked when they heard about the incident, describing the girls as "quiet."

3 Beta Theta Pi Killed A Pledge And Left Him To Die


One of  the most talked about fraternity deaths was the recent case of Tim Piazza. February 2nd, 2017, was pledge night for Tim as he walked to the frat house of Beta Theta Pi at Pennsylvania State University. He had no idea that it would be his last night alive. At some point during the night, he fell down a flight of stairs where he would lay for 12 hours. Not one person helped him. He had suffered a collapsed lung, a punctured spleen, and a non-recoverable brain injury. Beta Theta Pi was permanently banned after this, due to allegations of forced drinking and hazing related to the incident. This investigation is still ongoing and has prompted demands that Pennsylvania State become much more involved in its policing of fraternity activities.

2 Sorority Girl Run Over By Fire Department


Another alcohol-related death involved a sorority member who drunkenly fell asleep in front of a fire station, only to be run over by one of its SUVs after the fire station responded to a call. The call was later determined to be a false alarm. The Delta Gamma sorority was shut down by the University of Connecticut as a result. In addition the Delta Gamma fraternity, which was also involved in the partying that night, was shut down. Police believe the girl attended a party that was hosted by the sorority at an off-campus location. They have arrested 6 individuals who they believe hosted the party. The girl who died was Jeffny Pally, a 19-year-old student. For an organization that calls itself a "sorority," it's shocking that Jeffny's so-called sisters didn't care enough about her to make sure that she got home safely.

1 Alpha Epsilon Pi Held A Gun To A Pledge's Neck


Some of these incidents can be explained as stupid accidents, but it was no accident when members of Alpha Epsilon Pi held a gun to a pledge's head as part of a hazing ritual. The incident happened at the University of Central Florida in April of 2017. A pledge was blindfolded and then a member racked a shotgun and placed it behind the student's head. The member later claimed that the gun was empty. As you can see by the initial report above, the incident was seen as extremely serious by the university staff. The fraternity has been suspended indefinitely after the incident. The fraternity was started in the year 2000 at the school, and accepts almost exclusively Jewish members. The university has refused to comment on the disciplinary action faced by the student who brandished the firearm.

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