15 Shocking Stories About Families Who Were Way Too Close For Comfort

Families who do things together, stay together? Well, families being a tad too close to each other for comfort is not a new concept. Try Rome and its royal families – and how brothers and sisters were encouraged (read: forced) to pair up with each other simply because Roman royalty considered themselves to be gods and gods simply did not stoop enough to do the dirty with mortals. So brothers and sisters were married off to rule as King and consort in one big happy family orgy, or so it seems.

Mostly, brothers and sisters don’t fancy each other due to something called the Westermarck effect which simply states that growing up together sort of kills of any erotic feelings you could have for the sibling. And as far as parents are concerned, well, fathers doing their daughters or mothers doing their sons is simply gross. That said, some people have a strange interest, or fetish, in the idea of a family relationship that pushes the boundaries, which is why there is such a huge demand for family-themed adult movies (not played by real brother and sister, just reel ones) and even erotica.

And then, of course, Freud infamously argued that everyone's first sexual desires are always directed toward their family, when pigtailed girls want to marry their daddies and little boys so love their mommies. Of course, all this acquires a much darker connotation when the son grows up to be like Oedipus and the daughter just has to have some sugar from her daddy... Anyway.

Illegal, outlawed, frowned upon, and considered taboo – this immoral way of life still has many perpetrators. Apparently, if you are itching for some, you are not alone in the world, as is demonstrated by the many (terrifying) message boards that exist on the dark web. That doesn’t mean that the rest of us cannot be completely and irrevocably grossed out by it. Shame on you!

15 The Alabama Ring: Many Perpetrators, Many Victims

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In 2015, a 35-year-old Alabama woman named Wendy Holland was sentenced to 219 years, with her having to serve at least 50 years before even being considered for parole for her role in abusing many children in her own family and those of her friends, and basically running a molestation ring that involved mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, and in-laws – all abusing children.

She and 10 other family members, as well as their equally evil family friends, were charged after an investigation that started with the disappearance of 19-year-old Brittney Wood, now presumed dead. About the time Brittney vanished, Wendy’s husband Donnie Holland, who was the head of this ring, died of a self-inflicted gunshot. A horrific saga in which barbecue parties often ended with an orgy with fathers and mothers, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters ending the evening, reveling in group sex with children as young as four who were carefully groomed since birth, to fit the part.

14 Minister, Advisor, Activist, But Also An Abusive Father: James Luther Bevel

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Once the advisor to Martin Luther King, who even witnessed his assassination, and a human rights activist who contributed in a big way in stopping the racial discrimination against the African-American population, James Bevel ultimately proved to be rotten fruit despite being dubbed the Father of Voting Rights. He fathered 16 children altogether with a total of three wives and three other women. Yet what is most disturbing about Rev James L Bevel is that one of his daughters testified against him in a court of law, for having maintained an abusive sexual relationship with her while she was between the ages of 13 and 15.

Sadly, this incident happened when Bevel was involved in the Selma Voting Rights Movement, which gained momentum after Bloody Sunday, wherein troopers viciously beat and tear gassed the peacefully marching protestors, leaving many bloody. Bevel was found guilty, especially after a police-led sting phone call that his accuser daughter made to him where he openly admitted to being involved with her. Bevel died in 2008 of pancreatic cancer, dishonored and reviled.

13 The Czech Twins Who Do Each Other In Gay Adult Films

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So siblings seemingly have been doing it with each other for centuries now, what with the Roman empire and dare we also waggle our eyebrows at the very attached pair of Angelina  Jolie and her brother, James Haven, after their brief lip-lock in 2000?

However, all this pales in comparison when you read about the 20-something Czech identical twins, Elijah and Milo Peters, who are gay porn actors with a penchant for something not everyone can stomach – twincest. They do everything to each other on the screen that actors in this industry would to their partners and claim to love each other like boyfriends do in real life as well, also stating that they don’t have sex with other men in real life, only onscreen if their profession and the script demands it. And unlike other twin gay porn performers, they are not ashamed about it, but rather revel in their um, unique, “relationship.”

12 A Kingly Tradition: The Monomotapa of Zimbabwe

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Dynastic incest is pretty common and sorry Romans, not just limited to your monarchy. Various African monarchies practiced dynastic incest and "sibcest" (with siblings) with full vigor, including but not limited to the Monomotapa of Zimbabwe. The Kings (well, duh!) were also extremely active in polygamy with their general thought being why have one when you can have many? One Monomotapan king had over 3000 wives and courtiers, but his preferred and let’s just say more frequently loved ones were those who were his sisters, or daughter.

Oh, and in case you wanted to rescue one of these many wives who carried royal bloodlines by marrying one, but you weren’t a king, then you were dead! Apparently, all this started when a chief of Karanga basically screwed his daughter, Princess Dzugundini, resulting in a child. The child became a chief in his own right and went on to do what his father-cum-grandfather did, proceed to commit incest with daughters and sisters, declaring that their ancestors had instructed him to do so to revive the migrant group's matrilineal dynasty. Gah!

11 Charles II Of Spain: The Last of the Inbreeders of The Habsburg Dynasty

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So Kings are known for this and that – some for their reforms, some for being bloodthirsty devils, and some for their golden or black rule. Charles II of Spain wasn’t known for any of his deeds or misdeeds though – he is a prime example of why incest is taboo, for its results in deformed and abnormal offspring like him. In fact Historians have said of him, “short, lame, epileptic, senile, and completely bald before 35, he was always on the verge of death, but repeatedly baffled Christendom by continuing to live.” In fact he could not have been more inbred than had his parents been real siblings!

Charles II died just days before what would have been his 39th birthday and the physician who performed the autopsy wrote that his body did not contain a single drop of blood, his heart was the size of a peppercorn, his lungs were corroded, his intestines rotten and gangrenous, he had a single testicle, black as coal (probably the reason behind no heirs), and his head was full of water…

10 King Tut: A Weakened Body Was His Legacy, Followed by Death At 19

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In 1922, the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun was discovered, and that handsome face on the sarcophogus made King Tut here an international celebrity. For years, his young death was enfolded in mystery with many claims pointing towards murder, or even a tragic accident. Science now claims otherwise. A virtual autopsy using more than 2000 scans of Tut’s mummy now reveals a misshapen, inbred king who could not have lived long.

Wide, feminine hips, a really bad overbite, and a clubfoot make up this “handsome” king and DNA analysis shows that his family was an incestuous one indeed. Apparently he also had epilepsy, Kohler’s disease, and malaria, any of which could have killed off his already weak body. Tut here didn’t learn his lesson in time though, for he was in an incestuous marriage with his half-sister Ankhesenamun who bore him two stillborn daughters. So there you have it, royalty isn’t always right!

9 Not Wanting Son To Be Gay, Mother “Seduced” Him To “Cure” Him

So Barbara Daly Baekeland was gorgeous and her 1940s and 50s photos in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar proved it. But underneath that beauty, lurked craziness. When Barbara’s husband got tired of their really weird marriage with affairs on both sides and suicide attempts by her, they divorced but their son Antony moved in with his mother. Antony seemingly inherited his mother’s mental issues as well but was also a closet homosexual. When his nutty mother got to know this, she tried to cure him by first paying prostitutes to have sex with her son, and then she kind took matters in her own hands. In case you didn’t get that, she had sex with her son thinking her feminine wiles would cure him of, well, being gay.

Enraged, her nutty son stabbed her with a kitchen knife. He was imprisoned and upon release, tried to slash his grandmother to death too. Not a great ending, this one…

8 Had Four Children With Teen Daughter: Then This Monster Pleaded “Consensual”

Frankly once you start listing the cases of incest, it soon takes down the dark and scary road of child abuse where monsters lurk behind the faces of the people who are supposed to care and protect you. Take in case Daniel Rinehart, father of Ashley – who basically committed incest with his daughter starting when she was five years old, all the way till 18. Her mother, it is claimed, knew the entire goings on but did nothing to protect her daughter, effectively becoming an accomplice.

For Ashley though, all of her remembered life to date has been an ordeal – with her giving birth to four children fathered by her own father, three of whom died because of lack of medical care. On little boy managed to survive, just as Ashley did. Daniel Rinehart, aka the sicko monster, has been found guilty on all counts and will probably spend the rest of his life in prison, with inmates who don’t hold incestuous pedophiles like him in great esteem.

7 The Colt Family Saga: Ran In Their Blood, For That’s All They Knew

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In 2010, Australia was rocked by the news of an incestuous family living in squalor, with many children being deprived of food, clothing, and other essentials, but apparently not of incest. After a child reported of an unkempt pregnant girl living in the woods, claiming that she didn’t know which of her brothers was the father of the child, the authorities launched an investigation and discovered some 38 members of the family living in the woods on the outskirts of New South Wales. Both the children and adults had seemingly regularly engaged in sexual activities which they spoke about openly and many of the resulting pregnancies resulted in children born with genetic deformities and abnormalities. It was also one of the most glaring cases of child neglect they'd ever seen, for they had no access to running water, showers, toilets, or hygiene products. The children, especially the younger lot, were dirty and many had infections as well.

The case was so horrific, that the court made its findings and ruling public though the names of the children were changed to protect the identities. All the children were permanently taken away from the adults.

6 A Queen Who Got Both Her Brother-Husbands Murdered For Power

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Cleopatra is known for her beauty, charm, and her wits – which is why she became such an icon even in the Western culture. She was one of the many involved in incest in the Ptolemy family tree where royals frequently married their siblings and sometimes even children or parents to keep the lineage protected and their ruling absolute. As was family custom, Cleopatra was married to both her brothers – and this was one of the many intermarriages that ran rampant in the Egyptian royals (King Tut above is an obvious example now, isn’t he?). Of course, there was no love lost between Cleopatra and her siblings – be it sisterly or wifely – and in a bid to gain all the power for herself, Cleopatra here had both these brother-husbands and another sister killed.

So while Shakespeare waxed eloquent about her, she was just another bloodthirsty incestuous royal of yore, like the many that came before her and still others who came after her.

5 The Canadian Goler Clan: Dirty, Unkempt, And Incestuous

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In a remote mountainous region of White Rock, just outside Wolfville, lived a family called the Golers, who were descendants of an African American slave, Silas Munday. Isolated from the other farming residents as well as other towns, many of the Goler adults were mentally deficient, had little to no education, and did not much like to work either. When they needed chores to be done, the children of the Goler clan were forced to do all the menial labor. And they lived in filth – all the garbage was thrown into the attic, and once the attic was full, the Goler kids hauled it all out. In 1984, the sorry truth came out when one 14-year-old girl revealed the sexual torture that her life had been since birth to a school official – and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police swung into action, many years too late. Forced incest and sexual abuse has been the family’s legacy for a long time, and most if not all children were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, cousins, and each other. Sixteen adults of the Goler clan (both men and women) were charged with many, many allegations of incest and sexual abuse of children as young as five but only 13 of them received jail sentences and that too of just one to seven years.

4 He Gave All Papas A Really, Really Bad Name: John Phillips

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So they say it’s in bad form to talk ill of the dead but frankly, when it comes to John Phillips, member and leader of the band The Mamas & The Papas, who sang the 60s hits "California Dreamin" and "Monday Monday" – it’s hard not to, though frankly, what was the daughter thinking?

Now we will take this story with a pinch of salt simply because while the story broke in 2009, John had left for the netherworld in 2001. His daughter Mackenzie, minor celebrity herself because of her acting and singing gigs, published a memoir called High on Arrival and basically went public with allegations that she and her father had maintained a ten-year sexual, incestuous relationship. Apparently all this began when her father raped her while they were both high on drugs “celebrating” the eve of her first marriage. This relationship also cause her to get pregnant and so she stated on Oprah, that her father paid for the subsequent abortion. The truth went with John though, so who knows…

3 Incest & Amish Women: You Cannot Withhold Forgiveness, Even If Your Brothers Assaults You

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A lot of people associate the Amish with the olden, golden way of life – Anna Slabaugh isn’t one of them now. Born in a traditional male-dominated and really conservative Amish family, the Swartzentrubers, Anna often got into trouble for being what the Amish consider naughty, for menial  things like talking in church. And when her 19-year-old brother started to molest her when she was 11, and then her 17-year-old brother decided to kick it up a notch by actually raping her, her mother blamed it all on her.

When her mother walked in on her brother raping her, the brother got a light maternal tap, the kind you get for stealing pies or muddying your clothes. Anna was locked in her room for causing trouble. She was 14. Anna began to speak to whosoever she could about the abuse, but that didn’t go down too well with her mother and so the family shifted. And when Anna still wouldn’t shut up, she got what was coming to her: her mother took her to the dentist and got all her teeth pulled out. Thankfully, Anna escaped that hellhole of a family and is Amish no longer.

2 The Father Who Enslaved His Daughter To Abuse: And The Mother Who Didn’t Know

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In 2008, the Fritzl case hit the headlines, and not one eye went dry when details of the plight of the then 42-year-old Elizabeth Fritzl came out. For the past 24 years, she had been imprisoned by her father in a small basement room where her father continued to physically and sexually abuse her at will, resulting in the birth of seven children. One child died and this kindly grandfather/father incinerated the tiny body. Six children survived, three of whom lived imprisoned in that tiny corridor of a room with their mother Elizabeth, privy to their grandfather/father raping his daughter. The other three were taken by Fritzl and “adopted” by him and his wife, reportedly as foundlings. Joseph’s wife and Elizabeth’s mother believed that her daughter had ran off to join a cult, and never in these 24 years knew, or claimed that she didn’t know, about her daughter and three grandchildren/half children being imprisoned underneath the floorboards. The father Joseph Fritzl was sentenced to life, and Elizabeth and her six children live in a fortress of a house, needing plenty of therapy and care, but miraculously, seem to be doing well…

1 Sheffield Incest Case: Of A Father Who Was Satan Incarnate

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Imagine the plight of two daughters who had been repeatedly raped, beaten, abused, and tortured by their own father for some 28 years, bearing nineteen children between them, including five miscarriages, five terminations, and two children dying soon after birth; seven children survived. In 2008, this father was handed over 25 concurrent life sentences and is required to serve a minimum of fourteen and a half years in prison. If you look at what the daughters suffered, this is but a drop in the ocean.

Upon further investigation, it was found that the authorities and the community let some 150 chances slip right by and no one sat up and took notice of the girls’ plight, whose ordeal started when they were eight and 10 years old, after their mother had left, unable to take the abuse. They were raped when pregnant, forbidden to take contraceptives, denied medical care, beaten and scorched, and mentally abused to a great degree. The girls, now in decent relationships, said that their father being in prison gave them only the solace that he could not physically touch them again. The mental suffering will take a lot longer to heal, maybe all their lives…

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