15 Shocking Secrets Reality Show Producers Don't Want You To Know

Reality TV is a more recent trend that sends most people into a fit of rage. Many people believe that reality TV is a disease for our generation and future viewers to come. Others consume reality TV in an excessive and arguably dangerous manner. Whether you love or hate reality TV, you’re sure to have an opinion about it. The thing that sets reality TV apart from other television programs is its claim to capture real people interacting in real situations. Most of us aren’t foolish enough to believe that there isn’t any sort of scripting or persuading from the producers involved in the process. However, many of us probably aren’t aware of the immense amount of manipulation that occurs behind the camera when it comes to filming reality television.

The reason reality TV has been around for as surprisingly long as it has now is because of the immense amount of money it makes. Even people who claim to hate reality TV definitely watch it at some point or another. It keeps raking money in for producers, so they’ll keep doing their best to try and convince you of their show’s authenticity. If we knew half the stuff they did, however, they might not have as easy of a time keeping their shows around. Whatever your favorite reality show might be and regardless of how convincing the scenarios are, there’s surely a secret behind it that the producers don’t want you to know about.

Here are 15 Shocking Secrets Reality Show Producers Don't Want You To Know:


15 Guy Fieri Is Kind Of A Pervert

When you look at someone like Guy Fieri, your first thought probably isn’t that he’s some sort of wholesome man. He’s got spiked bleached hair, sunglasses that he never wears the right way, and some sort of flames or race-car stripes on his shirt at all time. However, on the many shows he hosts, he never seems to present himself as anything more than someone who likes shoving food in his face. He’s actually a pretty perverted guy, allegedly. Some producers and editors on the show claim that he spends most of his time making crude jokes and dirty remarks, especially around women. The editors claim that it’s difficult for them to find a shot of Guy not staring directly at a woman’s chest! You’d never know this simply from watching the show, so this is certainly a secret producers wouldn’t want you to find out about.

14 The Bachelors/Bachelorettes Know Who They're Picking From The First Night


“The Bachelor” franchise has to be one of the most popular shows on television right now. One thing that makes this show so romantic is the idea of creating a love story with real people living real-life situations. You can follow these contestants on social media and watch their love story continue after the show. The reality behind this, however, is a lot less romantic than most would think. There are rumors that the final four contestants are picked on the very first night of the show. Apparently, the producers ask who the bachelor/bachelorette is most interested in and keeps them around until the last few episodes. This already gives a hint that the romantic journey isn’t as it seems. What if someone ends up falling for someone he or she hadn’t originally picked? Or what if they end up hating the final four that they chose in the beginning?

13 On House Hunters, Most Of The Time, They Already Bought The House

“House Hunters” is a great go-to show to watch when there’s pretty much nothing else on TV. There’s no story or plot, so you can jump in at any point without having to think too deeply about the show you’re consuming. Everyone’s seen it, and no one can really claim to hate it all that much. It’s just people looking at houses, some bigger than we could ever hope to own and some ugly enough to give us roasting material for the next half an hour. Although we don’t invest too much in this show, it’s still heartbreaking to find out that in reality, the majority of these house hunters have already purchased the home they claim to be hunting! Apparently, they usually will pick out a house and then find two others for sale to stage as ones they might be looking at! In some cases, they’re already moved in and will remove the furniture for the shoot!

12 Some Reality TV Show Stars Are Driven To Suicide


Reality TV seems to involve a pretty glamorous lifestyle. You get paid big bucks to have a camera follow you around while you live a life you already planned on living. In reality, it’s a much darker reality that many of us are lucky to never have to live. In the past ten years alone, over 20 reality TV show stars and contestants have taken their own lives after their time on their shows. When it comes to creating a story for reality TV, many people get turned into a villain and are made fun of because of the character they’re portraying. With this comes a life of mockery and bullying once the camera stops rolling. It’s not all glamorous fame, and even popular reality stars deal with their fair share of backlash. Not everyone is prepared for this type of hatred, and they often have difficulty handling the post-reality show life.

11 Only A Third Of Shark Tank Deals Actually Happen

“Shark Tank” is another easy watch that everyone has probably seen at one point or another without even trying. It’s an easy concept that anyone can get sucked into and gives hopes to entrepreneurs around the world that one day, their product or dream business might make them millions. In each episode, there are usually a few people who make a pretty big deal with the sharks in hopes of expanding their growing business. In reality, only about a third of the deals made on the show actually go through! It seems like a happy ending for the people who got their chance to pitch their idea, and at the end of the show, we’re left satisfied knowing these hardworking people are going to get what they deserve. Really, only one out of three of them actually will! Those who do get a deal will also probably not get as good of one as what they thought.

10 Jersey Shore Had Scripts Above The Camera Off-Screen


“Jersey Shore” is a trashy MTV reality show that seemed to really help spiral reality TV, in general, way down into the dark depths of garbage entertainment. It’s basically a bunch of uneducated people with drinking problems living in a house together. It’s a great show to zone out to or great material to make fun of if you need to feel better about yourself. When it comes to a show like this, it’s really not all that surprising to find out that a good portion of it is actually scripted. The sad part about that? They actually have to have scripts off screen above the camera for when the cast forgets what to do next. We’re not talking about an academy award-nominated foreign investigative documentary here. These people actually needed help remembering lines for a show where people get drunk and either fight or sleep with each other.

9 Kim And Kris Control Everything On KUWTK

“Keeping Up with The Kardashians” has to be one of the most explosive reality shows of all time. When it all started, the Kardashians were basically just the children of the lawyer who got OJ off. Kylie and Kendall were awkward teens, and Kim was still riding off the fame her sex tape brought. What's resulted is an empire of fashion lines, makeup products, merchandise, and endless memes of their faces laughing, crying, and literally sleeping, all of which have made them hundreds of millions of dollars. Although the show is still on today, it’s certainly much different than what it was in the beginning. In the early days, the girls all made themselves look goofy and weren’t afraid to embarrass themselves. Now, every episode, they’re glammed up and ready for a photo shoot. The reason it’s so put together now is that Kim and Kris control every little bit that’s on screen and don’t let anything on that might make their family look bad.


8 The Judges Can Get A Little Too Tipsy On Top Chef


If you've ever seen “Top Chef,” there’s a good chance that you’ve experienced some intense jealousy over the judges who get to finely dine. They get to have tasty meals from people who are literally in the running to be the next top chef of the times! They prepare what they claim to be their very best meal given the ingredients they have and put everything they have into creating a remarkable dish for the judges. Not only that, but they also pair it with a tasty cocktail or finely aged wine to enhance the flavors. With all the tastings, it’s no surprise to find out that the judges have found themselves a little more intoxicated than they planned while filming. So, not only do these judges get to eat amazingly delicious food, but they also get to do it while totally wasted.

7 ANTM Would Starve Models To Create Drama

“America’s Next Top Model” is one of the longest-running competition shows that’s made girls feel horrible about their bodies for over a decade. Not only is the show full of fashion oriented shoots and runway shows, but it also gives us a glimpse into the lives of the girls forced to live in the house together when they’re not competing to be a top model. The house is usually filled with emotional breakdowns and tears that flood the halls, but what we don’t see is what causes all of the drama. Most of the girls stay pretty thin, but they still like to eat and need to in order to survive. Apparently, the producers of the show have been known to withhold food and keep the girls in the same room for up to 18 hours in order to induce drama and create tension so fights break out!

6 Manipulation And Tear Sticks Are Key For Crying


The key to creating an amazing reality show is to make sure you have people crying as often as possible. If you can’t get some drama out of an episode, what’s the point of even having the show? However, it’s not always easy to make people cry, and it’s certainly not easy to make people cry on queue. One of the best tricks that Kim Kardashian allegedly uses herself is a tear stick, which is like Chapstick that burns and that you put under your eyes so the tears start flowing. Aside from the tear sticks, producers also use manipulation tactics to try and get contestants to cry. They might bring up past issues that cause emotional pain to the contestants or exhaust them in order to break them down. When it comes to filming “The Bachelor,” at the end of the episode, when someone gets eliminated, they’ll drive them around in the limo in circles until they can get them to cry.

5 Not Everyone On Say Yes To The Dress Gets Married

Every bride looking to feel beautiful on her day has a moment where she says “yes” to the dress. TLC decided to turn this moment into a reality show literally called “Say Yes to The Dress.” The show follows one New York bridal salon that women from all across the country travel to in order to find the perfect dress for their special day. They usually do a quick profile on the woman in which she introduces her family, gives a little background, and discusses her magical relationship with her future husband. By the end of the episode, they almost always fight their way through tears in order to say that they said yes to the dress. What we don’t see is the often-unfortunate part where the brides wind up saying no to their fiances! Just because a woman finds and pays for a dress on the show doesn't guarantee that she'll get married! Many of the couples end up breaking up after the show, and the fairytale is nothing more than a producer’s fabrication!

4 Lighting Makes Spontaneity Impossible


Anyone who’s ever worked on a television or movie set knows just how important lighting is for the scene. You have to make sure every part that you want to be lit is well lit and that every part that you want dark is dark. The people have to be lit, their clothes have to be lit, and most importantly, they have to look good from the lighting as well. Just because someone has a fluorescent light illuminating every part of his or her face doesn't mean that it'll look good on camera! It can take a massive crew and several hours all to make sure that a minute-long scene is well lit. Because of this necessity, it’s easy to realize that most “spontaneous” moments are definitely planned and thought out before they actually get shot. That takes pretty much all the romance out of “romantic” scenes and makes wild moments not as crazy as we might’ve thought.

3 A Lot Of Scenes Are Re-Shot, Sometimes With Stunt Doubles

One thing that makes some reality shows so great is the intense competition behind certain series. Seeing people test the limits of their bodies and their talents makes for great suspenseful action that keeps us coming back for more over and over. The thing that separates reality-TV show suspense from your everyday action movie is the fact that the action is allegedly real and not performed by trained stuntmen. The unfortunate truth is that some of the action we see on competition shows is just as fake as what we see in movies. “Survivor” is one show that has admitted to reenacting certain scenes using trained stunt doubles. Sometimes, the action isn’t caught in a flattering way the first time around, so they go back again and redo it with a trained professional to get the shot just right. Although this is the only show to actually admit to using stunt doubles, how many more try to pass off their competitions as “reality”?

2 Reality Shows Are Cheap AF To Make


The reason so many reality shows keep getting made repeatedly is because they’re fairly inexpensive to create! Sometimes, the most expensive part of making a show or a movie is paying the big actors who star in the films and series. Finding a talented director for a hit movie isn’t easy either. What's easy, however, is finding characters willing to embarrass themselves for fifteen minutes of fame and a crew that’s barely trained to capture it all on camera. These reality shows do just as well as scripted series, making the producers way more money than if they had invested that time into a well-put-together show. This means that they’ll just keep pumping out reality show after reality show because the reality stars will always be there, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to be the next Kim Kardashian.

1 All Cast Members Have To Undergo Psych Evaluations 

When watching reality TV, at one point or another, you've likely asked yourself, “Where did they find these people?” Everyone seems mentally unstable, and no one in their right mind seems like they’d be seen on such an embarrassing series. The reality, however, is that most reality TV show stars and contestants must undergo an extensive psych evaluation before they’re allowed to start filming the series. This is to protect the producers and creators of the show from being responsible for letting a psycho around other contestants they promised to protect. All of the people you see on reality TV had to meet with a psychiatrist at one point or another, had to answer specific questions, and still get the go ahead that they're mentally stable enough to be put on television! The world we live in, am I right?


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