15 Shocking Places Dead Bodies Were Discovered

Many people have a fear of dying in a strange or unnatural way, which is part of the reason why crime scene dramas are so popular on television. Most of us don't think that we could ever stumble upon a dead body in real life, but it does happen more often than you may think, and not just on the set of Law and Order. In fact many of the movies and crime shows that people frequently watch are inspired by actual events like these, where television is often brought to life though ordinary people who have discovered dead bodies in strange locations. It seems like the truth of these crimes is stranger than fiction.

So what are some of the weirdest places that dead bodies have been discovered? From the set of CSI: Miami (seriously), to inside a child's teddy bear, and even a dead body found inside a couch, below is a list of 15 Shocking Places Where Dead Bodies Were Discovered, and the stories surrounding these odd deaths will blow your mind!  The next time you are walking down that dark alley late at night, the bodies found on this list might make you even jumpier, so read the following with caution and possibly a night light on. You never know what you might find, or where you might find it.

15 On The Set Of CSI

An eerie coincidence proved that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, when multiple dead bodies were discovered on two different sets of the popular CBS crime series, CSI, in the same week. In 2006, it got real while filming an episode of CSI: New York (in Los Angeles). Inside the building where production was underway, an engineer found the mummified corpse of a former tenant just two floors up from where the cast and crew were shooting. What makes this case even stranger is that the plot of the episode they were filming actually involved a mummified body! Shockingly enough, a few days after the body was found on the CSI: New York set, the CSI: Miami set also became a real crime scene. While filming aerial footage for the show in Bicentennial Park in Miami, Florida a police officer spotted a body that had washed up on shore just a few yards away from the production location. There is no word on what caused the individual's death, and to this day the victim has never been identified. It also remains unclear whether the stars of the shows attempted to solve the mystery themselves, or just freaked out and went back to their trailers.

14 Inside A Teddy Bear

When 15-year-old Joshua Scott bought a 5-dollar teddy bear at a thrift shop in Alabama, he had no idea of the horror that was about to unfold. When he got home, he discovered an urn full of human ashes inside the bear. After the initial shock wore off, the family began desperately trying to find the original owner to return the ashes. Scott’s mother, Samantha, told WSFA-TV, "It could be a parent who’s lost their child. It could be one of our soldiers, we don't know. So it’s important that we find the owner.” Samantha Scott contacted the local funeral home in hopes of tracing the owner, but hasn’t found a lead yet. The thrift store manager said they receive between 3 and 10 vehicles full of items per day, and don’t keep track of who donates which items. So far, nobody has come forward to claim the urn. Looks like this family got more than they bargained for.

13 In The Belly Of A Shark

The movie Jaws heightened our fears of this deadly creature, and although the odds of being eaten by a shark are small, this possibility is indeed still a very real one. In 2010, a tiger shark was caught on a fishing expedition, and prior to its release, the shark regurgitated a human foot to the horror of everyone on the boat. There were no known attacks reported in the area in recent years, so the mystery of whose body the shark threw up still remains unknown. Beware of the ocean ladies and gents, there are deadly predators lurking below!

12 Inside A Glacier

A couple who disappeared in the Swiss Alps more than 70 years ago was found after two bodies emerged from a melting glacier. Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin had gone off to feed their cattle in a meadow above Chandolin in the Valais Canton on August 15, 1942, and never returned. Their daughter, who never gave up hope, told the Le Matin Newspaper that the news of their discovered bodies has given her a “deep sense of calm,” after not having answers for so many years.

According to the news source, she and her six siblings spent their whole lives looking for them. “We thought that we could give them the funeral they deserved one day,” Marceline Udry-Dumoulin, now 79, told CBS News. "The bodies were lying near each other. It was a man and a woman wearing clothing dating from the period of World War Two,” Bernhard Tschannen, director of Glacier 3000, told local media. The bodies were discovered near a ski lift on the Tsanfleuron glacier, by a worker for an adventure resort company, and a DNA test later confirmed their identities.

11 In A Freezer

Corpses hidden inside freezers are common place in horror movies, thanks to the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. However, this hideous act sometimes occurs in a real life as well, and it happened in more recent years with a 38-year-old French woman named Veronique Courjault. In 2008, it was discovered that Veronique Courjault, who stated that she was tired of having children, murdered three of her new born babies and stored their bodies in her freezer, which she referred to as "the family tomb." Investigators commented that the woman killed her children right after birth and kept their frozen bodies for more than 20 years. Veronique Courjault, who had two other children ages 10 and 11, suffocated each of the newborns, that were born in secret. Her 40-year-old husband, Jean-Louis Courjault, denied knowing anything about the crimes, and was never charged with aiding in these murders. Though one must wonder how he never went into his freezer to grab a frozen TV dinner or a popsicle during the course of the two decades that the babies remained in there.

10 Inside An Elevator

A woman's body was discovered in an elevator in Xi’an, China after she apparently starved to death. Workers found the body, which had been trapped inside the elevator for more than a month, when they returned to work at the building after the Chinese New Year. They were supposed to have checked the elevators before taking them out of service before the holiday, but authorities said the workers neglected to perform a visual inspection of the elevators before leaving. When they finally did discover the poor woman, they noticed that her hands were mangled from repeated attempts to escape. How terrifying! This will make you want to take the stairs next time!

9 In A Gym Mat

Who knew that a gym mat could be deadly? In January 2013, Kendrick Johnson from Valdosta, Georgia had much bigger problems to worry about than being picked last in gym class. The 17-year-old boy went missing after school and was found dead the next day, rolled up inside a gym mat, in South Georgia’s Lowndes County High School. The official investigation report states that he suffocated to death after falling into the mat while trying to retrieve a sneaker. However, the boy's parents remain convinced that Kendrick was murdered by one of his fellow classmates. Maybe there's a reason that Kendrick, like so many of us, dreaded P.E.

8 A Halloween Haunted House

Halloween in Waukegan, Illinois is anticipated by the entire town, as every October for the past 8 years the Graham family has unveiled their haunted house to the neighbourhood, with the event drawing thousands of visitors throughout the season. But in 2014, this haunted house got even scarier than the organizers intended, when an unknown 71-year-old man died inside the attraction and was left there for 3 weeks, until the visitors finally realized his body was not a prop. The body was discovered by a young mother named Susan Johnston, who was accompanying her children through the house, when one of her kids accidentally bumped into what they thought was a prop dummy, but upon further inspection discovered it to be an actual decaying dead body. The event quickly turned this fun neighbourhood Halloween attraction into a true house of horrors.

7 Inside A Couch

When Alan Derrick let a homeless man named Denis Pring crash on his couch, he didn’t have the foggiest idea of how his generous effort would end up. Pring, who had just finished a hearty drinking session, died during the night on Derrick’s sofa. Derrick, was reportedly “too scared” to tell anyone about the death, and just turned the sofa over and eventually forgot about his dead friend. Then 10 years later, when Derrick was finally evicted and forced to move out of his apartment, Pring’s body was discovered inside the sofa. Neighbors had complained about hideous smell several times throughout the years, but local officials failed to notice that there was a decomposing body inside his couch, despite visiting the apartment twice about the complaints. It's mind blowing to think that someone could actually forget that they were living amongst their dead friend's body, but according to authorities that’s exactly what Derrick did!

6 At Lil' Kim's Birthday Party

In 2008, security was shocked at what they discovered at the New York Spotlight Live Club after Lil’ Kim’s 33rd birthday party. Ingrid Rivera, a 24-year-old woman, was found dead in a rooftop utility closet during clean up shortly after the party ended. Rivera, who attended the party, was thrown out for being too drunk, but apparently managed to sneak back in, and was later beaten with a blunt object and left for dead inside the closet. According to The Daily News, Rivera, a JFK ticket agent, "got into a fight with a club manager after he found her drunk in the men's bathroom." As for Lil' Kim, she may have very well been gone by the time of the incident. Rivera's mother says that her daughter was "very excited about the rap lady's party." Several weeks later, The Daily News reported that, “Sayed Rahman, a bartender at the Spotlight Live club later confessed to the murder,” saying that he targeted Rivera because she was visibly drunk when he spotted her alone on the street after being kicked out of the club that evening.

5 A Mailbox

A mailman in Pennsylvania was on his normal route when he found a strange package sitting at the bottom of a mailbox. At first, the package, which had no address or stamps, was thought to be a bomb. So the mailman contacted authorities and the bomb squad was sent out to investigate. After the bomb-sniffing dogs gave the okay, the bomb squad opened the box and found a metal box with a weird label inside the package. On the label there were years and names of several individuals, and upon opening the metal box authorities discovered the cremated ashes of the people whose names were listed on the box’s label.This will make you think twice about opening your next package from Amazon. Be sure to check those labels closely before you do!

4 Inside An Air Conditioner

In October 2013, the body of a man, who officials suspect might have been trying to break into a convenience store in North Carolina, was discovered inside the building’s air conditioning system during routine building maintenance. According to authorities, the corpse had already fully decomposed, as the store had been closed for several months, so the body had been stuck in the duct for quite some time. Robbery tools were found with the body, therefore it is suspected that the man was attempting to break into the former store to rob the place, and got stuck in the air-conditioning duct system during the attempt. This incident truly does prove that crime doesn't pay. So don't do the crime if you can't do the time -  stuck inside an air conditioner, that is!

3 On Google Maps

Obviously, railroad tracks aren't the most uncommon location for a death to occur, but what happened in Richmond, Virginia is quite unique. A crime scene with a corpse and investigators actively collecting evidence was accidentally captured by Google and appeared on the internet in a Google Maps search shortly after. The incident was the murder of a 14-year-old boy who was killed near the tracks in 2009. When the family of the boy accidentally stumbled upon the traumatizing image online, four years later, Google promised to quickly remove it, but this makes you wonder what all else has been captured by the Google car.  Check the your local street view folks, and you may just be able to catch a crime in progress.

2 Dead At Walmart

22-year-old, Lauren Moss, was first reported missing in November 2015, but she wasn't found until the following February. For months, Moss's dead body sat in her parked car in the parking lot of a Walmart in Salinas, California. Police suspected that she committed suicide, and surveillance cameras noted that the car had been in the lot since December. Moss was finally discovered when employees looked inside the tinted windows of the long abandoned car, and saw her decaying body. You'd think they would have checked that car after it had been there for so long, but apparently the people at Walmart weren't suspicious of a car that was parked there for three months!

1 Inside A Water Tank

Possibly the grossest instance of finding a body in a weird place was when Canadian tourist and University of British Columbia student, Elisa Lam, was found floating in one of four water cisterns situated on top of the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. This was not a situation of her falling in one night and being found the next day. Lam was left decomposing in the tank, which provided water for bathing and drinking to the residents of the hotel, for as many as 19 days. Patrons of the budget hotel had reported that water pressure was almost non-existent and that the water coming from the taps had an off taste to it, but it was over two weeks before anyone from the maintenance staff of the building investigated the cause of the issues. Gross! Just another reason to always drink bottled water.

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