15 Shocking Photos Of Piercings Gone Wrong

There are piercings that look pretty, others are on the edgy side, some are sexy, many look super cool, and lots of times they make a person look studly (pun intended). On the other hand, there is a good deal of instances when piercing end up going horrifyingly wrong. Sometimes it is the fault of the piercer – maybe they used an unsterilized needle or are just no good at their craft. Then there are other cases when the one who has been pierced does not take the proper care of their pierced area(s) and problems happen. Or they just selected to get some freakish piercings that make passersby stare with wonder, awe, and horror.

People pierce far more spots on their bodies than just their earlobes these days. We see nostril and septum piercings, eyebrow piercings, lip piercings, cheek piercings, and even nipples and private parts with a stud right through them (ouch!). Most of the time the piercings go off without a hitch, but as you will see, there are situations when things go wrong… horribly wrong. Infection can occur, ripping of the skin can happen, and sometimes people take things to the extreme and nearly mutilate their bodies.

These 15 piercing photos run the gamut of just bad piercing choices to real medical emergencies. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when there's flaming redness and nasty pus, beauty becomes the beast. Prepare for some crazy piercing pics that will seriously stun and amaze you. Or they may just gross you out!

15 Metal Mayhem

Via futureboardconsulting.com

Facial piercings are more popular than ever, but this dude is taking the trend to the extreme (and not in a good way). With lips that are surprisingly not flopping past his chin from the weight of all those studs and hoops, and earlobes that are nearly grazing his shoulders, this messed up man is just waiting for a metal detector to go haywire when he walks within 3 feet of one. They say the eyebrows frame the face, but this guy took that beauty tip quite literally by tacking his face in a way one would nail a picture frame to a wall. The nose rings must make cold season seriously disgusting and that one smack in the middle of his nose must make Rudolph feel like he fits in more than ever. At least we can say this guy has a look that’s all his own… mostly because no one else wants to hold a “who wore it better” contest against him.

14 Ain't That the Tooth!

Via blankexit.com

If you or your parents have spent a fortune on dental work, why not show off those straight teeth by piercing a gigantic hole in your lower lip and create a "window" to your choppers? Not only will you be able to constantly check if you have any nasty food particles stuck between your teeth, but you will always know when it is time for a whitening treatment. This rounded area is also a great place to show off your coin collection or for use as a convenient bottle opener. Put a tiny fish in there and you are a walking fish tank. Disgusting and odd as this piercing may be, the possibilities are endless. This person can even get the glass tinted for a little extra mystery. Let's just hope this person never gets in a fist fight. Shattered glass along the gum line has got to be excruciating.

13 What the Neck?

Via awfulmodifications.tumbler.com

It is weird enough to decide to pierce the nape of your neck, but when the infection sets in, it is only a reminder of what a dumbass move the whole idea was in the first place. This gnarly situation looks not only highly unsightly but seriously painful. No more neck rubs from this woman’s partner or even the option to wear a turtleneck without pain and suffering. Ugh… and if a necklace were to catch on to one of those studs? A royal pain in the neck is an understatement. Let’s hope this infection doesn’t spread to this gal’s spinal column and cause something far worse that what we are already seeing. And for the sake of the people who wind up standing behind her in line, she ought to wear her hair down. This mess is nothing to show off with pride. Where’s a scarf when you need one?

12 For Worse or for Better

Via blankexit.com

Talk about making a real commitment! When this woman and her beloved said "I do," was the piercing specialist on hand to help the groom slip this "ring" on? At least the groom is confident that his bride can't easily leave her ring on the bathroom sink and go out with the girls pretending to be on the market. Hopefully this woman always remembers that this ring does not easily slip off like the usual types, because one tug too hard and her skin will rip from the bone. Does her spouse have a similar ring or does he get to remove his when he needs to do household chores or play with the dog? If she's willing to prove her devotion in such a profound way, shouldn't the other half of the couple do so too? This is one family heirloom she won't be passing down to her future grandchildren!

11 Hard-headed

Via emgn.com

Having a thick skin is considered a positive trait, but this dude is taking things to the extreme with these pierced nails drilled into his forehead. When they say, "put your best face forward," surely nobody had this scenario in mind. Not only does this fashion statement look seriously painful, but pretty silly as well. He thinks his piercing work looks cool, but hardly anyone else will want to say he nailed this look. Surely this guy experiences constant migraines and shooting pain when the weather dips into the single digits. Frankenstein is definitely thinking, "bi%ch stole my look!" Hopefully this man remembers to sleep on his back so the piercings don't poke any deeper into his skull. And if those things get rusty, he better be prepped with some antibiotics. An infection so close to the eyes and brain could be dangerous. Then again, health and hygiene is probably not this dude's #1 concern.

10 Lobe and Behold!

Via gorillaglass.tumbler.com

Even Dumbo thinks the size of this guy’s ear is insane! When you make the decision to stretch your earlobe to the size of a soda can, you know you have to rethink your style choices. The nose ring looks like a demure piece of tasteful adornment compared to the hula hoop that is nestled inside this fella’s lobe. When he takes out the disc that’s lodged in his lobe, all that loose hanging skin must look quite shocking. It could get caught on things or possibly rip, making all his efforts to stretch his body to the max a fruitless endeavor. With an earlobe hole the size of his, it must be interesting to see what can fit through it. A hockey puck? A makeup compact? A can of beans? A ferret? Lord knows this dude has passed all sorts of odds and ends through his lobe. Soon they will reach his shoulders and perhaps he can fasten them to a pair of shoulder pads for support.

9 Navel Nightmare

Via au.prime7.yahoo.com

This bellybutton probably looked perfectly cute before this person opted for a navel piercing. Now the hole has closed over making it look like there’s a tiny “outie” living above their actual bellybutton. No ring will be able to pass through that scar tissue now making this piercing mishap look permanently poor. Maybe this gal or guy didn’t take the proper care of their piercing causing it to get infected and eventually heal in this fashion. Perhaps their jeans were worn too tightly, causing friction to the area and making the piercing site get irritated. Whatever the reason for this bad end result, surely it was not this person’s intention to bear a little lump above their navel for the rest of their lives. So long to crop tops and bikinis! No one wants to see a piercing gravesite. Next time, this person ought to take better care of their body jewelry so they can show off their bare skin with confidence. That bellybutton must be pissed to have such an unsightly upstairs neighbor. It’s definitely hard to stomach.

8 Oh Hell Nose!

Via hiphollywood.com

Well, that’s one way to stop yourself from picking your nose. This woman obviously wants people to stay far from her “personal zone,” because anyone who comes too close will get stabbed. No kissing this chic. On the positive side, she will always have somewhere to hang her purse or jacket when she’s out to dinner or at the club. And speaking of dinner, this nose ring is perfect for holding a stack of onion rings or making shish kebabs. This nose ring looks heavy, so eventually this woman’s nostril may start to sag, but at least it’s all worth it, no? Wintertime must be a drag when the temps drop and her nose ring starts to get cold. And when her nose runs? That’s not going to look pretty. Even a rhino thinks this look is unflattering (and somewhat insulting). Hopefully this gal removes that huge stud before she gets caught on something.

7 Lowbrow

Via reddit.com

This dude is lucky that his infected piercing situation is above his eye so he doesn’t have to look at it if he chooses to avoid peering in the mirror. No such luck for the rest of us who must hold in our vomit just in order to talk to this guy face-to-face. At least he was smart enough to remove the eyebrow ring so it didn’t wind up becoming lodged within his flesh. What this man needs is to stop posting pics of himself online and to go out and purchase a nice dark pair of sunglasses to hide this hideous lump. Or at the very least, he can pull that baseball cap down a few inches so he can cast a shadow over that infected ugliness. Surely this infection will heal, but let’s hope this fella is swift enough to refrain from putting the stud back in. Because if he gets another flare up, he has only himself to blame.

6 Botched Bellybutton

Via reddit.com

Crusty, inflamed, sore, and just plain yucky. This belly button is looking bad and this person does not seem to think it’s a smart idea to take her piercing out so this infection can heal. If she leaves that stud in any longer, that lump will get even worse and she can possibly lose the jewel somewhere beneath her flesh. That would be a gruesome trip to the doctor’s office as she watches him dig for gold in her navel region. A little antibiotic ointment and some loose-fitting clothing is what this chick needs to heal this atrocity, but it seems like she is more interested in taking photos of her torso and posting them on the internet. With a situation like this, it makes a bellybutton full of lint look like a masterpiece. Girl, remove that stud and get some soap and water pronto. That situation is only going to get worse.

5 A "Coarse" Corset

Via listovative.com

This chick is certainly committed to the cinched waist trend. Let’s assume this is her back and she’s a corset lover looking for a semi-permanent style fix. You cannot deny that this look is interesting, but one tug too hard on that ribbon and this gal will be screaming in pain. And let’s hope she doesn’t get one of those hoops caught on anything or else her skin will tear right off her body. She must have solid trust in whoever laces her up each day, because they could definitely goof it up or trick her by weaving in a pair of shoelaces in place of her satin ribbon. Come Christmas time, this lady could really be a holiday hit by hanging ornaments from her back or even tiny candy canes. Fashion and function finally come together! She may think “baby’s got back,” but not too many people are going to get behind this look.

4 Extreme Ear Elevation

Via healcure.com

Inflammation to the max is what is tragically happening to this person’s upper ear area. The sheer agony they must feel is likely at a 10 on the pain scale, and the hideous profile they are unfortunately sporting is one to turn away from. Upper ear piercings are very common nowadays, but an adverse reaction like this is certainly not. Otherwise nobody would want one. Obviously this person cannot sleep on that side of their head, wear earmuffs (although we wish they would), or hold a phone to their ear. Can’t a doctor drain that nasty thing or at least provide an antibiotic so the soreness and swelling subsides? Luckily it seems the earring was removed before it became embedded into the ear which would have caused an even worse situation. No more piercings for this victim of a piercing gone disgustingly wrong. Now please, but a bandage over that train wreck!

3 Separation Anxiety

Via healthcure.org

Why have two separate nostrils when you can breathe with much greater ease with just one big one? Sneezes will come out more efficiently, boogers can merge into a giant glob, and nose picking can take place with multiple digits. All you need to do is get a big septum ring and make sure it’s heavy enough to rip your nose right off your face. The sheer horror this fellow must have had when he realized his nostrils were no longer a duo must have been heart-stopping and the blood flow must have been terrifying. Not to mention the clearer view of his straggly nose hairs. Hopefully a good plastic surgeon can sew Humpty Dumpty back up again and his botched nose will be just like new. Until then, this guy ought to grow out a thick mustache to try to cover the piercing freak accident he’s currently walking around with.

2 Hardcore Hell

Via teamjimmyjoe.com

This broad’s chest may suggest she is super hardcore, but her face says she was hardly thinking when she got multiple piercings that hardly look any good. Perhaps the choice of pale pink jewels was one way to balance the hard with the softer side, but when you stab studs right between your two eyes, you’ve gotta have one heck of a hardcore. Eating may be a challenge, but then again, perhaps the piercings help with the mastication process. And that bright pink eyeshadow certainly adds to this “feminine” look. She is obviously not smiling in this photo, but that does not mean she is not happy with her piercing work. Maybe she simply cannot move her face due to all the heavy metal stuck into it. Hopefully this young woman will grow out of the phase and go natural sometime soon. Smile lines and studs do not exactly go hand-in-hand. Ask any senior citizen.

1 Ring Rage

Via ebaumsworld.com

This man is really asking way too much from his stretched and sore nose. That nose ring must weigh a good half a pound and even the biggest snot only weighs a fraction of that. The dagger through the middle of the nose adds a nice flair and the ball at the bottom of the rung must make his S&M rituals all the more exciting. But how is this fella able to bite into a sandwich. Based on what we can see of his physique, it's not as though the man is starving, but not too many foods would be able to fit through that hole. Hot dogs and celery stalks are bound to get boring after a while. With all that is going on in the front, you may miss his eyebrow adornments and many ear piercings. Hopefully this dude is smart enough to sleep on his back or else that huge piece of metal would leave an unsightly and likely painful impression in his face. This look is really nothing to sneeze at, not that he could.

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