15 Shocking Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

Many people believe that the moon landings were nothing more than a hoax. The moon landings hoax was supposedly perpetrated by NASA who was helped by various government organizations. It is generally believed that the moon landings were filmed either in a Hollywood studio or in Area 51. Both locations would have been perfect, although Area 51 is more remote so it is more likely that the moon landings were filmed there.

But why would NASA bother faking the moon landings? Well, for one, both America and Russia were engaged in the space race. Being the first one to land on the moon would have been seen as a huge achievement that would have resulted in world-wide acclaim and admiration. It is also said that NASA felt like it had no choice but to fake the moon landings so as to continue receiving funding for its projects. Finally, some say that the moon landings helped America distract it citizens from the largely unpopular Vietnam War.

Even today, forty years after the moon landings, many people believe that the moon landings were faked. Studies have shown that up to 20% of Americans believe that the moon landings were a hoax. Furthermore, 28% of Russians also believe that the moon landings never happened. Below we have compiled a list of “evidence” that proves that the moon landings were nothing more than a hoax.

15 The Fluttering Flag

Those who believe in the moon landing conspiracy theory claim that the moon landing was clearly faked because of the wavering flag. Apparently when the moon landing was broadcast on TV, viewers could see the American flag fluttering in the wind as the astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were planting it.

It is known that there is no air on the moon and as a result there can be no wind. As such, according to conspiracy theorists, the flag could not have been fluttering. Of course, many explanations for the wavering flag have been put forward, such as that the flag was kept in a thin tube which created a fluttering effect when it was unrolled.

14 No Crater And No Dust From The Landing

Many conspiracy theorists also say that if the astronauts had really made it to the moon then there would have been a blast crater under where the lunar module had landed. However, no such crater is visible in the pictures or the video footage.

Plus, conspiracy theorists also say that since the moon is covered in moon dust, then the landing of the lunar module would have moved the dust around. But once again, in the pictures and the video footage the moon dust does not appear to have moved at all. All of this makes conspiracy theorists believe that the lunar module did not land on the moon!

However, NASA has explained that the lunar module’s engines were suppressed right before it landed. Plus, the module did not hover over the moon surface long enough for a crater to be created or for the dust to be unsettled.

13 The Shadows Are Wrong

It is also believed that since the astronauts’ shadows fall in different directions the moon landing had to be a hoax. You see, the sun is the only powerful source of light on the moon so the shadows should have all ran parallel to each other. But they didn’t. Plus, some objects in the shadows appear extremely well lit which has made conspiracy theorists believe that the light was coming from many sources.

NASA explained the weird shadows by saying they were the result of the uneven landscape, reflected light, lunar dust and wide-angle lens distortion. Of course, conspiracy theorists don’t believe all that and claim that the shadows were distorted by the light coming from multiple studio cameras.

12 Too Much Radiation

Many people believe that the astronauts could have never made it to the moon because to reach it they would have had to pass the Van Allen radiation belt. It is generally believed that the astronauts would not have survived the radiation in the Van Allen radiation belt – they would have died.

However, NASA has said that the astronauts were protected from radiation by the aluminium hulls of the spacecraft they were in. Plus, a specific path was chosen from the Earth to the Moon so as to lessen the exposure to radiation. Even the man who discovered the Van Allen radiation belt, Dr. James Van Allen, has been reported saying that radiation levels were not too harmful for moon expeditions.

11 The Quality Of The Photos Is Too High

Another reason many people believe that the moon landing was staged in a studio is the fact that the photos that were taken by the astronauts are of extremely high quality. Conspiracy theorists wonder – how could the photos be of such high quality if they were taken by amateurs in pretty awful conditions?

Once again, NASA has the answers. They claim that many poor quality photos were taken by the astronauts. NASA just decided to publish the best ones. Plus, the astronauts took with them the very best camera equipment and lenses for the cameras that were made especially for NASA. In addition, the astronauts were given a photography crash course and were taught how to take pictures with their suits, gloves and helmets on.

10 No stars In The Photos

When the astronauts were on the moon they curiously did not marvel at the number of stars that were surrounding them. Nor do any stars appear in the pictures they took. Many conspiracy theorists believe this is damning evidence that the astronauts were not in fact on the moon.

However, it is said that no stars can be seen because sunlight is reflected on the moon’s surface. This reflection of the sun caused a glare on the moon and so it would have been pretty impossible to see any stars. Plus, the astronauts’ cameras were set on fast exposure settings which limited the background light and thus made the stars invisible. And the astronauts claimed that they saw many stars themselves.

9 Identical Backgrounds In Photos Taken Miles Apart

Many conspiracy theorists claim that when they analyzed the photographs they could see identical backgrounds in numerous photos, even ones that were supposedly taken miles apart from each other. As a result, it is generally believed that a painted studio background must have been used.

However, research suggests that background in the moon landing photographs was not identical, merely similar. Because there is no atmosphere on the moon, faraway objects don’t seem as far as they would on earth. So nearby mountains that might appear on photographs were actually miles away. They just appeared close, thus fooling the viewer and making him or her feel as if the background in many of the photographs was repetitive.

8 The Coca Cola Bottle

A rumor has been spread that an Australian woman, named Una Ronald by the authors of the rumor, had glimpsed a Coca-Cola bottle in the live footage of the moon landing. Ronald supposedly saw the bottle for about two or three seconds on the lower quadrant of her TV screen. Ronald supposedly also claimed that a few days later the daily newspaper The West Australian published numerous letters from other viewers who also claimed to have seen the Coca-Cola bottle.

However, when researchers looked into the story they could not find any evidence that the letters describing the Coca-Cola sighting have been ever published in The West Australian, or any other newspaper for that matter. Plus, Ronald supposedly also said that she stayed up late just to watch the moon landing. However, it was daytime when the moon landing was broadcast in Australia.

7 Slow Motion Walking

Conspiracy theorists have been often questioned as to how astronauts could fake slow-motion walking in a studio. Of course, conspiracy theorists always have an answer for everything. In this case, they said that slow-motion photography was clearly used for slow motion walking. And the astronaut’s jumping which could not have been achieved on earth? Well, clearly it was achieved by using hidden cables and wires that gave astronauts extra height. Conspiracy theorists even claim that if you look closely you can see the wire in a few screenshots of the footage.

However, this theory has been debunked. Plus, David Scott from Apollo 15 mission dropped a hammer and a feather at the same time and both hit the ground at the same time, thus proving that Scott was in a vacuum.

6 The “C” Rock

Some people claim that it is very obvious the moon landing was filmed on a studio set because of the props that can be seen in the photographs. One such “prop” is supposedly the “C rock”.

One famous photo from the moon landing is of a rock that seems to have the letter “C” inscribed on it. The letter “C” seems very symmetrical and thus is not likely that it appeared on the rock as a result of natural causes. In fact, it is believed that the “C rock” is a studio prop that was not supposed to be seen by viewers.

NASA claims that the letter “C” is either just a coiled hair or a printing imperfection that doesn’t even appear in the original film.

5 Layered Cross-Hairs

The cameras used by the astronauts during their moon expeditions had cross-hairs on them so as to help the astronauts with direction. All moon photographs have such cross-hairs on them. However, in some pictures the cross-hairs appear behind other objects. This seems to suggest that the photographs may have been edited.

However, these curious cross-hairs that appear behind objects can only be seen in photos that have been scanned or photocopied. They are not visible in the original photos. Nonetheless, it is believed that cross-hairs appearing behind objects are the result of overexposure. It has also been found that in some photos certain parts of cross-hairs have bled out and blended in behind other objects whereas other parts of the same cross-hair are visible and appear over an object.

4 Moon Landings Only Happened During Nixon Administration

Moon landing conspiracy theorists say it is suspicious how moon landings happened only during the Nixon administration. All six moon landings, Apollo 11, Apollo 12, Apollo 14, Apollo 15, Apollo 16, and Apollo 17, occurred only during the Nixon administration.

After Nixon’s success, no other national leader has tried to put men on the moon and further improve the research that has been done so far. Conspiracy theorists find that really strange, especially seeing as our technology has been constantly improving and thus moon landings should nowadays be easier than ever. Some say that by hoaxing the world into believing the moon landings Nixon not only beat the Russians in the space race but also distracted people from the Vietnam War.

3 The Mysterious Object Reflected In The Astronaut’s Helmet

After scrutinizing the photographs from the moon landings, some people noticed a strange object reflected in one the astronauts' helmet. The photo is from the Apollo 12 mission and the curious object seems to be hanging from a wire. Many have speculated as to what the mysterious object could be but no conclusive reasoning has been reached.

As one can imagine, conspiracy theorists have been quick to claim that the mysterious object is an overhead spotlight. Others who have studied the photograph thoroughly have come to the conclusion that the strange reflection that appears on the astronaut’s helmet is simply part of the astronaut’s arm and part of the flag in the distance.

2 Who Took The Photos?

Many people believe that the moon landings were a hoax because in one of the photographs (see the photo above) we see the two astronauts that were on the moon at the time and no sign of a camera.

In the photograph of Buzz Aldrin, we see Neil Armstrong reflected in Aldrin’s helmet. Only Aldrin and Armstrong were walking on the moon at the time and no camera is visible. So who took the famous picture? Clearly, the moon landing was faked in a studio and the picture was taken by one of the film’s producers or an assistant.

However, it has been said that cameras were fitted on the astronauts’ chests. In the photo of Aldrin, the camera is where Aldrin’s hands are.

1 Footprints In The Moondust Are Too Well Preserved

Buzz Aldrin took pictures of the moon’s soil so scientists could later examine the moon’s soil properties. However, in the picture we can also see clear footprints left by Aldrin. Many believe that Aldrin’s footprints appear much too clear to have been made on the dry soil of the moon. Conspiracy theorists claim that such a clear footprint had to be made on wet sand.

However, researchers have debunked this theory. According to science, moon dust is a fine powder that resembles volcanic ash. If you step on the dust, it will quickly and easily compress into the shape of an astronaut’s boot. Plus, because of the vacuum the shape of the boot will likely remain in perfect condition for quite some time.

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