15 Shocking Images Pet Store Owners Don't Want You To See

Animal Abuse

Could you even imagine animal abuse?

The thought's a scary reminder of just how low humanity can go. My own two dogs and cat are my pride and joy. They're more than that, though. They're my babies. However, people can look at them in a much different light.

When Michael Vick, an outstanding quarterback, was charged with inhumane treatment of dogs, he did more than just damage his reputation. He tortured a number of dogs and executed them by drowning or hanging them. He was punished, but the punishment was like a slap on the wrist.

He was still allowed to play football.

Did his victims get the justice they deserved? No. They were brutally murdered and their deaths send a profound message to the American public. Apparently, fame and fortune do downplay the severity of atrocious crimes. If Vick could use his money and talent to escape years in the penitentiary, then other abusers might be able to do the same. While Vick's not responsible for the actions of other individuals, he'll always be a paragon of an abuser.

Other people could just follow his lead. In fact, they have just started following his lead.

They may not be involved in dog fighting, but they're involved in other sickening forms of abuse. The animals are the ones suffering at the hands of such monsters. Whether the men or women are rich and famous is totally irrelevant to the problem at hand. Everybody has the power to harm a cat, dog, bird, etc. Even the owners of pet stores. The disheartening proof lies within the pictures.

15 Rabbits

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of PETA Investigations

The horrific realities of animal cruelty are everywhere. Whether a cat's not given fresh water by its owner or a pet shop's beating its dogs, millions of animals die at the hands of cruel, selfish, and unforgiving men and women. A breeding farm of white rabbits in Britain is just another example of such ungodly horror.

"Shocking images show animals with their ears chewed off, faces covered in sores, rocking from side to side to relieve the pain from the bleeding ulcerated paws. Newborns considered too small for use have their delicate heads knocked against the metal bars and are often left to suffer a grim slow death in the sewage pit," an article reveals.

Between the enclosed shabby spaces and murder, white rabbits are living in an animal version of a concentration camp. While there are investigations into Britain's breeding farms, justice moves at a slow pace. Unfortunately, white rabbits will continue to suffer.

14 Tiny Rodents

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of PETA Investigations

When people think of animal cruelty, they're probably thinking about cats and dogs as the victims. However, no animal is safe. Pet stores should be about comfort and care, yet the pet store Jurassic Pets was involved in one of the most horrendous crimes of animal abuse to date.

"Three family members who run the pet store have been charged with nearly 100 counts of animal cruelty for allegedly abusing and killing rodents and reptiles at their store," states an article.

The investigation was pushed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) which revealed just how much the babies suffered. "The animal rights group claimed that the store's staff attempted to kill domestic mice and rats by 'whacking them against surfaces,'" the article continues.

As the sweet angels rest in peace, may Jurassic Pets rot behind bars.

13 Two Dogs And A Cat

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of Change

Animals aren't people, but they still deserve to be treated with love, compassion, care, and respect. In Wappingers Falls, American Breeders: Puppies & Kittens failed miserably. Who paid the price? Two dogs and a cat.

"Owner Richard F. Doyle, 55, was charged with three misdemeanor counts after an investigation by state animal control officers from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture," according to an article.

He abused the animals that were neglected by his employee, Kathy Seton, a woman who was "complicit" in negligent medical procedures. "The female dog sustained severe bleeding after the procedure of an inner eyelid, which Doyle allegedly performed in the rear of his pet shop," the article continues.

Most people would never "medically" treat a child in the same manner Doyle and Seton treated the dogs and cat. So why in the Sam Hill would they commit such a crime? Their actions baffle and sadden me.

12 Some More Dogs

Animal Abuse

In Maine, eleven dogs were living in squalid conditions with a woman, Nicole Bizier, who claimed to be a legitimate veterinarian of sorts. While she was supposed to maintain the well-being of the babies, they were found "improperly vaccinated" with "severe tissue damage."

All of the dogs were taken from her residence, and she was placed in handcuffs. According to a news source, her illicit venture was bent on selling animals who were vaccinated...properly.

Her illegal practice went down the drain after an undercover investigation was performed. "Four victims contacted state police reporting they had purchased dogs who were later discovered to be improperly vaccinated. Animal welfare officers discovered the veterinary records on all of the dogs were falsified documents," an article explains.

Needless to say, Bizier would (most likely) be doing hard time. No matter how much cash she made, she can't put a price on the dogs' safety and security. They're more important than the money. Period.

11 Reptiles Left To Their Death

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of PETA Investigations

Siegel Reptiles, a pet store focused on reptilians, has been circling the drain for quite some time. Owner Benjamin Herman Siegel was arrested because of his crimes to both human and animal. Apparently, the businessman beat his employees with a lizard, and he also poured Gatorade on the workers.

"Video surveillance captured Siegel throwing the animal in the air and swinging it in the air multiple times. He also hit employees with the bearded dragon lizard multiple times and threw Gatorade on them," according to an article.

As if the abuse of people and animals weren't enough, Siegel may have blood on his hands from another unfortunate incident. In 2012, a man passed away because he ate an insane amount of insects in Siegel's shop. Justice needs to be served.

10 Puppies

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of Wisconsin Voters For Companion Animals

A petition has begun to stop puppy mills in New York, particularly CitiPups. The pet store has been sketchy and sleazy due to the health and well-being (or lack thereof) of the puppies there. After the complaints poured in, people were realizing just how damning puppy mills and pet stores can be.

"Several customers have reported buying puppies from the CitiPups pet store, all of which suffered lung and chest infections and one of which died just days after its purchase," the article states.

The owners had spent thousands trying to save the lives of their newest bundles of joy, but the severity of their babies' problems went beyond what money could buy. No wonder men and women are mad. They're heartbroken and they're angry. They have every right to be.

9 PetSmart...Not Smart Enough

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of PETA Investigations

Who knew PetSmart was evil incarnate? PETA's accusations have raised major awareness about what goes on behind the store's closed doors. Claims of "throwing live animals into the trash, crude neuter surgeries, depriving animals of desperately needed veterinary care, and leaving them to cannibalize each other" are just the talk of the town.

However, the shocking scandals get much worse. Other PetSmart affiliates, like Sun Pet, have treated poor animals as if they were in an internment camp. They "placed hamsters in a bag and bashed it against a table in an attempt to kill them. Animals who couldn't be sold were gassed." The article reveals even more information about other suppliers, like U.S. Global Exotics Inc.

The crimes are so horrifying that they're difficult to read without a trash can nearby. Hopefully, the animals get the justice they deserve. Hopefully, PetSmart (and company) can just disappear, or crawl under a rock. Better yet, the corporations should just go kick rocks.

8 Unsanitary Cage

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of PETA Investigations

Instead of bashing on pet stores, an interesting article titled "Why No One Should Ever Buy A Bunny" should be read. Hannah Healy wrote about the risks and dangers that bought bunnies could face. Usually, owners can get tired of their newfound pet, so they'll either confine them to a cage or let them roam free. Obviously, the owner can rest easy, but their bunny would only be resting in peace.

"If left alone in completely isolated cages, they can become withdrawn or depressed. Rabbits who are abandoned outdoors are often hit by cars, succumb to disease and the elements," the blog states.

Rabbits forced to go rogue have little chance of survival, especially if they've been born into a lifestyle of cages, food, water, etc. But there's much more to what rabbits can suffer if they're exposed to anything, from the weather to their own isolation. Like any other animal, they need to be exposed to sunny days, clean water, fresh food, and human touch.

Otherwise, they'll end up like not just the picture above, but like the pictures provided by Healy herself.

7 Jungle Lagoon Pet Store

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of Change

If you're already sad, then prepared to get depressed. In Princeton, the pet store Jungle Lagoon Pet Store has been in hot boiling water. From the stench of piss to a puppy in a freezer, the owners/employees of the establishment were incriminating themselves from the beginning.

"Dr. April Munique, who treated the animals after they were confiscated from the shop, tells us that many of them were malnourished, bitten, and some even dead. Pets had overgrown nails, respiratory infections, even skin lacerations," the article states.

When people think of horrific conditions, child abuse can come to mind, right? Child Protective Services would get involved in the hopes of saving girls and boys from their unstable environments. While CPS is much needed, so are other services that fight for animal rights. Dogs, cats, etc. need help, too. Hopefully, the animals of the Jungle Lagoon Pet Store are in a much better place now.

6 DOA: Poor Little Angels

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of PETA Investigations

Reptiles by Mack is a supplier of lizards, turtles, and frogs. The supplier ships the animals to pet stores across the globe yet nobody's profiting. "Animals were crammed into plastic two-liter bottles, one-gallon milk jugs, mesh bags, and wooden crates. Many were dead on arrival," a PETA page states.

Animals were dead due to stress, mercurial temperatures, and a lack of food or water; not to mention, fresh air. However, the few that did survive suffered "injured limbs left to rot off" or were left dying with "a maggot-infested oral infection," for example.

According to the site, Reptiles by Mack is the sixth supplier that's been exposed by PETA. The organization recommends people get pets from animal shelters or rescues, and not "from a pet store or breeder." Now it's obvious why.

5 Exotic Birds

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of PETA

Another PETA page talks about the dangers of pet stores and why people should refrain from buying their pets there, especially if they're looking for "exotics" or animals that can come from foreign locations like Brazil. Birds can especially suffer because of the horrid travel conditions such as no food, water, nor air, nonexistent medical supervision, and squalid living spaces.

"The U.S. is the main destination for exotic and endangered wild animals. National, state, and local governments are passing laws that prohibit the capture and sale of certain species, but most of these regulations are poorly enforced and are designed to protect humans from disease rather than to ensure that animals are handled humanely," the page states.

While the birds in the glass cages may look cute at your local PetSmart, be aware of their habitat. Do they have clean water, fresh bedding, and plenty of space? Or are they living with the bare necessities in tight quarters? The birds may look cute on the outside, but chances are they feel miserable on the inside.

4 Petco Exposed

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of PETA

PetSmart isn't the only culprit. Petco also has a rap sheet. Both stores deal with the worst suppliers and PETA's exposés on both show just how little they care about the animals they sell. They're just looking for a profit and Holmes Farm provides the said profit.

"The animals—thousands of whom had already been subjected to a grueling overseas trip in shipping crates—were confined to crowded bins or cages in Holmes Farm's filthy, windowless warehouses. The buildings reeked of urine and feces and one building's floor was spattered with blood where helpless prey animals had apparently been attacked by cats. Workers did not check the animals for signs of life before dumping their bodies in the trash or wrapping others in plastic bags," an article reveals.

While Petco eventually released a statement through Facebook that said it was no longer involved with Holmes Farm, the pet store was still involved a month after the investigation broke. Petco's not fooling anyone, especially not the animals it supposedly cares for.

3 Anti-animal Abuse Advocate Violates Own Advocacy

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of YouTube

Daniel Kopulos, the owner of Fauna, was passionate about wildlife preservation and ending animal abuse. However, Kopulos, a man once interviewed by NBC and The New York Times, was arrested in 2016 for neglecting a vast amount of animals...in his very own home. Between birds' feathers being drenched in urine to finding dead snakes all around the house, Kopulos just left his animals to die slow, painful, and torturous deaths.

"The 1,500-square-foot house contained more than 100 dead reptiles, many of them stuffed in bags and left to die. The brightly colored birds—lories, rare macaws, a laughing kookaburra, cockatoos, parrots and parakeets—had fared no better. Inside cages caked in filth, emaciated creatures had turned to self-mutilation and begun plucking their vibrant plumage," an article states.

When investigators arrived on the scene, they were horrified. One person even suffered from nightmares after the living animals were rescued. The reality of such horror was crazy and unbelievable, especially since the perpetrator was one of the biggest advocates of animal protection and preservation.

2 Illegal Puppy Mill

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of Singapore Community Cats

Stuart West, a Wisconsin native, was running an illegal puppy mill inside his own home. When authorities arrived at his place, he was soon arrested. Almost fifty dogs were found inside his not-so-humble abode and a third of them were found lifeless.

"Investigators say about half of the live dogs were packed into kennels without adequate room to move, and did not have access to water. West told officials that he feeds the dogs dead deer and dead cows that he gets from farmers. At a hearing, West pleaded not guilty to the charges," an article states. What were the charges? All 117 of them would be too long to list.

1 Three Dogs Trapped In Freezer...Lifeless

Animal Abuse
Courtesy of GlobalGiving

One crime of animal abuse will make you lose hope in humanity, so how can anyone fathom 267 crimes committed by just one pet store in New Jersey? Not only were dogs suffering, but so were humans.

"Animals at the store were exposed to giardia, distemper, upper respiratory infections, and other diseases. Sick animals were constantly mixed in with healthy ones, putting them and other humans at risk for infection," an article states.

As if Vincent LoSacco, the owner of the deadly Just Pups, had already caused enough pain, he took evil action to a whole ‘nother level. Three dogs were found lifeless in his freezer.

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