15 Shocking Crimes That Happened In Canada

There's a lot more to Canada than meets the eye. People from the outside view it as this liberal paradise with free healthcare, igloos, and plenty of maple syrup. But as any Canadian will tell you, the country has its fair share of misery, and it definitely has its fair share of crime. From maple syrup heists to hockey riots, to Hell's Angels and Bandidos, Canada is not safe from crime. In fact, some of the most insane and brutal crimes in history have happened in the country.

As much as filmmakers like Michael Moore like to portray Canadians as polite, civilized people, they certainly have their faults. Canada has racism just like any other nation. Canada also has gun violence, just like America. Canada might have less people, but Canada actually has more guns per person than Americans. And with a lower population, it would only make sense that Canada has less crime. But the crime that Canada does have is often just as horrific and bizarre as the most dangerous places on Earth.

And like so many other countries on Earth, it's often the government who are the true criminals. Joining forces with the corporations to profit off the people is common practice in Canada, just as it is all over the world. But unfortunately, those stories often get covered up by the media. What the media loves, however, is crazy stories that are thoroughly entertaining. And these crime stories won't disappoint in that regard.


15 The Great Maple Syrup Robbery Of 2012

There have been many heinous crimes committed in the land of Canada. But never has the international community been as shocked as it was after the Great Maple Syrup Robbery of 2012. For those who don’t know, maple syrup is a sacred substance in Canada. It’s more than just a sugary liquid. It symbolizes Canada, and it's worth a lot. So for someone to steal $18.7 million worth of maple syrup, it wasn’t just a crime. It was a major blow to Canada’s honor and reputation. The year was 2012, the place was Trois-Revieres, Quebec. In this small town, a total of 3,000 tonnes of Canada’s finest export went missing. The entire world was shocked. It turned out that someone had replaced dozens of barrels with water, taking the sweet, sugary goodness out for themselves. That “someone” was Richard Vallières, although he also led a crack team of 26 specialized syrup thieves. Although the worth of the syrup was around $20 million, experts say it could be worth as much as $30 million on the black market. The underground maple syrup market truly is a plague on Canada’s honor. This major syrup heist is even being developed into a Hollywood movie.

14 The 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot


While Canada seems to be a very polite, civilized nation, there are certain times when their true, feral nature comes to light. And there is one thing that never fails to reveal the truth about Canada’s hidden rage: Hockey. One instance that the international community will never forget is the infamous 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot in Vancouver. Ask anyone in Vancouver, and they will tell you that the thing they want most in life is not to see their children succeed, to win the lottery, or even have peace on Earth. No. What they want more than anything in the world is to see the Vancouver Canucks win the Stanley Cup. For those who don’t know anything about hockey, the Stanley Cup is the prize for being the best team in the entire NHL, and playoffs are held each year to see who will win. The Vancouver Canucks have never won.

So when the Vancouver Canucks lost in the finals to the Boston Bruins in 2011, all hell broke loose. Mobs of wild Canadians packed the streets of Vancouver, many of whom travelled from all over the country just to vent their frustration. But to say they “vented their frustration” would be a massive understatement. Police cars were set on fire and tipped over. Vast columns of smoke billowed out from the city from the numerous fires. Businesses were smashed. 140 people were injured. 4 People were stabbed. 9 police officers were badly hurt. At the end of the night, 101 people were arrested. 4 years later, the police used photo surveillance and other evidence to arrest a total of 301 people.

13 Serial Killer Robert Pickton

Robert Pickton is one of the darkest, most deranged Canadian serial killers to have ever lived. He became infamous in the international community after details of his various murders were brought to light. It all started back in 1991, when he killed his first victim. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this serial killer was that he specifically targeted prostitutes from Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Fraser Valley, and Northern BC. Robert Pickton, now 67, is serving life in prison for the murder of 6 women. But he confided to an undercover police officer that he had killed 49. He wanted to one more to make it “an even 50,” but that was when he got sloppy and got caught. But that’s only the beginning. Robert Pickton owned a pig farm, and crime scene analysis by the police found that the bodies of these women were probably fed to his pigs. In addition, there is also evidence that he mixed the human flesh with pork, and canned it before selling it to the public. A health warning was later issued as a result.

12 Why Pit Bulls Are Now Banned In Montreal


You may have heard that the breed of dog known as pit bulls were recently banned in Montreal and in other areas of eastern Canada. But did you know why this decision was made? The story behind this is bloody, shocking, and brutal. A woman was actually mauled to death by a pit bull in Montreal. The incident took place in Pointe-aux-Trembles in Montreal, and the woman who was killed was Christiane Vadnais. She was found mauled to death in her backyard, and immediately fingers were pointed at the pit bull who lived next door. The cops determined that it was in fact a pitbull who attacked and killed the woman by using DNA evidence. This was only the final straw, however, as a regulation banning dangerous dogs had already been put in place in Montreal when this incident occurred. This incident only sped up the passing of the bill, which was initially slated for 2018. Today, no new pit bulls are permitted in Montreal.

11 Hackers Steal $100,000 From Calgary Minor League Hockey Teams

We all know that Canadians love their hockey, and it seems there are some hackers who use this passion to their advantage. In one of the most disgusting crimes ever committed in Canada, hackers conned Calgary Minor League Hockey teams out of $100,000. The hackers sent an email to McKnight Hockey Association’s treasurer in Calgary, demanding immediate transfer of funds that she thought were approved. As the vice president of the hockey association explains, “Our treasurer believed she was answering emails and communicating between myself and the president of the association….asking her to wire some money. So I was quite shocked to hear that I had somehow authorized the release of almost $145,000. I almost had a heart attack on the spot.” Like most countries these days, hacking and online scams are rampant in Canada.

10 The 1994 Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot


Canadians would love to be able to say that the 2011 Stanley Cup Riots in Vancouver were a one-off thing. But that’s just not the case. Seventeen years earlier, an almost identical riot took place for exactly the same reason - the Vancouver Canucks had made it to the final and had once again failed to win the all-important Stanley Cup. This time, they lost to the New York Rangers. 50 to 70 thousand drunk and disorderly fans emerged from the stadium where they had just watched their team lose yet again in spectacularly disappointing fashion. They formed an angry mob and headed downtown. One man climbed up a lamp post and fell, injuring himself. When the police tried to get paramedics through the crowd to help the man, a police constable had his bike taken away from him by the mob. This forced the police to fire tear gas into the crowd in a bid to get them to disperse. 200 people were injured, and once again millions of dollars worth of damage was done to local businesses. Numerous people were arrested.

9 Largest Drug Bust In Toronto’s History

Canada has a reputation for being one of the safest, nicest, and most crime-free places to live, but no country is truly safe from criminals. This was evident when Toronto announced that it had made the biggest drug bust in its history. This was in 2016, and the total monetary worth of the drugs seized was in excess of 9 million Canadian dollars. This seizure involved drugs of all kinds, including 73 kilograms of cocaine, 12 kilograms of crystal meth, and eight kilograms of MDMA. Inspector Steve Watts pointed out how much violence is associated with drugs, saying, “It is a hypothetical in terms of how much violence this could reduce or prevent, but drugs and firearms and violence do go together. That is the nature of the business.” The man charged with this crime was Nicholas Shouldice, a Toronto man with no prior criminal record. Police are looking into who was actually sending these huge amounts of drugs into Toronto.


8 Child-Like Doll Seized In Newfoundland


As part of one of the most disgusting and perverted crimes ever seen in Canada, a man is on trial for possessing a “child-like” sex doll. The court is trying to determine whether or not the sex doll constitutes child pornography. The man who owned this sex doll is Kenneth Harrisson, a 51-year-old electrician from Newfoundland. He is pleading not guilty to possession of child pornography and mailing obscene matter. The sex doll is approximately 4 feet high, has “budding breasts,” and was ordered specially from Japan. A forensics expert has determined that the sex doll clearly “depicts a child.”

The defense lawyer on this case is trying to argue that the doll is just a woman with small breasts, and that the vaginal opening is clearly large enough to fit a man’s penis. Official Canadian law states that the definition of child pornography is “a photographic, film, video or other visual representation, whether or not it was made by electronic or mechanical means that shows explicit sexual activity involving anyone who is, or is depicted as being, under the age of 18.” But it’s unclear how the court will rule, seeing as there was no actual child involved.

7 The Great Melon Heist Of 2015

Although it wasn’t as horrific as the unforgettable maple syrup heist, the Great Melon Heist of 2015 was almost as bad. Canada is filled with farmers who are just trying to make a decent living, and when your melons go missing, it can be a major blow. In this case, it was a whopping $50,000 worth of melons that were stolen. The worst part about his crime was that it occurred on New Year’s Eve, 2015, a time when everyone was supposed to be celebrating. A farmer in Hamilton, Ontario, woke up the next morning to find his 16-meter tractor trailer that was full of melons gone. Police were stunned - this was the first melon heist they had ever heard of. But they are convinced an underground melon market must exist, because the melons are nowhere to be found. This melon black market is incredibly hard to trace, seeing as there are no serial numbers on the melons. To be honest, it’s the perfect crime, and clearly no one was expecting it.

6 The Great Maple Syrup Blasphemy Of 2015


Of all the crimes that one can commit in Canada, there is one that goes beyond any other. It’s worse than murder, treason, and even terrorism. I’m talking, of course, about intentionally pouring out perfectly good maple syrup! Since maple syrup is considered a holy substance in Canada, pouring it out on the sidewalk is considered blasphemy. Okay, maybe that’s not an actual law per se. It’s more of an unwritten rule. But someone actually did go to jail for it in 2015. Once again, this incident took place in Hamilton, Ontario. Clearly this is a major hub for crime in Canada. The guilty man was high on marijuana as he poured maple syrup over a four foot area, completely wasting it. Clean-up crews had to be deployed to deal with the mess, and an absorbent material needed to be laid down. Because he wasted not only the holy maple syrup, but also caused the town’s resources to be needlessly used, the 56-year old man behind this heinous crime was promptly arrested. He was also breaching a probation order.

5 The Criticism Of Islam

Believe it or not, some people are arguing that criticizing Islam might now be considered a crime in Canada. That means that if you live in Canada, you better watch your tongue, because saying anything even remotely criticizing Islam could land you in jail for hate crimes. This is all part of Canada’s M103 motion, which was passed just days ago, despite 71% of the population saying they would not support it. The motion fails to define what constitutes “Islamophobia,” meaning no one knows exactly what they can and cannot say. This is the sort of thing that is common in fascist states, not open democracies like Canada. People should have the freedom to express their opinion, even if that opinion is not something that other people might agree with. Some argue that Canada is heading into dangerous waters with this motion.

4 Girl’s Room Spray Painted With Graffiti Because She’s Dating A Black Guy


America is often on the front pages when it comes to examples of racism, but Canada is really no different. Case and point: An incident that happened recently in February of 2017 in the city of Port Colborne, when a girl’s room was spray painted with racial slurs because she chose to date a black guy. She came home to her room one day to find the words “N**ga Lover” spray painted in black all across her walls. Ruby Benner is the name of the girl who had her room vandalized, and she’s dating Jayden Hannigan, who is of African descent. Both are in grade 10. The girl’s father is pretty shook up, and claims that it must be someone who knows the family, since their house is pretty well-hidden from the road. At first he thought it was just a break in, since the furniture around his house was trashed, but then he realized that nothing was missing. Then he went upstairs to check his daughter’s room, and that’s when he saw the racist graffiti.

3 The Bandidos Massacre

One of the biggest problems when it comes to crime in Canada is the biker gangs. These are some of the most dangerous criminals in the country. Not too long ago, there used to be several, but now Canada has become dominated by the Hell’s Angels. Before that, there was another active motorcycle gang called “The Bandidos.” But they were wiped out in what was one of the most brutal mass executions in biker gang history. The Bandidos were a small gang that made very little money, and did not threaten the Hell’s Angels in the slightest. Wayne “Weiner” Kellestine, leader of the “No Surrender Crew” of the Bandidos chapter in Toronto was behind the massacre. Yes, that’s right, the leader of the Bandidos killed his own men. 8 of them to be exact.

His “master plan” (which was fuelled by heavy meth use) was to kill his own men and pin it on the Hell’s Angels. In his deluded and intoxicated mind, this would allow him to rise to a higher rank in the Bandidos organization. The authorities called it an “assembly-line” execution, as the 8 men were killed systematically, one by one. They were led into a barn, where several gunman were waiting in ambush. One man fought back but was killed instantly. The others were restrained and made to watch as they were killed one by one.

Then they tried to dump the bodies along a freeway where the Hell’s Angels were known to operate, but the bodies fell out of the SUV they were using, and another car ran out of gas. It didn’t take long for the police to find these dim-witted criminals. Many of the men they killed had children, and had no criminal record. Most of them just wanted to be part of a club, and had respectable jobs and businesses. Police say that the Hell’s Angels have grown more powerful as a result of this.

2 The Crimes Of Maurice “Mom” Boucher


In contrast to the almost comical incompetence of the Bandidos Gang, the Hell’s Angels are a very sophisticated group who are incredibly dangerous. One of its most brutal leaders was Maurice “Mom” Boucher. In 2016, he was charged with attempting to murder a fellow inmate while he was serving his life sentence in prison for murder. But this is only the most recent development in his long lines of horrific crimes. In the 1990s, he was one of the most powerful Hell’s Angels in Canada, and the most powerful boss in Quebec. He was the one who started a bloody conflict between rival biker gangs in Quebec, in a gang war that came to be known as “Quebec’s Biker War.” In 1997, when police tried to track him down in order to put a stop to the violence, he ordered the murders of two prison guards, to “send a message to authorities.” He was caught, and finally put behind bars in 2002.

1 The Temporary Foreign Workers Program

When it comes to crimes, the biggest ones are usually committed by the government themselves. Canada is no different. The biggest example of this is the infamous “Temporary Foreign Workers Program.” The program allows companies in Canada to hire foreign workers in the place of Canadians that can do the same jobs. The official reasoning is that there wasn’t enough Canadians to do these jobs, but with the amount of unemployment in Canada, that is hard to believe for many Canadians. Since it first came into being in the 1970s, it was found to be corrupt, being abused by corporations who just wanted cheaper labor. President Harper himself was caught on tape stating that there had been "numerous blatant abuses" with this program. But the problem isn’t just to do with Canadians having their jobs taken away: it’s also to do with the fact that these foreign temporary workers basically have no rights.

Examples of abuse and corruption with this program are easy to find. In 2012, a BC mine hired 2,000 Chinese foreign workers rather than local miners. At the same time, 20,000 Canadian miners were looking for jobs. Another case revealed that Chinese miners were being forced to pay over $12,000 just for the privilege to work in Canada. Once they were in Canada, they were paid 10 dollars below the wage the company was offering its Canadian workers. Canadian workers at the Royal Bank Of Canada were training workers in India when they finally realized that the people they were training would eventually replace them. Many people lost their jobs, mostly senior employees. A couple who worked for Tim Hortons through the program claimed they were told by their boss that if they didn’t work overtime with no extra pay, he would send their entire family back to the Philippines.

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