15 Shocking Controversies Involving Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In just a few months Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be 40-years-old, and in those four decades he has risen to the top of the boxing world as one of the most successful and talented athletes in the game. W

In just a few months Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be 40-years-old, and in those four decades he has risen to the top of the boxing world as one of the most successful and talented athletes in the game. While the latter of those two may be debatable, Floyd Jr. has amassed a net worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and he isn't afraid to display his wealth on social media by posting photos of his luxury homes, lavish cars, or million dollar checks. People have grown accustomed to Floyd's flaunting of his riches, but his success in the ring and padded bank account hasn't kept him from a number of controversies.

Floyd's name has been mentioned in so many scandals that when a headline pops up with his name in it, not many people are surprised. His reputation as a boxer has grown his fan base into the hundreds of millions, but he's also gained infamy from his court cases over domestic violence. Two of his exes, who also happen to be the mothers of his children, have accused him of violently beating them. Two other women made claims that he assaulted them in a nightclub. And his former fianceé filed papers just two years ago saying that he pointed a gun at her and threatened to shoot.

Love him or hate him, Floyd has been a champion athlete for decades, following in the footsteps of both his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr. and his uncles, all of whom were also professional boxers. His legacy certainly hasn't made him impervious to bad decisions, however, because if we're to believe Biggie, Diddy, and Ma$e, mo' money means mo' problems and Floyd's got stacks of both.

15 Ongoing Feud With Former Friend 50 Cent


Friends fight about the silliest of things, but money can drive a wedge between the strongest relationships. Such was the case with Floyd and rapper 50 Cent, once bosom buddies turned bitter rivals.

During an interview with Los Angeles radio station Power 106, 50 Cent explained what started the beef, saying that it began when Floyd asked him for help in starting Mayweather Promotions before he had to enter into his three-month jail sentence. When the rapper checked what his friend had going on with the business, he saw nothing had been started.

"I took a look and I realized there is no Mayweather Promotions. There's no LLC. There's no seal. It's not incorporated,"50 said. "When he says help him with Mayweather Promotions and it's not there, I say, 'Okay, I know what he means.' He wants me to put it together for him."

Being the friend that he was, 50 said he established Money Team Promotions, negotiated all the contracts and even signed on boxers. Not only that, he dropped a heavy chunk of change — somewhere around $2 million — into the business expecting that Floyd would pay him back once he was out of jail.

Instead, when Floyd returned home, 50 said that he immediately began blowing money on luxury items, $300,000 chains and expensive cars. "I'm sitting there going, 'When you gonna give me the money... when you gonna give me your half of the money back?' But, I ain't trying to press him because he just got out of jail."

In the last few years the back and forth continued as 50 made fun of Floyd's poor literacy skills on social media by writing, "Floyd will you except [sic] my ALS/ESL CHALLENGE: I will donate $750k to a charity of your choice, if you can read a full page out of a Harry Potter book out loud without starting and stopping."

He also gave Floyd a hard time about his ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson dating rapper Nelly soon after ending her relationship with the boxer. It's rumored that in recent months the two have made peace, so hopefully they can piece together their broken friendship.

14 Domestic Violence Accusations From Ex Josie Harris


In another case of baby mama drama, in 2011 Floyd pleaded guilty to one count misdemeanor battery domestic violence and no contest to two counts of harassment stemming from an altercation he had with his ex Josie Harris, mother to three of his children.

Floyd's arrest report states that back in 2010 around 2:30 a.m., Harris got home and saw Floyd talking to two of their sons. The former couple got into a verbal argument, causing Harris to call the police. When the police arrived on the scene Floyd left, but he returned to Harris' place at 5:00 a.m. with his friend James McNair.

According to Harris, she woke up shocked to see Floyd standing over her while reading text messages on a cell phone. He asked if she had a boyfriend and she admitted that she was dating someone, and that's when she said he began beating on her. Floyd allegedly told her, "I'm going to kill you and the man you're messing with" while he hit her in the back of the head and pulled her off the couch by her hair.

The report also states that one of their sons witnessed the violent incident and ran to a friend's house for help, who called the police.

In a later interview with Katie Couric, Floyd said that the allegations were false and that Harris was on drugs. Harris would do an interview with Yahoo!'s Martin Rogers in 2013 wherein she accused Floyd of purposefully hitting her in the back of the head so that people wouldn't be able to see her bruises, but that she had a contusion and a concussion. The incident report read that Harris had "redness on her face and a large contusion to the right side of her forehead and chin." Floyd completed 60 days of his 90 day jail sentence and was released

13 Feud With Rick Ross


Rappers often say things that make for great lyrics but insult other people in the entertainment industry, and that's exactly what happened when Rick Ross said "That Mayweather money looking funny in the light" on his track "Mafia Music." He was making reference to rumors that the IRS was coming after Floyd for $6 million, and when the boxer heard the line, he wasn't amused.

Floyd would later go on to mention the Florida rapper in a number of interviews highlighting the fact that at one point in Rick Ross' life he wasn't as "hood" as his music suggests, mentioning that the rapper once worked as a correctional officer. He said, "If I need someone arrested, I'll call him." Rick snapped back in the video for his track "Go" when he opened the visual by saying "F--- Floyd Mayweather" and mocked his money issues.

Floyd spoke on the beef and said, "I just think that when you are on a certain level, you just let things go by. I'm a fighter. That's what I do. I'm into contact. He's a rapper. That's what he do. The thing I'm gonna do is stay in my lane and let him stay in his lane."

The two seemed to have buried the hatchet after Rick was in the audience to watch Floyd fight Ricky Hatton in 2007. "He paid money to see me ... I appreciate the donation from Rick Ross," Floyd quipped.

12 Ongoing Feud With T.I.


Floyd's feud with Atlanta rapper T.I. has been one that's existed for a number of years. The boxing champ and award-winning rapper first made headlines when a story went viral of the two having a verbal argument that turned violent.

Their scuffle was caught on camera and at the time no one knew how long the beef would last, but it fizzled away and seemed to be buried for the last couple of years. Things looked as if the two kissed and made up when Hollywood Unlocked on Instagram posted a photo of Floyd and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, T.I.'s wife. The two were looking quite cozy at Mariah Carey's Halloween party and Hollywood Unlocked even included a video of the two dancing alone together away from the rest of the crowd.

It wasn't long before the Instagram posts began to circulate as people started to speculate that Tiny was doing a little bit too much flirting with her husband's rival. Meanwhile, it seemed that T.I. caught wind of the rumors and had a a good time making fun of Floyd by posting a video online of Kevin Hart cracking jokes about Floyd and his father, Floyd Sr.

The boxer viewed the clip and, as expected, wasn't happy with what he saw. His response was to upload a photo of a $100-million check made out to him.

"Gotta love these backseat drivers so worried about another man’s legacy instead of trying to write their own," he wrote. "Ultimately, I will always have the last laugh. This is just one of my many checks, a cool $100,000,000.00 that I still have every dime of. Y’all still have to work however, I’m happily retired."

11 Fighting Chicks In A Nightclub


Back in 2003 Floyd found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was arrested in Las Vegas and charged with two counts of battery. He was accused of fighting with two women, Herneatha McGill and Kaara Blackburn, at a nightclub.

The ladies testified in court that they were standing at the bar at Ra nightclub when Floyd and two other men saw them. Heneatha said she had experienced previous negative run-ins with Floyd so she told her friend and they didn't want to stay. As they were making their way out, the woman said she saw Floyd tell his friends that they should go hurt her and before they could get far enough away, Floyd punched her in the jaw and hit Kaara in the head when she tried to help her.

Herneatha claimed she fell to the ground and after being hit herself, Kaara joined her on the floor. The ladies claimed they scrambled to get up and ran out of the venue. He was convicted of the crimes and ordered to serve 100 hours of community service, although his criminal record shows that the charges were "dismissed per negotiation" in 2008.

10 Domestic Violence Accusations From Ex Melissa Brim


In 2002 Floyd pleaded guilty to two counts of battery domestic violence after Melissa Brim, the mother of his eldest daughter, insisted in a lawsuit that the boxer "swung open a car door, hitting her jaw, pushed her into the car and punched her several times in the face and body," according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

He was also charged with stalking, obstruction of a police officer, and violation of a protective order, but those charges were later dismissed, as was Melissa's lawsuit. However, Floyd was convicted of the battery charge and was sentenced to 48 hours of community service and two days of house arrest.

Although the sentence may not be satisfactory for some, it was an insult to Floyd. He commented on the case at a press conference in 2002 while discussing his fight against Jose Luis Castillo. The boxer said, "Everybody that knows Floyd Mayweather, knows I'm a good guy. I have never been to jail."

9 Verbal Rumble With Ronda Rousey


Athletes going back and forth about who's better than the other isn't a foreign concept, yet Floyd and UFC's Ronda Rousey's war of words was surprising to many. Ronda ignited the feud, after she won the ESPY award for Best Fighter (beating out Floyd), when she said to the press, "I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once. I'd like to see him pretend to not know who I am now."

A year prior when asked what his thoughts were about Rousey, Floyd responded that he didn't know who "he" was.

Rousey also made other comments captured by the paparazzi when she told TMZ Sports that mathematically, she earns more money per second that he does.  She also took a jab — pun intended — at his controversial lack of literacy skills by saying, "When he learns to read and write, he can text me."

Floyd didn't take long to bite back and prepared a statement of his own to give to TMZ. "Big bank take little bank," Floyd said. "Let's play and see how much money you got. Last time I checked I was No. 1 on Forbes. She will never be at my status. Keep trying to get publicity."

8  8. Chrissy Teigen And The Tiger


She's John Legend's spitfire wife who has no filter, but Chrissy Teigen got more than she bargained for from Floyd fans when she sent out a simple tweet that got their feathers in a bunch.

It all started when Floyd Mayweather posted a photo of his new pet tiger — a present to Floyd. We understand that there are cat lovers out there, but keeping a tiger as a pet is pushing it just a bit. Anyhow, after the picture of Floyd's new big kitten circulated on social media, PETA openly criticized Floyd and asked him to give the tiger to a sanctuary.

Chrissy, who is less diplomatic and polite at times, tweeted, "I'm okay with people having pet tigers because it increases their chances of being eaten by a tiger." Floyd acted like he had no idea who Chrissy was nor why she would have anything negative to say about him, but he assumed it was because she needed attention.

“The thing is I’ve never had anything negative to say about John Legend," Floyd said. "I really don’t even know what his wife does, whoever she may be. I’ve never seen John Legend’s wife in my life. If I did, I probably just don’t remember it. But the thing is this, I’m pretty sure she has a lot going on in her life, but, you know, I’m something to talk about, so that can be something else. I am something to talk about. You see, when she spoke on me, she got her name in the public eye, so that’s kind of cool for her.”

7 Dana White Defends Conor McGregor


Does Floyd have what it takes to take on UFC superstar Conor McGregor? The two began going back and forth after Floyd suggested that McGregor's quick rise to stardom in the UFC was because he's white, an accusation the UFC fighter didn't take lightly.

"Floyd Mayweather, don't ever bring race into my success again," McGregor wrote on Instagram. "I am an Irishman. My people have been oppressed our entire existence. And still very much are. I understand the feeling of prejudice. It is a feeling that is deep in my blood."

UFC head honcho Dana White didn't appreciate Floyd's words, either. He called Floyd one of the most boring fighters that have ever lived and said the boxer needed to show McGregor some respect.

"Conor McGregor ... if he touches you, you go to sleep. Floyd puts people to sleep too, with his fighting style, not with his hands," said Dana. "You know how Floyd knocks people out? When they're not looking. Watch the Victor Ortiz fight. This kid's just getting started. This kid's 28 years old. Floyd can say what he wants about Conor, but even other fighters have to respect him. He's special. Floyd's never even come close to doing to other fighters what Conor does."

6 Ex-Girlfriend Sued Him For Defamation


Yes, as mentioned previously, the domestic violence incident between Floyd and ex-girlfriend Josie Harris took a turn when the boxer claimed in an interview with Katie Couric that the mother of his three children was lying about him hitting her because she was abusing drugs. Harris sued him over the allegations for $20 million, saying that she suffered humiliation and emotional and physical distress.

Floyd also said in the interview that he did put his hands on Harris, but that was only to restrain her. The lawsuit calls the allegations "totally and unequivocally false," continuing that he called her a liar "when she told the police that Mayweather repeatedly struck and beat her."

"Harris was not a drug abuser or drug addict. Harris did not need to be 'restrained' because she was on drugs," the suit said. Harris was looking to become an author and television personality, and the suit read that if people believed Floyd's comments Harris "would become unemployable and unpublishable if potential employers or publishers believe that she is, or even might be, a drug abuser or addict, as Mayweather implies in the interview."

The suit was later dismissed and Floyd served two months of his 90 day sentence.

5 Stripped of His Title


In the summer of 2015, following his popular Manny Pacquiao WBO Welterweight title fight, Floyd was stripped of the championship for noncompliance with organization regulations. At the time that he defeated Pacquiao, Floyd also held two junior middleweight championships and the WBO rules clearly stated that boxers can't hold titles in multiple weight classes.

Floyd was given a deadline in July to pay a $200,000 sanctioning fee and vacate his other two titles. He ignored the request so three days later they stripped him of his WBO title.

The WBO statement reads:

“The WBO world championship committee is allowed no other alternative but to cease to recognize Mr. Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the WBO welterweight champion of the world and vacate his title for failing to comply with our WBO regulations of world championship contests.”

It wasn't a big deal to Floyd, seeing as how he already earned $220 million for the Pacquiao fight, money that they couldn't take back.

4 He Sued A Wine Bar


He's been on the receiving end of multiple lawsuits, but Floyd found himself on the other side of the coin when he sued a New Orleans wine bar. Floyd took The Wine Bistro to court in 2013, saying that the venue lied to patrons when they claimed in advertisements that the boxer would be hosting with members of The Money Team, Floyd's group of high profile friends.

The champ caught wind of the news and didn't think it was right that the lying bar would cop a profit off manipulating fans, not to mention that when he didn't show up, he would be criticized for being a no-show.

He took the bar to court and won. However, he didn't take home the big bucks. The U.S. District Court judge ruled in Floyd's favor and ordered the establishment to pay $2,250 in damages. The bar claimed that they thought they had legally booked the boxer through a third party, but they never disclosed the contract in question.

3 Beef With Nelly


Another rapper and yet another feud. Floyd once again went toe-to-toe with one more musician when he and Nelly had a war of words. This beef began after Nelly started dating Shantel Jackson, Floyd's ex-fianceé. The rapper and model had recently went public with their relationship and apparently Floyd wasn't feeling the news coverage about his former flame and her new beau.

During a radio interview, Floyd stated that he thought Nelly was foul for scooping up his girl since the two guys were once "friends." Considering that singer Ray J started dating Princess Love, now Ray's wife, soon after she broke up with Floyd, the boxer certainly wasn't happy to see it happen again with another hip hop figure.

Nevertheless, Nelly did an interview with ESPN's "Highly Questionable" where he called the situation a misunderstanding. He also said that Floyd has surrounded himself with too many "Yes Men," insinuating that Floyd was reacting the way he was to Shantel moving on because she broke up with him and was one of the few who told him "no." He also insulted Floyd's intellect, education, and ability to reason.

"I don't have beef with Floyd Mayweather. For the most part I think the whole thing is misunderstood," Nelly said. "I try to understand where he's coming from which is a little hard to do, but I guess it's one of those things where he is who he is."

"I think he's one of those people that don't like 'No' said to him," he continued. "I think when anybody does that, I think that's what kind of gets under his skin a little bit. I don't know? It's kind of hard talking to a guy who hasn't graduated from high school."

2 Sued for $1.4 Million By Jewelry Company


His bank account has enough zeroes to feed a small village and he's never shy about showing off his big ballin' lifestyle, but in 2015 he was sued by The Jewelers Inc., a Las Vegas jewelry company, for non-payment on a $3 million necklace he purchased from them. They say he still owes them $1.4 million.

The company claims that Floyd initially paid out $1 million for the necklace and made another six payments of $100,000, but that was all. The necklace had 72 round-cut diamonds in it, and each diamond was about three carats.

The necklace was custom made for the boxer who had done business with the company in the past when he purchased a $16 million watch from them. This wasn't the first time Floyd was in court over jewelry. In 2005 another jeweler alleged that he hadn't paid $124,000 for over 20 pieces of jewelry; however that case was settled the following year without disclosing the details.

1 Shantel Jackson Sues Him For Assault


There's been much talk about Shantel Jackson around here, but what hasn't been discussed is how she, too, filed court papers that shined a light into the crazy relationship she once had with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The paperwork showed copies of text messages, allegedly between Floyd and Shantel, where the boxer threatened to publicly humiliate her by exposing private photos and embarrassing situations by leaking them on the internet.

"[Floyd] threatened that if I didn’t take down the photo of me and Nelly, he would post 'naked photos' of me on social media," the court filings read. One text read, "I got nasty videos too that I can put on Instagram and twitter."

This was all supposedly Floyd's way to get Shantel back. Wooing a woman is one thing, but threatening her back into your loving arms is another. He reportedly resorted to this tactic after his attempts to rekindle their relationship failed miserably.

He didn't post any nude photos or videos of Shantel, but in 2014 he did share a photo on Facebook of a sonogram that he said was hers. He wrote that she was pregnant with twins and the real reason behind their breakup was that she got an abortion. He said he was "against killing babies."

Meanwhile, Shantel sued Floyd for assault, battery, defamation, invasion of privacy, and harassment. The document described an incident where she said he pointed a gun at her and asked "Which toe do you want me to shoot?"

In 2015 she told HipHollywood that her case was still in limbo but gave advice to women who find themselves in abusive relationships. "I would just say try to get out before it’s too late, and that’s for any situation, whether it’s verbal, mental, or physical abuse," she said.

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15 Shocking Controversies Involving Floyd Mayweather Jr.