15 Shocking Conspiracy Theories About The Vatican

With the Catholic church being established during the 1st century, it has become the largest Christian church in the entire world, having over 1 billion current members. Although the Vatican itself didn’t come into play until 1506, when construction began in Rome Italy, the Vatican is looked at as being the heart of Catholicism. While that may be true, considering it’s one of the most sacred buildings on Earth, there is another version of the Vatican that not many know about… a much darker side to it.

Throughout the Vatican’s existence over the centuries, many have thought up theories and beliefs in regards to the massive church. Some believe that the church possesses objects that no other man can see except for worthy clergymen while some believe the church is responsible for some of history’s biggest events. While there aren't too many people who believe in this theory, some think that the church has even been involved with extra-terrestrials. A little far-fetched, but it makes an interesting theory.

While most of these theories are off the rails with accuracy, there are some theories that will make you raise a brow and actually consider them. Although, the chances of them being true are slim, but hey, that’s up to you to decide! With that being said, here are 15 crazy conspiracy theories about the Vatican.

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15 The Vatican Has A Stash Of X-Rated Material


Standing in as being one of the oldest conspiracy theories on this list, the Vatican is believed to be the beholder of the title, “World’s Largest Pornography Collection.” While this statement may be far-fetched, many people believe that the Vatican has stored away ancient erotic literature from the Roman Empire as well as pornographic art commissions from the Renaissance artist Michelangelo. National Review founder William F. Buckley, Jr. and social critic Camille Paglia have claimed that this theory is actually quite factual.

Unfortunately for the theory’s possibility, it looks slim. Former chief librarian of the Vatican, Father Leonard Boyle, has stated that he has sifted through thousands of documents in order to find any evidence of pornographic material. Boyle has claimed that he hasn’t found any proof of the materials’ existence. Still, for a library that has over 1 million books and thousands of manuscripts and historical documents, there might be a possibility that some x-rated material may have been overlooked.

14 Lincoln's Death


A theory that is very complex, but believable once you get down to the core, claims that the Jesuits were responsible for Lincoln’s death, with the theory going all the way up to the Vatican. During the time of Lincoln’s assassination, many blamed the president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, while others blamed Lincoln’s vice president, Andrew Johnson. And then there are others who, when things were looking bleak for the United States, blamed the Catholics for several issues, Lincoln's assassination included. The theory doesn’t end there though.

An ex-Catholic priest by the name of Charles Chiniquy supposedly heard from another Catholic priest that there was a plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. Chiniquy made efforts to warn Lincoln about this rumor, but unfortunately it was too late. Chiniquy had stated that, “Booth was nothing but the tool of the Jesuits. It was Rome who directed his arm, after corrupting his heart and damning his soul.”

Believe it or not, but Chiniquy thought of the Catholic church as being fearful of the successful American democracy and suspected they were threatened that it would diminish the church’s power.

13 The Vatican Helped Nazis Escape After The War


When we reached the end of World War II, the United States as well as several other countries, tried to find Nazis who had escaped, wanting to put these criminals on trial for their war crimes. It’s sad to say, but there’s a theory that sprouted, involving both the Vatican and the Nazis. The theory goes like this… the Vatican was responsible for helping several Nazis escape after the war ended.

With this notion circulating, several theorists have pointed out that the theory is factual due to evidence that was derived from several unpublished documents. The Vatican supposedly helped the Nazis by giving them fake passports in order to get out of the country. Gerald Steinacher, a researcher at Harvard, believes that the reason the church decided to help the Nazi criminals is due to the fact that they had hoped to revive Christianity in post-war Europe and they were dealing with the rise of Soviet Union in Europe.

12 Jim Jones And The People's Temple


With Christianity having several denominations, such as Baptists, Lutherans and Methodists, there’s a sense of variety when it comes to how you learn about the word of God. For the Vatican, this isn’t looked at as a good thing. According to one theory, there’s the belief that the Vatican was involved with the Jonestown mass suicide.

The mass suicide occurred from the fundamentalist cult, Jim Jones and the People’s Temple. The theory states that the Vatican wanted to show people that small Protestant churches were not credible. Hoping to inspire people to discredit these Protestant churches, they used Jim Jones to their advantage.

Jim Jones, in the theory at least, was considered to be a Jesuit deacon. With the Vatican approaching him, he was given the task of establishing the fundamentalist cult, which would lead to its end with the mass suicide. Talk about a horrific theory!

11 Jesus Christ Is Real


This theory really fascinates me, considering I feel like as human beings, we would want to share this information with the world. There’s a theory that’s been floating around for quite some time that the Vatican, inside the secret archives, has information about Jesus Christ. Well obviously, considering it’s the Catholic Church, but I mean information about a possibility of Christ’s bloodline, portraits that people have painted of him during his time on Earth and much more.

Information like this is the kind that historians have been looking for, for quite some time. Not only does it show proof of Christ’s existence on Earth, but it also shows evidence of what he actually looked like, considering it’s from firsthand witnesses, people who actually met him or even saw him personally. The depictions of Christ that we have found were from the 2nd century.

Imagine if the Vatican actually did have information about Jesus Christ that the rest of the world didn’t know of.

10 Catholicism And Islam


I personally found this theory interesting, considering Catholicism and Islam are two completely different religions. The theory is derived from an ex-Jesuit priest named Alberto Rivera, who claimed that during his time as a priest, he ended up discovering from his superiors that the prophet Muhammad was persuaded into thinking he was a prophet, and would go on to help establish Islam.

The Catholics were believed to have had the goal of trying to remove Jews and non-Catholic Christians from the world. If this goal were carried out, it would ensure that the Vatican would have the ability to spread Catholicism across the globe as a one-world religion. Supposedly, once Rivera heard this, he left Catholicism behind, only for the ex-Jesuit to be abducted and tortured by other Jesuits when he denounced the church.

The only issue that stands with this theory is the fact that when diligent Christians investigated Rivera, they found out that he was never a priest.

9 There's A Mrs. Pope


A theory, or perhaps a better term instead of theory would be legend, is the existence of a female pope. According to the legend, during the first century, there was a woman who was of English descent who wanted to pursue her scholarly interests. Starting off in Athens, she jumpstarted her fame by her knowledge of science, which at the time was a big deal for a woman to have interests such as this. Once she ignited the flame, she ended up lecturing in Rome before she became a cardinal.

When Pope Leo IV died, it led the female cardinal to become the next pope, as well as the first female pope. Now you might be wondering, “How did she manage to do all this if she was a woman?” Disguising herself as a man and changing her name to John Anglicus, she was able to accomplish most of the goals she set for herself.

The female pope led the church for two years, but it was cut short for her when she was caught giving birth to a child. Talk about an embarrassing reveal!

8 The Vatican Is An Archaeologist's Gold Mine


What would you say if I told you that the Vatican knew the location of some of Christianity’s most holy and mysterious treasures? You’d probably call me crazy, right? Well, there’s actually a theory that’s been present for quite some time in regards to the Vatican and would-be archaeological discoveries of the century.

Supposedly, in the Archives, the Vatican has proof of several Biblical relics and even possible knowledge of their whereabouts. Whether it is the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail, it’s enough to make any archaeologist jump up and down in excitement. Now, if this theory were true, I understand why the church would hide such proof.

With archaeologists digging up relics and items from several centuries ago, most of these objects end up in museums or as tourist attractions around the world. Since these relics are some of the holiest items in existence, it’d be wise to keep them a secret in order to ensure their holiness. Still, it’s an interesting theory.

7 JFK Was Assassinated By The Vatican

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Remember the Lincoln conspiracy theory, how there was the belief of Jesuits being responsible for Lincoln’s assassination? Well they’re back at it again!

John F. Kennedy’s assassination is one of the most well-known events in history to have sparked several conspiracy theories, from the curved-bullet theory to Soviets being responsible for JFK’s death. Whatever theory you can think of, one of the craziest theories has to be about the Vatican.

The theories that pinpoint the Vatican go in several directions. One claims that the Vatican killed JFK because he wanted to stop the Vietnam War, which would bring an end to the Vatican’s plans of spreading Catholicism to Vietnam. Another theory states that JFK wanted to close the Federal Reserve, which would’ve ceased the funds for the Jesuits. In my opinion, the theory that stands out the most from the rest is JFK wanting to reveal the Jesuits’ influence in the United States’ government. Some theorists point to this theory due to a speech JFK gave that they nicknamed “The Secret Societies Speech.”

6 The Three Secrets Of Fatima


Before I continue, you may be wondering, “Who are these kids in the picture?” The kids in the picture are three Portuguese shepherd children who had visitations from the Virgin Mary. Not only did they have these visitations, but they were also given a glimpse of Hell. That’s a story for another day though. The main reason why I introduced them is because they were responsible for The Three Secrets of Fatima.

There’s a belief that has been going around for quite some time that the Vatican was keeping the Three Secrets of Fatima hidden from the public. This theory has since been confirmed to be true when the Vatican had released the Three Secrets of Fatima years after the vision occurred. Supposedly, the vision that the children had revealed an unknown city in ruins, with dead bodies decorating the streets. The pope at the time had walked towards a hilltop where a cross stood. At the cross, he began praying before soldiers executed him.

Even though the Vatican had released the secrets to the public, several theorists believe that the vision that the Vatican told was actually false and that they still are holding the true vision a secret.

5 The Vatican Wants To Use The EU To Establish A One-World Religion


With 2016 coming to an end, we've seen several events that have made an impact on our history. Donald Trump got elected President of the United States, the summer Olympics were held in Rio and plenty more. One event occurred this year that stood out from the rest… England leaving the EU (European Union). The EU stood as a union between 28 countries, which all shared a politico-economic system. Now, how does this pertain to a list about Vatican theories? Well, there’s a theory that has been floating around for quite some time involving the EU and the Vatican.

According to the theory, the establishment of the EU was a good thing for the Vatican, considering the Catholic Church wanted to use the EU as a way of establishing a one-world religion. Although, if the EU didn’t grant the Vatican the capability of a one-world religion, it would at least provide an all Catholic Europe, which is still a pretty big deal for the church.

4 The Illuminati Controls The Archives


If you don’t know what the Illuminati theory is, it’s basically the belief that the Illuminati controls the world through high-ranking officials, such as presidents, popes and several other leaders. Now, what does the Illuminati have to do with the archives? The theory goes like this… with the Illuminati electing members to achieve high-ranking positions, several cardinals and priests are believed to be those members. Not only do those members have much more power compared to others, but many of them have control over the archives.

Supposedly, many conspiracy theorists believe that the archives hold evidence of aliens, UFO accounts, God’s true name and the one thing that stands out from everything else in the archives… events that are accounted in detail from the future. If the Illuminati controls the library, then the secret organization knows what will happen in the future and they would have the capability of altering these events to their favor. That’s actually really scary, but thank god it’s just a theory!

3 The Vietnam War Was Supposed To Help Spread Catholicism


For a little under two decades, a war took place in the east that led to several controversies with politicians at the time as well as a plethora of protests within the United States. If you haven’t figured it out, I’ll come clean and tell you… it’s the Vietnam War. One of the harshest wars in American history, perhaps in history entirely, has managed to make its way on this list, which is rather odd, considering the Vatican was not involved in the war. Well… according to Avro Manhattan, no involvement is far from the truth.

According to Manhattan’s theory, Pope Pius XII wanted to spread Catholicism to Vietnam and by doing that, they used the Vietnamese dictator, Ngo Din Diem, who was Catholic. During the war, Manhattan believed that Pius was the person running the show, having helped Diem achieve his rank as well as ordering the American military to keep North Vietnam from crashing the Communist Party.

2 The Vatican And World Domination


Standing in as one of the strangest theories, many conspiracy theorists point to Jesuits for the theory of the Vatican wanting world domination. The theory goes like this… the Catholic Church, or better known as the Vatican, is controlled by the Jesuits. Not only do the Jesuits control the Vatican, but they also are the overseers for many big named companies like Disney and McDonald’s.

The Jesuits are considered to have powers of levitation, hypnosis and plenty more, making them stronger than mankind. They almost sound like they’re the Avengers or something. They also, once you get deeper into the theory, are a part of an umbrella organization that consists of some familiar names, such as the Illuminati and the Masons.The most interesting part about this theory is that it introduces the pope as a figure who doesn’t have a whole lot of power. In fact, there’s a figure known as the “black pope,” the reason for this name is because of his dark clothes, who controls the Vatican and the Jesuits.

1 Christian Aliens The Vatican Wants To Be Friends With


You know I couldn’t end this list without the talk of aliens and the Vatican. Standing in as a more recent theory, considering it revolves around the most recent pope, the theory states that Pope Francis is planning on revealing the existence of aliens in our universe. What?!

In the book Exo-Vaticana, which was written by Chris Putnam and Thomas Horn, it is believed that there are other life-forms in this universe who are Christian, and Pope Francis wants to welcome them. Supposedly, Francis paints a picture that these aliens who are Christian are peaceful creatures who want to unite with humanity. Sounds peachy, right? If only that were it.

Putnam and Horn explain that this is a false belief, stating that these aliens are not actual aliens, rather demons who wish to enslave humanity. The theory continues, stating that people will believe in the false truth, which will lead to a war between humanity and the “aliens.”

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