15 Shocking Confessions Teachers Have Made

Teachers are sort of like bartenders in the sense that they hear and see things that most people normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience. Whether it’s high school or grade school, teacher’s day in and day out experience things that make them shake their heads and some of them bring it upon themselves with inappropriate behavior. The media is saturated with cases of teachers sleeping with their students. The scandalous stories hit the front page news on a regular basis making parents break out in anxiety at the thought of their children developing these relationships. They’re not all bad, though; most teachers are there to truly make a difference in our children’s lives and work really hard to do so.

Some teachers have opinions that they would never share outside of their own heads while some teachers have some deep dark secrets. Some of them are funny while others are disturbing. At times you will find yourself thankful for these people who are responsible for caring for our children while we can’t; while at other times, you will wonder who these people are that we have entrusted our children’s care to. There’s actually an app out there called Whisper, which gives people the opportunity to confess, without having to leave their home and go to a confessional. It’s just one of many ways that teachers use to express their thoughts when there's no other way to let it out. Stay tuned to hear some of the most shockingly honest confessions from teachers.


15 Pre-Judgment

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It’s really not that surprising to think that a teacher bases his opinion on a student based off of their looks. Hasn’t that been going on since the dawn of time? Even though we are constantly telling people not to judge a book by its cover, we are all guilty of doing so. So teachers judge a student based off of the way they are dressed and how they carry themselves. One teacher confessed that she would go so far as to try to predict the future of her students based off of how they dress. She sits in class and checks out how a child is dressed and how they behave and in turn decides if they are worthy of going anywhere in life or if they will end up being failures. Whether she bases that off of stereotypes like how a poor child may dress or a goth student, is up in the air, but I wouldn’t like the idea of a teacher pre-judging her students.

14 Crushing on Students

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It’s no big surprise to hear such a confession, after all it seems like stories like this have been in the news multiple times over the past few years. It’s not just men either, women are just as guilty of having crushes on students and doing something about it. At first it starts with a little flirtation to see how the teen will respond and then they go from there. There have been stories of teachers having sex with their students and not only that but having long term affairs with them. Even Dawson’s Creek covered a story about Ms. Jacobs seducing Pacey Witter and they carried on an affair based off of love. They got caught however, and Ms. Jacobs resigned and left town. The same thing happens in real life they fall in love and even have children with the students that they were hired to teach. It’s disturbing to say the least.

13 Teachers Checking Out Students

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When you’re in high school you are well on your way to becoming an adult and for both male and females you could already have the body of a teenager. Many women blossom early and have ample bosoms while the guys are sporting six packs. It wouldn’t be the first time that a teacher found him/herself attracted to a student of theirs. Whether or not they do something about it is an entirely different story. There are teachers out there that have no problem admiring these young packages and although many won’t do a thing about it they have no problem admitting they will look anyways. They check out their students in gym class and while they are sitting behind their desks. One such woman admitted doing just that, “I’m a school teacher and I love it when the boys in my high school show off their boxers.” It’s a disturbing thought to say the least.

12 Even Teachers Hate Going to the Principal’s Office

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There is just something about an authority figure that can make even the most innocent person feel guilty. It’s like when you are driving around, and you see a cop. You immediately straighten up, keeping your eyes forward, even though you aren’t doing anything wrong. But for some reason, just the sight of an authority figure can set us on edge for virtually no reason at all. Teachers feel the same way when it comes to having to go to the principal’s office. Even when they haven’t done anything wrong, many teachers have admitted that when they get called to the office, they immediately wonder if they’ve done something. “I’m a teacher. But when the principal asks to see me, my first thought is: “What did I do?” It’s hilarious to think that these poor teachers are reliving their youths of being called to the principal’s office.

11 Teachers Who Like to Smoke The Green

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Teachers are no different than normal people; it’s just a profession. If you were into smoking pot before you became a teacher, then that’s probably not going to change when you start teaching. There were many confessions about teachers who say they love smoking pot - hopefully not while they are at school. When I was in high school, we had a history teacher who was obviously stoned all day. During our breaks or lunch hours, students would often see the history teacher on the football field away from the school. Although no one really knew for sure what he was doing, we were all confident that he was off getting high before he returned to class. He was an awesome teacher though so no one ever said anything about the fact that he was high. Whether the faculty knew or not was unknown though he retired there, so if they knew they obviously never had a problem with it.

10 Teacher by Day, Pole Dancer by Night

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Varsity Blues had a scene in which the high school students snuck into a strip club to blow off steam after a tough football game. While they were hanging out there, a woman started performing on the stage in front of them. All their mouths started to hang open as they realized that the woman with no top in front of them was also their English teacher. It was a rather light-hearted scene, but it happens more than you would think. People get desperate for many different reasons. It wouldn’t be the first time that a teacher had another job on the side. Many claim that they can’t live off of the salary that is provided by their teaching jobs. There were many confessions of teachers who said they had to do stripping on the side because they couldn’t afford the lifestyle they wanted by just teaching.

9 Favoritism Happens All the Time

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Teachers will tell parents all the time that they don’t play favorites with students in their class. They state that everyone in their class gets the same treatment no matter what because it wouldn’t be fair to pick a favorite. Many teachers, however, confess that they can’t help but have a favorite in each one of their classes because they just get attached to certain students. Sometimes, that can be the poor lost child that can never seem to get ahead or it could be the super smart student with a bright future. For each teacher there is always a student that catches their eye, maybe it’s because they see something inside that reminds them of themselves. All you can hope for I suppose is that your child is the favorite or that the teacher has enough common sense to keep their favoritism to themselves so that it doesn’t effect the other children in the class.


8 Teachers Who Fart


You know the phrase, “You smelt it; you dealt it?” Well, there’s one teacher that takes that phrase to a whole new level. This is the kind of confession that is equally hilarious as it is disturbing. There is one teacher who should definitely remain nameless, who stated that she likes to walk around her classroom and fart. She sends off the silent but deadly ones and then watches as her students look around the room trying to figure out who did it. It’s funny that they never once point to the teacher as they automatically assume she must be acting appropriately. Not the case however and the teacher smiles to herself as she watches them accuse one another of the dastardly deed. I couldn’t even imagine what would possess a grown woman to behave like that, but it might be a good indication that psyche evaluations should be given to anyone applying for a teacher’s position.

7 Teachers Who Hate Children

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It’s shocking how much truth there is to this confession, “I’m a teacher, and I literally hate most of my students. They make me not want to have children.” You would think someone who chooses to be a teacher would do so because they love children of all ages and want to make a difference in their lives. That certainly is the case sometimes, but other times the teachers are just biding their time until the day ends. I can recall a few teachers in my high school that had a regular look of disdain on their faces whenever students filtered into the classroom. It always made me wonder why they got into teaching in the first place. Did they ever have passion and it was just killed at some point? Or were they just looking for a job and had no other options but to teach?

6 Weird Fantasies

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Again, this is a pretty common occurrence when it comes to teachers developing inappropriate relationships with students. Whether they act on their impulses or not, it can be a scary world for our children when teachers think of them as more than students. Ezra and Aria did it in Pretty Little Liars, and as adults, they are now engaged to be married. The teacher, in that case, is hot and really was looking out for his student, but that’s rarely the case. Most often it’s more of a predatory circumstance. In this case, “I have schoolgirl fantasies, 24/7. I’m a high school teacher.” That’s a terrifying confession if you happen to have a daughter currently in high school. The best that you can hope for is that your child knows how to defend themselves and will tell someone if a teacher says or does anything inappropriately. A good solid self-esteem in children makes all the difference in the world.

5 Teaching Makes Them Drink Heavily

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We get it. Being around a lot of children can at times make you want to rip your hair out. Parents get it, really. That’s why we are so excited when school starts again because the summer pretty much mows us over. Children require constant supervision and attention and that can become exhausting and that’s even if you have a well behaved child. If you are dealing with a classroom full of children with behavioural issues, then you’re adding a lot more stress to the situation. One teacher confessed that, “As a teacher, with school starting next week, I know I’m going to start drinking heavily again.” That’s a strong statement and you almost feel sorry for the teachers as you drop your children off in the morning. Almost. That is until you hear the silence in the car and you can suddenly play the music of your choice and you know you can have an adult conversation about anything that doesn’t resemble Shopkins.

4 Watching "Entertainment"


Most people assume that when the children are out during recess that teachers are grading papers or having a moment of reflection while they have a cup of coffee. I’ve never put much thought into what teachers do for the 15 minutes that the students are outside playing but what never occurred to me was that there were teachers out there watching adult entertainment. “I’m a teacher and when the kids go outside for recess, I watch [adult films].” To say that I find this disturbing is the understatement of the year. Imagine when the children come back in from recess and this teacher has been sitting there becoming aroused. It’s even more disturbing if the teachers have high school students. He could possibly be aroused when students come back into the classroom. It blows my mind to think that they would even have access to this on school computers.

3 The Matchmaker

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It must be like an episode of Gossip Girl on occasion for teachers that have to witness all the drama that goes on between students throughout the year. It’s impossible for a teacher to be around students and not hear about the gossip that filters through the hallway. Teachers hear it all: who is sleeping with whom, which kids are on drugs and even which students are crushing on each other. One teacher admits that she loves hearing that students have crushes on one another. In fact, she goes so far as to try to set them up with each other. If she finds out there is a crush in the room she will deliberately put them together for class projects to give them an opportunity to get to know one another better. It’s kind of funny and it would be interesting to know if any of the crushes actually turn into relationships.

2 Mental Issues


Special education teachers deal with a lot of things during their teaching careers. In fact, it’s not just “special” smart children they work with but they also work with a lot of children that have behavioural issues that affect the way that they learn. One teacher however believes that most of the teachers she works with have far more problems than any of the students. “I’m a special education teacher. I’m positive the majority of the general education teachers of my students have far more issues than any of my kids.” Considering some of the confessions we have read throughout the article, that’s not really very surprising to learn. There are probably a lot of mental issues going on with many of the teachers in most schools. Which makes it worrisome for parents who have to entrust their children’s lives with these teachers.

1 The Teacher That Hates Popular Students

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So what happens, do you think, to the kids that are bullied in school and then grow up to be teachers? There’s probably something to be said for a certain amount of bias that can happen throughout their teaching career. Can they separate their pasts from their futures? It could be impossible, especially if they were traumatized as teenagers. One teacher says she hates popular kids and is unable to separate what happened to her from what the kids are doing these days. “As a teacher, I find it hard to be nice to the popular girls because I hated them when I was at school.” She probably had a bad experience with popular girls and now believes they are all the same. They are probably not receiving her loyalty or her best teaching methods as she is probably saving them for her less popular students. It’s possible she feels that they are more deserving of her help.


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