15 Shocking Confessions From Hotel Employees

When you think of a hotel what sort of images come to mind? Do you think about vast beds draped in cool white linen? Maybe you long for the quietness of a hotel room; a place where you can just relax and call room service when you start to feel peckish? Perhaps you are just an exhausted mom who wouldn’t mind spending a little time in a place you didn’t have to constantly clean up. The point is that hotels are meant to be appealing. They are designed to be a home away from home, right? Well, after reading this list you might just feel differently.

Thanks to forums like Reddit we can finally get an insight into the minds of hotel workers and for this article we’ve decided to showcase their secret confessions. Apps like Whisper have allowed hotel employees to spill the beans anonymously and some of the things they have to say are shocking, to say the least. From the kind of people they have to put up with, to their ways of getting back at rude clients these confessions will make you think twice the next time you check into a hotel.

Here are 15 shocking confessions straight from the mouths of hotel staff:


15 Dealing With Celebrity Demands

One anonymous Reddit user recounted his experience of working at a five-star hotel and wasn’t afraid to spill the beans about the famous people he got to meet, such as Sandra Bullock, Jamie Foxx, and George W. Bush. But there was one celeb whose demands dwarfed anything he had ever seen before. The star in question? The Diva Queen herself – Mariah Carey.

According to him, Carey demanded that the hotel empty five rooms for her hair and makeup to be done in, and another ten rooms for her hair and makeup people to stay in. She needed a further five rooms for her clothes plus another ten rooms for her security squad. She also demanded 15 humidifiers for her room, a door with no peep hole, and windows that were blacked out.

14 The Truth About The Bedding


According to these employees, the mattress cover and sheets are the only items that are replaced regularly, but if the duvet cover and the pillowcases look clean they usually stay put and just get a spritz of Febreze. Their advice? Fold that duvet up and put it on the floor or on a chair – and don’t even think about using it.

A few confessions go even further – one employee revealed: "I'm a maid at a hotel and sometimes when I'm feeling lazy, I reuse the sheets on the bed and make them look nice...I always feel bad for the next people....#oops."

Oops indeed!

13 Some Hotels Will Cater To Your EVERY Need

One hotel employee divulged that ordering “female company” was as easy as ordering food in the hotel he works in. He said, “I work in a 5-star hotel located in central Hong Kong. Yes, we have to comply with any request if the guest is considered a VIP. Not sure if this is interesting to you guys, but we do have contact with locals when prostitution is needed. We simply make a phone call and girls will be delivered faster than pizza”.

12 You Sit On The Chairs At Your Own Risk


Here’s a fun story about the sort of previous guests you should be concerned about. When asked about the worst mess she ever had to clean up, one hotel maid recounted the story of a basketball team who checked into a hotel and used one toilet for their number twos all weekend – without flushing. When she arrived, the entire toilet was covered in a mountain of poo. They probably sat on the chairs afterward too, so don’t say you haven’t been warned.

11 They Can Hear When You're Getting Down And Dirty

One hotel worker shared her story about a group of swingers that camped out in the hotel she worked in for several nights: “We had a swingers group stay at the hotel for a few nights. They had a rave going on up on the second floor, there were naked people everywhere on the floors, kids were freaked out by it, other guests were complaining. On top of that, families could hear the couples running from rooms and constantly having loud sex”.

The moral of the story is save yourself the embarrassment and just keep the noise to a minimum. You don’t want to hear people having sex, do you? So why inflict it on others?

10 Why You Should Never Mess With The Front Desk Staff


One Whisper user confessed that if guests treat her badly she will “accidentally” charge their credit card more than once for their stay, while another said that her favorite way of retaliating was deactivating the guest's key card just to inconvenience them.

Being polite isn’t just the decent thing to do, it could also help improve your stay. One front desk clerk said that if clients are nice he will upgrade them or throw in a few extras, but if they are rude he’ll make sure they get a room next to the elevator with no view.

9 She Does What In The Rooms?!

One hotel maid confessed via Whisper that she loves to play with herself in the rooms she cleans and does so almost every night. Think about that next time you check in.

Another admitted that she likes to take her anger out on guests by weeing in the drinking glasses in their rooms, throwing the urine out, and then drying the glasses and leaving them out for use. So yeah, wash those glasses yourself just to be on the safe side or drink out of the bottle!


8 Employees Confess To Stealing


One maid confessed that she always goes through guests belongings looking for something to steal, while another said that she will steal whatever she can for her home. So what kind of items are they looking for? One divulged that to cope with her hateful job she began stealing spoons (kind of a weird thing to take but anyway) and currently has a collection of more than 200.

There are dishonest staff all over the place and sadly they give the honest employees a bad name too. Play on the safe side and never leave anything lying around that might arouse temptation.

7 Understand The “Do Not Disturb” Sign

Another employee shared a horror story about what some people can do to a hotel room. This guest stayed in a hotel for a month and, according to the employee, was drunk or high most of the time. He never let housekeeping enter the room once during his stay. When he finally left they entered the room to find a horror show. Every piece of furniture was damaged, the bedding was completely ruined and there was rotting food all over the room. It took the hotel almost a full week to restore all the damage.

6 Don’t Think They Don’t Notice What’s Going On


So whether you are booking into a hotel with a co-worker for a little sexy fling or bringing back a person you picked up late at night, be sure that someone sees what you are doing. Acts of infidelity are commonplace in almost every hotel. One Whisper user wrote: "Working at a hotel it is crazy how many married people on business trips with co-workers have sex together when traveling and their spouses have no idea."

Hotels are, after all, the place where you go to do things in secret aren’t they? Just remember that your secrets might not be that easy to conceal from experienced eyes.

5 Employees Struggle To Deal With Guests (And Who Can Blame Them?)

“Working at a hotel has taught me only one thing," a Whisper user wrote, "that you always have to show up half drunk because you are dealing with people who have big wallets and small minds”. Another contributor said that she preferred a more subtle approach: “I deliberately keep the temperature in the lobby freezing to discourage stupid people from hanging around”. So now you know why it’s always so cold down there!

4 Let's Talk About Hotel Food


Let’s talk about hotel food for a moment. Have you ever considered how many people come into contact with the food you are eating? Most of us try not to think about the people who prepare our food because frankly, we can’t deal with the thought of someone with dirty hands or a runny nose chopping up our salad. When ordering food in a hotel you have to just trust that the establishment is sanitary.

A user on Whisper, who said that he works in room service, confessed that he never brings food for lunch. Instead, he just picks a few morsels off each plate as he delivers it to the room. You’re paying for that by the way.

3 How To Get Free Stuff – Ask The Bellman!

So next time you stay in a hotel you know what to do!

2 How Not To Use The Pool


1 There May Just Be Hidden Treasures In Your Room

When asked about the craziest things they’ve ever found in rooms, some employees have really funny stories. One of the best ones we found came from the owner of a B&B: “The craziest thing I ever found was an old battered notebook with “Why i love salad” written on the front and then literally 40-80 pages on why salad was amazing. There’d be the occasional suggestion that the author believed salad to be alive in some sense. Looked like it had been written on and off over the course of several years.”

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