15 Shocking Animal Attacks We Never Saw Coming

In today's world, people are taught to love and respect animals.  Animals all over the world are shown off, as they appear in events, movies, and television shows.  Humans worldwide bathe, dress, ride

In today's world, people are taught to love and respect animals.  Animals all over the world are shown off, as they appear in events, movies, and television shows.  Humans worldwide bathe, dress, ride, and feed many different types of species. Many creatures are adorable and cute, while some of them are hard to look at. Some little creatures are small and comforting while others are enormous and terrifying.

Typically, the smarter people try and stay away from the bigger and scarier beasts of the Earth. Most humans have a natural instinct of fear of them harming us. However, some people are not as smart as others and come into contact with dangerous animals on a daily basis. Consequently, some people are not as lucky as others and have experienced and gone through the trauma of an attack.

The most fortunate of people live to tell their stories, as others don't have the benefit of sharing them with the world. There also times where the most beloved of animals and pets that even live in the same home as their owners, turn on them and attack. Animals are completely unpredictable and no matter who or what type they are, it is always possible for them to strike.

In this article we will be telling some of the most shocking animal attack stories that these victims just simply didn't see coming...

15 Diana Tilden-Davis - Hippopotamus Attack


The former Miss South Africa winner was a beautiful lady who had won many different pageants in her time.  However, on one vacation, she was canoeing in the Okavango swamp with her boyfriend where she accidentally bumped into a hippo. At the time the hippos in this area had been hit by a severe food drought which led these animals to act very aggressively. The hippopotamus did not act kindly as it nearly bit her entire leg off. The monster had sunk its razor-sharp teeth directly into her bone. Hippos are known to attack when they sense their territory is being intruded upon. Luckily, the pageant winner was able to survive this incident, although she was still walking on crutches two year following the brawl.

14 Andrew Oberle - Chimpanzee Attack


Andrew Oberle, who was 26 at the time, was carelessly standing in a restricted area when he was jumped by two male chimpanzees. Andrew was studying the behavior of chimps at the Goodall Institute in South Africa. The two chimps grabbed and dragged Oberle for half a mile as he struggled to free himself. After the incident, he fell into a coma undergoing a surgery to save his life. Andrew's parents were left traumatized but are in relief as their son survived this horrifying beating.  Oberle had to go through multiple surgeries to repair the damages to his body.  Tragically, he had lost his hand from the attack and to this day, Andrew now possesses a new bionic hand.

13 Ben Nyaumbe - Python Attack


A Nigerian farmer named Ben Nyaumbe was casually working on his field like he usually did until he encountered a 13-foot beast. Nyaumbe didn't have time to react as the python wrapped around his body and began to constrict. Nyaumbe bit and tried effortlessly to save himself as he strangled the snake using his shirt to prevent the python from devouring him. Fortunately, he was able to reach his phone from his pocket and contacted the authorities. The police arrived as quickly as they could but as they arrived they didn't shoot the snake in fear of harming the victim. Instead, their plan was to tie a rope connected to the snake, and then try pulling the serpent off of him. Nyaumbe was incredibly lucky as he managed to defend himself from the python for an intense three-hour fight right before the cops came.

12 Frank Harmes - Black Panther Attack


In 2010, Frank Harmes had decided to walk his dog near his home in Greenbriar Cove, Alabama. It was a normal day for Harmes and he was having a splendid time until he heard something moving behind him. As Frank turned around, he quickly noticed an intimidating, fierce black panther. Harmes' first response was to try and scare the animal away, although this didn't work as the animal attacked. The panther clawed his leg, ripping his pants off.  The panther continued his attack as Harmes' dog just stood there and watched. Harmes luckily had a knife on him and he stabbed the beast twice causing it to run away. After the attack, Harmes notified the police of what had happened. The panther was never found and Frank underwent a series of rabies shot due to the attack.

11 Stephen Miller - Grizzly Attack


In 2008, there was a five-year-old grizzly bear named Rocky. Rocky was a highly intelligent bear as he was greatly trained by Randy Miller. The grizzly had appeared in multiple movies and TV shows including Semi-Pro starring Will Ferrell, where this beast would appear at a basketball game a halftime show. Rocky's biggest talent was his ability to playfully wrestle with his skilled handlers. One sad day, Rocky had been introduced to Miller's cousin, but their encounter would not go as planned. Rocky bit Miller's cousin in the neck, killing him instantly. "It happened so fast," Randy said. It had taken a few seconds to get the bear off, but unfortunately Stephen was gone and it was too late.

10 Eric Nerhus - Shark Attack


Australian diver Eric Nerhus was enjoying himself with his son and friends on a boat ride off Cape Howe. The group planned to dive for  some shellfish, but Eric would catch something else instead. When Nerhus was underwater searching for shellfish, he was met by a colossal shark. Eric tried to swim away but in his fortune, the shark luckily bit down on his vest, which saved his life. The shark proceeded to take another chomp as Eric was later swallowed head first as he repeatedly hit the shark in the head, struggling to free himself. Nerhus continued to fight for his life as there was a pool of blood surrounding him. As he continued to struggle, he was pulled aboard the ship and saved by his son. Eric was rescued and shipped to the hospital where he was given medical care for a broken nose and his many open cuts.

9 Ofir Drori - Crocodile Attack


Ofir Drori is a wildlife conservationist that has received many awards for his work. Drori was relaxing during a canoe ride on the Omo River in Ethiopia. He was minding his own business and watching baboons when a crocodile stormed at his canoe. The croc opened its jaws and sunk its teeth into his leg. The animal tightened its jaws and dragged the award winning conservationist into deeper waters. Luckily, Drori was able to release his leg and get himself out of the water. Drori managed to survive this attack but he wasn't able to save a part of his calf which was bleeding at a fatal rate. Drori returned to his canoe in search for anyone he could find. After two days, he finally located nearby tribesmen who guided him to the nearest hospital. Drori suffered some infections to his wound but thankfully he was treated back to full health.

8 Alexander Crispin - Tiger Attack


On February 5, 2013, a tiger mauled its trainer to death in a circus show in northern Mexico. The victim of the attack was a 35-year-old named Alexander Crispin who was an actor in the circus business.  Prior to the show their was a picture taken of Crispin, shown to be playing with the tiger right before the show had started. Just as the tiger had been released from its crate, it lunged directly toward Alexander, pulling him down to his death.

The animal bit at and scratched Crispin as the terrified viewers watched on. Two of the trainer's partners struck the tiger several times, trying to save their friend's life. Alex was immediately taken by an ambulance to a nearby hospital. Sadly, Crispin wasn't able to make it as he died that day. Crispin died as a result of hypovolemic shock, due to losing more than 20 percent of the blood in his body.

7 Steve Irwin - Stingray Attack


On September 4, 2006, Steve Irwin and his cameraman Justin Lyons were filming a series called "Ocean's Deadliest" in Queensland, Australia. On that day the two came across an 8-foot-wide stingray. Irwin and Lyons decided to shoot some footage. Stingrays do not typically pose a danger as Irwin dived right in with it. Unexpectedly, the creature attacked. It began stabbing Irwin with its tail repeatedly. The crew placed Steve in an inflatable boat where they quickly realized that he was dying. Lyons performed CPR on Irwin, fighting to keep him alive. Unfortunately, they proclaimed him dead. The entire incident was filmed on camera but Lyons has decided that the footage should never be released.

6 Timothy Treadwell/Amie Huguenard - Grizzly Attack

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On October 5, 2003, Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard were tragically killed by a grizzly bear. Before his death, Timothy had studied grizzly bears for 13 years. On this day, the couple had decided to visit Katmai National Park and Preserve on Kodiak Island. The duo's trip did not go as planned as they went missing from their camp. After they were noticed to have gone missing, a search was conducted. The 28-year-old bear who mauled the two to death was found to have contained clothing and human remains in his stomach.

Known as the Grizzly Man, Treadwell dedicated his life to studying the animals, also founding a bear protection organization called Grizzly People. Treadwell suffered from drug and alcohol addiction earlier in his life and attributed his love of bears for helping recover.

5 Roy Horn - Tiger Attack


Siegfried & Roy had a very successful circus gig going on in Vegas. These two had seemed to be changing the way people had previously performed in the circus by creating illusions with highly trained animals. In this case, they were using their albino tiger. During a live performance in 2003 at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, Horn was mauled by one of the tigers in his show. Roy suffered a direct bite to his neck which caused severe damage and had him hospitalized for months. He also suffered a stroke and partial paralysis due to the attack. Horn's doctors needed to remove a portion of his skull to save his life, and although he managed to survive the attack, this spelled the end of Siegfried & Roy as their show was cancelled forever.

4 Surinder Singh Bajwa - Monkey Attack


On October 21, 2007, Delhi Deputy Mayor Surinder Singh Bajwa passed away from head trauma. He had been attacked by monkeys at his home, causing him to stumble from the terrace of his house. Unfortunately, Bajwa was not able to catch himself as he fell to his death. Earlier that year Bajwa was elected to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi in April. The monkeys attacked him at 8 AM on a Saturday, causing him to lose his balance and fall multiple stories. Bajwa was rushed to the hospital but unluckily the doctors weren't able to save him as he died the next morning.

Bajwa was attacked by a group of rhesus macaques, a species notorious for inhabiting areas close to human settlements. Although they are small in size, weighing about 17lbs on average, they can be dangerous in large groups.

3 Dawn Brancheau - Killer Whale Attack


At Sea World on February 25, 2010, one of the female trainers working that day slipped into a whale's tank where she would fall to her doom. Dawn Brancheau was pulled underwater and was drowned by a 12,000-pound whale at noon that day. Immediately as the 40-year-old fell into the tank, she was grasped by her waist and was completely thrashed around. She fought with all she could but the whale would not let her swim to the surface. Her death was witnessed by thousands of people in attendance as the audience was left in shock. Killer whales are usually not known as a threat to humans, but not in this case.

Brancheau had worked with orcas at Sea World for 15 years and became the only trainer working there to be killed by an orca. However, she was the third person killed by this particular whale, named Tilikum.

2 Isiah Dickerson - Gorilla Attack


On May 28, 2016, a three-year-old child climbed into a gorilla's enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. The adored 17-year-old gorilla named Harambe noticed the small child and dragged him across the compound. Panicking, a zoo worker shot and killed Harambe in horror for the boy's life. There was a controversy that swept across the world surrounding the choice to kill Harambe. Many people believe the Gorilla was not intending to harm the boy and that the zoo could have handled the situation without killing anyone. The debate of whether or not Harambe should have been killed still is argued about today. Thankfully, the child was saved with little damage, although we will never know what Harambe's intentions were and if he was actually planning on harming the boy.

1 Charla Nash - Chimpanzee Attack


Travis the chimpanzee was born in 1995 and was raised by Sandy Herold. Travis was a brilliant chimp and could open doors using keys, drive a car, paint, and he even took baths with his owner. However, one day Travis broke. The beloved chimp had left his home when Charla Nash (a family friend of Sandy) tried to enclose the animal.

At that very moment Travis attacked, tearing her to pieces. He ripped of her nose, hands, lips, and her eyelids. In order to save her family friend, Herold jabbed a knife into her chimp's back three times, but the powerful primate continued its attack. Herold said, "it was like stabbing my own son."

As the police arrived a cop finally shot Travis as he ripped off the door of the cruiser. Nash experienced a tremendous amount of surgeries and had a face transplant. To this day Nash is blind and is still recovering from the accident.


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