15 Shocking And Disturbing Photos From China

There is nothing better than diversity in the world. Whenever we get tired of our routine, we can be sure that there are plenty of places around the world where people are living under entirely different conditions. However, before we book those one-way tickets, we must realize these different conditions are sometimes downright horrible and devastating. Take China for instance. This country has ancient traditions and a rich culture that might seem a little crazy these days. I understand that one-fifth of the world's population is living in China, and it is easy to find some creeps among one billion people, but I still get chills thinking how much madness is going on in that country alone. Gladly, we don't have to visit China to see all the craziness anymore. There are enough reckless people with photo cameras who do it for us. Every year thousands of tourists travel to see the Great Wall of China, Beijing, and Hong Kong, hoping that it will be the journey of a lifetime. However, the internet is full of real pictures that show us how polluted, ugly, and destroyed China is. As Brian Molko said: "Things are never black and white, things are very much shades of grey." That perfectly applies to China as well.

I must inform you - this article is only about the dark side of China. It will be filthy, disgusting, and ugly. Shall we start?


15 Fake Skyline In Hong Kong

The government of Hong Kong found a very innovative way how to fix all the pollution related problems. Instead of actually controlling gas emissions, they decided to build a fake skyline. Yes, authorities must have thought that the world will forget about all the pollution levels in Hong Kong if all the tourists took photos by the fake skyline. Naturally, trolls of the internet soon discovered this stupid skyline, and we know what happens next. Yes, China only made a fool of itself. Anyway, this photo is a perfect reflection of Hong Kong nowadays. People in China stopped caring about nature long ago, and the pollution is becoming too much of a problem to handle without any regulations from the rest of the world. It is way too hard to fool people with such a cheap trick like the fake skyline, and this photo will be a great reminder to China that it is time to act.

14 The Most Disgusting Fishing Trip


It is hard to tell from the first glance, but the man in the picture was actually swimming in a river (if we can still call it a river). He was also holding a fishing net in his mouth, hoping to catch some fish. Sadly, this poor fisherman had a better chance of catching an intoxicated plastic bottle than a healthy fish. To be completely honest, I am pretty sure that pollution has killed all the fish in this "green" river in Wuhan, Hubei province. I have never imagined seeing something as disturbing as this picture. It literally makes me want to cry, knowing that people must live under such terrible conditions because some a-holes refuse to think about anything else except money. All the CEOs of those huge factories in China should be forced to hang this photo in their offices, so they would think twice before hurting nature again.

13 When Killing Becomes Cheaper

It is very common for drivers in China to kill the pedestrians they hit. There are dozens of videos that show how a driver turns around and runs over an injured person for the second or third time. It is an incredibly cruel practice, but Chinese people have a reason to do so. You see, the law in China is so dumb that it is cheaper for a driver to hit and kill than to hit and injure you. For example, if I got into a car accident and injured a person in China, I would have to pay all the hospital bills. However, if I killed the person, I could bribe some officials and avoid any kind of regulations. This system is wrong on so many levels and causes so many deaths it’s unbelievable. But that is how things work in China. There are even some cases when a driver went back to the hospital and killed the victim there.

12 Human Baby Soup


A couple of years ago disturbing pictures of a man eating dead babies was circulating on the internet. Of course, all the normal people were completely shocked to find out that cannibalism was still commonly practiced in China. Those horrendous pictures of baby soup were nothing more than an exhibition of a very controversial Chinese artist Zhu Yu. Zhu even created a hoax that Chinese people are eating dead baby soup because it gives them extra energy in the bedroom. Needless to say, people from all over the world did not get the joke. On top of that, Zhu Yu claimed that those dead babies were actually real as he took the bodies from a medical school. Some people defended the art, others called Zhu a sociopath, but one thing for sure - only the Chinese could come up with such a disgusting idea.

11 The River Of Blood

That is a photo of the Jian River which runs through Luoyang in the Henan province. In 2011, workers at a nearby factory were getting ready for the Chinese New year and produced a lot of new stuff that was dyed red. Of course, after the workers finished the job, they simply dropped all the excess parts into the river, expecting that nothing would happen. Sadly, the Jian River became red, and all the tourists around the area freaked out. Locals, however, said that every now and then the river changes colors, so they were not surprised anymore. How bad must the pollution problem be, so that people would not even care about the river becoming red? Anyway, government examined the Jian River and said that it did not contain any toxic elements. It looks like people believed the officials, and life in Luoyang is flowing again as if nothing ever happened.

10 Nails In The Collar


China has developed a very cruel and convenient way to make its soldiers well behaved. Every man in the Chinese army has to put a nail into his collar. It is done to make sure that no one would ever fall asleep while on duty. That is one hell of a way to teach discipline. I bet since the government introduced those nails, the rate of soldiers falling asleep during duty decreased by 100 percent. Also, we will not be able to see a soldier looking anywhere else but straight during a ceremony. This method surely made the Chinese army look much stronger in the eyes of the rest of the world, but was it worth it? It reminds me of those cases when despotic trainers hurt innocent animals while shooting a movie. So yeah, the Chinese government does not care about their soldier's well-being. That is one of many reasons why I would never want to join the army in China.

9 Pigeons On A Stick

There is a good reason why pigeons are called rats with wings. They are filthy, pesky, and many people would agree that all the streets in the world would become much more elegant without pigeons. It looks like China has found a way to make it a reality. It is gross, to say the least, but people in China eat pigeons as a delicacy. I wouldn't be able to name all the diseases that you can get from eating a rat with wings on a stick, but apparently, it has become one of the things that you have to try while in China. After all, a trip to Asia is not legit if you don't eat anything gross. Sadly, it is an ordinary food for the Chinese people, and it makes an already terrible health system even worse. Many people have reportedly been sick from eating pigeons every day, but nothing can be done to make people stop poisoning themselves.


8 Apocalypse Now


In 2016, residents of Haikou city saw a very shocking thing - 35 tons of dead fish washed up in a lake nearby. That was too much even for China, and all the people started freaking out. The government had to send over 100 sanitary workers to clean the lake. It might have been just a clever plan by the government to create some jobs, but the official version remains that all the fish got caught in a pumping system and died. Anyway, the workers packed up all the fish and sent it to the fish crematorium. It was done so, to prevent local people from selling the poisonous fish on the market. It took full two days to get rid of the fish, but I seriously doubt that anyone has ever swam in that lake after the incident. This event was a good reminder that the Apocalypse is coming.

7 Traffic Jams In China

All the people who are b*tching about terrible traffic jams in their country should be sent to China to see what terrible really means. With over one billion people living in China, there is no such thing as driving on an empty road. A traffic jam is a 24/7 phenomenon in China, and people are so used to it that it does not hurt them anymore. I always thought that a highway with eight lanes is a massive one, but seeing this 44 lane highway in China makes me think twice. So, the next time you're stuck in a traffic jam cursing the world, remember one fact - China's National Highway 110 traffic jam lasted for ten days, and some people only moved 0.6 miles per day. People say that it is the longest ever traffic jam in modern history. I bet the Chinese would be happy if a traffic jam only lasted for a few hours as it does in most of the Western countries.

6 A Little Tsunami


The Qiantang River is one of the most famous rivers in China, known around the globe for the world's largest tidal bore. Every year, it attracts a lot of travelers who are in love with extreme sensations. On the eighth month of the lunar calendar, the bore tide in the Quiantang River reaches its peak and can cause waves up to 30 feet high. That is a truly spectacular thing to see, but there is one little problem - the wall which protects the city from the Qiantang River is a tad too short, so when the tide is high, all the water floods the city. Needless to say, many enthusiasts get killed by the tidal bore of the Qiantang River, but it only makes this event more popular amongst the adrenaline fanatics. This tradition is similar to Spain's fetish for running from bulls. The only difference is that it is absolutely impossible to defeat a wave.

5 The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall of China is magnificent, to say the least. Without a doubt, it is one of the most majestic creations of humankind, and every brick in the 13,000-mile long wall carries a lot of history. This wall was primarily built to protect the Chinese from invading Mongolians, but today it serves solely as a touristic monument. I am sure that you have seen so many beautiful photos of the Great Wall of China on the internet. However, in reality, it has become even more crowded than those famous Chinese traffic jams. Everyone who went to visit the Great Wall has said that it is barely possible to see the wall through the human mass. China has destroyed all the authenticity that the Great Wall has ever had. Today it is just another cash cow, which will be milked till its dying day.

4 The Deadly Ride


It is not a surprise that China is one of the fastest developing countries over the last decade. We hear about massive projects every day, and it looks like China has high ambitions to become the top nation in the world. However, a lot of specialists underline the fact that people are not ready to keep up with such a rapid industrialization, and Chinese infrastructure has a lot of flaws. For example, in 2011, a bullet train crashed and killed over 40 people, because of some design flaws. The investigation showed that the government did not pay much attention to the safety of the system, and only cared for the profits. Naturally, the government tried to cover up this crash and pretend the accident was not that serious and nobody had died. Those statements caused outrage amongst the Chinese people, who criticized the government for being ignorant and cruel.

3 Dogfights In China

There is no law in China against animal cruelty, and that means that you can hurt animals and still get away with it. Obviously, when people know that they cannot be punished for doing bad things, they start doing it. So, to celebrate the end of Spring Festival, villagers in northern China organize dogfights. The rules are very simple: Organizers force two dogs to fight to the death, while all the spectators are cheering for their favorites. Naturally, dogfights caused a lot of drama in China over the last few years, and many animal rights activists approached the government of China, asking to pass a law that would punish those who hurt animals. What was the reaction of the cruel villagers? They said "The fights were a great success, we plan to do the same thing again next year. And we don't care what the people in the city say." Oh wow.

2 Leaking Pipes


This picture pretty much sums up the whole pollution problem in China. The government and industrial companies do not care if people are dying because of the smog, or that the water in their rivers is polluted to the point where touching it can kill you on the spot. The only thing that matters to China is making as much money as possible, and no one even tries to hide it. Of course, China will have to face the consequences pretty soon, but in the meantime, factories are openly dumping their toxic waste in the rivers and they're getting away with it. Although the laws forbid such behavior, all the government is bribed by the industrial companies. So, the Chinese economy is growing at the expense of the environment. The Chinese must learn to live surrounded by smog, trash, and animals.

1 Explosion In Tianjin

I must remind you this it is not a scene from The Walking Dead. It is an actual photo taken in China after one of the many poorly protected warehouses exploded in the city of Tianjin. One industrial company had a lot of toxic and flammable chemicals stored in that warehouse. Sadly, those chemicals were not protected according to all the standards, and on August 15, 2015, a fire caused an explosion, which took at least 112 lives. More than 90 people went missing. On top of that, toxic chemicals spread all over the area, exposing many people to radioactive toxins. The government of China said these accidents cannot continue, but no actual actions were taken to avoid further catastrophes. And nothing will change as long as the Chinese people will let their government accept bribes from the industrial companies.

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