15 Shocking Airplane Conflicts Caught On Tape

Watch and be appalled – and the next time you're flying, complain about that rude staff all you want, but you better be a courteous passenger!

Flying is for everybody nowadays, what with low-cost airlines and great connectivity shrinking the world into a very reachable place. Journeys that used to take days when all that was available to man was land or water are now mostly a matter of hours, with air being a very efficient mode of transport as well.

And so with the advent of the airlines, came the crew with it. Pilots who fly the plane commendably, the in-flight crew that serves untiringly, the on-ground crew and maintenance staff that run a tight ship when it comes to airport and airline maintenance, and of course, the security, to keep the passengers, crew, and the plane safe from terrorist and loons alike.

Mostly, flying is a decent experience. Mostly, the crew understands that it is their duty to provide a service, and the passengers know that they are supposed to respond to that service with courtesy, to say the least. Sometimes though, good sense and courtesy both fly out of the window – be it from the crew’s perspective, or the customer’s. With stress and business taking over every part of everyone’s life, people are usually already at their breaking point and all it takes is a little nudge for them to descend into hellish behavior.

Flights and airports, with their maddening rush and hodgepodge of people, have become “ideal” conflict situations. And sometimes, clever passengers manage to tape these conflicts and put them on social media for all to see and learn from – to not be overly aggressive or demanding, be you a passenger or the crew. Watch and be appalled – and the next time you're flying, complain about that rude staff all you want, but you better be a courteous passenger!

15 American Airlines: Flight Attendant Tells Passenger to “Shut Up” Over Pasta

So even when you are flying business class on American Airlines, do not be too sure of “good” or even polite service for that matter. Be prepared to be served last and if they are out of what you really wanted to eat, don’t you dare complain or else the flight attendant will wag a finger in your face, tell you to shut up, and threaten to have you arrested – all in a day’s work…

A passenger named Ra Nath was flying business class on American Airlines from Punta Cana to Miami when a rather desultory flight attendant served him last and then curtly informed him that they were out of pasta. The passenger complained about the shoddy service and is seen on the video asking the flight attendant his name who then points his finger and tells the passenger "shut up" and even threatens to have him arrested. The customer isn’t always right, are they, American Airlines?

14 United Airlines: Snappy Old Lady & Growly Dog Deplaned

So sometimes, passengers actually do deserve to be booted off. In this case, an old harpy refused to put her growly, snappy dog in the carrier, berated the in-flight staff and generally behaved as badly as old ladies can, including calling one crew member a bitch.

So, the plane was taxied back to the gate, and the lady was duly asked to get off and take her (darned) dog with her too. First, she tried to demand her money back, told the security that “you are holding me up,” shouted at him not to touch her dog, and then ran to the back of the plane, screaming “help!” The poor old man with her had to struggle to walk with a cane, and quietly disembarked while the harpy kept screaming like a banshee. We don’t think she’ll be flying anytime soon, and certainly not with the husband she embarrassed.

13 Delta Airlines: Belligerent Woman Refuses To Leave, Is Dragged Off (Peacefully)

So if you are mouthy bitch with a bad attitude, you can do what this rather heavy set and belligerent woman did: refuse to abide by the rules, refuse to leave the plane, and dare the authorities to drag you off. So that’s what security did, they dragged her off.

According to the authorities, the woman had ignored all boarding procedures on this Delta flight to San Diego from a Detroit airport and breezed off at the security gate, and then when asked to comply with the rules, aggressively refused to. In fact, the airlines may have faced flak for the physicality of the video, the woman actually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour charge. The woman is sullen and limp while she’s being dragged down and the passengers seem rather amused by it all, indicating that it may not have been the airline’s fault. According to airlines passengers, despite repeated requests by officers, the woman refused to leave the aircraft and had to be hauled away.

12 American Eagle: Flight Attendant “Loses It,” Makes Kids Cry

So when an American Eagle flight from New York to North Carolina got delayed by five hours due to bad weather, incessant rain, and then a need to refuel, and then ultimately never took to the sky at all – passengers were irate, first having had to wait to board and then having to sit in that plane interminably. So obviously, they vented their ire out on the nearest available airline staff, the flight attendant.

This flight attendant, however, was in no mood to take anything from anyone and so he gave it back, left, right, and center! In the video, he is heard saying “I will not hear anything. We will not take anything. If you have doubts, now is the time to walk out. Once we close the gates, you will have to abide (by the rules).” The passengers were shocked, but not into silence and children are heard crying in the background as irate voices are raised in askance, while one busybody managed to make a video of it all – pointing his finger at the rude flight attendant and singling him out for his obnoxious behavior.

11 JetBlue Flight Fiasco: A Millionaire Or a Braggart?

Okay, rich people are just people, with more money than we can imagine, but at the end of the day, they are just people. While most rich dudes and dudettes probably realize that, David Brackett, a Californian real estate millionaire, did not. Instead, he went on a money-fueled rant on a JetBlue flight from Long Beach to Sacramento and was rather hilariously taped by another passenger, Sara Walter Bear.

His drunken braggings included how much he made ($4mil a year), his “high” IQ of 176 and his 20/20 vision. Of course, the millionaire was no prude and he identifies himself on tape as well before he launched into a rather obnoxious rant. The flight attendants tried to shush him back to his seat to no avail as he and two other accomplices of his continued to create a ruckus the passengers are soon bored of. Finally, the plane went back to the terminal and the three idiots were chucked out.

10 United Airlines: Asked Breastfeeding Mom To Cover Up, Embarrasses Her

So when Julia and her 5-month-old daughter Charlie were flying on a United Airlines flight from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles, little did they know that their flight was going to turn into an ordeal for them. When little Charlie wanted her lunch, Julia did what any mother would do, she breastfed the baby who then peacefully went to sleep, nestled in her mom’s arms.

It was when Charlie was sleeping that a female passenger in her mid-50s, who was sitting a row ahead of them and probably had to peek at them from the seat crack, complained to a flight attendant about Julia’s “state of undress.” A visibly uncomfortable flight attendant then came to Julia and requested she button up her shirt, even though nothing was showing since Julia had straightened her shirt, and was holding the baby against her chest. Not wanting attention, Julia chose to comply but by then many passengers had heard all that had happened and as Julia puts it “it was embarrassing all through.” Later, the crew first escorted that irate woman out and Julia and her little baby were the last to disembark – at the airport too, police approached Julia and told her that she had done nothing wrong – Julia says that it’s the airline and its crew that needed to realize that and stand up for her rights, rather than asking her to cover up.

9 Air Transat: Too Boozy? Off With Your Behind

So if you are a tad too drunk on a flight, the best thing for you would be to shut those eyes, and more importantly that mouth, and go to sleep. 39-year-old Darren Cosby was quite high on an Air Transat flight from Vancouver to the UK. The problem with him was that he went into an aggressive and belligerent rant against the passengers and the crew, uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm, mischief, and basically causing a massive disturbance. When calming the passenger down did not work, the crew diverted the flight to Iqaluit and the passengers had to help flight attendants restrain the man while the pilot landed. David faces charges under the Aeronautics Act of endangering the safety or security of an aircraft in flight by interfering with the performance of the duties of a crew member and could face a fine of up to $100,000 and five years in prison. After he was deplaned, the flight continued to land in London, a few hours late. Ironically, there are no roads leading in or out of Iqaluit — it’s only accessible by air or water.

8 Spirit Airlines: A Cat Fight Between Passengers

So this is not a sight you get to see every day. Everything was peaceful on a Spirit Airlines flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles despite two rather high-spirited women playing really loud music. Other passengers intervened and asked them to lower the volume but the drunken gals refused and taunted them saying, “What are you going to do about it?” When flight began to touchdown at LAX, all hell broke loose and five women passengers (including the two perpetrators) began to brawl over the loud music, culminating in a fist fight.

A flight attendant actually gets punched twice in the face when she tried to break up the fight, and finally, police had to be called to the scene, and all brawling parties were arrested. The passengers could disembark only once the brawl gals were booted off the plane by the police, with help from the three guys who also made the video, who were also fervently thanked by the attendant.

7 Jet Blue: Crazy Pilot Had To Be Restrained By Passengers In A Chokehold

In 2012, passengers on a JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas, Nevada were given a scare of their lives when their pilot, Captain Clayton Osbon, was suddenly locked out of the cockpit by co-pilot, Jason Dowd, and began pounding on the cockpit door. Osbon railed at the passengers about Jesus and Al Qaeda, a bomb onboard the plane, and ranted about the countries in the Middle East.

Jason had gotten alarmed when Osbon began to erratically flip switches here and there and then make comments like, “we need to take a leap of faith” and "we’re not going to Vegas” or “I am not responsible for when this plane crashes.” Jason tricked Osbon into leaving the cockpit and then promptly locked and changed the code of the door – thus saving the plane and the passengers. Osbon was then tackled into a chokehold by a passenger and further tied up with leather belts till the plane was diverted to Texas and he was unloaded. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity and underwent treatment later.

6 American Airlines: Boots Off Passengers For Fun

27-year-old Tiana Fough is a mother of two toddlers and while she does odd jobs here and there, she is mostly a stay-at-home mom taking care of her babies. So when she boarded an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Portland, Oregon (since it was the cheapest ticket), she didn’t expect what ultimately happened to her!

Tiana was in the aisle chatting up with another passenger when a flight attendant started to yell at her. “Stay right there,” he shouted, according to Tiana, “I asked you three times.” A bewildered Tiana asked the attendant what was up. The attendant then told her that he was going to kick her off the plane, and when Tiana asked him his name, he just curtly asked her to go to her seat. Once seated, another flight attendant came and told Tiana that she had to deplane – and a crying Tiana was then left with passengers booing at the boorish behavior shown by the American Airlines in-flight crew.

5 American Airlines: Pilot Has To Tackle Drunk & Abusive Passenger Who Attacked Attendant

When an American Airlines flight from Lexington to Charlotte landed, Michael Kerr, who had steadily drunk three whiskeys on board and was behaving increasingly erratic throughout the flight, stood up and wanted to disembark from the still taxiing plane. Despite flight attendants asking him to sit, he refused to sit down and began to get verbally and physically abusive. Despite protests, he walked to the front of the plane and cursed at the flight crew and also kicked one attendant in the leg and shoved another to the floor.

The pilot had enough by that time and the video shows the pilot taking him down to the floor and saying: “You don’t put your hands on my flight attendant!” The pilot and co-pilot then used a seat belt strap to restrain his legs and keep him from kicking till the police came and made their arrests. Not to be deterred, Kerr warns the pilot that he’d regret this. Kerr has now been banned from flying on commercial airlines and cannot contact the flight attendant he shoved.

4 Alaskan Airlines: You Should Be Ashamed, Old Hag Berates Trump Supporter, Is Booted Off

So when Scott Koteskey boarded Alaskan Airlines flight from Baltimore to Seattle and settled in the window seat next to an elderly lady who clearly hates Trump, he was in a fix. The old lady, once she got to know him to be a Trump supporter, laid into him with no holds barred. She called him disgusting and that he and people like him who put Trump’s hand on the nuke buttons made her sick and that she wanted to puke in his lap, and puke all over him.

She called the flight attendant and wanted Scott to be put in another seat but the flight attendant not only firmly refused but also turned the tables on her by asking her, and her poor hapless husband, to deplane. The hag tried to get out of it, saying “My husband just lost his mother. Have some respect" to no avail. She and her husband were booted off amidst the cheers of passengers!

3 United Airlines: Autistic? Well, You Can’t Fly With Us, Says The Pilot

Even when 3-year-old Juliette Beegle was diagnosed with autism, never did her mother Donna ever think that flying would be a problem. On a flight from Houston to Portland, Oregon – Donna enquired if the plane was serving any hot meals. The 15-year-old autistic Juliette would not eat cold meals and had refused dinner, so needed a hot meal to keep her blood sugar and behavior in check.

The flight attendant brought over a sandwich that was supposed to be hot but was served cold instead. Donna again requested if they could perhaps purchase a first class hot meal for her daughter as not eating would cause her to be in a bad, uncommunicative mood. So the attendant brought over a meal which Juliette ate. After half an hour, it was announced that the flight was being diverted because of disruptive behavior and then both the paramedics and the police boarded the plane, making a beeline for the Beegles. When they say a calm and peaceful Juliette watching TV, they apologized but the pilot made the Beegles disembark nonetheless, not comfortable with an autistic passenger.

2 United Airlines: Get Off Voluntarily, Or We Will Drag You Off

So with the usual madness of flights and airports, and the wonderful policy of overbooking, a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville was no different. Over-booked and needing to accommodate four employees, the flight attendants made an announcement that they needed four passengers to voluntarily deplane and that they will be accommodated on another flight later, and also be paid $400 each. No one accepted and the offer was upped to $800 each. Still, no takers and the airlines decided to randomly pick four passengers. A couple so chosen by the airlines agreed, and then a lady of Asian origin agreed as well. However, the doctor husband of this lady refused as he said that he had patients to see.

The airline had a choice to comply with his request, or even offer him some more money. Instead, they called security who first threatened to physically remove the doctor and after he did so, they actually physically hauled him off his seat and dragged him bleeding from the plane, with shocked passengers screaming for the security agents to stop. The passenger, Dr. David Dao later re-entered the fight, bleeding and in shock, muttering “I have to get home” and “just kill me!”

Flying United, I don’t think so!!!

1 South West Airlines: Stewardess Kills Them In the Aisles

Racism, bigotry, rudeness, plain bad behavior, and atrocious incidents, right? Seriously what can we top what United Airlines did to David Dao? With a ray of hope, I guess. Meet Marty Cobb, a flight attendant at South West Airlines where they tell their flight attendant to spread joy and happiness around and Marty takes it to heart.

Her pre-take off speech is so cool, so witty and so full of awesome one-liners that the passengers actually pay attention to all the safety regulations, and actually have a great flight indeed. So obviously, every flight attendant isn’t a stand-up comic, and every passenger may not even appreciate what Marty does but people, seriously, what happened to basic courtesy, good manners and all the things your mothers taught you? Remember your magic words people, and make the air a better place!

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15 Shocking Airplane Conflicts Caught On Tape