15 Shocking And Downright Disturbing 911 Calls

It is not a secret anymore that the world is a dark place. Every day, we keep hearing all the shocking and disturbing stories of crazy psychopaths, and delusional killers. It looks like a mass shooting is a daily thing already. Other criminals all around the world are also feeling more and more free to commit crimes. I don't even want to start with all the terrorist groups. Is there any hope in this world? The answer is yes. However, people need to be kinder and warmer than ever. Also, all the violent crimes make the jobs of the 911 dispatchers so much more important.

Let's face it; working as a 911 dispatcher might be one of the hardest jobs ever, and it is not for everyone. Those people have to face violence, potential killers, and huge crisis every day. Even the slightest mistake or a wrong word can impact the situation. Oh yes, the pressure that 911 dispatchers go through is unbearable. Of course, most of the time 911 dispatchers have to deal with pretty simple workbook cases. However, they have to be always prepared to receive some horrible calls. There are a number of cases, when dying people call 911, asking for help. Even worse, when things get wrong, 911 dispatchers have to listen how people die. That is the downside of the job. This list is about those creepy cases, which will make you realize that it is better to stay awake tonight because sleeping might be just a little too dangerous.

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15 Donald Spirit Called To Inform That He Killed His Six Grandkids

51-year-old Donald Spirit committed one of the most heinous crimes ever when he shot his six grandchildren and his daughter. On top of that, this sick bastard called 911 to tell about his crimes. "I just shot my daughter and shot all my grandkids. And I'll be sitting on my step, and when you get here, I wanna shoot myself." These were the first words that Donald Spirit said to the 911 dispatcher. That is also exactly what he did. It is way too disturbing to think about what the poor dispatcher had to go through during this call. She tried to keep calm and ask all the mandatory questions, but Donald Spirit just replied: "Just bring those motherf*ckers here." Obviously, when the police came, Donald committed suicide. There is no valid explanation of why anyone would want to call 911 after committing such a crime, but the world is sometimes too hard to understand. On top of that, Donald previously did time for shooting his 8-year-old son on a hunting trip.

14 The Slender Man Takes His Sacrifice

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I am assuming that all of us know who the Slender Man is. This 'creepypasta character' is a hit since the day Eric Knudsen created it in 2009. As long as the Slender Man stays on the internet, nothing wrong can happen, but sadly, he is already approaching reality. One 911 dispatcher received a call from a cyclist, who reported seeing a stabbed 12-year-old girl, laying in the woods. As it turned out later, two of this poor girl's classmates lured her into the woods and stabbed her 19 times. Why? Well, those two delusional girls just wanted to impress the Slender Man, and stabbing a classmate was the best way to do it. That might be the reason why there is an age censorship for some stuff on the internet. Anyway, the cyclist and the dispatcher did a great job communicating, medics came just on time, and the girl survived this terrible attack.

13 Jonathan Hoffman Was Killed By His Grandma While On The Phone With 911

"I am going to die," is probably the worst thing that a 911 dispatcher can ever hear from a caller. Sadly, stuff like that happens. Jonathan Hoffman called 911 and explained that his grandma shot him in the chest. Naturally, the dispatcher freaked out, but acted professionally and sent the police to Jonathan's house. At one point, Jonathan stopped answering dispatcher's questions. That is when his grandma, Sandra Layne, fired couple more shots. He just said "I've been shot again," before the dispatcher lost the signal. When police came, Sandra Layne walked out of the house, hysterically shouting that she just killed her grandson. Sandra tried to explain that she acted in self-defense because Jonathan was using synthetic marijuana, which made him dangerous. It must be the worst excuse I have ever heard. Sandra Layne received 22 years in prison.

12 5-Year-Old Girl Witnesses The Death Of Her Parents

How a 911 dispatcher can react when a 5-year-old girl calls and says "There's blood coming out of my dad's mouth... I think there is a bullet on the ground." I would freak out, to say the least. And yes, this actually happened. Good thing, the 911 dispatcher was much more professional than I and reacted quickly. She calmed the little girl by saying that everything will be alright. The dispatcher even talked about girl's dog Liza, and three little cats. The girl later explained that she heard a gunshot and woke up to check what was going on. What she saw next, no human should ever see, especially, not at that young age. Girl's father and mother were laying dead on the floor with blood all over the place. I just hope that this girl was not yet old enough to understand how bad things were. Also, I hope the 911 dispatcher never had to deal with anything this dark ever again.

11 Teen Killed His Mother And Sister After Watching Halloween

There is a good reason why there restrictions that forbid kids and teenagers from watching horror movies. Oh yes, a young mind, which is yet to form, can be influenced easily. In this case, 17-year-old Jake Evans killed his mother and sister after watching Halloween (2007). Later, Jake Evans called 911 and explained the entire situation. The call is so disturbing because both dispatcher and Jake are talking about the murder so calmly as if it was an everyday chit-chat. After the dispatcher had asked Jake if he was alright, he replied "Yeah, I am fine," with an emotionless voice. It was clear that Jake Evans was mental, and he later confirmed that. It is a great tragedy, and I am so sorry for the 911 dispatcher, who had to experience this tragic event. However, she kept is so professional, and we are all in good hands as long as people like her work in 911.

10 The Man Disappeared In The Woods After The Call

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A newly hired 911 dispatcher was having just another day in the office when the phone rang. A 21-year-old man called 911, saying that he went on a hike with his friend. Few seconds into the conversation, the man started crying and explained that he had lost his friend. After checking his location, the 911 dispatcher understood that something is seriously wrong here. The man was in the middle of nowhere, 50 miles away from the nearest trailhead. When recalling this conversation, the dispatcher said "I had dispatched the sheriff and was told that none of the men were ever found. Still, freaks me out." That freaks me out as well. I mean, this person must have had some real insomnia after this creepy call. The 911 dispatcher had to listen how an unfortunate man is crying for help, but she also could not help in any way. That must have been devastating, but it is exactly why the 911 dispatchers have to be psychologically prepared.

9 Girl Running From The Kidnappers While Calling 911

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One 911 dispatcher received a terrifying call in 2004, which made her ten years older in just a few minutes. So, a girl called and said that she just jumped out of her kidnappers’ car and was hiding from them. Sadly, the girl did not know where she was, and the dispatcher could not help a lot. Also, the dispatcher could not track the exact location of her cell phone, because it was 2004, remember? So, the girl was running around the park, hiding behind the bushes, while the kidnappers were patrolling in the park. It gives me chills. After everything was over, the dispatcher explained how the girl felt: "The terror in her voice was gut wrenching. She had already been beaten, and she was afraid that if they found her, they would kill her." Gladly, this time everything ended up alright and the police officers managed to locate the girl before the kidnappers. Naturally, she needed a lot of time to recover.

8 The Delusional Baby Killer From Craigslist

Michelle Wilkin experienced the worst thing that any women could ever experience. Michelle was seven months pregnant. She was preparing for the big day when she found an ad on Craigslist which offered free baby clothes. Michelle did not hesitate to meet the owner and receive the gift. However, instead of baby clothes, Michelle received a knife into her belly. The poor woman had to watch a psycho cut her baby out of her womb. Later, the police found out that Michelle became a victim of a delusional, 35-year-old woman, who needed an unborn child to prove everyone that she was pregnant. Oh boy, is there a limit of craziness in this world? So, after the accident, using her last bit of energy, Michelle called 911 and asked for help. The only positive thing about this story is that the 911 dispatcher was professional, and medics arrived at the crime scene on time to save Michelle's life.

7 A Boy Tried To Castrate Himself... And Failed


A boy called 911 with a very bizarre emergency. He explained that he was not happy with his sexuality and tried to cut off his phallus... with scissors. Naturally, he could not complete this surgery on his own, so he called 911 asking for help. The dispatcher sent some medics to his house and tried to keep the boy on the line. During the phone call with the 911 dispatcher, the boy thought that it is a good idea to try the procedure once again. So, the dispatcher had to listen how the boy is cutting off his phallus. This time, the poor guy lost so much blood that he passed away. When the medics came, the boy was laying on the ground with his phallus hanging by a thread of flesh. I can only imagine how disturbing this call must have been. Oh my, I would never be able to work as a 911 dispatcher. It is just too dark.

6 Woman Caught Her Boyfriend Abusing Her Daughter

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A woman called 911 and told the dispatcher that her boyfriend is raping her 8-year-old daughter. This, folks, might be the most disgusting thing that a human can do to a kid, and I cannot imagine how heartbreaking it must have been to witness this situation. The dispatcher took it professionally and sent the police officers to the house. The man tried to run away, but gladly, the police officers caught him. It is probably clear that the woman broke up with her boyfriend after this accident. Yeah, I doubt that anyone could ever forgive someone for this kind of crime. Anyway, the dispatcher later explained how she felt after the call. She was, of course, happy that they caught the rapist, but she also said: "I’ll never forget that woman's voice, though." I wish those situations never happened and wished that 911 dispatchers only had to answer "cat in a tree" calls. On top of that, after this disturbing call, the dispatcher only had a few minutes to relax before going back to work. How crazy is that?

5 A 14-Year-Old Kid Fakes Being Sad After Killing His Parents

Alex Crain, a 14-year-old kid, called 911 one night, saying "My parents were shot," in a shaky voice. Alex Crain was crying so hard, and it seemed like he is in a lot of pain. Later in the conversation, the dispatcher found out that Alex, himself, had shot his parents dead. He, of course, said that he doesn't remember doing anything of it, but that was most likely a lie. When the dispatcher asked Alex to talk with his parents, we can hear how he screams through the tears "Mom! Please answer me, mom!" That is downright creepy! Anyway, the dispatcher did a great job keeping Alex on the line until the police came. Later footage reveals how Alex Crain stopped crying the exact second that police left him by himself. Also, the first thing he did when he arrived at the police station was ask for a lawyer. He also smirked at the detective. Those things make you wonder if it was just a sequence of Primal Fear. Anyway, he was locked up for 20 years.

4 Overly Attached Girl Lies About Rape

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The 911 dispatchers have to deal with a lot of fake situations as well. Sometimes people make prank calls, thinking that it is funny to waste the energy of people who try to protect us. Other times, however, those delusional people really try to manipulate the world and get what they want. For example, a girl called 911, shouting that a man broke into her house and raped her. After that she said "oh my god; he’s back he’s back! Help!” I can imagine how stressful it must have been for the dispatcher. However, when the officers came to the house, it turned out that the girl was lying from the start. Her boyfriend left her because she was caught cheating, and she just could not handle it. Naturally, this "wise" revenge plan did not go as planned, and the police officers arrested this psycho girl. If you ask me, she totally deserved it. Let it be a lesson how not to act after a breakup.

3 Dispatcher's Mistake Cost The Life Of An Old Woman

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Even though the 911 dispatchers are highly trusted professionals, they also make mistakes. In this case, an old lady called 911, saying that someone is creeping in her backyard. Naturally, the old woman was frightened and asked the dispatcher to hurry up. The dispatcher replied that the police were coming in five minutes. Sadly, the police went to the wrong address because the 911 dispatcher misheard the old lady. In the meantime, the creep attacked and killed the lady. The dispatcher only heard "the scream that sounded like a dying animal combined with the worst fear you've ever heard in your life," according to the people who had a chance to listen to the tape. Teachers of the 911 dispatchers still use this recording as a teaching material to stress the importance of getting the caller’s address right. For the record, the police spent 4 hours looking for the house of that old lady.

2 A Call To Announce John Lennon's Death

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911 dispatchers have to deal with death all the time, and they are supposed to know how to. However, there are some situations when keeping your cool is impossible. For example, imagine how must have the poor dispatcher felt when she received a call announcing that John Lennon, the most influential person in the world, is dead. The dispatcher tried to explain her feelings to the world "I was working the night John Lennon was killed. When we learned from dispatch that it was John Lennon the whole floor (200+ people) just went silent. The Beatles were the first album I owned." I cannot even think about the atmosphere in that room. I mean, when 200 people, who work with tragedies all their time, go silent in shock, you know that something bad has happened. The announcement of John Lennon's death might be one of the hardest 911 calls ever received. The world lost a legend that day.

1 "I Got Them Both"

One 911 dispatcher received a very strange call from a kid, who only repeated the phrase "I got them both." The dispatcher tried to ask questions, but the boy kept repeating the same thing. Gladly, he was calling from a landline, so the dispatcher saw the address and sent a patrol car to check what the hell is going on. It turned out that by saying "I got them both," the boy meant that he killed his mother and stepfather. He almost beheaded them. Needless to say, everyone, including the dispatcher, freaked out about the situation. I think I would not be able to work at the emergency center after this kind of call. Anyway, the boy was completely mental, and he was not even able to stand the trial. So, he ended up in a psychiatric facility in no time. Yup, the next time someone tells you "I got them both," prepare for the worst.

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