15 Shameless Hollywood Men Who Are Wife Beaters

Domestic violence has been a plague since people started shacking up. For thousands of years, it has been generally kept quiet for various reasons. Victims are afraid to speak out or fight back, they sometimes feel enormous shame, and sometimes the victims feel a need to protect the reputation of the abuser. Domestic violence has, at times, been considered a private matter and, in some countries, authorities are simply not willing to intervene. Countless victims have endured a lifetime of abuse and, in many cases, they have been killed.

Domestic violence isn’t limited to any particular class, race, or other demographic. It happens in poor neighborhoods, middle-class communities, and in the upper-class sections. Burger flippers, accountants, teachers, and wealthy business types can be abusers. There have been plenty of seemingly harmless individuals that have turned out to be vicious abusers. Who would have thought that Bill Cosby was actually a monster? Or John Lennon? Well, surprise surprise!!

It turns out that many of our favorite entertainers have this dark secret. Those same people that we look at with admiration and awe as they entertain us. Remember, it is all an act. Here are 15 shameless Hollywood men who are wife beaters.

15 Chris Brown

You’ve likely seen the pictures and you were probably quite shocked. Rihanna’s face was badly bruised, her lips fattened, her nose swollen, and her eyes blackened after taking a severe beating at the hands of Chris Brown. The whole thing started when they were on their way home from a party. While in Brown’s Lamborghini, Rihanna pressed him on a text message that he had received from another woman. The situation escalated rapidly and Brown blew a fuse. He punched her repeatedly as she sat in the passenger seat. He threatened to kill her as he continued the beating which had the R&B songstress close to losing consciousness. Brown was charged and pleaded guilty to felony assault. Their relationship ended but, inexplicably, she began to date him again for a brief period.

14 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is no stranger to controversy. He has battled various addictions and recently announced that he is HIV positive. His image was severely tarnished in 2009 when, on Christmas Day, Sheen was arrested for beating up Brooke Mueller. Sheen pleaded guilty to a charge of misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to 30 days in drug rehab, probation, and was ordered into an anger management program. This wasn’t a one-off. Sheen has been involved in other instances of domestic abuse. He allegedly got violent with his ex-fiancee, Brett Rossi. Other women such as Denise Richards, Donna Peele, Brittany Ashland, and a few escorts have been victims. He even “accidentally” shot Kelly Preston when they were living together in Malibu in 1990. Of course, Sheen denies a lot of the allegations but the evidence against him his pretty overwhelming.

13 Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender is currently one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. His movie credits include 300, Prometheus, Inglourious Basterds, and the X-Men franchise. He has been a very busy in the past couple of years. His adoring fans choose to ignore the fact the Irish actor has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend Sunawin “Leasi” Andrews. She claimed that Fassbender threw her around in a drunken rage. She also said that Fassbender had once “dragged her alongside their car”. She suffered a sprained ankle, a broken nose, and the incident even caused an ovarian cyst to burst. She was also left with a blown out knee. The sad thing is that she dropped the charges because she didn’t want to damage Fassbender’s career and the violent incidents have been pretty much swept under the rug.

12 Steven Seagal

Aside from gaining a lot of fame through making cliched action movies, Steven Seagal has made a name for himself as being, well, quite a dirtbag. There are several women ranging from actresses to housekeepers and personal assistants that have accused the bloated tough guy of sexual harassment. Some of the stories are just plain creepy. Those women were much luckier than his now ex-wife, Kelly LeBrock, who makes claims in her upcoming autobiography that the 7th dan black belt in Aikido raped and abused her throughout their 9-year marriage. She has not gone into much detail yet but she says that the whole experience will be covered in her soon-to-be-released book. The revelations just do more damage to Seagal’s already battered image. Steven is currently married to Erdenetuya Seagal.

11 Vanilla Ice

Robert Van Winkle is best-known for making that annoying song Ice Ice Baby. The 49-year-old one-hit-wonder has managed to stay busy over the years making more terrible music and appearing in various roles in film. He has had his share of legal issues too. In 2001, Ice was arrested in Florida after assaulting his wife. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, was placed on probation, and forced to go to family therapy sessions. It doesn’t seem that the therapy paid off all that well because he was arrested once again in 2008 for battery stemming from an incident in which he allegedly kicked and hit his wife. Ice claimed that he merely pushed her. The case was eventually dropped and the couple has since gone their separate ways after 16 years together.

10 Tommy Lee

The infamous Motley Crue drummer and amateur porn star has led a wild life filled with drugs, booze, and groupies. He has made headlines for his outrageous antics and rocky relationships. He was married to Pamela Anderson in the 90s and the two were tabloid fodder. According to Anderson, Lee physically abused her on several occasions. He would get extremely drunk and/or high on drugs and slap her around. In 1998, Lee did 6-months in jail after he kicked and beat Anderson leaving her bruised and bloody. Lee was also ordered to donate $6,200 to a women’s shelter on top of attending counselling and 200 hours of community service. His former wife, Heather Locklear, also made accusations that the out of control drummer had assaulted her numerous times during their 7-year marriage.

9 Sean Connery

In a 1965 interview with Playboy, Sean Connery said that there is nothing wrong with hitting women. Scotland’s Greatest Living National Treasure said that it shouldn’t be done the same way that one would hit a man but an open hand slap is appropriate in certain situations. He defended his position during an interview with Barbara Walters several years later. As it turns out, the famous actor did use a closed fist on his wife, Diane Cilento. One night in 1965, Cilento entered the couple’s bedroom where Sean was waiting. He slugged her in the face so hard that she was momentarily knocked out. She awoke and locked herself in the bathroom. The punch had left her bloodied with a black eye and a badly bruised face. The two finally divorced in 1973.

8 Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has played some very interesting characters in his career. He has played most of them quite well too. One real-life role that Johnny was apparently pretty good at was that of a wife beater. Depp married Amber Heard in 2015 but the marriage lasted just over a year and ended with allegations of ongoing domestic abuse. She leaked photos of the results of one of the assaults which showed her with a swollen and blackened eye. Heard claimed that Depp was very drunk and threw a telephone at her during an argument. A witness to the incident added that Depp also swung a wine bottle “like a baseball bat”.

It is emerging that there was definitely a pattern of abuse that started with Depp kicking Heard. It escalated to punches and eventually to more severe assaults.

7 Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan might be best-known for being the father of Lindsay Lohan but he is also known to be one of 15 shameless Hollywood men who are wife beaters. He married his first wife Dina in 1985 and the two divorced in 2007. According to Dina, Michael physically abused her throughout their marriage. After the divorce, Michael hooked up with Kate Major. That relationship was turbulent and, evidently, marked by physical abuse too. He was arrested in October of 2011 after losing his mind over Kate’s refusal to perform oral sex. Major suffered bruising on her arms. Lohan threatened to slit her wrists and also threatened to throw her off their 4th-floor balcony. A few months earlier, Major called the cops when an argument between the couple got physical. There were also a few other similar incidents. The two are no longer together.

6 Bobby Brown

The marriage between Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston was far from being a romantic fairy tale. Instead, it was a tragic tale of heavy drug abuse and violence. In 2003, police were called to their home where they discovered Houston with a bruised face and a bloody lip. Brown was charged with battery. The two continued their drug-fuelled and often violent relationship until they divorced in 2007. Brown claims that most of the violence occurred while he was trying to get sober and Whitney was continuing with heavy use. Police reportedly responded to 7 physical disputes during their marriage.

Bobby has since gotten himself clean and lives with his new wife, Alicia Etheredge. He launched a website that is dedicated to stopping domestic violence. It honors his deceased daughter, Bobbi Kristina, who was also a victim of domestic violence.

5 Sean Penn

Sean Penn was a pretty funny and somewhat lovable goofball in his role as Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High but he has been far from that in real life. Known for violent outbursts like punching photographers and hanging paparazzos over hotel balconies, Penn has built a reputation as a hot-head. He is also considered to be a domestic abuser. As his marriage to Madonna was crumbling late in 1989, police reports state that Penn entered their Malibu home to find Madonna in her bedroom. She tried to leave the house but Penn tied her to a chair and kept her there for 9 hours. During this time he smacked her around and generally terrorized the terrified pop star. He made a deal to untie her in exchange for a sexual favor. He is also believed to have hit her with a baseball bat in 1987 which resulted in her being hospitalized. Gnarly!!

4 O.J. Simpson

The story of O.J. Simpson and his wife Nicole is one of the most extreme cases of domestic violence. Simpson had beaten Nicole so severely in 1989 that she was hospitalized. Police had been called to their residence several times prior to this occasion. Unlike the previous times, Simpson was arrested although he got off pretty lightly having to merely go for counselling. Simpson would beat her up as they were having sex and he once threw her out of a moving car. You have likely heard the infamous 911 call recording. It is terrifying.

Even after the two divorced in 1992, the abuse continued. He kicked in her door and went on a rampage. He constantly stalked her and, in the end, it appears that he killed her despite the ex-football star being found not guilty in his infamous trial.

3 Michael Jace

Those of you who were fans of the television show The Shield will be familiar with Michael Jace who played Julian Lowe. As with the sad case of O.J. Simpson, Jace killed his wife, April. April was Michael’s second wife. His first wife, Jennifer, divorced him in 2002 after suffering through Jace’s ongoing physical abuse during their 6-year marriage. Several witnesses described instances of abuse that included Jace kicking, punching, and choking Jennifer.

Michael was going through financial difficulties after not being able to find work after The Shield. Jace apparently became enraged during an argument and committed the ultimate act of domestic violence by shooting April three times right in front of their kids. He then called 911 and told dispatchers that he had killed April. He told police on the scene that he only meant to wound her. Oh, well that makes it ok then? He was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

2 Glen Campbell

The Rhinestone Cowboy has had a lot of successes over his 50+ years in show business. He started off as a session musician and recorded with some big names including Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Merle Haggard. He might have had a relatively clean image but he was far from clean. He did a ton of drugs, drank too much, and had a violent temper. He hooked up with Tanya Tucker in the early 80s in what was to be a tumultuous and drug-fuelled relationship. It didn’t last all that long and when it was over, Tucker sued Campbell for $3 million claiming that he physically abused her. Although the case never actually went to court, the revelations didn’t help Campbell’s sliding career or public image. Campbell is now suffering from Alzheimer’s.

1 Nick Gordon

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s only daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was engaged to be married to Nick Gordon when she was found face-down in a bathtub. She was taken to hospital but remained in a coma until her death about 6 months later. It has come to light that Brown had been the victim of domestic violence at the hands of her fiancee. Witnesses have stated that Gordon had severely beaten Brown on numerous occasions. One such time, he kicked her several times which resulted in Brown losing a tooth. He then ordered her to go upstairs to her room. She had to crawl because she was unable to walk. He would apparently choke her, hurl her into walls, and punch her. One of Bobbi Kristina’s friends said that she often saw bruises and other marks that were caused by beatings. It is definitely a very tragic story.

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