15Is The Church Forcing John Travolta To Stay In The Closet?

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John Travolta is another celebrity who is often thought of when Scientology is brought up. The actor began getting involved with the church in Los Angeles in the 1970s. He credited Scientology for the reason his career took off in the early days, saying "the beliefs and practices I

have studied in Scientology have been invaluable to me."

However, when Scientologists are brought into the religious community, they must go through an "audit" where they are forced to reveal their most private secrets. If Travolta was ever thinking about abandoning the Church of Scientology, they would just need to threaten to expose him to get him to stay. There were many rumors about Travolta being homos*xual and when another man came forward saying that they had an affair, as well as pictures being leaked of the actor kissing another man, the church supported him and worked to "squash or intimidate" the rumors. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being gay, but it seems as though the Church of Scientology wants to suppress any sign of homos*xuality in its members.

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